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Summer Fanon Con 2014
Host's Opening Speech

Hello, everybody! :D Sadly, Ahmad is unable to make the Fanon Con blog, and I have been chosen by Sci to host this year's Summer Fanon Con! I know I've been hosting a lot of things lately (Alien Fest being one of them), and it doesn't stop there. August is coming soon, which means I'll be hosting the Omniverse Awards too.

Toodles! Ahmad here, surprisingly, Ulti withdrew, so this is weird. I'm back to hosting this blog. So here, my friends, are all the entries that were kept privately, during the time of the presentation. You can now have them for your pleasure. Sorry for the very unstable identity of the host that flickered back and forth during the time. Right now, we'll have to say both Ulti and I hosted this Con.

--Ulti and Ahmad, the host of Summer Fanon Con 2014!


Flame's Entry
Hello! Well For my Fanon Con the bigest thing probably is thet Benalien 10 ios coming back, but BTANS might and probably will go on a brake for the summer.

BenAlien 10

As for BAT, there's a new artist as you might have seen. It's Sync. There's also a new Co-writer - Zane. Whit these two people coming in BAT, the episodes are being re-writen aswell. The current time of BAT restarting is unknown, but it will be soon.

Ben 10: A New Series

As i said before BTANS will be taking abrake during the summer and come back on Sptember with it's 5th Ep or so. The 4th ep will be finnished as fast as possible. While BTANs is on a brake, the alien designs wont stop coming. I will ceap making the alien designs and maybe even update the old ones. As for a spoiler: The New Villain also know as The Shadow is a very known villain to everyone, a dead one, that we remember from the previous Ben 10 series. Also Someone will Die in season 1...

Anyways, i've been thinking of ditching some aliens. Here's a poll so you could chose. (the 3 with the most votes are ditched)

WHich aliens should be ditched?

The poll was created at 12:26 on June 25, 2014, and so far 6 people voted.

That isn't the only thing. As you have seen the designs have changed and I have now 2 ghostfreaks. Which one whould be the offical BTANS ghostfreak??? Here's the pic

Which one whould be the offical BTANS ghostfreak???

The poll was created at 12:26 on June 25, 2014, and so far 7 people voted.

Ahmad 20

As For Ahmad 20, the 1st ep is coming out as a part of teh fanon Con. Who will write it is unknown, but it's coming out.

Anything Else

Well i can tell you that there are no new series coming from me, and my old ones wont restart. As for The F&B Service, it's dead. Do not Request there anymore! Here's something...

A black bird/human like figure walks in a dark room. Light is coming from behinf him. The closes the doors and the light dissappears. Then A black/purple flame appears on his hand. the flame lights his face and we see it's Dark Falcon. He walks towords a large window, which is closed. He opens it. From outdie we see that there are 5 different Bird/Human types. Dark Falcon walks to the edge of the window and looks down at the Birds.

Dark Falcon: Falcons, Ravens, Hawks, Eagles, Vultures. I hvae gathered you to day, so we could lounch our attack on the Lagois Epire!

A Vulture walks forword

Vulture: But sir, we all are a part of this empire, if it falls, what will happen to us?

Dark Falcon: You all will live in my new empire, The Pheonix Empire! Ruled by me, The Pheonix.

All teh Bird Humans chear.

Weel That's it. Don't think i will reveal you what ^ that was.


Reo's Entry
Hello! Something tells me i will be spoiling a lot this time. So Let's start
Reo 19

As you have seen, 13 is lucky came out on the 13th as a special for Ahmad's Birthday, meaning that Reo Vs XLRKing is been pushed back one ep. It will probably get writen soon, but i can't wait for you to see the info it will give so i'm going to tell you a lot

  1. Reo Discovers his Father is XLRKing
  2. His Father's Name is Nick Jones
  3. The Plumbers now officaly serve Reo, as Jimmy is dead.
  4. Reo Unlocks the Acclertrix's Full Mode.
  5. It's descovered that Nick took the helmet from Reo and his firned when they found it 9 years ago.
  6. Nick also syas that his helmet was taken from him for a time but it was later given back to him.
  7. Mick Is an ally to teh XLRKing
  8. Zax Return to Earth
  9. Zax is arrested
  10. Mick breaks Zax out
  11. Zax, Mick and Keith are all from the future.
  12. Mick is the son of Richard Mercer, who is the new name of Reo Jones.
  13. Reo chnages his name after he is no longer speedair.
  14. In the Plan, Demonus reaveals his plan
  15. In The Plan, Ahmad, Bryce, Charbel and Ky reveal their Plan
  16. In the Plan, The XLRKing reveals his plan
  17. In The Plan, Reo Reveals his Plan
  18. In The Plan, Vilgax and Malware team up and reveal their plan.
  19. It's reveals that Keith is also cursed by the Power Curse.
  20. It's Comformed that thanks to the Power Curse Reo Lost 16 years of his life while being Speedair
  21. Actualy He was Speedair for 100 Years starting from the Age of 7 when he was cursed.
  22. After being released from being Speedair he was only 23.
  23. He became the 1st King of Reonia and lived till the age of 86
  24. Meaning he lived a total of 170 years

That's a lot of Spoilers. Also Season 1 should be finnish during Summer. :)

Ben 23: Ultimate Heroverse

The Series is on a brake same as Bry. the 5th episode was started, but i'm not sure when it will be finnished. I can tell you that i'm looking for a new co-writer for the series. If You want to sing up, message me.

UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe

The series is also not moving couse of a lose of idea for the episode. The idea is lost, but i'm trying to get a new one. I already restarted! Now for some spoilers. Ulti, you already knows this!

