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Welcome to the main blog of Spring Fanon Con 2017! This 'Con went pretty well. The new system helped prevent last-minute dropouts as planned. Hope you all enjoyed the 'Con thus far, and be sure to participate in Summer Fanon Con 2017!

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CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Spring 2017 Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it!

Tech 10: Star Spirit


Tech 10: Star Spirit's third season is a lot further along in development. The overall idea is to wrap everything up and kick my audience in the emotional nards when they least expect it, so it should be an interesting read. No plot details right now, but I do have a few new things I'm gonna introduce here.


Pix T. Rotor, usually just called Rotor, is the villain introduced at the very end of Season 2. He's a smug asshole who can usually be found with a bottle of vodka or a margarita, neither of which ever seems to get him drunk. He has something similar to the Requiem Nanomachines, as well as an unknown number of alien abilities. Exactly what he is and where he came from is unknown.


Zodiac NEO

A reorganized version of the Zodiac Organization with new members to replace older ones that left the team.

Zodiac Tuners

Powerups for the members of Zodiac NEO based on the Chinese Zodiac. More details to come later.

Supernova Forms

An evolution of the previously introduced STAR Forms that give the affected aliens even more power, with the gold of the standard STAR forms being replaced with a bright blue.

Hypernova Forms

A further evolution of STAR Forms even more powerful than Supernova Forms, giving the aliens a white theme instead of gold or blue.

Black Hole Forms

The InverTrix's answer to STAR Forms and their variants, Black Hole aliens absorb any and all energy around them and use it to power themselves up. The power boost from this has no true upper cap, meaning the aliens continually grow in power until the form change is manually shut down.

StarTrix Encore

StarTrix Encore

The StarTrix Encore is a rebuilt version of the StarTrix Requiem that will appear in Season 3. This new StarTrix comes with voice effects, STAR Finishers, and Encore Forms.

  • The Voice Effects are turned off by Theo pretty much as soon as he finds out about them.
  • STAR Finishers allow a given alien to temporarily assume a STAR form and funnel the energy into one all-out final attack.
  • Encore Forms are explained below.

Encore Forms

Boy oh boy, this one has been on everyone's minds ever since it was still called "Elegy Forms". To finally explain these damn things, they sort of build off of Requiem Forms, but are more or less their own thing. When an alien goes Requiem, it essentially becomes undead, expelling life energy i.e. mana from the alien's body that never ends up being recovered. The StarTrix Encore is capable of capturing this otherwise lost energy and funneling it back into the Requiem Forms, artificially creating a new form that's somewhere between dead, undead and alive. This odd state induces a powerful connection to Theo's Celestial Mana, making Encore Forms essentially spiritual beings with unique capabilities. If you still don't know what the hell any of that entails, I guess you'll just have to wait until I unveil a specific Encore Form to see exactly what I'm talking about.

S3 Episode Titles/Synopses

Not all episodes have been named/summarized yet but ayy it's something.

  1. Brave New World
    • Aeron gets trapped aboard a seemingly abandoned space station. Meanwhile, the Zodiac Organization is beginning to reform under the flag of Zodiac NEO.
  2. Unnamed 2nd Episode
  3. Unnamed 3rd Episode
  4. The Shaking of Leaves
    • While Isaac leaves on a business trip, Moranna and Theo investigate Moranna's unclear origins.
  5. King's Crossing
    • Kucorbian's mind takes over Napoleon's body, putting Theo and Nova in the fight of their lives.
  6. Fade to Black
    • Kucorbian has gained his own body, but still outclasses even Technova. The only hope may lie in someone completely untrustworthy.
  7. Karma Police
    • Sybil accidentally gains information about Zodiac NEO, which places her on the new Scorpio (Malincious Crow)'s hitlist.
  8. Gone Away
    • Divara tries to re-obtain something essential to her plans.
  9. Unnamed 9th Episode
  10. Unnamed 10th Episode
  11. Kickstart My Heart
    • The leader of Zodiac NEO confronts Theo for one final battle.
  12. Anthem For Doomed Youth
    • Theo and his unlikely partner confront an opponent they never thought they would face.
  13. A Hero
    • Theo and Nova must fight together to stop Aeron one last time.

Tech 10 Renovation Project

Slow progress is still progress dammit, and that's exactly what's going on with this thing. The story is veering more and more away from the original, but since the original had all of no story in the first place, it's no big loss.

Tech 10 Character Shorts

Not on the top of my priority list, to say the least, but this is still a thing.



I've got like the entire series planned out I just don't have any motivation at all to actually write it lmao

Ben 10: Milky Way Race


Still in development. Probably won't start until closer to the summer or something. Here's some stuff I can tell you:

  • More alien redesigns will be made.
  • More confirmed villains include Zs'Skayr and Khyber.
  • The story will tie into elements from Tech 10 such as the Obsidian Death.


This has changed a bit since last Fanon Con, but I don't really have much else to talk about with it. I'd like to finish Tech 10 before putting serious planning into this thing.

