Welcome to the first contest of Summer Fanon Con 2017; normal writing! The theme this time around is 'vacation'. We have two contestants, Brandon and Primal! Here are the results:

2nd Place

Primal's Entry
He was in the Plumbers' headquarter, in a cell with a matress lying on the ground. A lightbulb is hanging over the musty room, with concrete blocks walling a certain green-skinned predator. The broken down room only had a toilet and a broken down wallpaper, the toilet not even functioning.

Khyber was sitting on his matress, leaning back on the wall with his wrists and ankles shackled in chains while thinking about the day he would murder Tennyson. The first thing he'd need to do is escape this joke of a prison, meant to hold alien prisoners. A regular prison would at least feed you 3 times a day, but the Plumbers who called themselves heroes could barely even give you a meal - one that was actually edible.

"Hmph," Khyber grunted, opening his eyes. "Took you long enough."

A black piece of sludge was hanging on edge of the ceiling, dropping onto the ground. It started to reform as pieces were attracted towards it, reforming into a black and red alien. The alien's singular eye squinted at Khyber before the star-shaped symbol on his neck turned into a smile, whatever that'd look like.

"The self-proclaimed greatest hunter, now locked behind bars and in shackles. Oh how the mighty have fallen," the alien said sarcastically, as the cell was opened.

Khyber's lips curled into a faint smirk as his head rose. "And what do you need, Malware?" Khyber spat out the last word, as if here were to pounce on the Galvanic Mechamorph.

"Oh, catch up, maybe visit Mars, you know," Malware said mockingly before his face fell flat. "I'm here to release you."

Khyber glanced towards Malware, and frowned as he saw a crowd of hostile aliens attacking the Plumbers. It appeared to be an outbreak from what he could tell, though it was obvious by the fact known criminals dressed in orange jumpsuits were jumping Plumbers.

Malware blasted the shackles with a red beam from his eye, muttering something. Khyber stood up, rubbing his sore wrists.

"And they say they're unbreakable," Khyber said, chuckling at his little joke. His voice came off raspier than usual, remembering that he hadn't even spoke a word for the past few months and only gave grunts.

Malware and Khyber started to walk slowly, passing by fighting Plumbers and criminals. There was so much commotion going on, it was distracting Khyber. The Plumbers' headquarter barely saw any activity, due to the fact prisoners were either sleeping or talking with cellmates. Some prisoners had it going good, having a working toilet and a cellmate to talk too. Though Khyber was already annoyed by hearing other people in their cells, so another person living in his cell? A formula for disaster.

"What's the plan?" Khyber said, his gruff and rough voice causing him to cough. His throat was definitely sore, though he wasn't mixing up his words and letters at least.

Malware paid no attention to Khyber as the two walked in a now empty hallway, reaching a door. "Stand aside." Malware warned, forming a blaster with his arm and shooting down the metallic door.

Khyber closed both eyes, and reopened them to see the door still in front of them. "Let me handle this." Khyber said, smirking. He hadn't seen any action in a long time.

The Zaroffian dashed towards the door, landing on one foot and pushing himself forward. He pulled one arm back, slamming it through the metallic door which was no longer attached to the wall. Khyber winced in pain, reacting quickly and held his throbbing hand. Malware patted Khyber's shoulder, flicking a light switch on.

The room was lit up now, with a display of weapons and armors hanging on the wall. Khyber's eyes widened as he saw weapons from other planets and weapons capable of turning a person to ash. He walked alongside the wall, grabbing a large sword, the Shield of Ziegel, Kinetronic Blasters, and finally... His custom-made armor made of the bones of his prey, along with his dagger.

"Is that all?" Malware asked questioningly, raising his eye.

"Are you questioning the professional?" Khyber said threateningly, flicking his dagger.

Malware smiled, pulling out a sash with pockets filled with other weapons. Khyber, again, widened his eyes. He took the sash, hanging it over his shoulder.

Khyber was going to like this.

He was going to like it a lot.

As usual, Ben Tennyson was sitting down in a chair underneath an umbrella standing on a table while sipping a smoothie from Mr. Smoothie's. Continuing the tradition, he had ordered a new flavor (which just so happened to be based off of one of his aliens): Apple-flavored Articguana Arctic. It tasted just as good as the title sounded.

Ben's pocket began vibrating as he slammed down his cup on the table, pulling out his phone. "Hello, Ben Tennyson of Earth speaking."

"Ben, it's urgent."

The voice belonged to his Grandpa Max, or Max Tennyson, the magister of the Plumbers.

"What is it?" Ben asked, getting up from his seat.

Grandpa Max paused. "Malware's returned, and he's released everyone in the Plumbers' headquarter... Including Khyber."

"W-wait, what? Malware was destroyed! How did he release everyone?!" Ben demanded, his voice becoming aggressive. "Why didn't the Plumbers stop him?"

"Ben, Ben, calm down - " Grandpa Max tried to say, but Ben cut him off.

"I can't!" Ben threw his hands up, still holding onto the phone. "Fine, are you okay? Should I call Kevin and Gwen? Where's Rook?"

"He's already here. He's been injured though, and won't be able to - " Grandpa Max was again interuppted.

"INJURED?! Rook got injured?! Why, urgh!" Ben slammed his phone down. He sighed. It wasn't Grandpa Max's fault, he just needed someone to take out all his anger on.

"Ben, I need you to arrive - "

What was once Grandpa Max's voice was now the sounds of moans and groans, as the phone hung up. Grandpa Max... Grandpa Max was hurt. His grandpa was hurt.

Ben threw on his hoodie, as a hoverboard flew over to him. He sighed, giving a smile. Tetrax gave him his third hoverboard after Khyber destroyed his second... Which replaced his first one destroyed in a fight against Dr. Animo. Tetrax also gave him that one. And now he was rambling in his head.