  1. Seson 2: Speedair turns back in to Reo, How? - When Dark Essence is blasting Ulti, Ulti teleports away and Dark Essence's blast hits Speedair. From the blast the Spirit matter falls off speedair and reo is back in his human form.
  2. Reo knows what he has done as speedair, but he can't speak of any of these things.
  3. He says he will make it up and wants to become a plumber, but he is hunted by speedair in his dreams. One day when he has finnaly "remembered" something he trys to tell it, but is turned back in to Speedair from the guilt and the rage still in him.
  4. While he might be speedair in person, he still doesn't posses the helmet as it was blasted in the past.
  5. That's why Shadow Tempus is found and they travel back in time.
  6. Speedair has more power, cuz now he has 2 more powers. But yet he hasn't unlocked them, so he is weak. Unstabile.
  7. Speedair's Minds: The origin is in the Spirit Matter.t was once used by his father. it also has the power to rule the Esoterica, who are actualy spirits. The Spirit matter gives you the power to rule over spirits. before he got it. he had 2 spirits in him. at first it was Rage. he controled him and when Reo was totaly under Rage's control he rage couldn't control Reo, cuz an other Spirit named Demon was in him. with both of them in one mind the three would fuse (Reo, Rage and Demon). The 2 spiritd decided to leave, but they were the ones that leave there "hands" in them so they could control them later. when Reo got the matter the 2 spirits were sucked back in to Reo and accedently created Demon rage, who is now Speedair's Lackey.So Reo's Mind has 4 parts. Part 1: Reo Part 2: Rage Part 3: Demon Part 4: Spirit Matter. So in season 3 his mind has 6 parts. The 2 new are Guilt and Hatred.
  8. Meanwhile Ulti Is Searching For Speedair, but He find Arnux who is now a Villain and serves the "Dead" 6th powerful Lord.
  9. Season 4: When Speedair Finds out about the 2 other spirits in him he begins to control them. Now in season 4 he has more power than ever. So he starts what he begun. He Starts The Universal War III. When Reo finds out About UWIII he goes to find Speedair, but Ulti doesn't know he is doing just what Arnux and the 6th TPL wants. So yeah Ulti kinda serves them. at the end in the finnal battle, arnux blasts them both (Ulti And Speedair) in to the sun.

Now for the Rest of the 4 seasons, No Spoiling. when Season 2 beings i will update you on Season 5.


I started the 3rd Episode, but same as for the 14th ep of UPOTU, i lost the idea. But lucky for me during summer i got a lot of great Ideas, so hopefully i will get on writing the eps.

ALbedo 10: Negaverse

So no activiy on this series for some time, huh? Well It's coming Back with maybe some episode names chnaging, villains changing and so on. So for a Spoiler: The League of Light:

  • Ben 10 000
  • Paradox
  • Max Tennyson
  • Azmuth
  • Gwendolyn Tennyson
  • Rex Salazar
  • Reinrassic III

Sir George was also a member but he dies and Reinrassic III takes his place

A New Series

yes, m oplanning a new series that i will work on with Sync and Ahmad. There are 3 versions currently.

  1. The 1st version: Well it has very simmilar plot to Ben 10, except Ben has already all the alies he unlocked in the original series (21) from the beginig, meaning Series being called Ben 21. The series would later be continued the same way - Ben 13: Alien Force
  2. The 2nd version: Original was just a Ben 10 series, but with Ahmad's Help and dislike it became Deen 14: The Evolution. The Evolution part was thought atthe beging. Deen has 4 types of evolution: Normal, Devolved, Ultimate, Reversed and Titan forms.
  3. 3rd versionn: The newest version, which Ahmad doesn't know ahmad is simmilar to Ahmad 20, There are 2 Bens in the Dimension. one is simmilar to Ben 23 and comes from dimension 22, while the other is just a stupider and smarter at the same time version of Ben 10 from dimension 11. These 2 Bens were traped in the sma dimension By a group of villain called the Dimension Trappers. These 2 Bens must work together even know they realy dislike each otrher

Now vote for the series you want!

WHich series should we make?

The poll was created at 19:12 on June 29, 2014, and so far 3 people voted.

Well Thare's realy nothing else to say except Goodbye!


Sync's Entry
Hello Everyone! This is my 1st Fanon Con :D. I might spoil a bit to less or get off topic, but you can forgive me, right? right...?

Ethan 15

As For Ethan 15, teh 1st episode has been writen a long time ago on, but i don't want to post it here untill i have all the alien pages created, but i will give you a preview from it:

Ethan is walking down the sreet. He has his hands in his pockets and he's looking down. He's walking by the lab.

Ethan looks at the lab: "Kevin, what are you doing there?"

He walks further. Than the lab explodes. all the wiindows blow out. Ethan falls on the ground. Than a big explosion happends.

Theam Song

Ethan walks in front of a screen: "Hello. You saw that explosion. That was the lab explodieng. It was July 1, 2016. Now it's June 21, 2017. It's been almost a year since the explosion. i have learned to control my powers, but Earth is still unstable. I'm going to show you, how it all happend."

The Earth is shown from above. a large Red Explosion happends and red waves go all around Earth. Back on Earth. Ethan wakes up. He lloks at his hands and they are different. They look like Lizardo's.

Ethan supprised: "What? No. No! NO! This can't be happening. I'm a monster!"

He gets up. A soldier walks to him

Soldier gives Ethan a hand and asks: "Are you okay, sir?"

Ethan a bit angry: "Of Corse i'm not, look at me!"

Soldier calming Ethan down: "Calm down, Sir. This is happening all over Earth."

Ethan angry: "Who are you? What right do you have? Get away from me!"

Soldier getting back from Ethan: "Sir, i'm fro-from S.A.C.D. I'm ju-just trying to he-help you, sir."