Video Games


BTFF RPG: The Next Evolution is a new game slated to replace the failed BTFF RPG X2, which never came about for a variety of reasons. This new game will have the same new mechanics that were expected to appear in X2, along with some new ones you might not expect. Hell if I know when this one is going to come out, but it's definitely going to take a while.

Rebooted Cinematic Trilogy

First thing's first, I don't want to do this full trilogy anymore. Rebooted is fine for the most part; I could just include it in the Renovation project and clean it up to modern standards, and writing a movie just doesn't seem as fun as writing a show, especially since I have a lot less time on my hands nowadays.

Don't get me wrong, the Not Applicable movie is definitely happening, since that legitimately will work better as a movie, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how much of a nightmare it would be trying to condense everything that happened in Rebooted down into two movies. Rebooted is literally the size of a novel, and BTFF movies are...not. It would bring all the problems of movie adaptations without any of the benefits.

Not Applicable (Movie)


Not much to say here other than new designs for the aliens are currently in the works. Make sure to keep an eye on the official thread for more updates, including the new designs for Batdrill, Sludgehammer, and Carbon I recently posted.


Tech 10: Double Crossed


This movie will be released somehow at some point. I'm not sure of the exact format, but it will cap off the Renovation project. Probably



Do I want this to be a movie or a video game? I don't really know anymore. It would probably be easier to write as a game, but it would take a lot longer. I dunno. Leave your opinion in the polls.


This is where anyone who cares enough about my work to give some some input! Here are some polls:


What upcoming content are you looking forward to the most?

The poll was created at 06:10 on March 12, 2017, and so far 9 people voted.
Do you read the renovated pages from the Tech 10 Renovation Project?

The poll was created at 06:10 on March 12, 2017, and so far 10 people voted.
Should Odyssey be a movie or an RPG?

The poll was created at 06:10 on March 12, 2017, and so far 9 people voted.

Star Spirit

Have you read Star Spirit?

The poll was created at 20:16 on March 12, 2017, and so far 10 people voted.
What is your favorite StarTrix powerup?

The poll was created at 06:10 on March 12, 2017, and so far 7 people voted.
What new powerup are you looking forward to the most?

The poll was created at 06:10 on March 12, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.
Who should I draw lewd art of? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The poll was created at 06:10 on March 12, 2017, and so far 7 people voted.

(P.S. If you take this one seriously you were probably dropped on your head as a baby. Twice.)

(P.P.S. That doesn't mean I ain't drawing lewds I'm just saying.)

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Aaron's Entry
Hey guys!

So! We're on the last leg of Death of Ben 10! Ben and Apollo are confronting each other for the last time, and the other Bens are preoccupied with fighting Apollo's alternate selves! Not entirely sure when the next chapter will launch, but that really depends on a number of things. I think I'll release it in two parts, named 'Trials By Fire' Parts 1 & 2 respectively.

I have a preview ready for the next episode if anyone cares enough to read it early!

Death of Ben 10 Preview
A blue Pyronite and Tennyson both tumble down a snowy mountain side, before the Pyronite regains his balance, and digs his fiery hands into passing rock, slowing him to a halt as the Ben flies downwards past him. This blue Apollo looks down at the forest several hundred metres below him to see where his paired adversary had landed. Ben 23 continues unwillingly down the sheer mountain face, pulling out his omnitrix and slamming in the core. He is enveloped in a blue light just metres above the icy ground. The Blue Apollo throws fire into the mountainside, pealing away as he does. He pulls out a large chunk of burning rock with him, which he brings down to his feet and stands on as a platform. He now stands floating beside the mountain on this rock, looking down to see if Ben really had met his fate. As he peers down, a large white shape rushes past him from beneath.

The shape levels out, revealing a winged humanoid- a Necrofriggian.

Necrofriggian: “Freezeghost!”

Apollo: “Ben Tennyson. You may have beaten me once but do not think you can do so again easily!”

Freezeghost: “I don’t need to think! I know I can beat you!”

Apollo pulls his hands towards his core, before pushing outwards and sending a stream of intense fire towards Ben. The fire envelopes its target. Suddenly Freezeghost bursts through the flame and punches Apollo straight in the face. He stumbles backwards before falling off of his platform. He balances himself in mid-air with two steady streams of fire from both hands. As he looks back up the rock he had previously been stood on plummets past him. He watches the rock fall briefly before returning his attention to Ben only for Freezeghost flying down towards him. A flurry of the Necrofriggian’s sub-zero breath freezes him solid and he falls once more. Before he even gets a chance to thaw, the frozen Pyronite slams into the ground. The Ice shatters everywhere as an unconscious Apollo lies defeated on the snow-covered forest floor.

There is a faint blue light as Professor Paradox steps into reality. Freezeghost descends gently to the ground, before transforming back into Ben.

Ben 23: “Get destroyed, hater!”

Paradox: “As egotistical as ever, I see.”

