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Host's Opening Speech
Welcome to the main blog of Summer Fanon Con 2019! We were hoping more people signed up for the contests, but at least this Con was more eventful than Spring, and that's something to celebrate about! We hope you guys had fun regardless, though. See you in the fall for the next Con!

--Ulti, the host of Summer Fanon Con 2019!


CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Summer 2019 Fanon Con!


In my last Fanon Con submission, I mentioned creating a variety show called "CaTScratch" to replace The CaT Gazette as a weekly content outlet, but that obviously hasn't happened. There are a few reasons for that, but mostly I just don't think it's necessary. The Gazette filled a niche that no longer needs filling so there's really no point making a replacement for it.

Project Deca


We are halfway through Project Deca, with only six episodes left to write and four series left to tribute. I'm genuinely surprised I've been able to keep up with a series for this long.

Coming Soon

Episodes 7 and 8, coming out in July and August, respectively, will both be parts of the tribute to Horizons, the Featured Series of 2015. The reason Horizons is getting the two-part tribute is two-fold: one, it's got a bigger story to it than the other tributes, and two, it just so happened to be perfect for the meta-arc of the series as the Act 2 finale for reasons you'll probably recognize when the episodes come out.

The Horizons episodes will receive their own unique ending credits video, featuring new art and new music. It's not really important, but I thought it would be a nice touch.

Coming Not-So-Soon

Act 3 of the series, consisting of the final four episodes, is going to be fairly interesting.

  • Firstly, the Star Spirit tribute will be the only tribute to directly continue from a point in the tributed series; specifically, the ending. Since Star Spirit is my own series, I can do that kind of thing. Why would I go back and extend/retcon the ending in Project Deca, you may ask? Simply put, I don't like how I ended it. It's so needlessly cruel that it's hard for me to read through and I wrote the damn thing. Given Project Deca's meta attitude towards pointlessly dark things, there's a lot I can do here.
  • The Reboot Revolution tribute will be the only tribute for a series I didn't write to canonically take place within the series' universe; in a diverging timeline, granted, but still in Earth-1010 instead of Earth-1010-A. This wasn't the original plan but Aaron asked if I wanted to make it canon to Earth-1010 and I said "sure why not" so here we are now.
  • Hoo boy, Alien Biology with CaT. Hoo boy. For the sake of being able to tell an actual narrative, I've placed the "setting" of ABwC in the BTFF RPG universe (which fits in and of itself since it's another massive crossover between things on the wiki); that aside, the core principle of Alien Biology with CaT (examining an alien's biology with CaT) will be at the core of the episode's plot. Since BTFF RPG and Project Deca both have a similar satirical tone when it comes to wiki content, I feel like this is a good fit.
  • Still working on the title for the last episode of the series, but I want to be exactly as wince-worthy and mildly misleading as all the other episode titles. At this point, there will be no more series left to tribute, so the last episode will focus entirely on wrapping up the story of Project Deca itself. Yes, that means there will be a giant battle with the Space Nazis. Nothing less would feel appropriate.

Next Episode Promo


Attai's Transformation Lineup


Full reveal of that last one during my Fanon Con presentation (10:00pm Friday the 28th EST). Some of you have already seen it, but I haven't elaborated on it at all. Make sure to tune in for that (or ask me about it in DMs if you can't access the BTFF Discord server for whatever reason).

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Ethan's Entry
E-10 Horizons Fanon Con Opening 2

[Everything was black for a moment until green electricity began vertically surrounded the area. A white light appeared in the middle of the screen until it eventually blinded the area. We zoom out from Ethan's anticipated look, as we zoom out to his full body as it revealed he was in a blue background with particles swiftly flying towards the screen. As Ethan zoomed out, he raised his arm over the Omnitrix and slammed down, with a green light blinding the screen.]

[The E-10 logo appeared with the Omnitrix surrounding the 10. Eventually it spelt out Horizons and a green light swirled below the logo, and created the number 2.]

E-10 Horizons - Season 2 logo

[The entire logo glowed green, and zoomed into the screen, blinding the scene with a bright light, then fading to black.]

Ebomnitrix: Welcome to the E-10 Fanon Con Presentation. You already know who I am, so let's get down to it!