Kevin runs out of the Lab. He sees Ethan

Kevin while running to Ethan: "Ethan! You're Alive. Mutated, but alive."

Ethan happy:"Kevin! You looked."

"Of course!" Kevin notices the symbol on Ethan's waist, "What's that?"

Ethan confused: "I have no idea!"

Kevin looks closely at the symbol. He pushes it and a flash of purple light happends. After the flash, Ethan is in his Human form again, but he has a lighting stripe in his hair.

Ethan suprised, happy: "You cured me! Thanks!"

The soldier notifies the others.

Soldier Sadly: "Sir, no other creature on earth has that kind a symbole! It was just Ethan."

Kevin looks away: "We still need to find a way to save them."

Meanwhile Ethan is looking at his watch. He sees the symbole again. He pushes it. It comes out. He turns it left and a black image of Rocker appears. He pushes the symbole down. A flash of Purple light again and Ethan becomes Rocker.

Kevin while looking at Ethan: "Wow! So You can switch between multiple forms! It Worked! i did it!"

Ethan looks down on Kevin: "Did what?"

Kevin trying to explain: "I was trying to make something that could make a human switch between multiple alien forms, but it never worked."

Soldier informs Kevin and Ethan: "Sirs, The world is full with Alien creatures, and we can't take care of them all!"

Kevin having an idea: "Maybe with ethan's help we could!"

Ethan suprised: "You want me to switch from alien to alien just because S.A whatever can't handal them?"

Soldier asking: "So we have a deal?"

Ethan smiling: "Yap!"

Narrator (ethan): So yeah. That happend. I became a part of S.A.C.D.

After 2 months

Ethan wakes up. Kevin stands in the door

Kevin asking and smiling: Again the dream?

Ethan putting on clothes: "It just doesn't let go."

Kevin turns around: "Lets go!"

After a while we see them both in a airship. Ethan's ready to transform. The Ship lands. Purple light flash again.

Swager runs out: "Stand down mutant amm.. Human!"

He runs towords a plant-like alien who shoots his tantacles at Ethan. Ethan creates an Energy ball and shoots the monster.

Kevin trought the radio: "Ethan, you have to use Goop on this guy. Cuz Goop is acid..."

Swager in a deep voice: "Cuz He's Acid and acid is bad for plants!"

Ethans pushes the Symbol and tramsforms in to Goop. Goop jumps on the plant crearture and melts it. out of the wines come out an old man.

Old Man thanking: "Thank you! Thank you for freing me!"

Goop reverts: "That was good."

a soldier come to him again: "Sir, something just came to me. What if the bad guys were also transformed in to these creatures?"

Ethan Shocked: "Oh No! That's bad."

BenAlien 10

Well i don't know much about this series as i'm just a srtist, but i can tell you that Flame has asked me to make Benbolt's, Benshock's, Benvine's and Benkenstrike's images. Alos there will be no crossover with Reo 19.

Ahmad 20

As i assume, the other writers of Ahmad 20 have already said this, but the 1st episode of Ahmad 20 will come out as a part of the fanon con, so go see it. Also you probably know this already, but Zane sin't one of the writers any more.

Anything Else?

Well i told about my series, but i still have something to tell you. I'm working on a new project with Ahmad, Reo and Flame. The current name is U.D.E. I'm also working on a new series with Ahmad and Reo...


Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and its Fanon Con once more! Its Summer Time and its one of the most busiest times of the year for the series. So we'll head on down into what's going on and what to expect in the future.

Brandon 10

As many of you know, Brandon 10: Alien Force has ended on May 30th with a two-part episode that left many questions. Well here's the moment you've been waiting for, if you didn't know already, Brandon 10 is having a new series coming up later this year! It's an exciting time for Brandon 10. There will be new aliens, new characters, new episodes, new places, new arcs, new villains, new stuff all around. This was revealed on June 10th as a part of the big surprise for Alien Force's 2nd Anniversary but if you didn't catch it, the new series is going to be called Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero. This may be disappointing for fans who wanted to have a contest for the new name or wanted me to make it Brandon 10: Ultimate Alien but it wasn't an intentional trend. Sorry. Anyways, the new series will not be released until I have came up with enough episode ideas for the first season, did all the art stuff, managed the oncoming updates (which I will discuss in a later blog) and mastered (or mastered enough) modeling/animation/music making to make up for the lack of theme song and alien animations in movies and that such a thing does not occur again. If I can't make the last one happen or it seems like it'll take too long, I'll save it for later and start working on the series however I hope that nothing like the past two year promises results won't occur this year.

Other Brandon 10

Besides Brandon 10, I will not be as active on the wiki due to, well, Summer. However, OmniSins is coming up with Season 2 and if you're not familiar with the series already it points out the flaws in Ben 10 episodes in a some what comedic way. I don't co-write any actual series' and no known events will take place in the summer area on the wiki, as I know of, so I might just edit and post content for my previous works.

Other Stuff

Brandon 10 Comics may be on hiatus due to it not looking as good as I expected. Trust me it looks better on paper than on the Internet.


Since the only upcoming production by myself is the new series, I have taken the liberation of preparing a special trailer to satisfy everyone on what they expect the new series to be like:

Brandon 10

Narrator: The Day Has Been Saved.

The Conqueror's Ship Blows Up.

Narrator: And everything is returning back to the way it used to be...

Brandon: But it'll always be Hero Time!

Brandon throws his hand, with the Ultimatrix on it, in the air as the sun rises over a new beginning.

Fade into Darkness.

An Alarm goes off.

Soldiers run down the hallways, armed. They stop and aim at an unseen target. A man in uniform then steps from the men.

Man: Alright. We're going to give you till the count of three to surrender or we'll shoot you where you stand, you alien scum.