Ben 23: “You know it. Can I go home now?”

Paradox: “Not just yet I'm afraid, there is still work to be done.”

Ben 23: “Aww.”

Ben 10 Road Trip will be taking longer to develop than anticipated (I’m still working out the fine print and I want to get it right dammit), so in its place I have another series to present!

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution!

Apollo is finally defeated, and the multiverse is safe at last! ...Except for the part where it isn’t.

Rook, Gwen, Kevin, and Grandpa Max gather in Bellwood to help celebrate Ben’s victory over Apollo and saving the Earth again! But why is there a 10 year old child wielding the Omnitrix in Ben’s absence?

Ben finds himself stuck in the past! It has to be his own past, it couldn’t be anyone else’s, but everything is so different? His Omnitrix is definitely the one he had before… But why is Stinkfly clearly not Stinkfly?

Okay so as you can probably guess, this will be utilising elements of the Reboot! If I’m right, then that makes this series the first to utilise Reboot Ben specifically! Providing you discount series like this one that just used recolours of Reboot Ben as edgy ‘original characters’.

This series will take place immediately after DoB10, and before Ben 10: Road Trip. This is effectively a little excursion story to tell ‘Ben Again’ except more interesting and less retconny. I haven’t got the major details down just yet, but I have some ideas that could work. After all, this series is still a whole lot less work than Ben 10: Road Trip is going to be. The major bright side to this series is it gives me some more in-episode time to set up for it all :D

Main Characters

Instead of referring to the Reboot continuity as the 'Reboot Dimension', in Earth-1010 it will be known as the Delta Dimension.

Prime Dimension Delta Dimension
Ben Tennyson Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson Gwen Tennyson
Max Tennyson Max Tennyson
Kevin Levin
Rook Blonko

I haven't quite fully designed or named the villain yet, so I'm not ready to announce that. Maybe I won't announce it, and will reveal him after he appears. I also picture Sella showing up, but likely not as a major character.

Ben 10: Road Trip

As for Road Trip, there isn't much I'm quite ready to announce. As current plans stand, the first episode will be dealing with the cloaked figure that sold Liam his weapon back in DoB10 Act 1. This could change, so don't hold that to me.

One thing that I can announce, is the winner of the poll from the last Fanon Con! Ben will, at some point, (and probably unwillingly) be visiting the planet Cranvius! It narrowly won the poll with only 1 vote in the lead! mostly because you people all voted for a different planet. Cranvius had 2 votes total. You guys suck.

Also Cranvius likely won't appear in the first season at all ayy lmao.

Age of the Unitrix

This series takes a whole lot more effort to write, and this next episode in particular has proven problematic. Don't expect it soon, but do expect it eventually. I haven't forgotten about it.

Brandon's Entry
Brandon 10 Fanon Con

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello Everyone! Brandon here at Fanon Con 2017! It's definitely great to be back especially since the last entry I had done was in the Summer of last year. So let's jump into what's in stored for anything upcoming later on.

Brandon 10

I know it seems like nothing new will come from Brandon 10 for a good while especially because of my other series. But I'm happy to announce that there will be special releases of Brandon 10 stuff in April, just in time for its 6th Anniversary.

Ultimate Hero's Season 4 is practically finished. I'm just waiting for a good time to release it. The actual release date is still being thought about but, at the moment, it is estimated for the late Summer/Fall.

Season 4 will have tables turned, everything questioned and a powerful force rising from the darkness.

Other Brandon 10

Since Ultimate Hero is having its final season this year, I won't be able to expand on certain story lines that I had set up. Which is why I've been thinking about releasing a short series of "lost episodes" that show extended scenes from previous episodes, different perspectives, deleted scenes and more. However, this may or may not happen.

Remember Brandon 10: The Ultimate Adventure? That cool game that I made that was actually playable? I realize that I haven't updated the game since last year but I'm pleased to say that the game will be picking up development once again. While completion and a release may not be soon, you can except beta-testing later on.

There will be 10 aliens available to transform into, mainly focusing on the Ultimate Hero transformations. Hydro-Man, Drillbit and Shock Speed are already in the game. Snow Bear is confirmed to be added in.

Mutant Drake

By the time this entry is released, Mutant Drake would be in hiatus. We're currently reworking things to improve the series so you can expect many things updated and changed for the better. But the hiatus isn't just for reworking the series.

During the break, we'll be working on a special project for the series which has already been in development for a couple of months now. We're happy to introduce, Mutant Drake: The Game.

Mutant Drake: The Game will be playable and takes you into the world of Mutant Drake where you'll be able to take over the role of Drake and interact with characters from the show, make choices that affect the story and learn more about the series through a new, original story line. The game will be released in episodes similar to how a Telltale game functions so you won't have to wait for the entire game to be completed in order to play.

Season 2 Part 2 will return in about a month with another 10 episodes leading up to the season finale. Everything in "Rescue" will have an effect on the rest of the season; on the characters, story and more.

