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Host's Opening Speech
Hey guys Yopo here and this is the final part of the Summer Fanon Con Normal Blog. This only contains the other half of the entries. Special thanks to Sci for helping out with this blog. Please enjoy.

--Yopo, the host of Summer Fanon Con 2015!


Lsvel's Entry
Hi there BTFF! Its me Lsvel, also known as Ls to give my entry for both my mini-series and series which are Ten Nights At Bezera's and Ben 34 (Series) respectively.

Ten Nights At Bezera's

Season 1

  • Sif dies, resulting him to return as a alienatronic in season 2.
  • At the end of season 1, Two alienatronics will be destroyed. The two alienatronics are Extrap and Ratics.
  • As for Echo, he will be the future manager and owner.
  • Echo becomes the manager because the previous manager is murdered by Extrap .

Season 2

  • The second event, takes place 10 years after the first event.
  • The alienatronics are later kept in boxes, preventing them to move around.
  • The people who had survived in season 1 have a chance to return in the morning shift.

Ben 34 (Series)

Gwen Tennyson

  • It is later revealed that Gwen survives the blast.
  • Gwen looses her right hand.
  • She later receives a robotic hand.

Hayes Tennyson

  • Hayes later tries to absorb Kevin Levin's power to get the power of the omnitrix
  • Hayes will try to attack his brother, Maxwell Tennyson.
  • Hayes is the one who saves Gwen.

Kevin Levin

  • Kevin Levin 15 year old plumber.
  • Kevin makes his first appearance in season 2.
  • Kevin will never be evil, like the Ben 10 original series.

Max Tennyson

  • Max send a team of members including: Kevin Levin, Manny, Pierce to join Ben,Ulti and Gwen.

Ben Tennyson

  • Ben sees his altered future where he looses the omnitrix but does no realize that the universe he saw was altered.
  • Ben unlocks 4 new aliens.
  • Ben decides to call the omnitrix Hero Gear.

The End

Thanks for reading. See ya later then!

Reo's Entry
Fanon Con once again. Well i know i released an update up in April with 3 shows i will be focusing on till this Fanon Con. Well did I? No, i didn't. So this time i'm shwoing the 3 shows i'm working on till September Fanon Con. and i will work on them.

So, Ahmad 20: Ago of Leon is starting now, right here in this Fanon Con. Just down below you can see episode 6: Corrupted. So here It is!

The Episode begins outside a warehouse up on Khoros. The Camera switches to inside the warehouse. A white human with long black hair tied in a tail is standing. He is weraing black leather pants and a brown open jacket with a black Shirt. He's Holding his hands behind his back. His underdog comes to him.

Underdog: Sir, the shipment is almost here.

Man: Great. Get everyone.

The Underdog walks away. The mNa himself walks outside the warehouse to a somewhat helicopter pad. A Ship lands on the pad very soon. a Man with short blonde hair in a light blue plumber like arrmor gets out.

Man: Jason! Good to see you! Do you have it all?

Jason (aka Blond haired guy): Saeed! How ya been? Yeah, i have it all. And it's good! Boys! Unload it!

Two guys also jump out the ship. they are wearing masks. They go to the back of the ships and open up the trunk. They pull out a large platfrom of a pile of Dark grey gems. They pushit towards Saeed.

Jason: Pure Onyx! Startight from Pyros!

Saeed: Pyros? i thought everything from there was blocked up!

Jason: Not For us! Anyways, can we go inside, i need to talk you under 4 eyes.

Saeed: Sure! Guys! Load it off!

Saeed and Jason walk into the warehouse as the camera follows them. They walk into Saeed's office and they shut the door after them.

Jason: Look, Saeed. There's some guy looking for you. I had no choice. I didn't want to die. He followed me. He's a crazy mutant.

Saeed: WHAT? Why?

Jason: Look, i would help you, but i want to live. You can take my ship.

Saeed: How about No?

Saeed take his gun out and shoots jason in the forehead. He walks out and tells one of his lackeys to clean up.