Khyber's gills started to whistle as he pinned Max Tennyson against the wall, holding his dagger in his hand. It was... Tingling, and Khyber knew that meant there was danger in the room. He scoffed. Who was most dangerous to the greatest hunter in the world?

The door behind Khyber was thrown towards him from a powerful blast he suspected. Ducking, he brought Max Tennyson down with him and slammed him against the floor. Khyber crouched down, pulling out the Shield of Ziegel. A yellow forcefield was summoned from the ring, blocking pink discs. He knew what they were made of, due to the fact there was only one Anodite who would attack him: Gwen Tennyson.

The dust cleared as Gwen Tennyson along with two other silhouettes stood, revealed to be Kevin Levin and Ben Tennyson. He should've known Ben would bring his friends, he was too weak to handle the predator himself.

Khyber threw his dagger in the air, spinning it. "So you've finally arrived. I was wondering when you'd show up."

"Yeah, well you won't have to wonder anymore!" Ben shouted, giving a weak grin. He turned to Gwen and Kevin, whispering. "Was that too cheesy?"

"Ben, get down!" Max weakly said, as Ben took notice.

Khyber was pouncing towards him, bringing his dagger with him. Ben dove off to the side while Gwen made a pink forcefield to block the attack.

"Kevin, you go help the other Plumbers out. Gwen, you'll help out injured Plumbers too," Ben said, his voice quickly changing into a growl. "Khyber's all mine."

"Okay," Kevin said, lifting up a steel beam.

Kevin hurled the beam towards Khyber, who quickly jumped above it, stepping on it and pushing himself upwards. He spun around, kicking Kevin into a wall while Kevin tried to block.

"C'mon Omnitrix, give me something good," Ben said, crouching down behind a desk. "Chamalien? No. Jetray? Maybe... Ooh, Fasttrack!"

A burst of green lights occured behind the desk, as Khyber smiled. What alien would the famous Ben Tennyson transform into? Knowing him, he'd pick someone such as Rath.

Instead though, a blue and black streak struck Khyber in the jaw, before it dropped down onto its feet and quickly swept him off of his feet. The blur stepped backwards, revealing to be a blue and black feline form.

"Fasttrack!" Fasttrack said, smiling as he put his hands on his hips in a heroic pose.

Gwen and Kevin hurried out of the room, Gwen barely carrying Grandpa Max out. Fasttrack gritted his teeth and positioned himself in a fighting stance as Khyber stood back up.

Khyber wiped his lips, smirking. "Impressive moves... Though you have nothing on me."

"Yeah, yeah, less chit chat and more fighting," Fasttrack said, rolling his eyes. "I've got a road trip planned today, and I can't delay it again!"

Khyber lunged forwards, holding the dagger across his shoulders. He swiped towards Fasttrack, who disappeared instantaneously, before reappearing behind Khyber. Fasttrack crossed his arms and was tapping his foot impatiently, giving a slight smile.

"What, cat got your tongue?" Fasttrack said, sticking his tongue out. "Get it? Cat got your tongue? I look like a - "

Fasttrack ducked down as Khyber tried to strike him with his dagger, kneeing Khyber in the stomach reactively. Khyber took the hit, slamming his knee into the back of Fasttrack's head. He fell onto the ground, trying to get back up but was being pushed downwards by... The Shield of Ziegel.

"Wait, how did you get that? That was Vilgax's!" Fasttrack asked, widening his eyes. "Unless... He lost it and you... Stole... it from the Plumber's!"

Fasttrack could barely squeeze out his last few words, before remembering. He had super speed. His body started to vibrate, gaining a fast pace as he phased through the shield and stood back up, punching Khyber in the face.

"Urgh," Khyber grunted.

Khyber gave a grin to Fasttrack, holding something in his hand. He punched Fasttrack with all his force, Fasttrack phasing through the attack. Khyber planted the device onto Fasttrack's vibrating back, injecting it into his skin. He pulled his arm back, smirking.

"I give up," Khyber said.

"What? Just like that?" Fasttrack asked, putting his hand on his chin. "Normally you'd put up a fight, so this is odd. You were going easy on me, I bet."

"Ah, it's just since the Plumbers' are winning, there's no point..." Khyber said, his voice trailing off. "Of course, there's no point to stay here."

Khyber swung his arm around, decking Fasttrack then and there. He'd keep the boy alive for now, because there was one thing worse than death... Suffering.

Ben's eyes slowly opened, as he saw Gwen, Kevin, Grandpa Max, and a Rook in band-aids standing above him. Of course, that's what it looked like from his perspective because he was lying on the ground.

"Wha-what happened?" Ben asked, getting up and rubbing his jaw.

"The Plumbers' HQ had a breakout but we stopped it. Of course, it looks like you didn't stop your guy!" Gwen said accusingly, glaring at her cousin.

"Hey, I took on Khyber all by myself!" Ben said, raising his volume. "Wait, where is he?"

"The Main Man got away, all thanks to you," Kevin said, crossing his arms.

Ben's back felt like it was itching. He reached for it, patting it. It felt like something was sticking out, but from his touches he realized it was just nothing. Probably after-battle fatigue or something.

Ben sighed. "Okay, fine, I accidentally let him get away. We'll probably find him."

"Not unless you're still planning on going on that roadtrip," Granpa Max spoke up. "Right now it's the Plumbers' responsibility to find him. We suspect that he's allying with an outside source, as he was the only one to escape from this breakout, and the culprit was never caught."

"Wait! If there was a breakout, and Khyber was the only one to escape and the suspect isn't known... Then it'd have to be someone close to him, such as Psychobos or Malware." Ben said, thinking more about the situation. "They were both apart of The Faction, and Dr. Psychobos has caused a breakout before. He's stuck in another dimension though, and Malware was turned to stone."