Other Stuff

I will be trying something new with my art which you might see in the Art Competition part of Fanon Con actually. It's definitely not refined but I will be practicing more often so that I can improve upon it and get better at it. I hope to upload more to the wiki and use my art to improve my series or maybe something else entirely. This could lead to the revival of Comics and just shed more creativity on my work as a whole. But I won't get ahead of myself. It's a process and it'll take time but if it could lead to improvement, than I'm more than happy to announce it.


Brandon 10: The Ultimate Adventure Trailer

When a dangerous piece of alien technology falls into the wrong hands, it's up to Brandon 10 to save the day.

"Looks like it's Hero Time!"

Take over as Brandon 10 and explore the Brandon 10 Universe as you visit iconic locations from the show.

You are in front of the Juice Shack.

>drink Milkshake

"Mmm. Tastes Awesome."

Interact with plenty of characters.

"Hey guys, what's going on?"

>talk to Coco

Coco: About time you showed up.

And save the day as the Ultimate Hero.

>transform into Hydro-Man


Their world. Your adventure.

Brandon 10: The Ultimate Adventure!

"Be the Ultimate Hero"

Mutant Drake: The Game Teaser

In the city, today, the atmosphere is grey, the clouds have turned dark and thunder echoes softly throughout the skies above. It was night, just about. The view of the scene lowers from the skies as it enters the city below where the buildings stand tall until a rooftop is put into focus. A figure then drops down, onto the rooftop, looking down below. Lightning strikes, shedding light onto the figure. It shows him to be Drake in a hood as he looks out over the city. The scene then flashes to darkness.

Drake: The city... Someone has to make sure, the city... is saved.

Mutant Drake: The Game

Episode 1 in Development

MD Game Logo


What do you think about the upcoming games?

The poll was created at 20:52 on March 12, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.
Did you like this Fanon Con entry?

The poll was created at 20:52 on March 12, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.

And that's pretty much it. Thank you for taking the time to check out my Fanon Con entry. I hope you like what's in stored for later on and I'll see you later.

Ethan's Entry
E-10 logo

So you obviously know who I am, and the show I’m about to provide to you, but for those that are this clueless, I’m Ebomnitrix and I am working on the new series, E-10.

E-10 is basically a very similar kind of character that you see often, but you see him in things you don’t see too often. In the series premiere, he is seen given access to the power of the Omnitrix, however things are different this time.


[Xylene opened a hatch and showed him a small mini pod. Ethan’s eyes began gazing at the object.]


We learn right away that he wants to do more than just sitting back at the sidelines, he wants to become a hero, but his issue is… he’s always stuck at the task of failing the mission.


[Ethan noticed that the whole apartments, less than a block away, was on fire. A crowd was gathered around.]


[Ethan looked around and started running for a safer place to hide as he ran toward a small passageway. He transforms.]


[Fasttrack started running out of the alleyway and ran down the street.]


[But suddenly a rooftop collapsed over Fasttrack, he threw the kid away in time as it fell onto him.]


[Ethan fells before his knees, then starting punching the ground as tears fled down his eyes.]


Now he must pick himself back up in order to become the person he wants to be, and the only way he’s going to do that is by the people who he meets, which later become his teammates, and then his friends.


[Ethan stood up and slammed down.]


[The Agent helps him up from the ground.]


[Maggie jumps onto Ethan’s arms and started hugging him, holding onto him tight.]


[Sif’s jetpack started lighting up and Upgrade as he is merged with Sif’s armor, started flying into the clouds and then dashing to the forest at supersonic speed.]


So experimenting with a struggling task will give you an extremely unique feel to the series, but don’t worry, if that doesn’t interest you, then maybe this would, we’re combining the elements of Kill La Kill, RWBY, and of course, Pokemon: XYZ and we’re merging them all together to create something new, hard and heavy hitting and as you read the series later on, you’ll see how much progression these characters have taken in future episodes.


[A mysterious woman touches under Maggie’s chin as she looks up in fear.]


[Deji turns to see Ethan, an exhausted Maggie, the Agent, and Sif broken out of their cells by surprise.]


[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: Inside Ethan’s bloodstream, his blood started turning into a raging yellow fire, then everything zoomed out into which his left forearm started turning into coal. The coal began to start cracking and fire grew out of his arm, cracking through his skin. The fire cracks went up to Ethan’s head where it lifted up into a screaming-like position, his glowing green eyes turned into flames as his hair flew up blowing like the wind, then his face completely changed and he took a big stretch as the background faded behind him.]


I’m really looking forward to that..

For our next part of this presentation, we’re going to give you behind the scenes interview with the cast and co-workers of the people behind E-10, and give you a small snippet of each character, we will try not to spoil much into these clips because there a lot of things we want to keep a surprise. But for now, enjoy!


Ebomnitrix: Hi, my name is Ebomnitrix and I am the creator of the coming franchise “E-10, My favorite aliens… I just pretty like all of them, hahaha..