Saeed: Clean Up! And Get this Onyx out of here as fast as possible.

He walks outside the werehouse and jumps in Jason's ship. he closes the windshield and flys off. Soon Leon arrives. He starts threataning the lackeys.

Leon: Where is Saeed? WHERE?

He drops the lackey and walks in the Warehouse. He shoots the at lackeys, but misses on purpose.

Leon: Where is Saeed?

He Shoots the lackeys and hits them. he walks in Saeed's office. He sees the dead Body of jason.

Leon: Crap!

He gets out the Werehouse and flys in the air. Than he shoots at the warehouse and blows it up.

​End Scene

Start Scene

Ahmad's Spaceship is flying trough space. The camre switches to inside the spaceship. Old Ahmad is flying the ship while New Ahmad and Jack are playing cards. New Ahmad's Plumber Badge starts to beep. It Opens up.

Plumber Badge: All Nearby Units. A Terrible explosion up on Khoros. The Threat is flying off the planet towards Ploros. He appears to be a mutant.

Jack: That's our guy!

New Ahmad: Full Speed ahead.

End Scene

Start Scene

Close to Ploros Saeed is being chased by Leon. and not so far after Leon is Ahmads and Jack. Saeed goes to down to the surface of Ploros and so do the rest. Leon speeds up and Crashes Saeed's ship. Leon flys down to the ship and thros away the windshield. he takes out Saeed.

Saeed: Who are you?

Leon: Don't you remember your old friend Leon?

Saeed looks shocked at Leon. Ahmad's ship lands. Both Ahmads get out and Jack aswell in alien form. Old Ahmad Transforms into Four Arms while New Ahmad goes Rath.

Four Arms: Leon! STop!

Leon: Of Shut up, you idiot. He deserves to die!

Four Arms: And Who lets you decide his fate?

Leon: I Do! You don't know what he did.


Leon shoots rath knockling him down.

Leon: You can't stop me!

Four Arms: You aren't in your right mind, Leon! Count to ten!

Leon blasts a fire wave at Four Arms, who dodges, and runs up, delivering punches to Leon's chest. Leon drops Saeed, as Jake dashes in, grabbing Saeed and runs out. Leon roars in frustration, as Rath tackles him, stabbing his chest. Leon whines in pain, and throws Rath off. He flies after him and falls towards him, elbowing him hard into the symbol.

Four Arms: Ahmad!

Rath growls, as Leon fires a blast straight into his chest. An explosion occurs, as the smoke fades to show a reverted Rath.Four Arms roars, going to punch Leon in the chest. Leon grabs him, and starts to squeeze his head. A neuroshock blast hits Leon in the back, letting him loose hsi focus.

Four Arms: Jack!

He punches Leon hard in the chest, then uppercuts him in the chin. Leon is sent flying through the air, and hits the ground.

Four Arms: Oh yeah!

Jack lands next to New Ahmad, going to check on him.

Four Arms: Now where did Saeed go?

A wail is heard, and Four Arms looks to his side, seeing Leon grab Saeed and grin wickedly.

Four Arms: Of course he can clone himself!

He runs towards Leon, going to attack him, as a blast hits him, knocking him. Another Leon appears in the distance, his arm superheated like NRG. Four Arms groans, and reverts.

Jack: Ahmad!

Leon #2 elbows him in the back of the head, knocking him out. 'All three Leons gather together, surrounding Saeed.

Saeed: Wait, man! We can talk this out! I'm sorry for bullying you! I wasn't in my right mind!

Leon #1: On my mark... 1...

Saeed: NO!

Vines come out, trapping him to the ground.

Leon #2: 2...

Leon #1 starts covering Saeed with a lot of Lepidopeterran goo.

Saeed: Wait, stop! I'm sorry!

Leon #1: 3...

Saeed thrashes against his bonds, as all three take stances, pointing their palms at Saeed.

Leon #1: Burn the jerk!

