Welcome to the second day of Fall Fanon Con 2019! I'm your host for the Alien Creation Contest, for which we have three contestants; WTB, Aaron and Boaring. Gotta admit, this was much harder for me to judge than I expected, but I had a great time reading the entries nonetheless.

Third Place

Boaring's Entry
Voidwalker is a DNA sample of an unknown entity that inhabits the Null Void.


Day 1: 19:38 Well, today's the day. The day my research shall pay off. With a bit of help and some favors, I've managed to get a ship, supplies, and a competent team to help me uncover the secrets of this strange pocket dimension called the "Null Void".

Day 2: 12:03 We've stepped through the portal now. We have our own Null Void projector in the ship as an escape route. This place is incredible. It's vast, and empty as space. It gives me chills in a good way.

Day 5: 02:03 Blipo and Farsa are bickering with each other. Over pleidosustence of all things. Ugh. But atleast they're good engineers. While they were arguing, our scanners picked up land mass nearby. We're heading our way to investigate.

Day 5: 5:45 We've arrived at the land mass. Quite strange. It's all white. But according to the soil composition, this patch originated from the planet Earth. I'll need to cross reference the database if there's any information about those primates meddling with Null Void projectors.

Day 6: 03:12 I was archiving the data we collected on that land mass. Our ship was parked on it, but I realized it was gone. I argued with Olker about why he flew the ship away from the land when I specifically ordered him not too. He replied that he never launched the ship. Of course, I didn't believe him. It's not as if the land mas disappeared on its own.

Day 10: 10:21 For the last few days, we noticed that some of our items, food, and equipment went missing. Especially my favorite pen holder. Of course, things went chaotic with Blipo and Farsa starting it. I also noticed that the interior seemed a bit dusty.

Day 12: 04:21 I did some analysis on the dust particles. It turned out to be Blipo's Lepidoterran Vegan Egg Salad (which is disgusting in all honesty). But what caused this.

Day 13: 05:44 Olker tells me he sees something outside. He told me something was staring at him. I looke out but I didn't see anything. Not even the scanners picked up anything. I'm slowly regretting hire these buffoons.

Day 20: 20:11 We've been flying for a long period of time now. Our scanners haven't found anything. Our pilot is still delusional about an invisible watcher looking at him. And now Farsa doesn't want to talk to any of us and just rumbles on about nihlistic gibberish.

Day 23: 23:12 Something is strange. I know I've had a good rest. But why do I feel tired? I can barely pick myself up. Is it a side effect of the Null Void? Even so, I still have to press on. For science.

Day 25: 15:15 Something is wrong with Farsa. She stopped murmuring and is now just sitting at the table, blankly staring. She's been like this since yesterday. Blipo even punched her and not even that broke her trance. We decided to let her rest in the infirmary while I conduct test on her condition.

Day 29: 01:20 It's been 4 days and Farsa is still in a trance. Could the Null Void be affecting her too? It's quite strange seeing her like this. She was always mouthing off and yelling. It's peaceful, but it feels off know that she's like this.

Day 29: 02:12 We've encountered a problem. Something attacked the ship and ne of our thrusters was damaged. Luckily, Blipo came prepared. But before he could fixed it, he immediately demanded to brought inside. Blipo looked terrified, kept yelling that something touched him. The strange thing is our scanner didn't pick up anything. What's more, Blipo said that when that "thing" touched him, his leg, and I quote, "turned into static-y noise for a sec".

Day 30: 03:05 I was surprised to see Farsa out of bed and stil sitting in the same spot as before. I attempted to talk to her. Alas, all she responded was a blank stare. That's when I noticed. She seemed paler than before. Along with this room.

Day 31: 13:21 This is a strange predicament. Everything in the ship is devoid of colors. Blipo and Olker are panicking like lunatics which is understandable. But there is much more data to be acquired here. When I checked the scanners, I couldn't help but feel someone is watching me. Nothing was out there yet I feel there is something staring at me.

Day 34: 12:02 Farsa has disappeared. The storage was one spacesuit missing. Did she go outside? What is she doing? Olker checked the scanners and tracked her suit's signal.

Day 34: 15:12 We looked. We searched. But all we could find was the suit's tracker. She disappeared into this abyss. Blipo is demanding that we use the projector to head back. I forbid it of course. I'm not leaving until I find out what is causing these phenomenon. In the heat of the moment, I secured the projector using an encrypted password. Now, no one leaves without my say.

Day 35: 13:29 Yesterday's tension didn't dissipate. Blipo and Olker avoided eye contact with me and grumbled under their breath. I didn't care. All I care is to find out what is in this Null Void.

