It's Yopo bringing you the next Omniverse Awards blog.

Anyway it's simple, we've gathered up what everyone voted for on the first blog and have now put them here so YOU can decide who wins in each category. Anyway pick from the choices below (one per category) and comment below with them.


  • Best Regular User: Reo, CaT, Sif, Steve, Street, Shadow, Diamondmatter
  • Best New User: Jack Rodriguez, Greenbox
  • Best Old User: Yopo, Roads, Sci, Toon, Bry, Brian
  • Funniest User: Steve, TJ, Sif, Brandon, Yopo, Brian, Night
  • Nicest User: Ulti, Erick, Mig, Sci, Toon, Brian
  • Most Missed User: Nick, Dyloxx, Lego, Bink, Dave, Duncan, Ultra, Night
  • Best Chatmod: Ahmad, Toon, Brandon
  • Best Admin: Sub, Ulti, Paper
  • Best Bureaucrat: Brian, Sci, Roads
  • Best Writer: Coke, Dioga, TJ, Bink, Brian, Ultra, Sif
  • Best Artist: Echo, Ren, Turu, SpidermanStarkArmor, CaT, Jack, Brian, Pop, Lego, Dyloxx, Pdfletcher




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