These are the results for the Omniverse Awards. Congratulations to the winners! :D


  • Best Regular User: Lego and Jack (tie)
  • Best New User: ISM
  • Best Semi-New User: Bloxx
  • Best Old User: Ahmad
  • Funniest User: Ulti
  • Nicest User: Ulti
  • Most Serious User: Paper
  • Most Missed User: Bink
  • Best Chatmod: Ulti and Toon (tie)
  • Best Admin: Sci and Nick (tie)
  • Best Bureaucrat: Roads


  • Best Finished Series: Ben 10: Multi Trixes
  • Best Still-Continuing Series: Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse
  • Funniest Series: Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse and Omni-World (tie)
  • Series with the most violence: Ben 10: Hero of All Ages
  • Best Fanon Movie: Tiger Rage
  • Series with the least violence: Dora 10
  • Most detailed series: Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • Best Canon Alien: XLR8
  • Best Canon Ultimate form: Ultimate Echo Echo and Ultimate Way Big (tie)
  • Best Fanon Alien: Rupture
  • Best Fanon Ultimate form: Ultimate Upgrade
  • Canon alien with the best design: Way Big and Goop (tie)
  • Fanon alien with the best design: Slapstrike (Ahmad 15) and Rupture


  • Best Canon Hero: Ben
  • Best Fanon Hero: John Smith
  • Funniest Hero: Rook
  • Best girlfriend for Ben: Julie
  • Best Canon Villain: Vilgax
  • Best Fanon Villain: The Omega
  • Most Cruel Canon Villain: Malware
  • Most Cruel Fanon Villain: Albedo (Back in Action: Alien Universe)


  • Best Fanon Omnitrix: Infinimatrix
  • Best Canon Ben 10 Episode: Ben Again
  • Worst Canon Ben 10 Episode: TGIS
  • Best Canon Crossover: Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United
  • Worst Canon Crossover: TGIS

It took me long time. XD

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