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*Fire Generation
*Super Strength
*Lava Projection
*Super Speed
*Enhanced Senses
*Quill Launching
*Super Bite
*Crystal Generation
*High Jumps
*Crystal Firing
*Tornado Creation
*Super Smart
*Sticks to Walls
*Slime Launching
*Sharp Blade Tail
*Blue Lasers
*360 Vision
*Underwater Breathing
*Technology Controlling
*Green Lasers
*Sphere Transformation
*Energy Reflection
*Seed Bombs
*Plant Merging
*Four Tongues
*Solid Matter Indigestion
*Acid Spit
*Exploding Spit
*Cosmic Rays
*Wall Climbing
*Energy Beams
*Freeze Beams
*Sonic Howls
*Lightning Generation
*Time Manipulation
*Energy Sphere Projection
*Freezing Breath
*Cold Immunity
*Electrical Transportation
*Plant Generation
*Sleepy Gas
*Indestructible Armor
*Energy Absorption
*Goo Shapeshifting
*Neuroshock Blasts
*Web Spinning
*Energy Fields
*Reality Bending(every 3 years)
*Metal Blast
*Mana Immunity
*Wind Attack
*Electrical Absorption
*Jackhammer Arms
*Radioactive Beams
*Energy Absorption
*Bubble Shield
*Water Manipulation
*Missile Launching
*Sound Discs
*Spiked Armor
*Spike Launching
[[Category:Evan Billion]]
[[Category:Evan Billion]]

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Utility is a fusion of all of Ben's aliens from Evan Billion. He is the most powerful villain in the series.


Offscreen, he absorbed the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix.


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