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Omniverse Awards

Welcome to Omniverse Awards 2015! If you don't know what that is, it's basically the Oscar Awards of BTFF which spans over three weeks. For the first week (this week), you can nominate stuff depending on the category. Nominating your own products is not recommended. Feel free to suggest categories!


  • Best Regular User:
  • Best New User (May 2015 - now):
  • Best Old User (November 2009 - February 2015):
  • Funniest User:
  • Nicest User:
  • Most Missed User:
  • Best Chatmod:
  • Best Admin:
  • Best Bureaucrat:
  • Best Writer:
  • Best Artist:


  • Best Finished Series:
  • Best Still-Running Series:
  • Funniest Series:
  • Best Canon Movie:
  • Best Canon Video Game:
  • Best Original Series Episode:
  • Best Alien Force Episode:
  • Best Ultimate Alien Episode:
  • Best Omniverse Episode:
  • Best Fanon Movie:
  • Best Fanon Video Game:
  • Best Fanon Episode:
  • Best Fanon Crossover:
  • Most Detailed Series:


  • Best Canon Omnitrix Alien:
  • Best Canon Nemetrix Alien:
  • Best Canon Ultimate form:
  • Best Fanon Omnitrix Alien:
  • Best Fanon Nemetrix Alien:
  • Best Fanon Ultimate form:
  • Best Fanon Omnitrix:


  • Best Fanon Hero:
  • Funniest Hero:
  • Favorite Canon Couple:
  • Best Canon Villain:
  • Best Fanon Villain:
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