Q1: What made you decide to move the series to BTFF and to reimagine it for a larger audience?

Ebomnitrix: Well, after spending years on ning websites that little people were going to work at, after my 2015 series got offput by a certain somebody, I didn’t wanna stop working on E-10 from there. So I spent the last 2 years trying to reimagine this series to try to shape this as perfectly and possible as I can.

Q2: What makes this series different compared to your other previous series?

Ebomnitrix: Well… despite its now a place where people are actually going to read. This show is a complete reimagine of how I, myself get the Omnitrix. There’s definitely some different twists and turns unlike the original shows, you just have to check it out for yourself.

Q3: Tell us something about the aliens?

Ebomnitrix: I wanted to change the dynamic of Ethan’s 10 in the series. Some of the original aliens from the original Ben 10 are included, but now we decided to mashup some of people’s favorites aliens, and some underrated aliens, so we can still keep the same powers but use aliens who are better and more maintained, that’s just something that I just thought it would be interesting to tackle.

Q4: Now that you’ve made your show TV-MA, what’s the biggest challenge to it?

Ebomnitrix: Well, we definitely have given the Agent more creative freedom in his character, we also have scenes coming up that is going to “wow” the audience, so the most I can say without spoiling anything is to expect a larger amount of content you haven’t seen in previous series, some maybe on BTFF.

Q5: What is your favorite episode?

Ebomnitrix: There are a lot of episodes I’m looking forward to, Episode 5 was definitely my favorites as well as… let’s say its the mid-season premiere… enough said….

Ethan: I got it, let’s go.

Hail-O: I don’t think that is going to happen…

[Ethan turns around to see the Weatherheads appear behind them.]

Ethan: The Weatherheads… of course… why not?

Shock-O: You lead us right to the generator. Excellent work human.

Gust-O: Unless you want us to reduce your short life spans, I suggest you hand over the Electrical Impulse Carrier immediately.

Ethan: No!

Shock-O: Fool!

Gust-O: Do your eyes deceive you?

Hail-O: Do you remember what happened the last time we encountered you?

Ethan: This isn’t going to turn out like last time.

Agent: Unless you pull a canon and go your bland ass strength alien. Again.

[Ethan gives him a irritated look with a vein popping out.]

Gust-O: Then you lead us no choice. Obliterate them!

[The Weatherheads fired their attacks at them. Agent jumped to the second floor to dodge the ice blasts, he started firing sonic waves the more the ice tried to hit them. Shock-O fired electricity out of his arms, and Ethan ran to dodge the attack, then he activated the Omnitrix. Gust-O blew his strongest wind attack, and everything started spinning. The Weatherheads except for Gust-O, and Ethan and the Agent were flown up into the air.]

Agent: Try to knock off Gust-O’s defenses. I suggest you hit him with something that won’t get blow back right at us.

Ethan: Way ahead of you!

[Ethan turned the dial from Slapstrike to Diamondhead to a hooded figure, he raised his arm upward and slammed down.]

[BIG CHILL TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s skeleton started to change into a phantom like creature, as wings grew out from behind him, he curled into a ball and the wings surrounded him. Ethan’s toes started stretching and turned into two sharp ones. Ethan closed into the screen and as his face structure changed, his eyes grew more pupils. The creature spread his body and wings out then dashed out of the transformation.]

[Big Chill started flying toward Gust-O. Gust-O shot wind as hard as he good, Big Chill attempting to close in on him, started struggling to do so.]

Big Chill: Ergh… I can’t reach to him! [He saw the mist coming through his own breath.] Better try another approach…

[Big Chill took a deep breath and shot an ice beam out of his mouth. It started to freeze Gust-O completely and the wind current stopped. Everything plummeted to the ground, including the other two Weatherheads, and the Agent.]

Agent: Remind me when you’re going to do that next time.

Big Chill: Sorry...

<INTRODUCING ALANOMALY (Head Writer) As The Agent>

Alanomaly: Hi, my name is Alanomaly and I am co-writer on the new series, E-10. My favorite alien is Ripjaws despite he has an Omnitrix on his shoulder… Ugh… he had one job…

Q1: So how did you get started on working on this show?

Alanomaly: I got involved in a previous Ethan show once and was in ever since.

Q2: What inspired you to create the Agent character and to transition it over from Alan 10 to E-10?

Alanomaly: Doctor Who, what else? Honestly, the Agent is a character that would exist over all universes in some form or another, and what's a superhero show without the sarcastic asshole? Hence his presence here.

Q3: What’s different about the Agent in this series, compared to Alan 10?

Alanomaly: The E-10 Agent gets to break the fourth wall and also has a different appearance, more similar to Alan Nomaly's. A10 Agent broke it once and got in trouble cause why would someone else break the fourth wall?

Q4: Any chance do we get to see some time travelling or some wacky antics from the Agent? Alanomaly: Best answer I can give is wibbly wobbly timey wimey

Q5: Lastly, what is your favorite episode so far, or an episode you’re looking forward to?