Rook spoke up for once, limping towards Ben. "A-actually, Azmuth has stated that he has seen remains of a Galvanic Mechamorph shortly after the battle."

Ben's eyes widened at the new information. "You mean...?"

"Malware is back," Kevin stated.

Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook were all walking towards an RV on the campsite. The Rustbucket, or Rustbucket 4, was a major improvement over the last Rustbucket.

"Why is the Rustbucket different?" Rook asked Kevin.

Kevin's left eye twitched in anger as Rook asked the question, before giving a glare at a nervous Ben.

"Smart guy Ben over there decided to transform into Humungousaur... Inside of the RV!" Kevin said, shooting glares at Ben every few words.

"Hey, Sixsix attacked us inside and I had no choice! I then panicked and hit the watch before leaving, okay?" Ben tried to clear up the problem, but Kevin only gave a scoff.

"Boys, boys, calm down," Gwen said, standing in between the two troublemakers.

"I AM CALM!" Kevin shouted, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Doesn't sound like it," Ben said, snickering as Kevin's face turned a hot red. "Anyways, you all know why we're here, right?"

"To travel with the Rustbucket, on a 'road trip'?" Rook said, cocking his head. He wasn't entirely sure what a road trip still was, despite Ben's many and I mean many explanations.

"Yeah, what Rook said. First stop: Galvan Prime!" Ben said, grinning.

"How come? You screwed up the Omnitrix again?" Kevin asked smugly, earning an elbow to the ribs from Gwen. "Hey!"

"If Malware is out there, we need to make sure he won't kill Azmuth," Gwen provided an explanation. "The two have had a feud... For quite a while."

"Just like us," Ben said jokingly, elbowing Kevin. Kevin didn't take this so lightly, returning the elbow but harder.

Ben entered the Rustbucket 4 first, which was notably shaped more like the Rustbucket 2 (similar to an actual RV, instead of a jet) with similar coloring of the original. He sat in the back on a bunkbed, while Rook sat at one of the tables. Gwen and Kevin sat in the front, the latter in the driver's seat.

"All buckled up?" Gwen asked, checking one of the rear view mirrors.

"Yes, Grandma Gwen," Ben said, rolling his eyes with a smile.

Ben was not buckled. But he should've been, because Kevin hit a button and then they were in the air on a jet above the Earth by about... 1000 feet. Yeah, 1000 feet was a good estimate.

Ben did not like heights very much, despite his activities requiring him to do stupid stunts such as falling from the sky. "Urgh," he grunted as he fell onto his face.

"All aboard, the Rustbucket!" Kevin said, earning a glare from Gwen. "I'm just kidding, geez, I thought this was supposed to be a 'way to wind down from finals' as a ginger once told me."

"You're right," Gwen sighed, before jokingly punching Kevin.

"What was that for?" Kevin said, steering the Rustbucket with one hand.

"For being right," Gwen said, earning a chuckle from Ben.

Galvan Prime was just a few minutes away as the Rustbucket started approaching it. The ride was mostly quiet, and Ben went onto his phone and played Super Mario Run mostly while Rook tried to grasp the concept of the game. That reminds him, Ben should teach him how to play.

"Ben, you'll go down, and Rook, you'll follow. Gwen and I will park and meet you soon," Kevin said.

Ben stood on the drop-down exit, readying himself. "What, you'll stay behind and k-i-s-s?" Ben spelled out.

"Ugh, no, Ben!" Gwen said, blushing.

He shrugged. The exit opened, Ben falling with it. He was wearing a helmet, and had a parachute on just in case. Though, he did have an Omnitrix so what's the point? He landed on his knees after his parachute activated, grunting. He stood up, looking up to notice the ship was only about 20 feet up in the air.

Ben's eyes widened as there was flames blazing around Azmuth's laboratory. He rushed over to the fire, removing his helmet before smacking his Omnitrix. A crystalline alien with a humanoid figure, Diamondhead, took Ben's place as he ran to the building. While running, Diamondhead lifted his hand up as a large diamond ramp shot up, giving Diamondhead a little boost in his jump as he burst through the window.

"Are you okay?" Diamondhead asked, looking at two Galvans who were cornered by the flames.

"Y-yes," one Galvan responded hesitantly.

Diamondhead stomped his foot up, a diamond pillar summoning from the ground and lifting the two Galvans up above the fire. He opened up his palm, the Galvans walking onto it.

"Thank you!" the other Galvan exclaimed, sighing afterwards.

Diamondhead set the two Galvans on the ground, giving a smile and a quick salute before taking off up the stairs. He ran as fast as he could, panting heavily as he reached the end of the stairs and the final room. He could only see smoke rising in the air while nearly everything was burning. The desk, inventions, the floor! Diamondhead could see a thick silhouette of a beast-like alien, quickly splitting apart to dodge blasts from flying drones.

"It's time to stop," Diamondhead said with a hint of nervousness.

The alien whirled around, walking through the smoke and towering Diamondhead. Malware, only now he was larger and more intimidating than before. He smacked the still Diamondhead aside, scoffing.

"What's wrong?" Malware said, walking away from Diamondhead. "Too afraid to fight?"

Energy blasts flew over Diamondhead's head, striking Malware's back. A hole was left in what used to be Malware's skin, reforming to patch the hole. Diamondhead rolled over to see Rook holding his Proto-Tool, which was in blaster mode.

"Thank God," Diamondhead muttered.

"Reinforcements?" Malware said, smiling. "They can't hurt me anymore than I'll hurt you."

"Ben, hold Malware while I try to - " Azmuth said, hiding behind his lit desk.

"Already on it," Diamondhead said, charging towards Malware.

Diamondhead's hand formed into a blade, swinging at Malware. Malware took the hits, always reforming and taking no damage.