Ebomnitrix: In the last season, we had Ethan enter this new college named Horizon. There he meets Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki and begins befriending and telling him this secret one by one at a time. We brought this experience superhero enter their lives and because of that he's changed them, and I bet they've pretty much changed him too.

Ebomnitrix: We had everybody overcome challenges like class assignments, relationships, and of course many evil threats.


Hex: My turn!

[Hex launched a wave of water at Ghoulseye. To his surprise, he was hit and went flying toward the ground.]


Ebomnitrix: Alice finally decided what to do with her life and gained an alien pet, Hypnotick.


[The Psycholeopterran made happy noises and she began to spin around everywhere as Alice laughed.]


Ebomnitrix: Terence finally grew to start trusting people, then participated in the capture contest and got second place.


Ethan: Are you serious?!

Nikki: We hiked all that way just for you to get second place!

Ethan: That’s bull-


Ebomnitrix: Hannibal and Nikki finally realized their feelings for each other after Hannibal's fate was put to the test.


Hannibal: Well… since you said you’re sorry...

[Nikki shoved Hannibal.]

Nikki: Shut up, Hanny.

[They smiled and wrapped their arms around each other, kissing each other on the lips.]


Ebomnitrix: And with Ethan, he had to learn his basic superhero morals and learned that if he wants to keep his friends, he has to put more trust and faith in them.


Alice: Just don’t mourn over the past and push forward, you can’t let Lieutenant Steel beat you up about this.

Ethan: Thanks Alice.

[Ethan smiled, and Alice smiled back.]


Ebomnitrix: In the season finale, Ethan fought against his biggest challenge yet, Hex. Hex released Ethan's new alien from the Omnitrix, Ghoulseye, which released this mythical evil entity, Sha'Rrow.


[A shadow casted around Ethan, revealing to be Sha'Rrow rising before him.]

Ethan: Oh man...


Ebomnitrix: And because of that, together they released this spiritual army and tried to conquer the Earth. In order to stop this, Ethan had his friendships with these characters put to the test, and then he realized the only way he's going to restore Ghoulseye was to take down Hex. This lead to Ethan having to lose Echo Echo in order to finish him off once and for all, and now you might be wondering, what might come next for these characters?

Ebomnitrix: I don't want to reveal too much to you guys so, I'm going to let the trailer tell the story. So please be sure to stay tuned to the Fanon Con presentation tonight, and enjoy the trailer! Until next time, stay gold!

No Wave - Fanon Con Theme

[The scene opened inside a dark bedroom where sunlight was gleaming through window blinds. We cut to a an alarm clock going off as an orange haired girl woke up and turned over to shut off the alarm. She saw the date and smiled. We cut to a picture of Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki by her stand.]

Alice (Narration): Time to go back to Horizons.

[The scene shifted to later that morning outside Horizon Arts. We cut to people walking around campus, while others were arriving and making conversation in the background. There was a banner hanging from the top of a building which said “Welcome Back, Students.”]


Nikki: I thought that orange hair looked familiar.

[Alice and Nikki reached out to hug for a moment.]


Hannibal: Terence, my man!

[Hannibal walked towards Terence to reach in for a hug, he backed away defensively.]

Terence: Touch me, and it’ll be the last thing you do.


[We cut to where Alice, Nikki, Hannibal and Terence had met up with each other.]

Alice: Wait, where is Ethan?

Nikki: Don’t tell me…

[We cut to a large cloud of dust began hurling towards them as they spoke. The four turned over to hear the loud screeching. They saw XLR8 making his way toward them. Alice swiftly stepped to the left and moved Terence to where she was formerly standing.]

Terence: Wait, WHAT?!

[Ethan knocked into Terence and the two went flying towards the fountain. The scene faded to black.]


[The scene shifted to a Chilis where the group was sitting at a table. We cut to the others glancing over Terence’s phone. It revealed a picture of Terence and May taken by the eiffel tower in Paris.]

Alice: Oh my god… That’s May!


Ethan (Narration): No way dude, you’re dating May?!

Terence (Narration): You bet!

Scene: [A well dressed Terence stepped up to May’s door, holding a bouquet of flowers. May smiled and accepted.]


Nikki: After all the crazy stuff that’s happened…


Hannibal (Narration): … Nikki and I decided it was finally time to spend some quality alone time with each other.