Alanomaly: Anything involving other incarnations of the Agent... Or X-Men Origins. That's cool too.

Maggie: We need to go get information off one of the aliens of where they’re keeping the Bicenthium Alloy.

Agent: Mhm… [Starts to zone.]

[As Maggie continued to speak, the Agent spots a familiar face sitting at the bar.]

Maggie: Because I surely think that if Ethan and Sif don’t find it and we get caught, then this whole mission will be a waste of our time and…


Logan: [Turns] Oh crap, it’s the Agent!


Logan: Ugh… I can’t believe I’m doing this.

[He took a sip then walks over to sit next to Maggie.]

Logan: Hello… Agent...

Agent: So buddy, how’ve you been? [He gazes at him.]

Logan: Lousy, considering how much crap I’ve had to put up with you.

Agent: Oh come on Loggy, you know I’m your bestest friend?

Logan: Friend? Hardly.

Agent: Aw… come on… why the long face?

Logan: You wanna know why? Because the last time I saw you, you ran off with your TARDIS that I was guarding and got me fired from Gallifrey! That entire planet fired me! For something you did! And I’m still pissed that you snuck into my living quarters and took over half my stuff.

Agent: Oh come on Logan, you know I’ll give it back later…

Logan: I haven’t slept in a month...

Maggie: Look Agent, now’s not the time to be fanboying over your favorite person. We have to focus at the task at hand here.

Logan: Task? Are you two uh… undercover?

[Agent nods.]

Maggie: We’re trying to figure out where they’re holding the Bicenthium Alloy so we can stop the Weatherheads before they use it for something dangerous.

Logan: Dangerous huh? Tell you what… if the Agent here can pay for my food, then I’ll be happy to help you two with your mission. Sound good?

Maggie: Yeah sure. Agent give me your wallet.

Agent: Wallet, but I…?

Maggie: Do it.

[Agent groans as he hands her his wallet.]

Alien: Here are your Rice Balls and Porchetta. [Delivers.]

Maggie: Thank you.

Alien: So what could I get for ya?

Logan: I’ll take it from here. How about a large plate of nachos, served with cheese, salsa and peppers, your largest size of your finest steak, and give me a nice hard bottle of whiskey. As for the chick over here hmm… how about a nice shot a tequila.

Maggie: Oooh, why thank you, and a plate of quesadillas.

Agent: What about me?

Logan: You get nothing.

[The Agent scoots his head down and pouts.]


Cynderwolf07: Hi I’m Cynderwolf07, also Mandy Havoc on DeviantArt. I am co-art director and writer on E-10. My favorite alien I would have to say its in between Big Chill and Fasttrack.

Q1: So explain how’d you got started on working on E-10?

Cynderwolf07: Before we started working a prototype series in 2016, we started rping for episode ideas. When Ebomnitrix decided to move to BTFF, he asked if you wanted to help work on E-10, so I said yes.

Q2: So Maggie Totoro is one of your original characters from DeviantArt, correct? What gave you the inspiration to create that set character?

Cynderwolf07: I always wanted an engineer kind of character, and when I came onto E-10, that sounded like a perfect opportunity and seemed to fit within the story

Q3: Is there any special secrets that Maggie is hiding that we don’t know about yet?

Cynderwolf07: So far, not yet… ;)

Q4: Alright, what can you tell about Maggie that makes her far different than any other girls we see from previous shows?

Cynderwolf07: Yeah, I think she’s just about average, that’s all I can really say at the moment

Q5: So last question, what episode are you looking forward to?

Cynderwolf07: Episode 17 is my favorite kids. There’s a very interesting scene that will definitely… surprise you… :3

[As Wildmutt is snarling to himself, he starts hearing a shaking noise coming his way. Wildmutt growls and through his vision, he sees her footprints further down the path and charges to it.]

[The noise turns into the sounds of waves as Wildmutt reached further, he saw a figure surfing through the air as it reached the ground. The figure hiding in the shadows starts taking a deep breath, the body shape was revealed to be female. She turned as she started hearing growls, and saw Wildmutt heading her way. She gasped and started running away. The figure turned to a corner as Wildmutt drags his claws to the ground to slow himself down, then pursued running after her, she turned around for a second and saw him chasing after her, with his mouth looking vicious and hungry. She gasped and tries to run faster.]

[They pursued into oncoming traffic, she tried to run as cars were passing by. Her figure is revealed through broad daylight, revealing to be Maggie. A driver notices and hits the breaks as she jumps over the cars. She makes it to the other end with the driver noticing. Wildmutt pounces through the top of his car, almost destroying the roof and continues to the next alleyway.]

[Back on the Maggie’s side, she turned around again and saw Wildmutt increasing his speed, she panics as she tries to run faster. Eventually the two make it to a dead end, Maggie gets cornered and turns around to see Wildmutt slowly walking to her. Her face goes from concerned to determined.]