"Stop toying with me," Malware said, aiming his hand - now a blaster - at Ben.

Diamondhead was sent crashing through the wall from a single shot, one powerful enough to chip parts of his shoulder and torso. He was now falling out of the building, landing with an 'oomph'.

Rook's eyes widened at the damage Malware caused with just one hit, before gritting his teeth. "Get on the ground. You have the right to be silent."

Malware sighed, putting his hands up before getting down on his knees and placing his hands firmly on the ground. He smirked at the soon-to-be magister.

"Rook, no!" Azmuth shouted, watching with horror.

Malware's back formed a mini blaster, shooting a laser towards Rook. Rook dove off to the side, quickly going into an elegant roll. He fired at Malware, who rolled over to dodge the attacks. Rook - wait, no, everyone - knew that Malware was stalling. He wasn't putting up a fight, only using a trick here and there.

Ben returned, hovering in the air as an insect-like alien, Stinkfly. He saw Rook was barely holding his own against Malware, who seemed to be holding Azmuth captive. If he could fly over and get him, he'd be safe.

"Hey, reject!" Stinfkly said, buzzing. "I bet you can't get me!"

Malware aimed a shot at Stinkfly, who dodged with ease. Stinkfly responded with multiple blats of goo that struck Malware, some holding Malware against the wall. Stinkfly flew towards Azmuth like a bullet - except, slower and less dangerously. Malare's hand formed into a blade, cutting the goo. He grabbed onto Azmuth, as Stinkfly watched in horror.

"Azmuth!" Stinkfly shouted.

"Goodbye, universe," Azmuth said in pain, as his body fell onto the ground.

Stinkfly quickly transformed into Atomix, dashing towards Malware instantaneously and pulling his arm backwards. Atomic energy trailed after his arm, as he punched Malware with all his force and sent him flying through the wall and falling onto the ground. Atomix fell onto his knees, picking up Azmuth in his hands.

Without thinking, Atomix transformed into Grey Matter and tried doing CPR. Rook stood up, picking up Grey Matter.

"Let me go!" Grey Matter shouted.

"He is already gone," Rook said calmly.

"He's still alive! I know it!" Grey Matter said, sobbing between every word.

"... We will go."

Ben's eyes were red and puffy, along with Gwen's as the four sat in the Rustbucket. It was a deadly silence, even a pin could break the awkward lack of noise.

"Is... Is Grandpa Max okay?" Ben asked, wiping his eyes.

"Only his arm," Kevin said, trying to stay cool.

"H-how can you stay calm when Malware and Khyber got away with murder and cutting off a limb?" Ben asked, only this time his voice was a bit louder and more aggressive.

Kevin didn't respond, instead focusing on his driving.

"Where are we going?" Gwen asked. Typically she'd be answering these sorts of questions, but now it was reversed.

"I don't know. We're on vacation, how about somewhere relaxing?" Kevin suggested.

Ben glared at Kevin. "Answer me, Levin."

"I don't know," Kevin answered.

"I SAID ANSWER ME!" Ben shouted, standing up from his seat. "HOW CAN WE BE ON VACATION?"

The Rustbucket was approaching a planet, a red and dusty planet with a rough terrain. Ben knew it was Khoros, as he'd visited many times before. The Rustbucket landed, with the exit ramp opening and everyone exiting the jet.

"What should we do first?" Gwen asked rather cheerfully.

Kevin's eyes widened as he saw an auction for a car going. A car made of Taydenite, with a Taydenite engine. "Car auction."

"Sounds... Fun!" Gwen gulped, as Ben gave a glare and crossed his arms.

"It indeed does sound fun. I can not wait," Rook said.

"Pass," Ben said.

Kevin smugly smirked. "Majority rules, car auction."

Kevin ran ahead of the group as Gwen and Rook followed, trying to keep up with his pace. Ben walked behind them, taking his time and maintaining a steady pace.

"Ben," a voice was calling out from behind.

Ben whirled around, seeing nothing but a tumbleweed rolling along with the wind. He turned around, walking faster and shiftier.

"Ben," the voice dragged out.

"You're not here," Ben said.

The voice belonged to none other than Khyber. He could feel chills going down his back as he felt a cool breeze hit his neck. Ben spun into a fighting stance, standing across from Khyber.

"How did you...?"


Ben sighed, smacking the Omnitrix. Vines replaced his skin as a plant-like alien stood in Ben's place, Wildvine. Wildvine stretched his arm towards Khyber, who ducked and lunged towards Wildvine. Vines shot out from the ground, grabbing Khyber's legs. He dropped a smokebomb, quickly melting into the darkness. Khyber came up behind Ben and stabbed him in his Wildvine form. The bulbs on his back started to blow, gas hitting Khyber.

Khyber breath through the gas, kicking Wildvine onto the ground in an awkward position. Wildvine turned into Fasttrack, disappearing into a blur and reappearing behind Khyber. Khyber kicked Fasttrack's shin, before holding him in a headlock.

"Let go!" Fasttrack shouted, headbutting Khyber's head.

Fasttrack pinned Khyber onto the ground as he let go of him, holding Khyber's dagger to his own throat. Rook walked over to Khyber, holding handcuffs.

"You are under arrest."

Soon Summer ended, and Ben had to leave to college. Malware and Khyber had been arrested, and though he just wanted to kill them he didn't. He tried to make the most of Summer, and enjoyed it as much as his road trip with Grandpa Max. It... It was all good now.

In second place, we have Primal's entry. Now, this entry was by no means bad. In fact, I quite enjoyed reading it from start to finish. It had its emotional moments, good fight scenes and was well-written. The biggest issue with this entry is that it didn't stick to the theme that well in my opinion. The vacation always felt like an afterthought, which, given the plot of the entry, might be justified, but since 'vacation' was the theme, it should've been front and center of the episode, or even better, melded with the main plot better. I also found the ending of the episode to be a bit rushed and there were a few spelling errors.