Scene: [As Hannibal narrated, we cut to him grabbing onto Nikki’s arms, as her frown turned into a smile, showing a sign of relief]


Ethan: Well, it’s been decided. I’m going to get myself a girlfriend.

Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: What?!


[The scene shifted to Alice speaking to Nikki at the campus.]

Alice: Ethan and I decided we would wait until I was back here before starting anything.


Alice (Narration): And now that I’m here…

Scene: [As Alice narrated, she left up from the table and walked up to Ethan, as she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek, then left the scene.]


Nikki (Narration): Oh, don’t worry, shugg, I’m sure he didn’t forget.

Scene: [During the sunset, Ethan and Alice were walking together as he gazed into Alice’s smiling face. Ethan looked down as he shook his fist.]


[We shift into the SACT headquarters as the group meets up with Maria.]

Ethan: Hey, Maria, long time!

Maria: Hey, Ethan. How’ve you been?

Alice: You know her?

Ethan: Yeah, she helped train me how to use my powers.


[We cut to a training room surrounded in white walls, where Heatblast noticed a red dot was pointing to his chest. With little time to react, he is promptly blasted by a laser beam and into a wall, leaving a notable dent.]


Lieutenant Steel (Narration): After Ethan let Hex remove Ghoulseye from the Omnitrix…

Scene: [Hex had grabbed the Omnitrix symbol as Ghoulseye screamed from the top of his lungs.]


Lieutenant Steel (Narration): ...they revealed the aliens existence to the world.

Scene: [An army of spirits were surrounding Hollywood Hills.]


[We cut to a meeting room where Lieutenant Steel and Maria were talking with the group.]

Lieutenant Steel: So my bosses and I decided it was time we formed a task force.

Maria: You interested?


Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki (Narration): Yes!

[During their narration, we shifted to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria wearing different colored suits. They stood aligned inside a dark green moving elevator with light green circular lights surrounding the room as they moved swiftly up toward the screen.]


Alice: Things are about to get interesting...


[Wildmutt chased after a red hooded figure as he pushed aside some crates, hoping for it to get in Wildmutt’s way until to his surprise, Wildmutt hopped over them.]


Maria: C’mon, Ethan, loosen up! We’re going to have lots of fun!


Ethan (Narration): I find that very hard to believe.

Scene: [As Ethan narrated, he was being swung around by Tattooed Man, and thrown into a street car.]


[We shifted back into Lieutenant Steel’s office as Maria went over more instructions.]

Maria: We decided to call our task force the G.L.E.E. which stands for Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries. You can just call it Glee.

Terence: So, what? We have to say we have glee practice or something.

[Maria gave Terence a distinguished look.]

Terence: Oh god… [Covering his face.]


[We shifted to Ethan and the others parking their cycles into Vulkanus’s hideout.]

Vulkanus: E-10?! Agh! What the hell are you doing here?!


Ethan (Narration): What can I say? I’ve got nothing better to do.

Scene: [Lodestar created a magnetic wave and slowly started to split Vulkanus’s armor into pieces.]


[We cut to Fistrick and his gang riding down the streets on their motorcycles as Ethan and Maria were chasing after them.]

Fistrick: You can’t catch me this time, E-Bro!


[Corvo turned around and blasted Maria’s front wheel. It exploded as Maria went flying off her motorcycle, screaming for her life.]


[XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: Ethan span around in a circle as the rest of his body changed.]


[XLR8 managed to catch Maria in time.]

XLR8: Hang on!

[XLR8 moved Maria to his back as they ran towards Fistrick.]


[ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: Zerox zoomed out from the transformation.]


[??? TRANSFORMATION: A green light glowed from Ethan’s chest as he appeared a silhouette. The green light faded as he grew a pair of four arms as his body became covered in yellow electricity.]


Alice: Is that… THE NEW ALIEN?!!!

[Alice’s eyes sparkled as she bit her lip. Hannibal and Terence facepalmed]

Nikki: I knew she would get like this…


[Maria sat down at the teacher’s desk.]

Maria: I’ll be your new substitute teacher for the rest of the semester.

Ethan: [Rough, deep voice] No…


[Terence and his band stood on stage as he grabbed the mic.]


[The crowd cheered for them.]


