Welcome to the second week of the Omniverse Awards! Now, you users can vote for the stuff you or other people nominated! :D


  • Best Regular User: Ahmad, Brandon, Dill, UEE, Reo.
  • Best New User (May 2014 - now): Lex, Shades, Ren17.
  • Best Semi-New User (February 2014 - May 2014): Sync, Ben 1,000,911.
  • Best Old User (November 2009 - December 2013): Nick, Rocket, UEE, Ancy, TJ, Speedy, Charbel, Jon, Toon, Ahmad.
  • Funniest User: Brandon, Omi, UEE, Zon, Dragon, Ahmad,
  • Nicest User: Toon, Ulti, Brandon, Reo,
  • Most Missed User: Bry, Nick, Redo, Bink, Ultra.
  • Best Chatmod: Ulti, Toon.
  • Best Admin: Sci, Paper, Sub, Lego.
  • Best Bureaucrat: Brian, Roads.
  • Best Writer: Coke, Ulti, TJ, Sci, Dioga.
  • Best Artist: Ren, Fletcher.





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