1st Place

Brandon's Entry
"Ben and Kevin's Epic Roadtrip" is a special for the series, Ben 10: Galactic Adventures.


The episode starts at the Bellwood Airport, with plenty of cars parked in the front and people leaving and entering the building. Inside, there are several people wandering about, heading to different parts of the Airport. Ben, Gwen and Kevin can be seen standing in line with luggage by their side. Ben stretches and yawns. He yawns again. Then once more, Gwen looking more and more irritated by the second.

Gwen: Would you cut it out?

Ben: What? You woke us up at- what? Seven in the morning? I'm just yawning...

Gwen: That's the problem. You've been yawning for the past three minutes.

Kevin: Really? Three? Wow, that's gotta break some kind of record.

Ben: I know right.

Kevin: Maybe you should go for five.

Ben: Five? Pft, I bet I go for ten!

Gwen: Don't. Encourage him.

Kevin: Relax, Gwen. The sooner you know it we'll be on a beach in Miami, sipping on iced beverages and catching some waves.

Gwen: The only thing I'm concerned about is a tan. I've been getting pastier with every passing day. Maybe it's the stress...

Ben: Or the fact that you lock yourself in your room all day, studying for finals.

Gwen: Wouldn't hurt to do some studying yourself, mister.

Ben: Are you kidding? I've already got a degree. In Alien-Butt-Kickin'ology... also that honorary degree thingy.

Gwen: Just because you got an honorary degree, doesn't mean you don't have to go to college.

Ben: Technically, I don't have to but yeah... why do you think I've joined last year? Lucky thing, I've got that soccer scholarship.

Gwen: Yeah, lucky...

Kevin: As much as I love talking about schooling, which I don't, we're next in line. (points)

Gwen turns to the counter and moves up front.

Woman at the counter: Hello and welcome to Bellwood Airlines. Can I have your ticket please?

Gwen removes three tickets from her bag and hands them to the woman behind the counter.

Gwen: Here you go!

Woman at the counter, taking the tickets: Thanks. (processing the tickets) Do you have any baggage?

Gwen: Just a couple.

Gwen moves out of the way and Kevin is seen carrying at least four bags.

Kevin: More than a couple...

Woman at the counter: Alright, did you want carry-on or-

Kevin: Carry-on!

Woman at the counter: Okay, just bring them over and I'll put them on the scale.

Kevin walks over to the counter. As the woman is about to take the bags, she looks over and sees Ben looking around.

Woman at the counter: Hey, you're Ben 10, right?

Ben, looking over at her: Huh? Yep, that's me.

Kevin struggles to hold the bags upright.

Woman at the counter: Mind if I get a pic with you? None of my friends would believe me if I said I met Ben 10 at the airport.

Ben: Sure thing- (looks at her name tag) Kendra! Who wouldn't want a picture with THE Ben Tennyson?

Ben leans on the counter and poses while Kendra takes a picture with him. Suddenly, a "Thud!" noise is heard. Ben turns around and sees Kevin on the floor with the bags by him, some open with clothes coming out. Gwen's cat shirt is on his head.

Kevin: Not. A. Word.

The scene fades over to another section of the airport with Ben, Gwen and Kevin in line again except they're standing by a conveyer belt and a metal detector.

Kevin: So this is the part where we take our clothes off, right?

Ben: What? Dude, just belts and shoes, I think.

Kevin: I haven't gotten on a lot of planes.

Ben: You drive a spaceship for Pete's sate.

Kevin: Space planes are different from regular planes, Tennyson.

Gwen: Well, you don't have to worry about that. They finally worked it out with the machines so you can keep your belts and shoes on.

Ben: And shirts.

Gwen: Let's not get over our heads, Ben.

Gwen places her laptop on the conveyer belt and it slides through the detector. She walks through the metal detector and picks up her laptop on the other side.

Security Guard: Next!

Kevin places his car keys and padlock necklace in the bin and slides it through the detector. He walks through the metal detector and picks up his things on the other side.

Security Guard: Next!

Ben walks right through the metal detector which instantly "Beep!"s. Ben stops and looks up at it.

Ben: Uh, what?

Security Guard: Step to the side, please.

Ben: What? I'm fi-i-ine. It's just the machine, it's busted, dude.

Security Guard: I said step to the side, "dude".

Ben sighs and steps to the side.

Security Guard: You have anything metal on you?

Ben, checking his pockets: Nope.

Security Guard: What about the watch of yours?

Ben raising his arm up, showing the Omnitrix.

Ben: Uh, I guess...

Security Guard: Mind taking it off and placing it in a bin?

Ben: That's not exactly going to be easy.

Security Guard: Hm. Oh really? We'll see about that, tough guy.

The security guard grabs the Omnitrix and starts messing around with it.

Ben: Seriously, dude, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Security Guard: Zip it, tough guy. I'm getting this watch off!

Omnitrix: Omnitrix Self Destruct Initiated in 10 seconds.

Security Guard: I think I activated the alarm. My bad!

Ben: That's not the-!

Security Guard: I said zip it!

The guard continues messing around with the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix: Omnitrix Self Destruct averted.

Ben sighs in relief.

Security Guard: Ah ha! I think I got it.

Ben: I find that very unlikely.

The guard slaps down the face plate and a green flash overcomes Ben.

Security Guard, looking up at Ben: I said Zip-

He looks up and sees Rath staring right at him.

Security Guard: It...


Security Guard: N-N-N-Next, please!


Rath then walks along, the guard left shivering. The scene continues right outside of the gate. A man activates the microphone at his counter.

Man, over the PA: Flight to Miami now boarding. I repeat, Flight to Miami now boarding.

