Hi, guys. This is an award ceremony which may or may not go to the final level depending on how many users vote. Try not to vote for your own products.


  • Best Regular User:
  • Best New User (May 2013- now):
  • Best Semi-New User (February 2013 - May 2013):
  • Best Old User (November 2009 - December 2012):
  • Funniest User:
  • Nicest User:
  • Most Serious User:
  • Most Missed User:
  • Best Chatmod:
  • Best Admin:
  • Best Bureaucrat:


  • Best Finished Series:
  • Best Still-Continuing Series:
  • Funniest Series:
  • Series with the most violence:
  • Best Fanon Movie (On this wiki):
  • Series with the least violence:
  • Most detailed series:


  • Best Canon Alien:
  • Best Canon Ultimate form:
  • Best Fanon Alien:
  • Best Fanon Ultimate form:
  • Canon Alien with the best design:
  • Fanon Alien with the best design:


  • Best Canon Hero:
  • Best Fanon Hero:
  • Funniest Hero:
  • Best girlfriend for Ben:
  • Best Canon Villain:
  • Best Fanon Villain:
  • Most Cruel Canon Villain:
  • Most Cruel Fanon Villain


  • Best Fanon Omnitrix:
  • Best Canon Ben 10 Episode (from any four series):
  • Worst Ben 10 Episode (from any four series):
  • Best Canon Crossover:
  • Worst Canon Crossover:

Please nominate. *puppy eyes*

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