Welcome, one and all, to the nomination week of Omniverse Awards 2017! List your nominations for each award below. If possible, try to nominate one thing per award, though two or three are fine. Also, self-nomination is not allowed in the user-related awards. Anyway, nominate below! Nominations will end next Tuesday (August 8).


  • Funniest User:
  • Nicest User:
  • Most Missed User:
  • Best Bureaucrat:
  • Best Writer:
  • Best Artist:
  • Most Talented User:


  • Best Finished Series:
  • Best Still-Running Series:
  • Funniest Series:
  • Best Canon Movie:
  • Best Canon Video Game:
  • Best Original Series Episode:
  • Best Alien Force Episode:
  • Best Ultimate Alien Episode:
  • Best Omniverse Episode:
  • Best Reboot Episode:
  • Saddest Canon Episode:
  • Best Fanon Movie:
  • Best Fanon Video Game:
  • Best Fanon Episode:
  • Saddest Fanon Episode:
  • Best Fanon Crossover:
  • Most Detailed Fanon Series:
  • Most Creative Fanon Series:


  • Best Canon Omnitrix Alien:
  • Best Canon Nemetrix Alien:
  • Best Canon Ultimate form:
  • Best Canon Omnitrix Alien Redesign:
  • Best Fanon Omnitrix Alien:
  • Best Fanon Nemetrix Alien:
  • Best Fanon Ultimate form:
  • Best Fanon Omnitrix:
  • Best Fanon Omnitrix Alien Redesign (of a canon alien):


  • Best Canon Recurring Character:
  • Best Canon Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain:
  • Funniest Canon Hero:
  • Most Relatable Canon Hero:
  • Favorite Canon Couple:
  • Most Relatable Canon Villain:
  • Best Canon Villain:
  • Most Unique Canon Power:
  • Best Fanon Recurring Character:
  • Best Fanon Hero:
  • Best Fanon Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain:
  • Most Relatable Fanon Hero:
  • Most Relatable Fanon Villain:
  • Best Fanon Villain:
  • Most Unique Fanon Power:
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