Maggie: So you wanna play, huh fito? Well come fetch me, I dare you!

[As the two glared at each other, Wildmutt jumps and pins her down on the ground. She screamed and struggles to break free as Wildmutt is trying to bite her. She noticed he isn’t trying to hurt her.]

Maggie: If you’re not going to let me go then why don't finish me off!?

[The figure’s eyes started to glow furiously, then the Omnitrix symbol on Wildmutt’s chest started to glow as well, Wildmutt reacted in concern. Then a flash of red light surrounded the two of them and Wildmutt turned back into Ethan, Ethan was still on her.]

Ethan: Uh…. hehe.

[He reacted nervously with a smile. Meanwhile her reaction turns from surprise to irritated. Then Ethan’s phone rang and he answered on speaker.]

Ethan: Yeah?

Agent: Did you track that bitch’s location yet?

Ethan: Yep…

Agent: Stay there, I’m on my way.

Ethan: Understood.

Agent: Oh, and don’t do anything stupid.

[Ethan ended the call.]

Ethan: So uh… this is awkward, having to lay on top of you until you’re captured? Hehehe…?


ZeVikingSif: I am ZeVikingSif, and I am writer on the new show, E-10. My personal favorite has to be Diamondhead.

Q1: So how did you get involved in helping to create this series?

ZeVikingSif: A long time ago, Ethan asked for my help. I’ve been working with him since back in 2015, and now that he’s airing this on a more direct platform, I just had to say yes, that and because he’s my friend

Q2: Despite now being banned from BTFF, has this had any effect on the show at all?

ZeVikingSif: I can't advertise it at all and I certainly can't write as many episodes, other people are co-writing with him but aside that from that, not really.

Q3: So what’s changed with Sif, since we last saw him in E-10?

ZeVikingSif: He actually has more of a character now and is likely less of a gimmick character.

Q4: Are there going to be any cool armors you’re going to be using this series?

ZeVikingSif: There’s at least 10. I can’t give too much away…

Q5: One last thing, what episode are you most looking forward to most?

ZeVikingSif: Episode 4, but that’ll probably change once we get further into the series.

[Then, everything switched into the view of Ethan’s eyes, he looked up as the sun shined brightened in his face, Sif walked over to help him and he gave him his hand to reach.]

Sif: Hey, you okay man?

Ethan: Agh… Yeah…

[He picked up his hand and Sif helped him up. Ethan looked around.]

Ethan: Where did those guys go?

Sif: Gone. I scared them away.

Ethan: You did? How?

Sif: Don’t ask.

Ethan: Funny, I was the one who tried to get them off, but then you ended up saving me.

Sif: Yeah… Look, let’s never bring this up again okay?

Ethan: What for?

Sif: Because you ended up trying to save me, but all you did was throw yourself into the curve.

Ethan: Yeah, but I did create a distraction so you could do whatever it is you did to scare those bullies away?

Sif: I would’ve done that anyway, whether you were here or not.

[Sif grabbed a piece of tech that the teenagers threw on the ground. He placed it in his backpack and stood back up. Sif turned to him.]

Sif: I appreciate the help, but next time don’t pretend to be something you’re not unless you have something to back it up, Otherwise… you’re just a joke.

[Sif began walking away and Ethan just stood there and glared at him in anger.]

Well I hope you got to learn a little more about the cast and characters to E-10, these were really fun scenes to work on, and there are a lot more in stored coming in the next few months. Tonight there will be a Chat Presentation where a lot more will be revealed, so for now, here’s one last look at E-10, enjoy!

[A giant warship appeared in the background behind a minor as it fired multiple lasers.]


[A figure pressed a button.]


[The pod is sent towards the direction of Earth.]




Xylene: What system is this…?

[Around a small lake and a demolished forest, its revealed a small ship has crashed here a long time ago.]


[She attempts to make a movement, but she struggled, as doing that, she noticed how badly she was injured. A large wound surrounds the left side of her lower body.]


Xylene: There’s only one thing I can do…

[She presses a button and an echoing sound can be heard outside her forest. Ethan begins to hear it.]


Xylene: Is somebody out there… please help… I need assistance…


[Ethan’s facial reaction changed and he ran toward the voice.]

Ethan: Can’t believe I’m doing this…

[He ran faster as he passed through multiple trees and bushes.]

[Ethan stopped as he saw the crash site, everything zoomed out to show the full view of the ship. Ethan’s reaction was shocked.]

Ethan: Woah…

[Ethan ran toward the ship, he was acting scared as he tried not to go as near the ship but to find a door.]

Ethan: Uh… how do you open this thing?

[He started pressing his hands on it, and as he looked for the door, he pressed a touchpad and the door start flying open in his face.]


[Xylene turned to him and Ethan started looking shocked and afraid, his mouth was wide open.]

E-10 logo



OV9's Entry
Yo, guys! I am Omniverse9 and I am writing my first main blog. I am going to talk about my stuff.

