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Host's Opening Speech

I bet you guys weren't expecting this! Given that this is a special Fanon Con meant to celebrate the wiki's 10th anniversary, the bureaucrats figured it would be a good idea to reflect on our time here. We're proud of how great this 'Con turned out to be, especially after the fairly lackluster turnout for the other seasons this year. We hope you had a good time and that next year's 'Cons will have just as much activity! Without further ado, here's what we have to say.

--Admin Team, the host of Ultimate Fanon Con 2019!


CaT's Entry
Alright, the point of this is to talk about favorite memories or something, I think. This kind of thing is difficult for me personally because I repress most of my memories, but let's see what we can dig up.

2010, the year I joined this wiki. I was eleven, and my sister was twelve. We created a joint Wikia account called "ChromastoneandTabby" (I being the "Chromastone" and her being the "Tabby") for the sake of convenience, but eventually she stopped using it and made her own account. She started just going by Tabby, but I wouldn't get a solid name of my own until 2014 when people started calling me "CaT" because of how stupidly long the account's name was. That worked out pretty well for establishing an identity of sorts, so I decided to go with it.

Plenty of users who joined the wiki after me will have much more to say in regards to community events and drama pre-2016; I simply didn't participate in that sort of thing until then out of sheer social anxiety. I still managed to garner a decent reputation around the wiki by opening content shops and making guides for various things, not to mention the crossover project that became BTFF RPG. By the time I finally worked up the nerve to join the wiki's chatroom and stick around for a while, it turned out that I was already held in decent regard, which was nice.

I became an admin in 2016 due to the amount of work I was putting into the wiki, to the point where there were already jokes about me being the "secret fifth admin". I put a lot of focus into trying to modernize the wiki, and while the process was far from drama-free, I think it all worked out in the end.

As the aforementioned memory repression thing might suggest, I had a less than ideal adolescence, and this wiki provided me with an effective form of escapism. When I first created Tech 10, it was a blatant self-insert story that was moreso meant to help me feel better than anything else. Of course, I wanted to try to improve Tech 10 eventually, and I started working on my writing abilities. Seeing Binkatong's art made me want to pursue art on my own so I could illustrate my stories without relying on other people to do it for me.

I think it's safe to say that without BTFF, my art and writing wouldn't be anywhere near what they are today. On top of that, I had very little in common with kids my age in the areas where I lived, but being on BTFF allowed me to meet people with common interests that are still very close friends to this day. Without them, I'd be almost entirely alone. BTFF is sort of an unassuming site looking from the outside in, but it's provided too many of the good things in my life to act like it's not important to me.

I don't know how long this website is going to stick around, but I know the experience it's given me and the bonds I've made with people here aren't going away any time soon. Here's to the ending of an unbelievable ten years, and the beginning of the next decade.

Aaron's Entry
These past nearly four years have been some of the best of my life, not only for personal reasons but largely thanks to joining this place. I've gained some great friends for life here, and grown a hell of a lot as a person.

And, of course, during my time here I've gained some pretty cool moments that are always great to look back on.

Of the three admins, I'm the newest user here. So I think it's only fitting I talk about how and why I joined BTFF back in 2016. I joined wikia as a whole back in mid-2014 to contribute to a few other wikis I'd noticed needed some improvements, but not as a regular user. I started watching Ben 10 again near the starts of 2015 after having not seen any since OS ended, and spent most of 2015 obsessing over the show with no one to share the obsession with. Thinking back on how Omniverse's ending seemed too open-ended I decided to start playing with the idea of a movie signing off the classic era of the franchise properly, and began writing the first chapter of Death of Ben 10 around September of 2015, only sharing it with one of my friends in college. Yes Death of Ben 10 is meant to be read as one movie as opposed to a series.

But for a few weeks after I found BTFF around that time, I was hesitant to join. Naturally I assumed the franchise for children still had a young fan base, and thought that this wiki was quite, well, cringey. A lot of the content I found here back then was from google images, a lot of it being poorly mashed-together sprites of stock alien poses. A lot of the content that I found on my own was just as poorly aged. That was, until I found CaT's Alien Art Shop. The high-quality artwork (for the time, it doesn't hold a flame to CaT's current art) and the selflessness of the non-profit art store showed me a more mature and talented side of the wiki that genuinely single-handedly changed my mind about this wiki. And of course after I joined and I met people, I began to see the more current series- Horizons, Mack 10, Mig 10, and so on- all of which were miles above the general bar of quality I'd expected to see when I first joined. I have never ever regretted my choice, and I am not exaggerating when I say it is all thanks to CaT.

One of my favourite memories while being here has to be when Mig renamed the Ultimate Spidermonkey page on Ben 10 Planet to Harambe (back in 2016 when that was still an epic funny meme). It's worth keeping in mind that renaming a page does not show up in recent activity, which most people check for page edits. This was pretty funny and went on for not that long, because the then admin (and now crat) of BTP Superbike was in the BTFF chat at the time. He never spoke, we assumed he didn't read the chat either, but it turns out he did as he reverted the edit after about five minutes of good fun.

I've enjoyed near enough my entire time on this wiki and being a member of its discord and community, and I cannot wait to continue that into 2020!

Ulti's Entry
I've been a member of the wiki for over seven years and it's been weird (but in a good way) to see it change and grow over the years.

I first discovered the wiki in late 2011, when I stumbled upon an episode of a Ken 10 series. I enjoyed reading it enough to come back and visit once in a while. In April 2012, I decided to make a show set after Omniverse with nothing at all planned out, partially because Omniverse itself hadn't even premiered yet. The episodes haven't aged well at all, but people somehow liked it at the time and some of them offered to help me out, such as Lego. I stuck around for good after that, and the rest is history.

I've dedicated an entire third of my life to the wiki, be it through my projects or my work as a bureaucrat, and I don't regret joining it for a second. You, the community, are basically my family and I can't stress how different my life would be without you guys.

2019 has been a pretty great year for the wiki. It's great to see new faces popping up every week like in the old days, as well as returning users. Wiki events have been fairly successful and cleanup is going smooth as always. Also, we recently turned 10 years old, which is a huge achievement!

The same could be said for Ben 10. Though not without its faults, the franchise is my favorite of all time and I'm glad it's still around. The reboot may be my least favorite series in the franchise, but I still like it and I'm happy it's growing and going strong.

Thank you all for being such UltiEpic people and I hope the wiki continues to grow in 2020 and beyond!

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