Hey guys, it's Yopo here.

So Toon was supposed to make this but hasn't responded to any messages left, so the admins decided to do it without him. So sorry to everyone who waited, it was out of our hands.

With that out of the way, let's get into the art!

The subject this time was Abstract Art! Let's see who came out on top...


In last place we have Rob's!


Nothing much going on, isn't too abstract and everything is kinda dull. Nice try though?


In fifth place is Aaron!

BTFF FanonCon art comp submission Aaronbill3 2

It's more of a collage of images then anything abstract. However it was the only art here not actually drawn by the user. However what is cool is the little details of the more darker characters on the sides and the green characters on the top and bottom, making it look like the Omnitrix symbol. Sorry Aaron, better luck next time.


In fourth place is... Brandon's!

Abstract Omnitrix

Brandon's has some nice detail in the colors and a neat concept. What makes Brandon's cool is how he uses all the different shades of the colors to make it not as bland as it could have been. But overall it's kinda basic and isn't as abstract as the others. A solid attempt but not the best!


And in number #3 we have Reo!


This is a very nicely drawn mix up with a lot of colors used and it manages to be coherent and very abstract. I like how colorful it is, however it's kinda generic and not as detailed or symbolic as other pieces on this list.


Second place goes to CaT!


It has a nice background, great colors, and is very abstract. I like how Diamondhead is coming out of Chromastone, very symbolic of how it was in Alien Force. However it's hard to notice on first glance or without an explanation. Not bad for using a tablet. But not as good as..

and #1 is...


Gwen Universe

The neat thing about this piece is the way it's abstract. Unlike Reo's where each part of the body is a different alien, Dyloxx uses each alien as sort of a strand of hair. You can pick out all the recognizable parts from each alien yet it doesn't look like a kitbash, without knowing what Ben 10 was you could pick out that this was hair. Plus the neat detail of Ben's transformation background in Gwen's hair bridging the cap between her and the aliens is a awesome detail. That is why it is our winner for the Art Competition!

Thanks to everyone for entering and we will be back tomorrow with the Normal Writing Contest! Until then feel free to discuss all the entries for the Art comp in the comments below!

See you next time!

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