Brandon, with his hands up: Can we talk about this over a milkshake or something? (smiles awkwardly) Heh...


Brandon runs down a tunnel.

He then dodge rolls to avoid the fist of a giant robot.

Brandon presses the activation button of the Ultimatrix, the matrix pops up and he slams it down.

Flash overcomes the screen.


A spaceship flies by.

Sarah: Feels good to leave Bellwood but still be on Earth.

Coco: As a way to escape all the weird stuff?

Brandon looks around a corner and sees slime on the floor.

Sarah: In a way.

Coco: Trust me...

Coco punches a guard in the face.

Coco: It's going to get even weirder.


Figure: None shall define me...

Wall blows up.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Fade into Darkness.

Alien: This isn't a time for heroes...

Loch Ness: Maybe not. But now its a time for Ultimate Heroes!

Loch Ness hits the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and spikes extend from it. Flash.




Are you excited for Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero?

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Did you like this Fanon Con?

The poll was created at 22:16 on June 6, 2014, and so far 5 people voted.

Now that was probably the longest Fanon Con I've ever done. Anyways, Hope you all have an awesome summer and I'll see ya later. :D

Stripes's Entry
Ben 10 can be as expansive as the likes of Star Wars are. Just look at what Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki has to offer: from spin-offs like Young Plumbers: Generations to movie series like from BTFFCU; to other tales about Ben and crew, like those from POTO. And those are just 3 of the most popular examples.

And then there's Back in Action: Alien Universe. That's a set of words I'd hoped I'd never really have to type again, because I'll be honest, I've thought it was an abomination from start to (un)timely finish. Some of you liked it — and for that I'm grateful — but most of you won't recognize the name, and for that I'm fine, because that's not the show that's taking center stage today (nor shall it ever again; it's over, sorry). Instead, it's anything but. There's a lot that can be told when it comes to this (once-)awesome franchise, and being bound by telling tales just about Ben from (mainly) the perspective of Ben is just not right.

So I'm moving on. I want to tell a lot of other stories. They'll continue to have Ben involved in some way (or at least some Tennyson), but they, for the most part, won't focus on him. I'm talking about the stories of Paradox's life, before his accident in the fifties; Sir George's origins, from the 3rd century on; the stories of many other heroes in the Tennyson lineage before Maxwell; Jake Ingus (a boy who learns about his uncontrollable alien powers as he accidentally kills his parents, leading to him join Ben and squad for a short time, and eventually having to be separated); what happened between Azmuth's invention of the Omnitrix and Vilgax's eventual space battle with Xylene over said Omnitrix; maybe even divulge what would have happened in the remainder of BiA; and a lot more. A lot of these are adventures in the past/present, though. Where I want to start off, ironically, is in the future — waaaaay in the future.

That's where my next story, Expedition: Ozal, comes in.


12,000 years from now, aliens from the Omega System on planet Omega — the fourth from its Sun, called Alpha Omega — are now entering their Space Age. Taking to the great unknown, 26 astronauts from across the globe will venture to their frozen neighboring planet of Ozal, where they will discover the true history behind their planet and solar system.

That logo and that really short description are all I can share, but if you're hyped and you know it, show it on the Expedition: Ozal thread on the forums. Thanks for reading.

Ulti and Street's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D For the first time ever, I'll be sharing my entry with StreetM. We'll be giving out spoilers regarding Ben 13, Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed, as well as 10 and Beyond, which are all being rebooted.

Ben 13

In this series, Ben is 13, and has been dealing with a difficult life, until the first day of summer, when he finds the Elite Gauntlet when riding his bicycle to Lot 4, where the Rust Bucket is situated. During episode 2, Ben will be forced to go to the Plumbers' Academy to train himself to use the Elite Gauntlet properly. His teammates are Elena and Tack. Now, here's Redax's history: In the series is that he was a former Magister, but during the first Highbreed invasion, Magister Hulka ordered an evacuation, but Redax disobeyed him and fought the Highbreed off, resulting in him losing both his lower hands, and his upper left hand. Most of the Magisters voted for him to be fired, which did happen, causing him to want revenge on the Plumbers. In the rebooted version, Ben's 13th and favorite transformation will be his signature alien called Jinx. We are going to give an 'unlucky' feel to him and the series.

Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed

The plot for the first season is that Ben is now 18, and has been dating Elena for an unknown period of time. Gwen and Kevin are still in college, and Rook has been handling chaos quite well with a squad of Plumbers. Ben and Elena will break up, resulting in the rise of her inner nanochip Queen.

The plot for the second season is that the wealthiest man in Bellwood named Mr. Gold has disappeared and a mysterious man known as Rumplestiltskin aka The Dark One is after a legendary dagger for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, an organisation known as The Secret Society led by Aggregor rises. Their intentions remain unknown just like The Dark One's intentions.

The plot for the third and fourth season remin unknown but we are still going to give some spoilers: The main characters for season 3 and 4 are Ben, Gwen and Kevin. (Yes, our favorite trio reunites!) The main physical setting for Seasons 3 and 4 is Friedkin University.

10 and Beyond

This series is getting rebooted again, but this time, the characters are in a whole new environment; Mars. The main characters aren't just Ulti and Toon anymore. It's the entire squad of Plumbers' Helpers. What happened to Earth, you might ask? Well, Earth was destroyed years prior to the series, because of Ben. The main villain of Season 1 is Bellona, the queen of the Morean empire. The Moreans are one of the two Martian races, the other being the Kreejians.

That about wraps it up for this Con. See you next time! :D

Sif and Mig's Entry
Hello everyone, it's Mig & Sif here with our Fanon Con entry! 