They all open fire, the goo igniting and causing Saeed to go ablaze. He screams, as the Leons laugh. The camera zooms into Saeed's eyes as they widen in horror, a laughing Leon in their reflection. The light dies off his eyes, as Saeed falls down, dead.

Leon #2: VICTORY!

They cheer, and remerge. They fly off, leaving the scene. Soon Old Ahmad awakes. He looks up and sees Saeed dead.

Old Ahmad: 3 on 1 and we still lost. Where is he heading next? Guys?

He looks at the others. They are knocked out.

Old Ahmad: Oh No!

End Scene

Start Scene

Leon is flying trough space. He is going towards the Incarcecon. He flys to the side of it and Brakes out a pieca and than Blasts at hit creating a hole in it. Than he gets in and closes the hole after him.

Leon: Now to find my next target!

Leon Laughs evily as the screen fades black

​End Scene


Well That was The Ahmad 20 episode Corrupted. I might post an other episoide before i leave, but i'm not sure. Well, Nothing other new for Ahmad 20. The Age of Leaon Plot extension is moving on till the end of season 1. After that, if you guys want to The We Are United Plot extension shall begin, but that is if you want to. Still no ideas for the official season 2 plot extensions.


Yup. i'm taking Kay 12 on. It's not an easy series as it has all kinds of different characters and well, it's kinda random aswell. I have a fragment of Kay 12, episode one. I'm not finishing the episode for the Fanon Con, but i hope to make it before i leave.

Spoilers: So, i might have said before to some people that Kay 12 exists in the same Universe and Dimesnion as an other one of my series, which, you will just have to wait and see. This Series is set after the events of Kay 12. now a new character, a mutant will be joimning in season one. His name is Dave Rivers. I know his species, but noone else knows. Do you think you know? Tell me in the Kay 12 Thread. Now i will say this, but some might already know: James Bond and The Doctor both appear in Kay 12. And They are both Time Lords, well Bond is only half part. he has the regeneration ability, while someone else has the time travel ability...

well, i haven't got much on Kay 12 at the moment, but i hope you guys are still excited for it.


WHoo Hoo! So, coming out of what was once the start of Reo's Shorts is UPOTU. UPOTU is beimg completly rewritten this summer. You can also check out the original episodes if you want to. And also, not so long ago i revealed the New Season2 Episode list. Now we have 24 episodes per season! So, if you haven't seen the list already, here it is:

  1. Who Am I*
  2. Finding a Lead*
  3. The Dead Return*
  4. Cold Fire*
  5. The Secret PT 1*
  6. Back In Time
  7. Speedair Changes PT 1*
  8. Reo Jones (Episode)*
  9. Frost (UPOTU)
  10. Dark Ulti*
  11. The Black Raven*
  12. I'm Utli*
  13. The Secret PT 2*
  14. Viscosia Falls*
  15. Speedair Changes PT 2
  16. The Skies of Aeropela
  17. The Book of The Unknown*
  18. The Sword of The Unknown*
  19. Ulti and Multi*
  20. Maltruanted*
  21. In The Shadows*
  22. Towards the Showdown*
  23. The End of a Lord PT 1*
  24. The End of a Lord PT 2*

Now that is Season 2. We get to see a little bit more about The Unknown Stuff (The Book and Sword) unlike in the original plan and there is some more enhanced alien hunting. And yes, ShadowFlame does die, so i guess we need a new Pyronite on the team, or a new enhanced alien. Also, this season goes into the pasts of both of my villains: Dark Falcon and Speedair. We get to see what they were. Also, the the original story of how the lords were cursed has been chnaged, so where are we going back in time to? Also, Shadow Tempus is here. Well, UPOTU isn't getting an episode before i leave, so yeah, it starts at around 15th July or so, myabe a bit faster or later. Well, get ready for Upotu, cause that's what i'm doing now in July and i'm trying to get UltiVerse as the featured Character. Well, that's about it. Get Ready for UPOTU!

