Hi, and welcome to the first Fanon Con blog for this summer! I'll be managing the Art Competition as you can see by the title.

Before I show you the results, I'd like to say that the Fanon Con we have today is very different from what Roads had in mind three years ago. We (and by 'we', I mean Sci) added a lot to it. Now, Fanon Con is no longer a spoiler thing, but it has also become an outlet to showcase our talents in art, writing and the likes. :) The Community Committee hopes you will enjoy this new Fanon Con. We've put our hearts and minds into organizing it. The entries submitted on time were judged based on creativity and complexity.

By the way, the placement is by no means a statement of how good an artist you are, just our opinion of the work presented. So if you are in last place, by no means does it suggest you're a bad artist. Without further ado, here are the results from first to second to third and so on.

First Place


Second Place

Art Entry 2015

Third Place


Art contest height chart

Last Place



So, do you agree with the placement? Should Reo have won? Should Brandon have been at the bottom? Comment below, and be excited for an awesome Fanon Con Week!

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