Hannibal: Let’s get to class! Don’t wanna be late on the first day.

Ethan and Alice: Right [Smiling]




Ethan: You know there’s a bunch of guys staring at you right?

Maria: I know, it’s one of the perks to being so beautiful.

[Maria stroked her hair as Ethan groaned and rolled his eyes.]

New Forms Teaser (Transformation Theme)

[The setting took place in Downtown Merridale in the middle of the demolished street, where Ethan was standing from very many feet away from Tattooed Man.]

Tattooed Man: I guess it won’t be as simple as two hits to knock you out. Fine, then I’ll just throw everything at you! Just like you did to me!!!

[Tattooed Man raised out his arms and began to summon many of his tattoos. Many tattoos formed in the air. Ethan had a frightened look on his face, and the Omnitrix made a noise. He turned to it, noticing it was glowing green and was recharged. Ethan turned the dial and Four Arm’s icon popped up.]

Ethan: Don’t have enough time to defend myself. So I guess I’ll just have to just punch my way through! [The core popped up] It’s Action Time! [Slams down]

[MINI-FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arms in the air and spun around in a circle as an extra set of arms grew out. The camera zoomed out to the full view of Four Arms, who struck a pose. The transformation background turned from green to gold, and yellow electricity began to spark around Four Arms.]

Four Arms: WHOA!!!

[NEW TRANSFORMATION: Golden armor began forming from the Omnitrix symbol. Four Arms hunched back as his back grew larger. Four Arms’ face began changing as a helmet began to form around him. Energy spikes grew out of his helmet. Four Arms raised his arm out and electricity flew up into his fists and grew braces around his fingers. Four Arms made a fist and a yellow light blinded the screen.]

[A dust cloud was formed around where Ethan was standing. The cloud lifted as everyone gasped at the sight of the transformation. The camera zoomed up to reveal Four Arms had changed form. Four Arms took a look at himself.]

Four Arms: Whoa! What is up with Four Arms?!

E-10 Horizons 2 - Forms Teaser Poster


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WTB's Entry

if I remember correctly this is like my first ever main blog I've ever done for any fanon con’s so ya’ll better feel honored RIGHT NOW

anyways this is going to be pretty short for the simple fact that i don’t want to drone on while talking about my projects, so i’m going to just keep it generally short and sweet

anyways, let’s get into the M E A T of this blog post and talk about some ben 10 fanfiction things


Alright, so Ezekiel Elix: Power in Courage is currently in the middle of its Season 1 finale, which will have 5 rather lengthy parts. Part 1 and 2 have currently been released and available to be read, along with all of the other 12 or so EEPiC episodes before it right here.

So, what’s the status on Part 3? Currently, I’ve suffered a lack of motivation toward writing EEPiC, mainly a combination of me just being lazy and working on other stuff. Part 3 is around 40-50% percent complete and will probably be continued soon when I struggle my way out of this demotivated writer’s block… however, I decided to share a short little sneak peek at the bottom of this blog post, so stay tuned for that!

As for a few other things regarding EEPiC, I’m going to just list them and give answers.

  • “When will you make actual pages for EEPiC?”

Hopefully sometime soon. I’ve just been lazy and I also have no idea how to work stuff like templates, so I’ll probably need assistance in the process.

  • “Will EEPiC get a Season 2?”

Most definitely. I don’t know how long will be the hiatus in between the ending of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2, but it won’t be extremely long.

  • “Will a new alien be introduced in Season 2?”

One, and a gimmick for the other aliens.

  • “How does the universe of EEPiC work? Is it its own universe, or linked to the Ben 10 canon?”

It’s on board with the 2016 Reboot, and I considered originally making the two shows in the same universe, with the possibility of a Reboot Ben crossover in the future (which may or may not still be plausible). Characters such as Will Harangue and Jimmy Jones from the canon pre-Reboot universe are present but changed, such as Will Harangue currently having no grudge against Ezekiel and Jimmy Jones being much older and not just a dedicated fan toward Ezekiel, but to his entire team, the Axolorods.

  • “What does the team name ‘Axolorods’ even mean?”