Reo's Alien Arena

Now, Reo's Alien Arena is something i want to be as a background project at all times. like i want to get into it just that much so i can write it whenever i need and not be distracted by it. Hoping to release an Episode soon (I might have released one just a day or 2 ago) and yeah, it will go on when i get back, but i will focus on UPOTU and the rest. Just wait!

The Reovengers (Prototype title)

Lol, Reovengers. That's just the prtotype name. It's a new series, a miniseries that has all of alternate Mes as heroes and villains. Ofcourse other people aswell. The world these heroes live in is rathyer Dark. Earth is not how you know it. There are super powered evil freaks all around. And These 7 Heroes are gonna step up to take them down. Hwo are they? I'm not sure of all 7 yet, but i know of some. This miniseries will also introduce a new set of alternate reos like: Kreon the Hunter (don't judge, i liked the guy), Renee Jones... and the all new badie, who is your worst nightmare, or not. I Will reveal you some of the characters

  • Kreon the Hunter as Kreon the Sheriff
  • Lex Tennyson as Reovenger Nr. 5
  • Unkown as Reovenger Nr. 2 aka Ninja
  • ... as Reovenger Nr. 1
  • The Powerful Lords
  • Ahmad Saati as The Reovenger Nr. 8

Well that's all i can tell. Wait for the official name and more info.


Well, i guess the series hasn't been moving. If you haven't read my Normal Writing Contest, than i suggest you do, but that will be replacing the original Reo 19 as a movie thing. As For Dark Falcon, i will be doing a miniseries thing for him. I liked doing the Diary: The Predator Games and i might be doing that season as that, but maybe not.


Now thi series didn't start in this period so yeah. If i get ideas for it it comes back at September Fanon Con, but for now it will be in storage. i haven nothing on this series.

The Diary Series

I liked doing the first episode and the second is coming out up in September Fanon Con. I don't think i will write one in the summer. i will be writing one for Halloween and New Year (Christmas is in December fanon Con). Episode 2 is coming out with the name The Diary 2: Puppetmaster. Or Should i go with Roman numbers?

What should i go with?

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Any Other Projects

Now i have tons of series and a few ideas aswell. For now thay are all going into storage. Only Angelex might pop out in the summer.And Ofcourse BTSE aliens aswell. Nothing else is poping out. If anything it's September Fanon Con.

Now What's thta about me leaving???

Now You all have been hearing me say stuff like i'll do that or i won't do that before i leave. Well i'm not leaving the wiki. Well only for 9 days. I might pop on chat on some days. Anyways i have The Song & Dance Festival with i'm paticipating in. For us, the particapants it's from th 4th till the 12th of July while the actuall festival takes place from the 6th till 11th. Or 12th. anyways, i will be inactive for that time. I will try to do what i promised. you can leave messages on my wall, i will check everyday. So Yeah

Well That would be about It! I hope you guys liked my entry and i hope you are excited for this Summer's shows. And yeah! See ya later

~Reo~ ... 15:26, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

Sif's Entry
Before starting what i have, i'd like to give a small message:

You might be asking, "what's the project you have this time?" or "Not another empty promise...". I do have a long history of announcing and cancelling shows, mainly because i lose interest or see its faults, or some other issue. The Rebootedverse, Prototype, Sif 100: Alienated, Sif 100: Revelations, Ben 10: Greek Risen, Ormerowon Virus, Ben 10: Alienated Adventure, Jen 10: Legacy, Ben 10: Rebellion, Cracking Evil, and now Alpha. Those shows have either died out or put on hiatus for the time being (Alpha). I've announced so many shows and i could have disappointed so many of you. So much so, why should you trust me. If i say "THIS TIME ITS GONNA BE REAL, I PROMISE!", it wouldn't be a real promise.