Day 40: 21:09 Olker is feeling ill and had to rest in the infirmary. It wasn't the same as when Farsa was hospitalized. And there was nothing he that would make him sick. Could this also be an effect of the Null Void

Day 40: 21:27 Apparently, Olker just ate spoiled rations, causing him to get a stomachache. But after, the diagnosis, Blipo came into the room and for a brief moment, I saw his hand emit static noise. He said that something grabbed him through the walls. There must be an alien native to Null Void. I'm going to make a discovery of the millenia.

Day 41: 04:35 Blipo just tried to hack into the Null Void projector's security. I, of course, stopped him before he could activate him. A fight ensued between us, but I administered a tranq on him. I understand that this research is dangerous. But, I will not let some cowardly fool ruin this research before we discover this alien. I'll have to administer some sedatives to help him calm down and be more reasonable.

Day 41: 10:56 Olker has recovered from his food poisoning. He asked about the commotion a few hours ago. I told I scuffle with Blipo. Nothing serious. Olker is suspicious of me and he, too, thinks it's too dangerous to continue on and asks to head back. I told him we will leave when we bring evidence or a sample of the alien in the Null Void.

Day 43: 09:21 I've discreetly drugged Blipo's rations with a medicine that helps soothe his mind with a little side effect of minor memory loss. I've talked with him. He seemed to have forgotten about our scuffle. He still wants to leave, but isn't being aggressive about it. Crisis averted for now.

Day 45: 01:34 I was checking up the scanners. Olker was flying the ship. That's when, but for a moment saw something zoomed past us. Our scanners tried to track it, but our scanners are being jammed. That alien must be causing it.

Day 45: 02:20 Olker fired a direct hit at the alien. I couldn't see any details of it, but it's covered in static noise. It retaliated and struck our ship, causing a surge of energy all over it. Our ship lost power, our communications are down, and everything went dark. It must've created a power surge and disabled our ship.

Day 45: 06:50 We found Blipo dead. His body was convulsing with static noise before it stopped abruptly. Olker is starting to get agitated and demands me to head back now. Our ship is disabled, and two crew members are gone. We don't have much of a choice.

Day 45: 07:30 Our Null Void projector has taken heavy damage from the last attack. Olker is currently fixing now. I'm... sTArting to get aNxious. wHy did keep insisting we stay here? was i tHat seLF delUDed? iF iT weRen't fOr me, farssa annnD BLipo woildd be AlibE..vrsrsl 

Day 45: 08:11 Ohh, It's happeNi ng to Me too... My mind is geTting fpghkoggy.. My Fingeerrs keep shaking... Almost ddoone.. wi/ the proJectpor.

Day 45: 09:22 We goot attacked again... Olker managed to fend off itS tentacles... Ignoring My Daaze, I immediayrltley contained the part that gggott cut. Atlast an actul sample of the alien.

Day 45: 10:01 Olker fixed projector... We attackeddd agitna.. It took Olkker.. I'm next..hipj.. Must senddf tihs baack...r wowwglsorrrrrrr



Voidwalker appears like a phantasmal specter cloaked in a shawl of static noise. The rest of his face is blank white. He has otherworldly tendrils that may form into a clawed skeletal limb. He speaks in a whispery ghostly echo.

Powers and Abilities

  • Voidwalker can shift the reality around itself. In a 120 foot radius, Voidwalker passively and slowly bends reality, causing two or more of the random effects:
    • The sky becomes pitch black.
    • Colors all around him fade to black and white.
    • Fractures of "static noise" appear on objects and creatures.
    • Objects break and levitate around him.
    • Objects around him break down into dust.
    • Technological objects malfunctions.
    • Sentient creatures experience audible and visual hallucinations.
    • Sentient creatures become lethargic and/or apathetic.
    • Sentient creatures mumble their dark thoughts and become anxious.
    • Sentient creatures experience no emotions.
  • If the area affected by Voidwalker's passive reality shift stay for more than a day, it will be sent into the Null Void, along with any object and creature, excluding Voidwalker.
  • Voidwalker can use his tentacles to attack and grab objects and creatures. Getting hit by his tentacles causes a creature's body to convulse as if they have been electrocuted. It also causes their body to abruptly show static noise.
  • Voidwalker can phase through walls.
  • When Voidwalker dies, a small husk of itself is sent into the Null Void where it can be reborn in a decade with a new body.


  • Voidwalker has no bias and no understanding of the concepts of emotions, morals, and ethics. He will not attack unless provoked.
  • Voidwalker has a mind that can overwhelmingly influence others. This makes him a dangerous alien to use because his mind state can take over Ben's.
  • Voidwalker's passiveness makes him slow to react.
  • Voidwalker can only be affected with high level technology.
  • Voidwalker cannot leave the Null Void unless something pulls him out forcibly.
  • Voidwalker is a part of the Null Void and is where he must be. He will immediately attempt to return to the Null Void if a portal opens up to it.