Prototype, an unexpected famous series. Most of you fans have read all 4 episodes by now, if theres a fan that missed all of them or at least one, then please visit the Prototype page! Episode 5 "The Legend of Aetherians" should be coming soon. Episodes come out every friday, so watch out for that. This is Fanon Con, so i'm gonna reveal spoilers for it.

In Episode 5, it's very Powerhouse/Mig central. It focuses on him trying to find his family, and going to a nuked Central City. You will see a familiar villain from "Mig 10" shows. There will be more things revealed about Mig, Mig's suit, and his family. Here is a small teaser: 

Teaser begins with a shot of a nuked Central City. We see many skeletons on the ground. Suddenly, Aetherians start stomping on them, and walking off to their ship. Mig is spotted on the rooftops, looking at the Aetherians. 

The teaser then cuts to Mig accidentally stomping on a bone, and a group of Aetherians looking back. The teaser then cuts to Mig charging up his gauntlets and firing Aetherian energy at all the Aetherians. The Aetherians grab an energy stave, and start hitting Mig. The teaser then cuts to Mig jumping on rooftop to rooftop, trying to reach the Aetherian ship. 

The teaser then cuts to an orange explosion, with a surprised face by Mig.


Hope you enjoyed that. But wait, theres more! So a lot of you must have seen episode 3, Forever. We see a group named The Trinity, 3 [powerful] villains are working together. Two of them are blanked out, but one of them is indeed Driscoll.

The other two both appeared in some of Mig & Sif's old series'. I'll leave you all to guess who they are.

Any other things? Maybe. If all of you are wondering: We have planned ahead for the future. Since we feel like revealing this, there will be a season 2 coming soon (Possibly this year?). Maybe the new season might contain a new set of heroes, with the old ones. We could also have old villains from previous series' that appear in this, along with old/failed ideas re-made. Who knows? Well, we do. That's all i can reveal at this time, maybe some other fanon con. If you have any questions, please visit the Prototype Q&A! 

That's all we got for now, see you all next fanon con!

Tammar's Entry
Hey, everyone, this is Tammar with another Fanon Con. So lets get this show on the road.


So there haven't been any episodes in quite a while. That's mainly because I've been really busy with school. But today (June 27th if Fanon Con goes on schedule) was my last day of school, so I've got time on my hands. So you can expect Crisis: Broken Days to finally premiere in a few days. That's all I have to say for now.

The Hero

This is a series that I've been planning for a long time. It's time for an official synopsis of it:

17 year-old Roy Fisk is living an average life with his mother, Linda, his father, CEO of Fisk Consolidated, Henry, and his younger sister, Heather. However, one day, he finds himself stranded on an unknown alien planet. After spending 5 years on the planet, Roy returns home and finds himself in a situation where must protect his city from all evil he can find- despite interference from the police and Ben Tennyson.

Anyway, that's it for this Fanon Con. I know it's not much, but I'm hoping for a good summer with new episodes and such. And this is Tammar signing out.

Paper's Entry
I wish I had something better planned for Fanon Con this time around, but the truth is that I am now farther behind schedule than I ever thought I would be.

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this presentation, I'd like to say something that I think I should have told everyone months ago. It was never my intention to make Young Plumbers a complete story. I never expected to finish season one, given all my previous projects even before I joined this wiki. Although I'm not known for creating aliens, I actually created fan fiction, and aliens, for Ben 10 around 6 to 7 years ago. I made a story, the details of which I don't remember and are irrelevant either way, and my goal at the time was to make it the longest story I could possibly make it.

And for years that has been my goal with every project. To make it the absolute best that I possibly can, and to do as much and extend the story as far as I can so that it never fades away. I didn't want any of my previous projects to end, but in retrospect, I knew that all of them would.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is that, Earth-19, overall, is reaching the end of its life. It's been a great run in these 26 months since I created the franchise out of a joke I made on May 10, 2012 after being obsessed with Young Justice.

As sad as it is, I doubt that Earth-19 will survive the rest of the year. To show how slowly progress has gone, I've been working on the 14th episode since December, and I've been working on Wars of the Worlds since March. Last march, meaning March 2013, 15 months ago. Yes, the movie is almost done, and by the time you read this it may have been released, but it's still a very dim future.

I need a break. Maybe you can say that the slow progress has kind of been a break, but the truth is that even while progress has been slow, I haven't stopped thinking about Earth-19 for more than a few minutes at a time. It's perhaps the largest project that this wiki has ever seen, and with the exception of the occasional help from Sci or others, I've done it all alone. I'm out of energy; out of juice.

If Earth-19 is going to survive, then it needs your support.

Part of my passion for working on Earth-19 comes from the fans of it that I know exist. The unfortunate part is that, in my opinion, the true fans rarely communicate their support for my work, and so, all I ask from you, the fans, is that you, in one way or another, show your support for my series by actively discussing the show and keeping me engaged with my work. I'm more likely to work on it if it's clear to me that people are enjoying it. I will be using the thread more in the future, asking questions to fans of what you want to see.

My only direct goal that I'm 100% committed to is finishing the movie in the next two weeks and finishing season one relatively quickly. Season two, if it goes, will be far less complicated and episodes will probably be shorter.

Well, that makes a nice segue, don't you think?

Earth-19 is my only focus. All the others projects I've started over my almost 3 years here on the wiki aren't important, including Colony 77: Unleashed, aren't important. The movie may be done by the time gets posted, or at least my part may be done. I can't really speak for Sci's parts of the movie; he's writing most of the rest of Part 3, whereas I'm finishing Part 4. One of the reason that the movie has taken so long to finish is that Sci and I decided that we needed to rewrite Parts 2 and 3 to more accurately and simply show the transition from Young Plumbers to Young Plumbers: Generations. While Parts 2 and 3 are now more of a side-story, they are more accurate and realistic than the old events of them.