Whatever i'm announcing next, note that this time, i'm not just doing it for me. I'm not just doing it for you. I'm doing it for me and the extra writers, who promised ourselves we would complete this project. And damnit, we are. We worked hard and are sill, and its not gonna be put to waste. You don't have to care about this project, you can just sigh all you want, probably predict its gonna die out in the next 2 months. But it's not just me who has a plan, it's Toon. It's Jack. Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you:

Prototype: Genesis

It's back, and it's grander than ever. I've put together the best team this wiki could ever have, and we created something special for all of us. We've created a show that will not only please you, it will make you think. The hype train will start right now.

First off, anything i've shown or done for Prototype: Genesis in the past, forget it. The previous advertisement, the previous plans, that thread with the contest, all undone. Because this is the revamp baby, this is what Prototype should have originally been. This may not start out as much, but if you're a dedicated fan, you will be most pleased. Now that I've got that out of the way, Prototype: Genesis will be a 9 episode mini-series. The protagonists of Prototype: Genesis will be 2 characters. I wouldn't wanna go into much detail, but i do have a synopsis and a teaser. I guess i'll start with the synopsis:

A barren post-apocalyptic city... men & women with extraordinary abilities... everything shrouded in mystery, sealed inside an unbreakable dome... this is the first chapter of the Prototype saga, Prototype: Genesis.

But we're not done there. You've only had your first look at Prototype: Genesis. This is what Prototype should be, an original story away from all the "Omnitrix" series. Me, Jack, and Toon all hand crafted Prototype: Genesis together, and we hope you enjoy what we have in store. Oh did i forget TJ was joining the project as a writer, and both Sci and TJ joining as story contributors? :3

NUKEMS WINS Productions will be releasing more information towards the end of June regarding Prototype: Genesis.


I made it seem this was cancelled, huh? I'm putting it on hiatus for now, until we can get our act together. Sorry.

The Enigma Sleuths

The mistake i made with this series was announcing it way too early. It's coming, maybe 2016, but me and Jack are focusing on Prototype: Genesis. Another delay, i'm sorry.

And there you have it. Prototype: Genesis is gonna rock, and we hope you could be apart of the journey along with us. So until next 'con, cya.

Are you excited for the new and improved Prototype: Genesis?

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What did you think of Sif's Fanon Con Presentation?

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Toon's Entry
Hey guys! Welcome to another one of my submissions! Today we have a lot to discuss regarding this summer as a whole and much more of what's to come.

The Evolution: The Evolution has been in heavy production for these past months. As of now, I am allowed to announce an official partnership with a good friend of mine as we are combining two worlds into one. This allows crossovers between Ren 10: Equinox and The Evolution rather than the whole story of cross-dimensional travel and all that, so be sure to look out for little easter eggs here and there between the two series as the separate casts will interact with each other on occasion. A crossover special has also been planned and we'd like to say that we're very excited for what's to happen. Meanwhile, when announced, we will have one lucky fan be able to read the latest episode in production as the season itself won't be released until we have the set finished as a whole. Put your name in on the series discussion forum and you may be chosen.

And now, a special sizzle presentation of the season in production so far:

[The scene cuts to Duncan, Chris and Victor as they exit a vehicle, in the driveway of a large white house with blue shudders.]

Duncan: So this is it...

Victor: It's just the way it was fourteen years ago... it hasn't been touched since we left.

Duncan: You sure you're ready?

Victor: Yeah. Let's go.


[The scene transitions to the team on the highway chasing after three rogue vehicles, swerving in and out of lanes.]

Duncan: So what's the plan?

Victor: Well... we grab the hostages and go.

[The scene cuts to the team on the side.]

Victor: Delta...

Chris: He's creating a show... looks like he wants one final dance.


[The scene transitions to a laboratory office. Delta has a scientist pinned to his desk as he edges closer, intimidatingly.]

Scientist: You lied this entire time... used me for your own goals. You're not a biological physicist, you're a terrorist...

[Two men grab the scientist, shoulder by shoulder as Delta grins.]

Delta: Take him to the station. It's time to begin the experiments.


[The scene transitions to midtown Torrent City. Victor, as a cement figure walks beyond a police line, facing a familiar face on the other side.]

Victor: And here I am.