Franchise Updates

Overtime, OV9 Enterprise's logo changed gradually. I finally made one logo which is right below. It fits right in with my franchise.



Recently, I announced my own official YouTube channel ( I don't know if I can make a video before March 18 (that's when I will start being inactive) but, I'll try.

Series Updates

Ben 10: Omniversal Force

I am still making the movie, but I don't know if I can finish it before the 18th. The movie crossed 6,000 words and might reach 10,000 words.

I made a new logo for the series a few days back.
BTOF logo

Adventures of Ben 23

Logo of series still in progress.

I will start writing the first few episodes after writing the first few episodes of the BeyAlienz Saga.

11 Year Old Ben 10: The Series(Reboot)

Logo of series still in progress.

I will start writing episodes after the first few episodes after writing the first few episodes of Adventures of Ben 23.

Interviews with OV9

This featured series has a serious lacking of a logo. I will start making the logo sooner or later.

I will start taking interviews after April 1.

BeyAlienz Saga

I'll start writing episodes after finishing the movie.

I was thinking of making a complex logo for this series.

What do you think? Should I make a really complex logo for this series?

The poll was created at 13:22 on March 6, 2017, and so far 5 people voted.


I have made two new aliens a few weeks back named Remote and Metalloid(Credits to Waybig for pic).


Recently, I made somewhat of a realistic picture of Remote.



Well, that's it for this time, folks. See you next time.

Primal's Entry
Hello, I'm Primal. Today I will be talking about a new series on BTFF. I hope you enjoy.

Ben 10 Series

I've been planning a Ben 10 series for a while, taking place after OV. The Time War arc never happened (along with a few other things), and so Ben is 18. The series would feature Ben, now 18 and ready to face new threats, now wielding the Biomnitrix (Yes, you will see Ben 10 become 10k). The series will have 4 seasons, with 10 episodes each, similar to OV's arcs. The series would premiere late Spring to early Summer. There is one issue... I'm struggling with the title, so you guys will vote! If there are any titles not on here, vote other and either comment down below or make a message to me somehow.

What should the title of the series be?

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Are you excited for the series?

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Alien Attack

Alien Attack (tentative title) is a series where PrimalFan pits two aliens against each other in a similar manner to Death Battle by ScrewAttack. PrimalFan would do research on both species to determine who would win in a fight, with set rules to disallow any unfair advantages. This'd be a side-project, so it won't be my main focus. There will be 13 episodes for the first season, the first episode being "Vaxasaurian VS Tetramand". Expect a release around mid-spring!


That was small, but oh well. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my series, there will be more information to come soon! Toodle loo!

Chris's Entry
Yo, Chris X here! Like last time, I basically here to cover my series Chris X: The Series. I don't talk about much about it other than here but I will be having a chat presentation at 11 pm EST. So here we go!
Chris X: The Series
Now, Chris X: The Series is a series that has been with me for a LONG time that I never truly brought here on BTFF. I'm pretty excited to show you all what I got and all the progress I have made. I am seriously dedicated to this series and have worked tirelessly to make it much better.

Now, what do I have? Well, I'm still working on the episodes so it'll have a mid-to-late April time window for now. I've also got a few art pieces, they are pretty old and Mandy Havoc (AKA CynderWolf07) had made them in MS Paint and plans to redraw them.

Here they are:

Well, that's all folks. Hopefully, you will all see what I've got. See you around the next time!
Shades's Entry

[Hovis, charismatic]: Hello! I am Brian Hovis, Assistant Director of Vector's Public Relations division. Today, I am here with Clara Barclay and Timothy Sanchez. After the majority of our presentation is done, I will be answering questions. Please be patient and wait until the show ends. Thank you.

[Hovis, charismatic]: Alexei 10. Sound familiar? Well, we at Vector are creating concepts for the project, even at this very minute. Our head writer has yet to write any episode for this series, but we can assure you that he's working on other projects. We know what we're doing, so don't you worry! We intend on getting the head writer to work on this once Downfall season 1 is completed. We're aiming for a dramatic approach to the series, and we'll let all of you know when we have more details that we can reveal.

[Barclay, sighing, putting arm down, muttering]: And I thought something was actually written... why did they promote me to become an assistant?

[Sanchez, curious]: Brian, isn't there more to that?

[Hovis, charismatic, passionate]: Tim, you know just as much as I do why we can't.

[Sanchez, slightly frustrated]: Oh, come on Brian! You know what we're supposed to do.

[Hovis, charismatic, slightly worried]: I think you're confused. You don't remember the briefing?

[Sanchez, slightly frustrated/nervous]: Oh... yeah. The briefing. Carry on.

[Hovis, charismatic]: As I said earlier, we're still working on Downfall and we're currently creating concepts for Alexei 10.

[Sanchez, tired]: Isn't there more to this?

[Hovis, angry, whispering to Sanchez]: No. There isn't. Now shut up already.

[The presentation ended. Now, time to answer some questions (if there are any).]

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