This alien fits the theme pretty well, but his powers and weaknesses aren't explained to a substantial degree. He's cool overall and the way his background is presented is interesting, but I just feel like this entry is bare-bones, at least when compared to the other two entries. It's by no means bad, though!

Second Place

WTB's Entry
Yawnbreaker is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of the near-extinct species of the Mortifania from the planet of Gasteroux, a mysterious planet that’s known to be in-survivable to outsiders, such as its toxic gas-filled atmosphere, near-pitch-black from a lack of a sun, and having a gravitational pull so intense it would crush a human under normal circumstances. He is free-to-use with the optional choice of anyone using him providing me credit.


In his normal base form, Yawnbreaker is a towering, lanky alien, standing nearly 10 feet tall, but to its constantly-fluctuating physiology, Yawnbreaker has an indeterminable weight that’s impossible to message. Yawnbreaker’s body structure is not only tall, but large, powerful, and has an entire body constructed out of what is regarded as “stabilized antimatter”, a form of “negative matter” so tightly concentrated into raw energy that the time of its reaction from interacting with “positive matter” and violently exploding upon the two forms of matter disintegrating each other, has been stretched from under a nanosecond to over an estimated 50,000 years, where the concentration finally deteriorates and causes the antimatter to finally react with positive matter and destroy each other, resulting in the end of a Mortifania’s natural life span.

Yawnbreaker’s energized form of “stabilized antimatter” takes the form of an organic substance, black in coloration with faint dark-gray accents in the form of curvy, swirling stripes that cover Yawnbreaker’s forehead, temples, chest, and upper-back, and has the consistency of organic flesh, resulting in Yawnbreaker’s body being smoothly-edged and lacking any visible sharp edges or ridges, almost like being made out of pure fluid. Yawnbreaker’s face is regarded as grotesque, as it features a pair of large, glowing eyes with black pupils, a quartet of thin slit nostrils acting as a nasal cavity, and a seemingly-small mouth, with black teeth, no lips, a dark-gray tongue, and the ability to stretch open and expand to freakish proportions, exposing more and more teeth that gradually grow sharper, with the last teeth to each side of the row of teeth being serrated and razor-sharp. Along with Yawnbreaker’s mouth being able to stretch to the lower jaw’s joints, Yawnbreaker’s lower jaw can stretch open approximately 3 feet in length, due to Yawnbreaker’s energized form being quite elastic in nature.

Yawnbreaker’s limbs are long and distended, with arms that reach as low as the hips and legs that mostly make up Yawnbreaker’s height, being tipped with outstretched extremities, having elongated fingers and toes. Yawnbreaker is capable of manipulating and releasing a hidden network of fleshy tendrils, stored underneath the “skin” that are capable of respectively emerging from each outer-shoulder, elbow, palm, hip, kneecap, heel, collar-bone, abdomen, and most visibly, both Yawnbreaker’s pelvis and scalp, which result in Yawnbreaker giving a long prehensile tail and a short-haired wig-like appearance, like the snakes composing the Greek mythological Medusa’s hair, and is the only group of tendrils regularly seen non-retracted into Yawnbreaker’s body.

If used by 16-year-old Ben Tennyson of the Prime universe, Yawnbreaker’s irises would be colored bright-green and the Omnitrix symbol would be located on the back of Yawnbreaker’s head.

Powers and Abilities

Phobia-Influenced Ability Manifestation/Shapeshifting: Yawnbreaker and all species of Mortifania’s abilities are focused on the elements of fear and tapping into the terror within their opponents’ minds and fear off their generated fear. Yawnbreaker’s antimatter physiology is capable of reassembling its particles into a positive state that can essentially take on any form, but is influenced by Yawnbreaker mentally sensing a particular fear or phobia within an opponent’s mind and materializing it through an ability, or shapeshifting into what their opponent fears.

If Yawnbreaker taps into an opponent’s phobia of a particular creature, such as entomophobia, a fear of insects, ophidiophobia, a fear of snakes, or cynophobia, a fear of dogs, Yawnbreaker is capable of shapeshifting parts, if not all of their body into the creature, even gaining some of their natural abilities, though amplified to further terrify their opponents, such as generating poisonous venom and adhesive webs to terrify a spider-fearing arachnophobe, gain vampire-like abilities such as blood-sucking to terrify a bat-fearing chiroptophobe, and so on. In other cases, Yawnbreaker can simply shapeshift for the sake of terrifying an opponent to feed off their fear, such as gaining exaggerated clown-like characteristics to horrify a coulrophobe.