Gwen gets up quickly from her seat while Ben is leaning back in his seat, sleeping, and Kevin is sitting next to him, holding the non-carry-on bags.

Gwen: Guys! It's boarding!

Ben continues sleeping until Kevin pinches his nose. Ben's eyes then open quickly as he gasps for air. Kevin laughs.

Ben, rubbing his nose: Kevin! Not cool, man...

Gwen: Flight. Boarding. Up. NOW!

The three of them rush over to the gate. Gwen hands the man the three tickets.

Man: Oooh. I'm sorry but we've only got one seat available.

Gwen: What? But I paid for these tickets like three months ago.

Man: I know but our policies changed like last week and yeah stuff just happened.

Gwen: I guess we're not going to Miami then...

Ben: Hey, don't sweat it. You take the plane and we'll meet you there.

Gwen: How?

Ben: We'll think of something.

Kevin: We will?

Ben: Totally.

Gwen: Well... if you insist. I guess I'll see you two there.

Kevin: Have a safe trip alright.

Gwen: You too.

They kiss and Gwen through the tunnel towards the plane as the man closes the door behind her.

Kevin: Now what we do?

Ben: Don't worry, I've got a plan.

Kevin: What we really need is a plane.

Ben: I've got it covered.

The scene cuts to a door. Ben knocks on the door. A moment later, the door opens and Julie is standing there.

Ben: Hey, Julie.

Julie: ...No.

Ben: What? You didn't even know what I was going to say.

Julie: You want to get back to together because our breakup was pretty stupid and you think we're better as a couple than friends trying to get along.

Ben: ...Uh, no. I was going to ask for-

Julie: I know what you were going to ask for, Ben. That's just want I wanted to hear you say. You want to know if you can have Ship for some reason.

Ben nods.

Julie: No.

Ben: Why not? You and... (in a grim manner) Hervé (in a regular tone) aren't going to use him.

Julie: You didn't get my texts, didn't you?

Ben: Sorta left my phone in another dimension.

Julie: Hervé and I aren't seeing each other anymore.

Ben: Oh great.

Julie glares at Ben.

Ben: I mean... uh- who's the new guy?

Julie: You're unbelievable, you know that?

Ben: I thought that's why we were thing to begin with.

Kevin: Can we get the mutt or not? You two can fight or flirt some other time.

Julie: No, you can't have Ship. You're just going to have to find some other transport. Now good day.

Ben: But-

Julie: I said good day!

Julie slams the door.

Ben: I think she took it well...

Kevin: So got any other bright ideas?

Ben: As a matter of fact.

The scene cuts to the Rustbucket driving down the road in a desert of some kind. Kevin is driving while Ben is in the passenger seat.

Kevin: I can't believe we're driving the Rustbucket to Florida.

Ben: I don't see the problem.

Kevin: Weren't you the one who thought that was a crazy idea the last time we went to Florida?

Ben: Yeah but we don't exactly have the other one, now do we?

Kevin: For the last time, it's getting a new paint job. Green was an era ago but now it's the end of an era and a new dawn.

Ben: That's one heck of a way of saying you like blue now.

Kevin: Anyways, how'd you even get Grandpa Max to lend you the Rustbucket?

Ben: Well...

The scene cuts to Grandpa Max walking over to a cliffside with a bag of groceries, whistling a tune. He then stops, looking surprised for a bit. The cliffside is empty with fresh tire marks. Max walks over to the tree by the cliffside which has a note attached to it.

Max, reading the note: Dear Grandpa Max, had to borrow the Rustbucket for a few days. Will return in good condition. Love, your favorite grandson. (looks up from the note, in horror) Oh no...

Max clenches his fists, throws his arms into the air and looks up at the sky.


The scene instantly cuts back to the Rustbucket, interrupting Max's yell.

Ben: So how long do you think until we hit Florida?

Kevin: 16 Hours...

Ben: Huh...

The two sit there in silence. The scene cuts to later, the two still sitting there in silence, looking even more bored. The scene cuts forwards again, Ben sitting upside down while Kevin leans back, driving with one arm only. The scene cuts once more, Ben flickering through the radio.

Radio: This is Will Harangue with the news, another case of hooligan teenagers breaking into Total Zone yesterday. Obviously the work of none other than Ben Tennys- (flip) Tired of your town? Why not visit Undertown? Now fully accessible for those living above ground- (flip) That's right this is your final chance to see Shag Carpeting: The Final Tour! Tickets available online no- (flip)

Kevin: Just change it to sports, already.

Ben: I'm trying. I'm trying.

Ben changes the channel once more.

Radio: And it's the Bellwood Badgers vs the Coolsville Cryptids, game of the century, Paul.

Ben: Got it

Radio: But before the game officially starts, we'll be having a Sonorosian kid named Timmy sing the anthem for us all. (a moment of silence passes) OOOOOOH-

The radio sparks up and smoke spits out from it.

Kevin: Aw great! Now what?

The scene cuts once more with the two of them singing, without the radio.

Ben: We'll be comin' round the mountain, here we come!

Kevin: We'll be drivin' the rustbucket when we come!

Ben: Oh we'll coming, we'll be drivin'.

Kevin: Oh we'll fighting an' debatin'.

Both: But we'll be comin' round the mountain, here we come!

The Rustbucket then stops suddenly with smoke coming out of the hood.

Kevin: ...Dang it.

The scene cuts to Kevin checking the Rustbucket under the hood.

Ben: How's it looking?

Kevin: Not good. We're gonna need another fuel decimator and proton engine link. Also the engine died out so we should probably change that too.

Ben: Dude, that sounds expensive and time-consuming. We're supposed to be in Florida by now.

Kevin: We still got about 10 hours left, although that'd probably take days on foot.

Ben: Gwen's probably worried sick about us.

The scene cuts to Gwen laying out by a lounge chair in bikini.

