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Host's Opening Speech
Hey guys Yopo here and this is the first part of the Summer Fanon Con Normal Blog. This only contains half of the entries, the other half will be released tomorrow. Special thanks to Sci for helping out with this blog. Please enjoy.

--Yopo, the host of Summer Fanon Con 2015!


Dioga's Entry

Hey guys! Here's my plans for the next few months.

John Smith 10: Omniverse

In the past several months, I've been doing specials preparing for my Time War arc and preparing for a major crossover with several Alternate Johns. While the Time War won't have a major part in Omniverse, the Crossover will be the debut of Season 7. It will air in July, featuring John, Ryder, Jane, Megaman, Argit, Looney John, Yami, Puppet John, Puppet Master as well as two more.

After this, the series will begin its descent to the finale and ending.

Ryder 10

The last season of Ryder 10 focus on the battle with the Esoterica. The prophecy given by the Forever Seer will come to past, with more added to it. At the time being, this will end Ryder 10.

Jane Smith 10

Jane is in the Null Void, and the end of the third season will have a significant impact on the Time War, as well as the events in John Smith 10.

John 23: Megaman

One episode will air a month, due to being specials instead of a series. The upcoming episodes will feature the recently debuted Roman Android Gods and the massive crossover mentioned above.

These are my plans for the next few months.

Monitor's Entry
                           All Silencers have been authorized to terminate unauthorized personnel. 


Greeting! My name is 0419 Observant Vector. I am the- that is unnecessary. I have been sent here by my creator to reveal information. (THIRD WALL BROKEN. UNKNOWN INTRUDER.) I would like to reveal a trailer that my master has spent a short time making.

"All Silencers... they're dead. I'm the last. There are no more. Were my actions worth it?

[A man is seen displaying something in a museum.] I'm a relic... a relic of the past. I am responsible for the rise of this... dictatorship. My death allowed a corrupt government to take over the new world. [A man is seen talking to another man. Ruins are seen. A man is seen dying. The wreckage of a ship is seen drifting in space.] "Join me, and we shall reclaim the new world."


Well... that was fantastic! I'm going to watch it! My master also wants you to know that he will only be working on Ascension. Nothing else. My master also wants me to inform all of you about three things. First of all, Ben will die in Ascension, he will appear in future flashbacks, however. Second of all, 99% of all main characters will die in Ascension. They will be incinerated! Oh, I love talking! And third of all, Arnux will die in Ascension, and he will be resurrected. My master, he wanted me to announce an advertisement campaign for Ascension, that will start next year, and end in May 2016. My master would also like to announce that he no longer has a computer battery, and it interrupts his work.

[TRAILER] B10F A world is seen. [News Reporter]: Tensions between the United Nations and North Korea have drastically increased. America, along with many other countries, are preparing for war.

[North Korean News Reporter]: 유나이티드 상태 쓰레기 준비 받는 사람 공격 어머니 토지. (United States scum preparing to attack motherland.) 하나님과 구세주 파괴만 레이스를 준비. (God and savior preparing to destroy the barbarous race.)

[News Reporter]: North Korea has launched 1,460 Nuclear missiles targeting the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and France. Please, make your way into a fallout shelter. Life as we know it will be devastated.

[Nuclear Missiles are seen hitting American cities. One ends up hitting Ejjor, a city 450 miles away from Bellwood. Plumbers are seen intercepting a missile that was about to hit Bellwood. Some Plumbers are seen attempting to disable an atomic missile that was going to hit Washington D.C., but it was too late. The bomb hit.]


Fall 2015

Please be aware that production on Ben 10: Frontier has not begun. It should soon. Here's another announcement. On July 10th, I will reveal Arnux Slier's new backstory. This new backstory will reveal details about his childhood. Here's another announcement.


40 years ago, humanity was attacked. [A city is seen being destroyed by an alien cruiser.] We managed to fight back, and we recovered a device, capable of so many things. The device allowed a man, a former soldier of the Old World, who was cryogenically frozen for 39 years after the war, to transform into the aliens. He killed their leaders, he truly is a hero. He is our last hope. The aliens... they've attacked our stronghold. Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, a man of steel. [A man is seen transforming. A ship is seen crashing into the ground. A man is seen being murdered by an invisible creature.]


LATE 2016

Now, Omnitrix: Legends is set in a future, where humanity was attacked by a collection of all known sentient species except for the humans in Ben 10. We have another announcement.


[An android is seen rising.] "I am... a machine. A simple machine. I am a CLASS XIV-Android, designed to protect the citizens of Bellwood. But am I truly... human?" [Artificial Ben is seen outrunning a subway. A machine is seen being built.] No machine shall stop me from taking my place as the ruler of this pitiful dimension.


