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Host's Opening Speech
Welcome to the final event of Fall Fanon Con 2020; the Main Blog! This 'Con went pretty well, and I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves. Without further ado, here are the entries.

--Ulti, the host of Fall Fanon Con 2020!


Jay's Entry
Welcome to JayTVStudios section in the Main Blog! This is where I will be giving spoilers about Jay 10 and Alternate Jay 10: A BTFF-Only Adventure.

Jay 10


Peyton, Ulti and the FART, standing for the Fighter and Resolver Tagmatarchis, real name Patrick Chlorin are all being added into Jay 10.


Roadkill: Transforms his feet into a unified wheel
Ribblaze: Releasing waves of hot air
Muscle Mussel: Has an extremely powerful punching arm
Electropedo: Can control and manipulate electricity in ravaging ways
Hailwind: Releasing modes of weather
Verblows: Can release strong winds by saying verbose words.
PsyKick: Blind but can release powerful psychic kicks.

The following aliens' abilities were permitted to be used from their original creators:

Galactree: Gateway by Ultra
Shadude: Requiem by Shades
Octouchpus: Mimisthetic by Ulti
Crabparazzi: Camera Shy by CaT


Comic 3 is about prehistoric aliens, and Comic 4 is about alternate universes. Ulti has given me permission to make POTO have a cameo in it.

Alternate Jay 10


Jay x Peyton is a thing, I wanted to spice up the story. Peyton has a crush on Jay, but he is oblivious to it. By the way Peyton is based on my celebrity crush Peyton List

Ulti is being added as a 16-year old octopus. He will be voiced by Jesse McCartney, per request by Ulti.


All aliens in Jay 10 are canon to Alternate Jay 10. Here are the voice actors of certain aliens:

Dustpit: Ross Lynch (Brady, Teen Beach)
Belugice: Yuri Lowenthal (Ben Tennyson, UAF/OV)
Stormpedo/Muscle Mussel: Eric Bauza (Diamondhead, OV)
Stickalopod: Tom Kenny (Spongebob)

Shadybug made by Aaron will also make an appearance, and possibly more aliens from AAA.

Grounder's Entry
I don’t have much to show, as there have been things that have been getting in the way. It’s also less code intensive, as I broke the blog last time.

Ben 10: Access Granted

I plan to make new designs for all the aliens. Notably, this all takes place before the movie, in both timeline and writing. (At the time of writing, all we have are leaks!) So Way Big, Goop, and whoever else appears will be unlocked under new circumstances, and if I already made a design for them, I will probably use that. Maybe I’ll even make AG designs for aliens seen in Season 5 if I don’t like their canon designs.

Derwin 13

This needed a giant overhaul, and is getting one. The new one will be much more fitting with my current writing style, and will be much more consistant with Ben 10 as a whole, taking place in the world of Access Granted. So no crossovers outside of Omnitrix aliens.

Derwin 13 New.jpeg

Derwin is no longer a Kirlia in D13, but rather a new species named the Chiseishin from the planet Kireina Sekai. They use a bootleg trix pilfered from a Cerebrocrustacean lab.

Kelsey New.jpeg

Kelsey is the new spunky tomboy of the group, replacing the old one. She’s a rowdy delinquent with a heart of gold, but will never listen to authority at all.

Micheal New.jpeg

Micheal is low-key and introverted, prefering to stay on his own in dark, quiet places, listening to music and drawing.

New Project

I have a new project based on Alan’s CYOA, but this time I am doing the reboot’s plotline. Also, rather than DM’s, I will make an entire server for this, for people to watch in real time! It will come when Dreamer finishes the edits.

Ethan's Entry

[Inside a dark bedroom, Ethan sat up from his bed as his hair was messed up and his eyes were barely open. Ethan laid out a yawn until he realized what the time was. The scene shifted to the right as Fossil Fuel had arrived onto a hill. Fossil Fuel changed back into Ethan, now fully dressed as he ran towards the cliff. Ethan jumped off the cliff as he slammed down onto the Omnitrix. In a green light, he became Cannonbolt and went flying down towards the water. As it created a big splash, it showed the E-10: Horizons logo as many aquatic creatures swam around the logo. The Expanded logo appeared below the logo until it faded away as Ethan had swam up towards the shore until the sunlight blinded the scene.]

