EDIT: I was in a rush when I was first writing this blog, so apologies for the lack of reasons and for all the commotion it caused. Now that I'm finally back from vacation, I've edited my reasons below. It probably still wouldn't be able to properly explain my stance, but it was the best I could do.

Hi! Ulti here as your host for Winter Fanon Con 2016's art competition, with the theme being 'perspective drawing'. We have three contestants; Brandon, CaT and Aaron. Here are the results.

3rd Place

Perspective Art Entry

In third place, we have Brandon with his drawing of Ben, Ben, and well, Ben. The characters are drawn pretty nicely here, and also holds a double meaning of perspective, a physical one, where Ben gets bigger, and a hidden (that's probably not the right word) one, where Ben is getting older. The only reason it's in last place is because it's not colored.

2nd Place


In second place, we have (and I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this) CaT. I'd explain what it is, but I'll let CaT's message from his entry do that: "Basically, this is all 8 remaining Featured Characters from 2016. Two months didn't have any Featured Characters, Mack got deleted, and the version of Ryan Felton that won no longer exists so" There's nothing too wrong with the picture except that it looks slightly wonky in a way I fail to explain.

1st Place

Omnipotence Perspective

In first place we have Aaron, whose entry I personally find more appealing than the other two entries. As you can see, it's Alien X with a Pyronite, presumably Apollo. The colors pull you in, the characters are drawn nicely... well-deserved if you ask me. Like Brandon's entry, this holds a double meaning of perspective, a physical one where Apollo is small in comparison to Alien X, and a hidden one where we see things through the eyes of Apollo, who considers Alien X to be a big foe...(?) I really don't know how to put this into words. I think Reo made a good explanation below, though.

EDIT 2: I tried. I failed. Sorry for getting you all riled up.

Well, this concludes the blog. Have fun for the rest of Fanon Con and see you soon.

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