Hey, guys! Welcome to Spring Fanon Con 2016! :D Kicking things off, we have the results for the art competition. Three users have signed up, CaT, Aaron and Steven. Without further ado, here are the results!

3rd Place

Ibsen 10

In third place, we have Steven with his hand-drawing of Reboot Ben. At a glance, it doesn't look too bad, I only have minor qualms about it. Ben doesn't have a nose and his body shape is a little off. Good job for a first time, though, Steven. Keep it up!

2nd Place

BTFF FanonCon art comp submission Aaronbill3

Here we have Aaron's entry of Ghostfreak in a black and green background. There are two Ghostfreaks in the picture, one with its full body and one close-up. There's nothing really bad about it in my opinion. If the Ghostfreaks had different poses, it would've won first place.

1st Place


The winning art is a poster of Diamondhead by CaT! Its most notable thing is a silhouette of Reboot Diamondhead, with his diamond projectiles next to him. It's a very clean picture, with a background which complements the crystals. Congratulations once again!


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Well, that wraps up this art competition, guys! Congratulations to the contestants, and see you soon! :D

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