Total Drama Omniverse: Did someone say redo?

Prototype: Genesis: I don't know what extent I'm allowed to say about this, but know that there will be lots to come in the near future. Read Sif's fanon con entry for more details.

Thanks for checking the panel out! This summer is going to be huge, so be sure not to miss a single thing! See you guys next time!

Paper's Entry
Hello all, welcome to my Fanon Con submission for Summer 2015. I haven't done a submission since Winter 2014, but in case you weren't aware, a lot of stuff has changed since then. Namely, I am no longer only talking about Earth-19. My only information in that regard is that Earth-19 is on indefinite hiatus, likely for at leas the rest of 2015, as I will not able to work it alongside my current main project.

With that out of the way, let me introduce the series which I first announced almost a year ago, and first revealed information about at Winter Fanon Con 2014: Attack on To'kustar.

For those who haven't heard of it, I know what you're thinking: "this is just a dumb Attack on Titan parody." My answer to this is a resounding no; it may be considered a parody, but it is by no means dumb. In fact, I believe that my writing in Attack on To'kustar is more complex than it ever was for Young Plumbers or Young Plumbers: Generations. Action scenes are bigger (literally), there is more description, more character development, and better thought-out suspense. For example, instead of predictable and annoying cliff hangers at the end of every episode, To'kustar builds suspense by revealing tiny bits of information at a time, leading up to full reveals of information, many of which are yet to come, as, at the time of this announcement, only 10 episodes have been released.

For those who have heard of it, and have enjoyed every moment of it so far: I'm sure you agree with me.

I'm making this sound too much like a review, though. My goal today is to talk about the series, not what people should think of the series. Enjoy it if you want, or ignore it if that's your thing, I couldn't care less.

The first thing I want to talk about is my plans for a release schedule. As it is no summer, this will be my most active time of the year, so I plan on making the most of it. My current plan is to release 3 episodes per week, one on Tuesday, one on Thursday, and one on Sunday, until the end of August. Assuming I remain on schedule and release three episodes a week, even if I have to delay something by one day occasionally, then I'll will release the 38th overall episode on Sunday, August 30th. Tentatively, this will be final volume of the third chapter in Season 2.

Once the summer ends, my schedule will change. Starting in September, my goal is to come up with a schedule month by month that allows me to complete one chapter per month. I have deemed that this is the best plan, as usually chapters will be no longer than 6 volumes, and months with shorter chapters will allow me to either take a brief break or get ahead for the next month. In the event that a chapter is longer than 6 volumes, I will most likely be forced to break it up over 2 months, unless I have a significant amount of free time during that month. If all goes according to plan, Season 2, which will be significantly longer than Season 1, will be done by the end of April. May will most likely be a hiatus month, and I haven't thought about any plans beyond then.

I'd also like to point out a couple things above episodes. First of all, if you've been keeping up with them so far, you've noticed that none of them are that long; this is done intentionally, as I have discovered that it is easier to write more short episodes than fewer long episodes. The second thing is that the middle of every episode, as you may have noticed, has two pieces of information about the world of Attack on To'kustar. Sometimes this information is frivolous, but other times it is important, so be sure to pay close attention.

I hope you've had enough appetizers, because now it's time for the real meat of my announcements: spoilers about some upcoming chapters. If you don't want to see any spoilers, skip to the part below the line.

Due to the rapidity of how quickly episodes will be released over the next couple of months, To'kustar will already be well into Season 2 by the time the next Fanon Con rolls around. However, I would like to keep all information about Season 2 a secret at this time, and therefore I will only be addressing Season 1, mainly Chapters 3-5, which take up episodes 10-22. After that, Chapter 6 will be episodes 23-28, and episode 29 will be the beginning of Season 2.

In Chapter 3, titled Attack on the Enemy, there are many things going on. First of all, as seen as the end of Chapter 2, the To'kustars have broken in Ateria, and that city must now be evacuated. Also at the end of that chapter, some of Nathan's secrets might have been compromised to other members of the team. Finally, the Forever Knights appear to be forming another plan to attempt to capture an Esper. These three plots together will take up episodes 10-13.