Early 2017

Even if you have to wait a long time to read the episodes, it's okay. My master needs time to work. Here's one final announcement. I am announcing a new program. The 71 Adoption Program will be auctioning off everything I that I didn't work on. Goodbye, and we'll see you later! Oh and by the way, I will monitor the Program's page.

Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10. Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and it seems to be time for another Fanon Con. Summer Fanon Con, actually, 2015! So let's just get started, shall we?

Brandon 10

Brandon 10 Season 3 will be coming out either later this year, after the summer, or delayed till 2016, due to the holidays. In the new season, the series will take a dark turn as it dives into more character development, detailed writing and a side of the show that fans never seen before. Characters will have inner conflicts as events around them transform them into who they will become later on, mainly in Season 4. I will also be adding a new member to the team and the team will be heading back off into space to explore new worlds and go on more ultimate adventures. There will also be more original series and alien force aliens/villains making their appearances in the season.

Other Brandon 10

In the meanwhile, I will be personally cleaning up The Reboot Series which could have been better and completed as well. So that's what I'll be working on when UH is on wait. With my art competiton entry taking very little time, I might be getting back into Brandon 10 Comics but it will still remain without color at least for now.

Other Stuff

New Series! Sayth Whaaa-aa-a-a-a-at?! That's right. I, Brandon 10, will be starting a new series. I've been debating on whether to release it on this wiki but I'm sure I can work past the difficulties with some help, of course. Anyways, the new series is going to be called Mutant Drake. The series is about a teenager with mutant alien powers that allows him to transform any of his body parts with alien DNA delivered from nanobots. Together with his crew and his new found friends, Drake will save the city from dangerous mutations, new threats and psychotic villains. I had a lot of fun with putting the idea together so hopefully it'll be just as much fun making it a real thing. The series is almost completely different, if not the opposite, to Brandon 10. While Brandon 10's episodes are set in the bright day with it's classic beat the bad guy and save the world technique, Mutant Drake will have a more complex plot line and a new narrative. It's unknown when the series is going to start, especially with all the work I have to do with UH and the reboot, not to mention my actual life, but I really want to start this year.


There really isn't anything to preview yet but I can give a quick tease at UH Season 3.

Ultimate Hero Season 4 Summer Fanon Con 2015 Teaser

An armored foot is seen approaching.

A space station is seen orbiting the Earth.

The Ultimatrix's spikes are seen on a brown colored chest.

Voice: This is my uprising.

Brandon is seen staring out in the rain.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero

Season 4

What do you think about the new season?

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What do you think of the new series?

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Did you like this Fanon Con?

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And that seems to be my entry for Summer Fanon Con 2015. Thanks for attending my entry and I'll see ya later.

Jack's Entry
Zenith logo
This is it, folks. My best project ever. I am officially pushing back all other projects by two years. You heard that right. TWO. WHOLE. YEARS. That is simply because I feel those shows will have no meaning, they will be trivial means to continue on this wiki. This is my biggest, best project, ever. A sequel to Crazy Angry Alien Tiger. I've gotten no reception (typical) and thus I don't know what the audience whats.SPOILER: Gunny dies before the series begins in an incident called Morningstar. But I'll tell you this, it's an ensemble cast. My main cast currently consists of over thirty characters. Now about the series it self, I won't say much, but here is a little sneak peek into the lives of our old characters and where they ended up:
  • Snax-Suffering from PTSD, Snax is extremely paranoid. He trusts no one after Gunny's death. He is in hiding in Zenith, allowing Scott to take over as leader.
  • Gunny- SPOILER ALERT Is killed by a mad scientist and tells Snax it isn't his fault in her dying moment. END SPOILER ALERT
  • Scott-Overcoming his past losses, Scott strives for greatness. Using past expierences, he utilizes all materials to allow the colony to thrive. He is actually the constable but is seen as the leader. He lets Marge be the "public face" for the leader.
  • Marge-The political leader who trusts Scott in helping crucial decisions regarding the community. She is firm but fair.
  • Ahsas-Now a calm collected woman, she is runs the windmill. She attempts to be friendly but does not take insults lightly. She is sensitive but brute.
  • Chandler-Has troubles dealing with being in an community. He refuses to shower, change clothing and occasionally eat.

