Hey guys and welcome to the results for the 2016 Summer Fanon Con, Creative Writing Contest!

The theme this time was you had to make a short story in 100 words (not counting title).

Who came out on top? What stories where the best to read? Well let's get RIGHHHHT INTO THE RESULTSSSSSSSSS.

Sixth Place

In sixth place we have Primal's entry. The reason I place it so low is for two reasons.

  1. The dialogue is cheesy and a big turn off.
  1. It's not anything original compared to other entries, it's pretty much just a description of a scene from Omniverse. 

So sorry Primal, better luck in the Fall!

Primal's Entry
Malware gripped onto Feedback's neck, the Conductoid fidgeting around as he tried to hack into the Omnitrix. Giving the Omnitrix one touch, it instantly turned red.

"Noo!" Feedback yelled out loud. He turned into a pale color with red circuit lines running all over his body. Instantly turning to dust, Ben emerged from it. Panting heavily, Ben punched Malware in the temple, the Omnitrix overloading as this happened.

"Yes, yes, YES!" Malware yelled with lust for power, the Omnitrix feeding him. The Omnitrix let out a burst of energy, destroying Malware as he turned into bits. Ben sighed, walking away.

Fifth Place

Coming in Number 5 is Dioga's entry. I enjoyed the fact that this was split up between diary entries from two different people, however I felt like this didn't really tell a story. At least with Primal's you have the context from Omniverse but here it just feels like your dropped into some situation and reading as a semi-generic Alien Force fight scene happens.

Dioga's Entry
Diary: Terence

I jump out of Kevin’s car, turning into Humungousaur. I stampede through the DNAliens, keeping all their attention on me. I pound through their attacks and slime, making my approach towards their jump gate. Once I reverted, Kevin picks me up as we retreat, keeping their focus.

Diary: Teresa

Gwen and I teleport on top of the Gate, the DNAliens chasing my stupid brother. My Omnitrix goes green, as I turn into Grey Matter. I climb into the circuitry of the Gate, disabling it as I go. The Gate short circuits, as Gwen I escape before it collapses and explodes. Goodbye, invasion.

Fourth Place

In fourth we have Brandon's entry. It has a lot of atmosphere and allows you to feel like you are really in this setting. However it feels like it's restrained by the 100 word count, I feel like something else less descriptive would have worked better.

Brandon's Entry
It started just like this. Fighting to breath... to survive.

(Transition to living room with hole in wall with bricks surrounding a guy on the floor who's covered in ash.)

(He coughs and lifts his head. When he gets up, he notices some type of drone enter from the hole.)

(He hides behind the counter and finds a frying pan on the floor next to him. He grabs it as the drone approaches his direction. He then whacks the drone severely until its lights dims out. He then drops the pan and runs past the drone.)

Vilgax has returned.

Third Place

Coming in third is Reo's. It's short, simple, and sweet with a nice description of this Grim Reaper. However that also leads to it's biggest problem, it's kind of generic, it doesn't try to wow you. It feels like this could have been something great but in the end it's just good, not great. Not a bad thing but in terms of this list, that's why it falls so low.

Reo's Entry
We all know the Grim Reaper. The guy with the scythe that takes us to the afterlife. We see him as a bad person. We fear him. What if he's a nice guy? Well, he is. When he takes you, he gives you one chance to do anything you want. Sometimes that one wish changes into multiple, becasue he just want to have some friends. He's lonely. So when you meet him. Make that wish count, and you might stay a ghost for a lot longer.

Second Place

In second we have CaT's! This story is cool because it's written almost like a poem, that's unique to this contest. You don't know if the monster is real or if it is some deeper representation of the MC's fears. It was hard to decide what one deserved first place but in the end it just came down to the fact that I liked what first place did more with it's story. Not to say anything is bad with CaT's, it's just first place does one thing well that I think puts it over CaT's.

CaT's Entry
There was a monster at the door.'It's not there anymore.''With grassy fur, and light blue eyes,
'And a peculiar suit, with a light gray tie.

It pounded on the door and screamed,

“I’m really not so bad, you see!”
“Please come out and play with me!”

Not beguiled by its tricks,
I stayed inside my walls of brick,
And eventually, the monster had to leave.

Monotony had won the day,
But I had nothing left to say,
And cheer seemed far behind me now.

There was a monster at the door.

It's not there anymore.

First Place

and in first we have Aaron's! Why did Aaron's win first? Well it allows us to see Azmuth's point of view, something very unique. It's well written and provides a bit of twist ending, with it not being the Omnitrix that he's the most proud of. I can't really say anything wrong about this, it works well with the 100 word format and that's why it's our winner.

Aaron's Entry
I don’t like surprises.

Normally they mean something’s gone wrong or someone you didn’t expect has shown up. But this surprise...

I’d never expected a science experiment to go wrong like this. I’d never expected a science experiment to leave me with so many children to look after. I’d never expected that a science experiment would leave me with so many wounds to heal.

Still, I wouldn’t trade them for the universe. They are my contribution to this galaxy. Not the Omnitrix. Not Primus. And certainly not Ascalon. It is the Galvanic Mechamorphs for which I hold the most pride.

Well that's it guys for this years Creative Writing contest! Tomorrow Mig comes in with the main blog! See ya!

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