Chapter 4, titled Attack on the Knights, is a brief, 3 episode transition from the aftermath of Chapter 3 into Chapter 5. The main plot of this Chapter revolves around Tuesday Smith, and her history with the Forever Knights. It contains many flashbacks, but also many developments in the present.

Chapter 5 is titled Attack on Teviv and is 6 episodes long. The main plot of this chapter involves around To'kustars reaching Teviv. I cannot reveal much more about this chapter without giving away major spoilers about what's too come, so I'll just say that this chapter introduces us to the military, and also starts to go more in depth about the history of the conflict between humans and To'kustars.

The last thing I want to talk about is my plans for how long the series will be. To be completely honest, my plan is for the series to be very long, as I have tons of ideas for the show. However, I know that, like previous projects, I might suddenly stop at any time, and therefore I will try my best to give each season as much of a conclusive ending as possible, such that if I don't continue the series, readers will still be satisfied.

Thanks everyone for reading this long announcement...


CaT's Entry
Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, and this here is my very first submission to Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it already!

Tech 10: Rebooted

Tech 10: Rebooted is still going, with it's first two-parter recently being released! For those who don't know what the series is yet, it's a rebooted version of my old Tech 10 continuity, starring more characters, new aliens, and much, much better writing. Let's get on with the presentation, shall we?


Newest Episode

Much Ado About Aliens, which aired on June 23rd, 2015. This epsiode provided a new SpecTrix and some much-needed history about Dethrouge.


The Tech 10: Rebooted soundtrack is out now, including nine original music tracks created for the show! You can find it for free here!

Video Game

Production on the video game has reached something of a hiatus. Don't worry, the project isn't quite dead, just stuck in Development Hell.

Future Events

Some things I'm planning for the future of Tech 10. (Warning: Spoilers! [Duh])

  • The return of Xr. Nullamor!
  • A new rival!
  • Tech's 'origin story'!
  • How the Plumbers came to be!
  • New alien designs!

And so much more!

Not Applicable

Not Applicable (Featured June 2015!) is still chugging along, (very) slowly, but surely! For those not in the know, Not Applicable is a series centering around Napoleon Eldridge and his adventures wielding Swarm 1, a swarm of nanobots with unknown power. To the presentation!

Newest Episode

Fright Another Day, which aired on October 23rd, 2014. This episode was written as a Halloween special, and actually won the Halloween writing contest! It introduces a new villain with the ability to absorb people's souls, along with a few new functions of Swarm 1.

Video Game

Yeah, this one's on hiatus too. I'm working on rewriting the basic concept and location, not to mention trying to work out the engine. It'll come along eventually, though.

Future Events

  • The morbid truth behind Swarm 1!
  • The Zenturi's true intentions!
  • Gratuitous fight scenes!

And a bunch of other stuff too!

13 (Miniseries)

13 is an upcoming miniseries based around the life of Lucius Raivent, head of the Raivent criminal empire. As it is still in the planning stages for the most part, I won't say too much about it here, but expect a bit of a departure from my usual tone of writing. The first episode is up as a special preview, essentially kickstarting the plot. Go check it out if you haven't already, and tell me what you think!

Other Projects

As of the writing of this entry, I currently have two 'Shops' up and running: My Alien Art Shop and my Music Shop! If you need any art or music for your series, just head on over and put in a request!


This is where anyone who cares enough about my work to give some some input! Here are some polls:

Tech 10: Rebooted

Have you read Tech 10: Rebooted?

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Which part of Tech 10: Rebooted do you like the most?

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What is the best part of the writing?

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Not Applicable

Have you read Not Applicable?

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Which part of Not Applicable do you like the most?

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What is the best part of the writing?

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Have you read the pilot of 13?

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Would you want an Art Shop for more than just aliens? (Humans, posters, scenes, etc.)

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

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