Gwen: This. Is. The best. Finally relaxing with nothing to worry about. (taking a sip of her ice cold beverage) Ahh. I wonder if Ben and Kevin made it yet? Should I worry about them? ...Nah, they're probably fine.

The scene cuts back to the desert with Four Arms getting thrown into a metallic Kevin. Dr. Animo then approaches them on the back of a Mutant Frog.

Four Arms, getting up: How did Animo even find out?

Kevin: We'll figure it out later. Right now we smash him.

Four Arms: That I can do. (cracks knuckles)

Four Arms runs forwards to strike but the Mutant Frog leaps up and slams down onto Kevin.

Dr. Animo: You may have ruined my vacation backslash experiment session yesterday, Benjamin, but now it is I, Dr. Animo, who will have the last laugh. (laughs)

Kevin groans from underneath the Mutant Frog.

Four Arms: Hang on, Kevin.

Kevin, weakly: Okay... (hangs onto the frog)

Dr. Animo: You are powerless against me, Benjamin!

Four Arms: Really? I bet you can't even reach me from all the way over there.

Dr. Animo: That- is a bet you will find yourself loosing, you miserable brat! Get him, my pet!

The Mutant Frog opens its mouth and shoots its tongue out at Four Arms who grabs it with all arms and yanks it forwards.

Dr. Animo: Uh oh.

The Frog, along with Kevin and Animo, are drawn forwards and swirled around by Four Arms until he lets go. The Frog is then seen flying off into the distance.

Four Arms: Nice. That's gotta be like record throwing distance, right Kevin?

There is no response.

Four Arms: Uh, Kevin?

Four Arms looks around and Kevin is no longer there.

Four Arms: Uh oh.

The scene cuts over to the resort where Gwen is seen getting a massage.

Gwen: Ahh. Yeah, that's it, right there. Oooh. A little more to the left, please. Ah... That's it.

Masseur: Would you like your feet done after this, Ms. Tennyson?

Gwen: Would I.

Masseur: Are you expecting anyone else to join you?

Gwen: Yeah but they might be a little late. Traveling does that, right?

Masseur: Yes, of course. You have nothing to worry about, ma'am.

Gwen: Ah... okay.

The scene cuts over to Kevin in a minecart with Swampfire behind him, blasting fire from his hands.

Swampfire: How under Earth did we get into this situation? Weren't we just fighting Animo like an hour ago?

Kevin: We were getting parts from Vulkanus and-

Swampfire: Say no more. That pretty much explains everything right there.

Vulkanus: LEVIN!

Swampfire looks up and Kevin turns to see Vulkanus chasing after them in a minecart of his own design with his Pickaxe Minions powering its generator, thrusting him towards them.

Swampfire: He's getting faster.

Kevin: Then turn up the heat.

Swampfire: What do you think I've been doing? Admiring the tracks?

Vulkanus, pulling closer to them: You stole from me, Levin!

Kevin: You're going to have to be a little more specific.

Vulkanus: Just now!

Swampfire: I thought you were going to buy it from him without any funny business.

Kevin: Well consider me a joker. No way I was paying 10 Million Taydenite pieces for some car parts.

Vulkanus: So we negotiate! You don't steal from me, Levin! Now, gimme back my flux capacitor.

Kevin: You mean the fuel decimator?

Vulkanus: Yeah, whatever. It's mine, now gimme!

Vulkanus strikes at their minecart, missing and hitting the cave wall. Magma falls out of the wall, melting through the tracks behind them. Swampfire blasts more fire from his hands, pushing their cart even further.

Swampfire: Don't you have like a Taydenite car? Why can't you just pay the man?

Kevin: I don't have it on me right now, Tennyson. I can't just give him money I don't have, that's not very business-like.

Swampfire: But stealing is?

Kevin: Pretty much. Besides, he's never good on his word when it comes to I.O.U's. Always demanding more money later on. Remember the last time I owed him? I got turned into a giant statue, for crying out loud.

Swampfire: Kindof an improvement if you ask me.

Vulkanus continues to gain on them.

Vullkanus: All you had to do was pay me, Levin. I was gonna sell you those parts, fire up my ship and head for Pyros' sun and get a nice tan. Now I'm going to have to incinerate the Earth and take a nice swim in a magma pool!

Swampfire: Good luck with your little vacation when you're grounded!

Swampfire shoots a fireball at Vulkanus which hits the minecart's generator, setting a blaze.

Swampfire, surprised: Whoops! I was aiming for the rocks above him. You think he's going to be o-

The Pickaxe Minions jump off before the minecart explodes with Vulkanus on it, pieces of his armor fly past Ben and Kevin's cart.

Swampfire: ...kay? Um... He exploded.

Kevin: Huh? Oh yeah that happens. Don't worry, he'll be fine. By the time he gets his suit back together, our vacation would be over.

Swampfire: By the time we get there, our vacation will be over. Isn't there a faster way to get to Florida?

Kevin: Well...

The scene cuts to the resort again. Gwen is seen swimming through the water. She makes her way out of the pool and wraps a towel around herself.

Gwen: Nothing like a nice swim.

She looks up at the clock in the pool room.

Gwen: They should have be here by now. Maybe I should call.

She walks over to her clothes on a chair and removes her cellphone from her bag. Before she hits the call button, she stops and puts the phone down.

Gwen: No. I worry too much. I'm on vacation. I have to relax. They're just going through a delay or something. How bad can it be?

The scene cuts to Ben and Kevin running through a valley of some sort.

Ben: I can't believe you talked me into this!

Kevin: This is the quickest way to Florida!

Ben: Quickest way to Florida is XLR8 but I keep getting Walkatrout for some reason.

Kevin: What about Fasttrack?

Ben: The Worst.

Kevin: I dunno, he's not that bad.