As (I think) I have previously mentioned, episode 14 is a filler episode that wraps up and old loose end, and will probably do so in a deus ex machina kind of way. The episode does have relevant parts to it, so I do want to wait to finish it until after the movie.

After that, episodes should go quickly. I can't really say how quickly, but I'd like to release two episodes a week during at least July if possible, to celebrate Earth-19 month.

What's that? Earth-19 month?

For those who are not familiar with Earth-19 lore, let me explain. On July 14, 2014, at least on Earth-19, Rigon will be freed from his alternate dimensional prison due to a weakening in the seal. While the Plumbers will try to reseal him, the Elite will try to form an alliance with him, in order to, basically, conquer the galaxy. That fight will be the biggest of their lives, and even though the episodes depicting this were over a year ago, we figured that 7/14/14, or maybe just the whole month of July, would be a good time to celebrate.

There are 4 Saturdays in July, but the first one of which might be the special event, so there will be 3 weeks of two episodes. If I do have to use a week of July in order to release the special event, then I will also release two episodes in the first weekend of August.

For more updates, you should stay tuned to the Earth-19 discussion thread, located here.

As a final note, I plan to address my plans for my other wiki projects at Fall Fanon Con later this year.

As a true final note, I have started a new series on TEE, mainly because of Nick getting me addicted to a certain anime. Thanks, Nick!


CaT's Entry
Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, and this here is my very first submission to Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it already!

Tech 10: Rebooted

For those of you who aren't aware of what Tech 10: Rebooted is, it's a huge reboot of the very first series I ever wrote on the wiki, borrowing ideas from the original concept, but putting it's own very unique (and much better written) take on the series. I've put a lot of time into it, and I think it's paying off so far. As for things to expect for the series in the future:

  • New Aliens!
  • New Villains!
  • Fast-paced battles!
  • Character Studies!
  • More fleshing out of the TV Tropes page!
  • A vicious opponent out for Tech's life?!
  • The return of Igneoux?!
  • Tech unleashes a Wendigo?!
  • And much more!

Sound interesting to you? Then read Tech 10: Rebooted, and prepare for a wild ride!

Not Applicable

Where Tech 10: Rebooted is a new take on an old concept, Not Applicable is...well, quite frankly, it's insanity in a jar. Imagine you took two parts Ben 10, two parts Generator Rex, and six parts Gurren Lagann, then threw them into a blender without a lid. THAT is Not Applicable. Things to expect from this amazing blend of insanity:

  • Strange Locations!
  • Insane Battles!
  • Powerful Foes!
  • Napoleon Eldridge! (I can't really say anything more about that; just look at the character page and you'll know what I mean.)
  • Secrets of the Zenturi!
  • Swarm 1's ultimate power!

That about covers it for N/A, so if any of this sounds good to you, check out the series and have a blast!

Other Projects

In other news, I've been working on a page covering the history of the Tech 10 universe, with high points and low points all around. This page can be found here, and I would recommend you check it out if you want to see the history of a series that's been around since 2011.

The Art Shop I set up hasn't been doing too well. Only two people have made requests, and they never got back to me after I completed them. Anyways, if you want an original picture for your alien, but can't draw worth crap, I'm always here, raring to go!

Video Games

Oh, and, by the way, it's really not a big deal, but I happen to be working on two video games THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY! I've always held off on making pages about video games, because quite frankly if you don't have a product to show for it, it just sounds incredibly pretentious.

Anyways, the two games are based off of Not Applicable and Tech 10: Rebooted, respectively. The first one, simply titled Not Applicable, is your typical action-adventure RPG with random encounter battles and what not. Progress on this game is currently on hold, but you can find the extremely early Alpha version here.

The game based off Tech 10: Rebooted (working title Tech 10: Rebooted: Invasion) is still in early development, and I hope to have a good amount of stuff to do in it before I release the first version. It's going to be a survival horror RPG, similar in idea to games like Ib and The Crooked Man (which are both games you should go download and play RIGHT NOW. Go on. I'll wait.), so I'm taking extra time to polish up the monsters, puzzles, and scares.


This is where anyone who cares enough about my series to give some input! Here are some polls:

Tech 10: Rebooted

Have you read Tech 10: Rebooted?

The poll was created at 02:18 on June 19, 2014, and so far 3 people voted.
If you've read Tech 10: Rebooted, did you like it?

The poll was created at 02:18 on June 19, 2014, and so far 3 people voted.
If you've read Tech 10: Rebooted, what is your favorite part of the show? If none, what would you like to see more of?

The poll was created at 02:20 on June 19, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.

Not Applicable

Have you read Not Applicable?

The poll was created at 02:22 on June 19, 2014, and so far 2 people voted.
If you've read Not Applicable, did you like it?

The poll was created at 02:22 on June 19, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.
If you've read Not Applicable, what is your favorite part of the show? If none, what would you like to see more of?

The poll was created at 02:22 on June 19, 2014, and so far 0 people voted.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and good luck!

Dioga's Enry's Entry
Hello, my name is Dioga beta, and this is my first Fanon Con. Some of you guys may know me as the writer of the John Smith 10 franchise, which has been my primary work on here, and the main reason I joined this site. I wanted to get the story out to the world, and I am glad I did. While this is usually against my style, I'm participating to give spoilers on what will happen in my upcoming series.

John Smith 10: Omniverse

Omniverse will be the eighth and final series in the John Smith 10 franchise. After a long journey travelling dimensions, and becoming almost invincible, John returns to his home dimension. However, he will meet new challenges, and face new and old enemies. Being based on Omniverse, there will be many episodes and themes that come from it, along with previously untouched episodes from earlier series. 