It’s a combination of “Axelrod”, the last name of New Axolo’s mayor, Lucian Axelrod, who debuts in Part 2 of the season finale, but is mentioned a few times prior in one or two episodes, and “Axolo” itself, the second word of the city’s name, which itself is based off the word “Axolotl”, the Mexican salamander the city is dedicated towards.


Okay, so like I had a dumb idea a couple months ago while working on the first few of EEPiC that its universe secretly existed within the same universe of EBOmnitrix’s OC series, “E-10: Horizons” and in one episode, Ezekiel would invade the main lead, Ethan’s campus, act rude and destructive, and the two would fight. This was merely an inside joke and I obviously had no intention of making it, since I did not have any permission from EBOmnitrix himself.

However, a few weeks ago, I came across a text file on my laptop of apparently what was my plans to make an actual serious EEPiC/E-10: Horizons crossover with the working nickname of “Ezekiel Elix: Power in Horizons” that had some different elements, such as Ezekiel not acting rude for no reason, a new villain that threatened the two heroes, a few villains from both series who would appear, and so on. I believe my intention of it upon completing it was to show it to EB via Discord and see what he thinks (also, apparently I would work on the entire crossover myself and only get assistance from EB if I was stuck on certain parts, crossover would be the length of a usual E10H episode, but slightly longer)

Anyways, I was bored one night so I decided to tweak this concept a bit more, which included creating the villain and writing out a currently-unfinished rough draft of the crossover would play out. I decided to show it to EB all of the stuff (besides the rough draft, which I started creating after showing him it), and he did indeed like my concepts and gave me the heads-up that I have permission to make said crossover… so, yeah. You’re all going to get a possible EEPiC/E10H crossover, most likely before the beginning of Season 2 for both shows (though the crossover will be taking place around Season 1) called EEPiH. I’ll finish the rough draft soon and get to actual work on it when EEPiC’s first season is concluded.


A brand-new project that I’m working on and off once in a while. I don’t have much for it, but the basic summary is that BotO takes place in the canon Ben 10 universe and is a group of around 21 to 24 alternate Ben’s, either good, evil, or neutral and including some canon ones such as Ben 23, Mad Ben, Benzarro, Bad Ben, and Nega Ben, being kidnapped from their dimensions by a near-omnipotent being known as Trix, who wants them to participate as contestants in an all-Ben-10-themed game show, where the contestants are gradually eliminated at the end of each competition before the final 3 battle in one final mega competition for the grand prize, a Fermented Taydenite crystal that can input massive amounts of energy compared to normal Taydenite and is generally insanely valuable.

The main lead is a grim alternate version of Prime Ben, who’s suffered darker events in his timeline, such as the actual death of Grandpa Max in the beginning of Alien Force, Gwen’s superheroine alias of Lucky Girl taking the spotlight over him, Kevin fleeing Earth in a fit of shock after he was mentally cured in Ultimate Arc’s “Absolute Power” arc, but still trapped in his Ultimate Kevin mutation, and never becoming a Plumber, instead becoming a secret defender of Bellwood and keeping himself away from the public eye, despite his wishes to become famous like the alternate Ben’s, especially Prime Ben, who he absolutely hates due to seeing him as an all-perfect version of himself. This Ben also possesses a playlist of ten new aliens, who will appear in the series.

(Do note BotO's plot may be subject to change, as it's still a WIP.)


A collaborative project between me and user SpookyLaundry that it’s still a WIP, but one or two pages of it are present on the BTFF wiki as of right now. It’s a simple OC series that primarily takes place in a summer camp where the main lead Owen discovers his own Omnitrix and battles the usual villainous creatures that emerges from the dark woods, with the help of his friends and other camp members. More information and wiki pages will be released at a later date. Stay tuned.


(And finally, the sneak peek! Enjoy!)

[Abruptly, the scene changes to that of the center of New Axolo, completely devoid of life from Thaddeus scaring everyone back to their houses and apartments. A pale-white prisoner transport vehicle drives through the streets at a brisk speed as the view pans over to the outside of its black-tinted driver window, the visibly gleaming lens of a pair of glasses on the driver’s face, before abruptly, the view changes to show the backside of a lanky figure who glides out of a nearby alley way and several yards in front of the vehicle, grinds to a halt, and keeps his ground, as the view twists and pans upwards, soon revealing himself as Infrared Eyes. The driver’s eyes widen in shock of the armored Dreamer mutant before him, as his silhouette hand rises up to adjust his glasses.]