Ben: Not what I meant!

A purple laser nearly hits them. The two continue running as they start to leave the valley. A Null Guardian is then seen flying after them, Albedo on its back.

Ben: We're being chased by my evil twin in the freakin' Null Void, Kevin, how exactly does this get us to Florida?

Kevin: Something about dimensional displacement is what Rook said. I don't know. Now keep yapping and keep running.

Another laser is shot out of the Null Guardian's mouth, hitting the side of the rock structure, causing it collaspe over before Ben and Kevin. They stop and turn to face Albedo who hovers above them.

Albedo: Well, well, well. If it isn't Ben Tennyson and his primitive lackey.

Kevin: Why don't you come down here and I'll show you primitive.

Albedo: Oh I would but you hardly seem fit to match my superior wit. Although, there aren't many options for that, now are there?

Ben: What do you want, Albedo?

Albedo: Just to escape this accursed place so that I may continue my work on returning to my normal, superior, Galvan form.

Kevin: That doesn't sound so bad.

Ben: Wait for it.

Albedo: So that way, I can get back to getting my revenge on you for trapping me in this disgusting thing you call a body.

Ben: There's the Albedo I know to well... ignore, mostly.

Albedo: Gr! Mock me while you can, Tennyson, but it will be me who will stand above you and remain taller in that one specific aspect... as well as superior in intellect and charm adding to my addition of useful attributes. Not to mention, my ability to adapt to this disgusting body. I have adapted your skills to my own, making me even more superior. For that is who I am, the superior being who-

Kevin: Is going to keep on going or-

Ben: Uh, let's just get out of here. You got the portal projector?

Kevin: Yeah but looks like Albedo tampered with it.

Ben: Just open a portal and get us out here before he realizes we weren't listening the whole time.

Kevin opens a portal and they step through it.

Albedo: And that is why I am more superior to you, Ben Tennyson. Now, I will sow you just how superior I am to your- (notices they aren't there anymore) Uh... I really need to work on my monologues...

The scene cuts over to a resort covered in gold. Ben 23 is seen texting by the poolside when a Null Void portal opens and Ben and Kevin step out.

Ben 23: Yo, ma' main man. Ben from anotha' ten. How's it hangin'?

Ben: It's... hanging. (to Kevin) I thought you said this would take us the resort.

Kevin: It did. It's just a lot more golden than I thought it was.

Ben 23: Bought the place out and made it my 23rd golden resort. Getting the 24th next week after I chillax.

Kevin: Who's this kid?

Ben: He's me from another dimension which I think we're in.

Kevin: I told you this thing was busted.

Ben: Just open another and we'll hopefully end up in the right place.

Kevin opens another portal and two of them walk through it.

Ben 23: Alright, catch ya two some other two another time. Speakin' of times, it's Gyro Time! (poses)

Director: Cut! Alright, can we reshoot the Gyro commercial? Same golden resort, Same hero, just less interdimensional travel, alright?

The scene cuts over to a wasteland with the Mr. Smoothie sign buried in the ground. The portal opens and Ben and Kevin step through.

Ben: Still not it.

Kevin: I dunno, I kinda like this place.

Ben: At this rate, it'll take hours to get back to the prime dimension.

Kevin: What if we use that?

Kevin points to an rusty-looking truck that appears to have been built out of various pieces. There are spray painted flames at the side. In orange paint, the words "WASH ME" are seen on the windshield and "BEN WAZ HERE" at the side of the truck. Ben and Kevin look at each other.

Ben: Dibs!

Kevin: Dang it.

The scene cuts to Mad Grandpa Max walking over with a bag of weaponry, humming to a rock song, when he stops, looking surprised to see his truck gone. He clenches his fists, throws his arms into the air and looks to the sky.

Mad Max, furious: BEEEEEENNN-

The scene cuts to the beach side. An interdimensional portal opens and Ben and Kevin drive through it in the Mad Rustbucket.

Kevin: I gotta say that trip wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Ben: Told you so. Now we meet Gwen up for our awesome vaca-

Ben and Kevin look out, confused and surprised.

Ben: Kevin, where's the resort?

They look out seeing that the entire resort has gone missing. Kevin's phone then rings and he answers it.

Kevin: Uh, Hello? ...Oh hey, Gwen, how's it going? ...Nice. Nice. Look, we just pulled up the resort but uh- it's not there anymore.

The scene shows Gwen with the phone to her face, her hair is sticking upwards.

Gwen: Yeah, it got a little complicated while you two were away. Turns out the masseur was actually Micheal Morningstar the whole time and he used Charmcaster's book of spells to conjure a portal around the resort and tried sending us to the Ledgerdomain but my magic counteracted the spell. However, the resort needed somewhere to go and now we're in space.

The view turns right side up, showing Gwen upside down in zero-gravity. She creates a pink construct shield, blocking a yellow blast.

Gwen: Mind getting your butts over here and giving me a hand?

The scene cuts back to Ben and Kevin.

Kevin: Alright, got it. We're on our way.

Kevin hangs up.

Ben: This mean what I think it means?

Kevin: Pretty much. So much for a vacation...

Ben: Are you kidding? This is going to be sweet! Another roadtrip, man. I call dibs!

Kevin: You realize we have to get to space, right? On the other side of the galaxy? We can't get there in this jalopy.

Ben: Don't worry about it. I've got a plan.

Kevin face palms.

Ben: What?


The winner of the Summer Fanon Con 2017 Normal Writing Contest is... well, you already know. It's Brandon! This episode focuses more on comedy than action, and pulls it off quite well. It gets a bit random near the middle of the episode, but it's explained properly. There's nothing much else to say about the episode except Brandon did comedy better than some of the Ben 10 franchise's writers, which is saying something.

Congratulations to our winners! Enjoy the rest of Fanon Con! Grin_2.png

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