John will gain a new partner, Elektra, who originally debuted during the Ancient Greece arc. Her return as a partner is based on, 1) Rook already died in the series, 2) She has never had contact with modern human civilization, allowing her comedy similar to Rook about expressions and events, 3) To reintroduce Greek themes, as those will make a return, and 4) My biggest critique of Omniverse is there is no regularly appearing female, so I'm making sure I don't do that.

The main villain of the series will be a being called the Intellectuary, based on the name from the group in Store 23. It is a character that craves destruction, and is, as the name suggests, highly intelligent and conniving. He manipulates several other villains of the story to do his bidding. Examples of them are the Black Hawks, a mercenary/assination group in which Khyber is a member, Albedo, and the Incursean Empire.

After a long sabatical, Ultimate forms will return. Along with a small handful of new aliens, a few new Ultimate forms will be introduced. By the time the series ends, all aliens (currently) unlocked in Omniverse will appear in the series.

Ryder 10

Ryder 10, my newest series, was created when thinking about one of the alien forms fighting on a motorcycle. And, once I have an idea I just go with it, I started planning out this series. Originally apart of a motorcycle gang, Ryder is forced to abandon his selfish ways to save the world. He will eventually join the Plumbers, after some convincing.

Ester, a character that will not appear in the John Smith 10 franchise, will become a main character, and Ryder's primary love interest. Her rubber, stretching ability makes her invaluable while in high speed battles.

SACT, Special Alien Containment Team, are among the main enemies. Their desire to stop all alien presense causes them to chase after Ryder with a single minded goal. They also are part of the Area 51 arc, a group of episodes that focuses on the aliens they illegally have imprisoned. However, the Plumbers can do nothing to help, while Frenemy Psyphon is a revolutionary leader against them.

Aside from SACT, Vilgax, Khyber and Zs'Skayr, a primary enemy is the Forever Knights. This series introduces the Forever Seer, a blind woman who has the ability to see the future. This is based off the thought of being blind leads to foresight, as they are undistracted by their sense of vision. She prophezises on how "The leader of the Forever Knights will obtain a weapon of immense power." The Forever Knight factions all try to find their own "Ultimate Weapon" to claim the title as True Forever King.

Thanks to TheRyderx1, who gave me the idea for the name.

Jane Smith 10

This will be my newest show. While talking with Ahmad once, he gave me the idea of Jane Smith 10, a female version of John Smith. After some consideration, I took on the idea. 

To make the series even more different from John Smith 10, the series doesn't focus as much on the fighting, but the back story and the emotions Jane is going through. It has an early Alien Force feel to it, emphasized by having several "Neo 10" aliens, what I like to call the Alien Force original 10, being part of her original 10.

Jane, is a very disturbed individual. She comes from a broken home, with no father in the picture. She is a loner, but desperately seeks companionship. My initial ideas for here character were formed from a few personality disorders.

Avoidant Personality Disorder: She tries to avoid relationships, in the fear of being rejected. She is able to do that, but once she finds the Omnitrix, she meets with those with alien heritage, like Ben Tennyson.

Borderline Personality disorder: She has self damaging behaviors, and is unable to control her anger if it arises. She usually has unstable relationships, but is terrified of being abandoned. If a friend breaks her trust, even if it's a tiny thing, she freaks, and breaks off relationships. She does this a few times with her considered best friend, Lucy Mann.

Dependant Personality Disorder: She has a lack of self confidence in herself, doubting she could be a hero. She has an excessive reliance on others to help her. However, contradicting this, she is capable of functioning on her own. And if a relationship is broken off, she is quick to find a new one, to fill the void. While this disorder isn't as influenctual to her, it is seen even more as a side effect of her relationship with her boyfriend, Michael Morningstar.

While these disorders reflect her personality accurately, many things may be a result of her being a hormonal 15 year old girl in High School, who doesn't know what she wants, but believes that she needs to be "popular."

This series only has 2 seasons planned.


Due to being on vacation for the month of July, all three shows will air around mid-August. All three will air at a particular speed that will lead to a crossover between the three sometime next year.

I hope you all enjoy my series, as I have enjoyed writing them for you. Hopefully, this info will satisfy you guys until the series debut, or make it so you want them to debut sooner.

Dr. Animo's Entry
For Fanon Con I have two announcements.

First: A trailer for the final season of Ben 10: Alien Alliance: We see Cretox typing on a computer and looks at the screen. He stands up and look at the screen in horror.

'No way!'

The screen cuts to black with the words:

'All have been leading to this'

A green female raptor-like alien appears in a street with a alien dog, it turns into a green monster with sharp teeth and purple flower growing on his back.

Next clip: cold corridors of an abandon asylum.

Next clip: Ben, turned into an new mysterious alien, blocking the attack of new enemy, appearing like a samurai-centaur.

And the screen fades to black again. Bright red words appears:

'With new powerful transformations...'

A dark wolf-like aliens, similar to Solarbeast, jumps in the sky, with the moon in his back, firing at Andrios Hi.

Next clip The same new white winged alien who was fighting the samurai-creature, appears in full bodyshot.

Next Clip: A big winged alien with the head of a jackal summoning spirits of Wonderland aliens. The alien has an ultimate ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

The screen fades to black, with the bright red words: evil doesn't change, it evolves!

A changed Doomsday who charges at Ben on the road.

Next clip: A trio of villains stands together: The Red Queen, The Nephilim and unknown blue octopus-like bipedal monster. The Nephilim raises his claw, with his foot standing on piece of rock, pointing at something the viewer can't see.

Next Clip: A raging elephant-like alien wrecking the city.

Screen goes black: 'Witness the ultimate showdown between good and evil'

Ben facing off with Blight.