E-10 Horizons EXPANDED logo.png

Ebomnitrix: Welcome to the E-10 Fanon Con Presentation. As of right now, we are currently airing through our newest story arc of the series, "The Festival of Horizon." A school festival where Ethan, his friend and various other students are hired to put together. How are you enjoying it so far? I'm hoping you're enjoying all our new characters come together. Today we will end the Festival of Horizon with a few upcoming surprises. Some of which I've kept secret to most of you and the newest crew members to E-10. Depending on the time this is posted, Episode 48 will release today. Here's the link down below.

Episode 48

Ebomnitrix: We have also updated our transformation templates. You can now go to any select alien form by clicking the icon. This was made possible to Discord member JD302. Who is also member of the 5YL Wikia team. We appreciate the help. I will be posting the template down below at the end of the presentation due to coding errors.

Ebomnitrix: I will be saving more of the upcoming news and information for the Discord Presentation later tonight. But I will leave with you one more thing. In honor of 10 years of 10.10.10. I will present you a sneak peek of the next episode premiering Next Friday, which will debut Ethan's 10th alien, Dragon Rush. Please take a look.

[Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice, Danny and Wallace made a run for it as the knights began to chase after them. A pair of knights grabbed their laser lances and began to shoot lasers at them. Hannibal grabbed his shield and protected them from the blasts.]

Hannibal: If I had my armor, I would’ve knocked them out in an instant.

Alice: That’s your cue, Ethan.

Terence: Wait, we’re going to drag Wallace into this?!

Ethan: Wallace, can you keep a secret?

Wallace: Of course. But I don’t know why you’re asking me that now.

Ethan: Just bare with me.

[Sir Morton and two other knights jumped before them.]

Sir Morton: If it isn’t the Wellington brat!

Ethan: Sir Morton.

Sir Morton: Hand us over that sword and shield, or you’ll pay dearly for your lives.

Ethan: See, I don’t have a ton of money on me right now. So you’ll have to ask me for some later.

[Sir Morton fired a laser below him.]

Sir Morton: Don’t make me ask again.

Ethan: Fine, if that’s how you want to play it… It’s Action Time!

[Ethan reached out for his Omnitrix and turned the dial. A dragon-like alien icon appeared before him. Ethan began to shake and squeal.]

Ethan: Ee-ee-ee-eek!!!

Alice: Ethan, what’s going on?!

Ethan: NEW ALIEN!!!

[Ethan popped up the core and slammed down.]

[DRAGON RUSH TRANSFORMATION: Ethan turned over to his left arm as he raised it. His arm turned blue and his muscles increased. Ethan turned over to the other arm to do the same. Ethan shut his eyes and raised his arms as ice surrounded his shoulders. The rest of Ethan’s lower body turned blue as he bent his legs as they transformed. A tail grew out as a trident appeared below it. Ethan spun over to his back as he curled himself into a ball. Then a pair of large wings sprouted out from his back, as water was placed in between each part of his wings. Ethan flew into the air as the background spun around him. Ethan flew back into the ground as everything shook around him. Ethan’s neck turned blue until his face changed. Ethan’s jaw extended and his eyebrows turned into light blue horns. The background stopped spinning as Ethan turned to the screen.]

Dragon Rush: DRAGON… RUUUSH!!!

[DRAGON RUSH TRANSFORMATION: Everything shook around the transformation as Dragon Rush roared when he screamed the second part of his name. Everything stopped shaking as a green light surrounded the screen.]

[Everybody stood back as Ethan had become a 20 ft tall dragon.]

Dragon Rush: Oooh. A dragon alien! I’ve always wanted to become a dragon alien!

Wallace: Wait a minute... He’s E-10. THAT’S E-10!

Sir Morton: Fire!

[Sir Morton and the other Forever Knights began firing laser beams from their lances. Dragon Rush breathed out a hydro pump as water gushed them over into the other side of the festival.]

Dragon Rush: Water? Huh, I wasn’t expecting that but it’ll do. Okay! I’m flying everybody out of here!

[Alice, Wallace and Hannibal climbed from his back. Dragon Rush began to flap his wings as Danny climbed onto his leg and Terence hung onto his tail. Dragon Rush flew in the air as he began to soar in the air. Danny turned back to notice the Forever Ninja was flying after them with its jetpack.]

Danny: Ethan, we got trouble!

Dragon Rush: Hold on!

[Dragon Rush began to spin a circle as the group screamed for their lives. Dragon Rush soared into the clouds. The Forever Ninja followed them into the clouds only to notice Dragon Rush was nowhere to be found.]


E-10 Horizons EXPANDED logo.png




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