• Yoponot

    It's time to decide the winner between the two writing contests (Normal and Creative).

    In one corner we have Coke!

    Coke's Entry

    [Day 1: PRESS ROOM, Plumbers HQ] A 96-year old Max Tennyson, in his typical Hawaiian shirt-centric outfit, presents himself at a podium alongside a furry white ram-like humanoid in a rather formal blue suit and teal tie. Max points out into the room of just a few people— Rook Blonko is among them.

    Max: Yes, err—
    Woman (sitting in a seat front row): This is Judi's seat— good work asking her the question, by the way, sir. This is for Braven: what do you think of the coming election, where Max is set to default this time around as the next Magistratus?
    Braven (Ram Humanoid adjacent Max, English accent): I'm feeling the seas…

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  • Yoponot

    Hey guys and welcome to the results for the 2016 Summer Fanon Con, Creative Writing Contest!

    The theme this time was you had to make a short story in 100 words (not counting title).

    Who came out on top? What stories where the best to read? Well let's get RIGHHHHT INTO THE RESULTSSSSSSSSS.

    In sixth place we have Primal's entry. The reason I place it so low is for two reasons.

    1. The dialogue is cheesy and a big turn off.
    1. It's not anything original compared to other entries, it's pretty much just a description of a scene from Omniverse. 

    So sorry Primal, better luck in the Fall!

    Primal's Entry
    Malware gripped onto Feedback's neck, the Conductoid fidgeting around as he tried to hack into the Omnitrix. Giving the Omnitrix one touch, it instantly turned r…

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  • Yoponot

    Hey guys, it's Yopo here.

    So Toon was supposed to make this but hasn't responded to any messages left, so the admins decided to do it without him. So sorry to everyone who waited, it was out of our hands.

    With that out of the way, let's get into the art!

    The subject this time was Abstract Art! Let's see who came out on top...

    In last place we have Rob's!

    Nothing much going on, isn't too abstract and everything is kinda dull. Nice try though?

    In fifth place is Aaron!

    It's more of a collage of images then anything abstract. However it was the only art here not actually drawn by the user. However what is cool is the little details of the more darker characters on the sides and the green characters on the top and bottom, making it look like the Omnit…

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  • Yoponot

    Spring Fanon Con 2016

    April 10, 2016 by Yoponot

    I'm going to give you info on two aliens.

    • Darwin: Darwin has atavism, the ability to access traits and abilities in past versions of his evolutionary path. Darwin can access five versions in total (including his default one):
      • Default: Small insectoid, about four inches tall, venomous.
      • Second Version: Gecko-chameleon hybrid, insectoid eyes and wings.
      • Third Version: Reptilian, scales for armor purposes.
      • Fourth Version: Weird fusion of bird and fish.
      • Fifth Version: Scaly body, bird like lower legs, fins as elbow blades, insectoid eyes. Red color scheme overall.
    • Cypher: Has the ability to understand and speak every language, whether it be oral, body or programming.

    I have some new information for you! First off, Ben and co. aren't going to travel arou…

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  • Yoponot

    It's Yopo again, I'm just here for a paycheck ^.^. Anyway it's time for our Normal Writing Contet! Let's get this show on the road!


    It's well... A TIE?! Yep Dioga and Shadow have tied with an equal amount of votes! So Congrats to both of you! It seems like your works where just too good, so enjoy the title of winner together :).

    and you so let's read said tied entries right here...

    Ryder: I really don’t see the point of this.

    Jane: It’s helping to benefit the community! It is the season of giving!

    Ben: Yeah, right! Giving for us! I mean, if it was hosting or being an honored guest at an event, that’d be one thing. But, this!

    Megaman: Oh, shut up! I agree with you, but you know how much this means to John.

    Yami: Agreed. I’ve never seen him so …

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