Here is a guide to the new characters in Zenith (hint, there are a lot more which I have not announed yet):

  • Bartholomew-Leader of Construction Crew. Male. A weasel, avoiding blame and always putting himself first.
  • Shiloh-Leader of the solar panels. Male. A good-hearted man with a dark past from alcohol. Is very intelligent.
  • Dagon-Architect. Male. Values hard-work and ethic and plans ahead. More of a thinker than a fighter.
  • Aero-Member of construction crew. Male. Very physical and rough, pushes the members harder and knows they can do better. Enjoys physical labor. Has anger issues.
  • Tarner Clifton-Sniper.Male. Filled with rage from recent deaths and may be to over the edge to be brought back to civilization.
  • Dyron Pyne-Sniper. Male. Arrogant, self-centered jerk that thinks he knows everything and everyone should listen to him.
  • Denise-Marge's political advisor. Female. Humble and awkward but trusts Marge and so is loyal to her.
  • Barbara-Head of the armory. Female. Very approachable and speaks what is on her mind. Doesn't know how to use weapons but understands the mechanics on how to build them.
  • Spade-Chief chef. Deals with rations. Female. Newer members of the community. Unsure of her surroundings and doesn't trust anyone. Attempts to smuggle in drugs.
  • Lynx-Recruiter. Female. Although a lesbian, she is a badass. She isn't scared to kill someone, but won't kill them unless necessary. Well-minded and trustworthy.
  • Ember-Male. Doctor. Overall nice person but doesn't attempt to connect with anyone.
  • Jaelyn Tyrell-Female nurse. Uses skills she has learned from old friends and applies them to her everyday life. Unsure of her crush on Shiloh because he is in a relationship.
  • Corbus Wull-Supply runner. Male. Tends to run away from his problems and hates everyone who doesn't listen to him. He will kill others for him to stay alive. A coward. A jerk. Lies about others to make himself seem innocent.
  • Zani-Supply runner. Male. A homosexual. Kind and open and likes to help people solve their problems. Wants to find a soul mate but never has good luck.
  • Obadiah Sringer-Cares for the elderly. Male. Although in his late 50's, Obadiah feels he is capable to care for the elderly. With a caring virtute, Obadiah fears violence and thinks no one should be killed with exile in place of it. He has a dark secret where he sees them suffering, he will put a knife in their skull and kill them.
  • Elize Morrass-Supply runner. Female. Strong-willed and trigger-happy but reasonable.
  • Jaxar-Supply runner. Male. Physically weak but mentally strong. A coward who learns to be brave.
  • Colbat-Supply runner. Male.
  • Chyeene Meadows-Construction crew female member. Lack of confidence often leads to her shyness and depression. Keeps a good public face but doubts herself constantly.

Here is some images of redesigns/new characters, although blurred as they were "leaked".

And so, let us take a wonderful journey to the newborn colony, Zenith.

Zenith community
Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con. I'm gonna give you guys spoilers for Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, and the Omniverse: Forgotten Memories franchise!

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

If any of you have read Aggression, you're probably wondering why Aggregor is weak and stuff. Well, you see, Aggregor was born with unstable powers (remember, Osmosians are still aliens here). He was an outcast at Osmos, and he got sick of it. He got in contact with the Rooters and they managed to evolve Aggregor, somewhat. Little did he know, this messed up his internal system and he found this out some time before the events of this episode. He didn't want to seem weak when the robot guard did a health scan on him, so he escaped.

Next, let me give you some info about a few of the new aliens in the series.

  • Sandbox: Besides being able to manipulate and project sand, he can also materialize something out of sand.
  • Splash: He's sort of a 'power roulette' alien. He has five abilities to pick from; enhanced speed, enhanced strength, invisibility, enhanced jumping and body manipulation. However, he can only use two abilities at a time.
  • Skidmarx: His species is the sister species of Kinecelerans. He is a speedster alien that looks like a raptor, with eyes where the windows should be, broad wings, and his legs are like XLR8's, and like a raptor's. He manipulates friction. The faster he runs, the more friction he stores in his body which can be released as electricity.
  • Stitcherama: A rag doll-like alien who is capable of using his stitches as projectiles and strings as whips.
  • Ratio Active: A calculative alien who can calculate every possible outcome of an event seconds before it happens. He's rarely wrong, but if he is, he will have a nuclear meltdown.

Ben 13

You know how every Ben has their traits? Well, Ben 13 will be one of the most skilled Bens in Earth-50, because he'll have training from the Plumbers' Academy and, later, he'll gain experience. Of course, at first, Ben won't be a hero, just someone who has a watch that needs to be controlled. Later on, though, Ben will realize the potential he has to save the universe.

10 and Beyond

Season 1 is nothing too big, until the finale. You can expect betrayals, deaths, revelations, the likes. Nothing will ever be the same.

That about wraps it up for this Con. See you next time! :D

Check us out tomorrow when Yopo posts the second half of this blog with more entries!

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