Next clip: A yelling Poseidon who raises his spear at the blue demon we have seen before with RQ and The Nephilim, smiling at his enemy.

The final clip of the trailer is two knights charging at each other and as their swords meet, a blinding light fills the screen with the words: Ben 10: Alien Alliance.

Second ancouncement is: Together withe end of the 4th season, the Ben 10,000 movie trilogy will get his final last part: Ben 10,000 Rises!

Richard's Entry
I don't have much to say here without giving too much away. Basically, I'm going to create a Halloween Ben 10 movie, partially inspired by both Rise of the Guardians and The Avengers. It takes place in a universe without the Omnitrix, and the aliens are actual individuals. The main group is composed of seven aliens who appeared in the Galactic Monsters Arc of Omniverse. There's a villain group as well, but mainly led by- Oops, spoilers. Anyways, the Protagonist Group has had a history with the leader of the Antagonist group. There is one member who has a bigger problem with the leader, but if I said anymore, that would be telling.

Anyways this will be written over the course of five months. It will be released October 31st.

The title of this movie is: The Monsters of Anur.

Sci's Entry
Hello Ben 10 Fan Fiction! How ya'll doing?!

I'm here to discuss the few things I would like to mention.

Topic #1: Ben 10: Darkness Forever

First of all, thank you for all the support I've gotten from this. So, the official plot for the movie so far is: 

In 2014, Ben Tennyson is a sixteen year old in Bellwood. But when dark forces attack his Grandfather, Ben discovers the world of aliens and Plumbers. Soon afterwards, he receives a powerful device, uncovers a conspiracy leading back to Roswell, and a sinister race planning to cover the universe in complete darkness forever.

I can confirm the following: 

  • Protagonists: Ben Tennyson, Max Tennyson, Kai Green, Azmuth, and Rook!
  • Antagonists: Untitled Sinister Race (currently working on name), Leader of Sinister Race (also working on name)
  • Locations: Bellwood, Revonnah, Galvan Prime, Sinister Race Homeworld
  • Aliens: At the moment, I plan on only using OS Aliens and one very special alien I've used before. 

However, there are a few locations I CAN'T confirm cause spoilers lol. 

Now, I haven't started production on it yet, as I have resumed work on MURDER. However, I am announcing that it now is being moved to Winter 2014 or perhaps Early 2015. 

Topic #2: War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is Paper and Mine's latest project. Now because of the sensitivity of this project, I can not reveal much. However, what I can reveal is that there are 3 storylines. One features the aftermath of the Young Plumbers finale. The second features the battle against the recruits, and an unexpected enemy. The third is the lead-in to Young Plumbers: Generations. 

Topic #3: The Forever Knight Franchise, Hean 10,  Cinematic Universe, and the Destroyer of Worlds Sequel

All franchises pre-Darkness Forever are either canceled or on hiatus.

Topic #4: The Fifth Anniversary! 

Shocker! Yes, I'm talking about the fifth anniversary in Fanon Con. Now, some of you know (if you have read by 2014 - A Year of Change blogs), that I have been searching for ideas for the anniversary. Now I'm proud to announce that there WILL in fact be an official Ben 10 Fan Fiction series, AND A Movie dedicated for the fifth anniversary!

Thanks for reading my Fanon Con entry! See you later!

Bolt's Entry
:o Hello! This will be my first time in the fanon Con! Ten: The New Generation is my story I will be revealing a few spoilers about.

So to start off my series will be an interactive series! This means the reader will be able to choose how each episode develops!

Besides the Plumbers Tenn, the Seven Spears get as much camera time. Here are a few spoilers about the Seven Spears.

Hextamer is a descendant of Charmcaster and Nightvixen is the descendant of Frightwig. The identities of Zerozero and Thalia are to be revealed later on. And Killer Vessel is actually the dark souls of Ben's fallen enemies that have manifested and made a physical vessel to destroy Ben once and for all. The identity of Princess Chaotika is to remain a secret as it will (hopefully) be mind blowing! :D There will hopefully be at least 12 episodes for season 1 which is to premier in late July.

I look forward to making this interactive story!

Party King's Entry
Hello! I know, i haven't been active much, but i had finnal tests (finnished 8th Grade and the Art School!) Well I'm Back and gonna try to be as Active as i can. Here is what i plan to do in Summer.

Shun 10: Matrix

As for Shun 10: Matrix, Yeah it goes on a brake, a long one, becouse a prequal is comming out, that gives out info about How Shun met Ben and Gwen. How the NSS became RED X (in STM it already has a new name (comformed)) and a lot of other stuff. As for the name of the series - Shun 10: Secrets (STS). As for the 2 eps of STM i have - Rebooted and rewriten.

Kai 10: Rebooted

As for KTR, i have once again updated it, new villains, new episode plots and New Aliens. But i have a feeling, it will be updated again. 

BenAlien 10

Good News Everybody, i am now the co-writer of BAT. Well i think the 1st ep i'm gonna write is BenTrouble (actualy rewrite).

Anything Else

Oh Yes, i have something Else. i know somebody might have seen me uploading Ben 23 Aliens, well they are for a series. The Series involves Ben 23, Ben 10 and Albedo. They Each have their sts of Aliens. All aliens are not yet comformed, but All The canon Ben 23 Aliens are. For Ben there's  Feedback and Astrodactyl, while for Albedo - Humungousaur, Ultimate Humungousaur, Echo Echo, Ultimate Spidermonkey and Rath. The Series is called The Heroes of Omniverse

Well taht about it for this fanon Con, Over and Out!


So, goodbye, my good friends! See you next Fanon Con, when stuff are different!

P.S.: Sorry, Sixef, I managed to add canon characters in the thread, but here I can't. - Ahmad

Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful time here on this wiki!  :D - Ulti

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