[Infrared Eyes]: “Leadhead… as I live and breathe.”

[The driver, “Leadhead” glares through his gleaming glasses and attempts to reverse the vehicle, only to suddenly realize it’s suddenly not budging. The view abruptly changes to show sections of asphalt cracking open behind the vehicle and tendril-like appendages of soil and tiny plant life lifting out and coiling around the back wheels, keeping them restrained, obviously the work of Bonsai, who is showed in the distance, keeping her hands clasped together. A pair of Axoloender II members, Fruitfly and Petrichor, emerge from the shadows of an alleyway behind Bonsai and rush out, the former moving as a malleable cloud of insects and the latter curling up and rolling around like a pillbug. Leadhead’s movements become panicked as he soon realizes what is going.]

[Music: Panic! At The Disco - The Hurricane (instrumental)]

[Immediately, the rest of the Axoloender II members eject from their hiding spots. An invisible Coppershred materializes on top of the vehicle as a nearby street light begins violently flickering and sparking with electricity, before the electrified phantom that is Voltspark lunges from it while Abcruncher, using his enhanced jumping, jumps from the same hiding spot as Fruitfly and Petrichor, jumping on top of the van with Coppershred.]

[Infrared Eyes]: “If it wasn’t obvious, Leadhead, we want your cargo… give him up and we’ll let you go completely. No roughing you up, no practical jokes, no damage to your vehicle. We just want him… and if not-” (on cue, the Fahrenheight Twins jumps down in-front of the vehicle, snarling with “Hundred” baring teeth and drooling sizzling saliva and “Sub-Zero” exhaling visible icey-cold puffs of air) “-things might a little out of hand.”

[Abrupt panning shots show the eight members surrounding the van, with both Abcruncher and Coppershred on the roof, Voltspark on the right, both Infrared Eyes and the Fahrenheight Twins on the front, Bonsai on the left and keeping the vehicle restrained with her mutant ability, and both Fruitfly and Petrichor on the back. Leadhead adjusts his glasses, removes them, places them in a small glove compartment, and with a pair of abrupt movements of his silhouette form, quickly shuts the glove compartment shut and slams his foot down on the pedal.]

[The vehicle shrieks as he abruptly manages to briefly overpower Bonsai’s restraints, partially tearing them, as Leadhead quickly shifts in reverse, the rapidly spinning wheels managing to shred the organic restraints and free the vehicle. Fruitfly rapidly erupts into her semi-tangible insect cloud form, Petrichor grabs onto the back of the vehicle, and Coppershred is nearly thrown into the roof, but clings on, digging her retractable claws into the roof.]

[Infrared Eyes]: “Not the response I was desiring! STOP HIM!”


Laundry's Entry

Puzzle Piece

Episodes will start within the next month and the wiki pages will be updated to have pictures.

Camp Primus

A project that I am cworking on with WTB. The premise is a summer camp adventure. More information will be released soon. Wiki pages will be made in the next week or so.
Aaron's Entry
Ben 10: Delta Days
Ben 10: Road Trip
Aaronbill3's Alien Arsenal!
Though honestly if I were to come back to any of my stuff here, it'd probably be this.
What This Means
To repost what I posted to the Discord a few weeks ago:
There comes a point where you have to ask

Is it still worth it to continue putting as much effort as it takes into a series with such limited appeal and consistently diminishing returns? A series that, all-in-all, requires context of six prior series releases over twelve years to fully appreciate?

I told myself this before when I released Burning Bridges and I should’ve given up then, but I poured so little time and effort into what I should’ve moved my focus onto that I ended up coming back to Road Trip.

I think I’m going to keep my focus on writing a proper book this time. It’d take more time to tell the rest of RT, even in an abridged fashion, than would be worth it.

I'm going to go away and write a book. I'm staying as a supporting member of the moderation team but will not be active on the wiki. If CaT and Ulti want to fire me, hell, that's okay too. I'll miss this wiki and all that I've done here but there HAS to be a cut-off somewhere and I need to move on.

Don't worry though, I'm not gonna delete my stuff when as I go. I'm not that kinda guy. Everything I've made here can stay here. Also I have no intention of leaving the BTFF Discord.

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