If Yawnbreaker taps into an opponent’s phobia of a particular object or item, such as trypanophobia, a fear of needles or astraphobia, a fear of storms, Yawnbreaker can generate and manipulate the abilities of the object to near-perfect will, even gaining sub-abilities, such as generation of water, lightning, or air from gaining atmokinesis against an astrophobe, and powers of those who fear particular elements, such as pyrokinesis against pyrophobes, hydrokinesis against hydrophobes, and so on. If the phobia is a concept, such as an pteromerhanophobic fear of flights or an acrophobic fear of heights, Yawnbreaker can gain other abilities, such as flight.

Fear Empowerment: By using their main ability of generating and gaining specific abilities and shapeshifting into an opponent’s phobias, Yawnbreaker gains sustenance off of negative mental energy, released by their opponent’s mind when in a state of fear, something that grants Yawnbreaker further power, represented by both enhanced abilities and physical alterations, such as the darkening of Yawnbreaker’s swirling gray stripes, gaining a more rigid, angular body structure, and growing larger, becoming taller and more bulky, though retaining a lanky complexion.

Anti-Molecukinesis/Antimatter Manipulation: If Yawnbreaker were to release any stabilized antimatter from their body, its stabilization factor will rapidly degrade and thus, would become ordinary antimatter, allowing Yawnbreaker to generate blast-like attacks of antimatter energy that would rapidly disintegrate or organically destroy anything touched by it, like corrosive acid.

Anti-Molecukinetic Implosions: Yawnbreaker’s blasts of antimatter energy can be concentrated and released in a violent burst of antimatter energy from Yawnbreaker’s swirling stripes so intense that anything touched by it would have its molecules destabilize and crush itself, collapsing itself inwards before rupturing in a powerful explosion that still retains its destructive properties of disintegration. Even the weakest of Yawnbreaker’s destabilized antimatter implosions can do extreme damage to inorganic matter.

Umbragenesis/Darkness Generation: If severely empowered by absorbed negative mental energy, Yawnbreaker will eventually begin to release an aura of pure darkness from the radiating energy within Yawnbreaker’s stable antimatter cells. Though it serves no offensive or defensive purposes, it will muffle and eat away at any form of light touching Yawnbreaker’s bodies, making them gradually more and more resistant against photokinetic attacks.

Form-Influenced Superhuman Physiology: Yawnbreaker’s feats of physiology are all superhuman, including but not limited to strength, durability/endurance, agility, reflexes, jumping stamina, dexterity, intelligence, senses, condition, swimming, climbing, digging, and so on, but particular forms influenced by Yawnbreaker’s main ability to shapeshift into their opponent’s greatest fear or phobia may possibly increase or decrease particular stats. Yawnbreaker gaining metallic skin to terrify a metallophobia may gain increased durability, while Yawnbreaker gaining quadrupedal skin to terrify a zoophobe may gain increased agility if the animal in question is fast, such as a cheetah.

Prehensile Tendrils/Tail: Yawnbreaker’s hair-like tendrils and long eel-like tail are all prehensile, able to wrap around and grab onto an object, even displaying some strength when interacting with it, such as holding or throwing it.

Elastic Jaws/Sharp Teeth: Stated above, Yawnbreaker's jaws are elastic and can stretch open to a maximum of 3 feet in length and most of Yawnbreaker's teeth are razor-sharp, some even serrated, which can be utilized in combat. Yawnbreaker's jaws are believed to be powerful to bite through solid stone with little effort.

Toxic Gas/Extreme Pressure Immunity: Stated above, the species of the Mortifania are forced to withstand the toxic gas-filled atmosphere and extreme gravitational pull of their home planet, Gasteroux, which has since made them fully immune to it.


Malicious Nature: The mental nature of a Mortifania is overall considered malicious and sinister, wanting to terrify all who oppose them and show no mercy, and though the user of a Mortifania DNA sample may be able to control Yawnbreaker’s malignant urges, Yawnbreaker’s mind will constantly feel the impulse to horrify and feed.

Fear Empowerment Addiction: If Yawnbreaker becomes empowered a significant amount, Yawnbreaker’s metabolism will be engorged to extreme proportions, amplifying Yawnbreaker’s urges to feed and gain more power, leaving them uncontrollable.

Highly-Destructive Abilities: Yawnbreaker’s antimatter attacks are extremely destructive, as everything damaged by them is violently disintegrated and stated above, even Yawnbreaker’s weakest antimatter implosion can violently eradicate all nearby inorganic matter, forming Yawnbreaker’s antimatter attacks to only be used in very situational circumstances that would end in a tremendous amount of damage to its surroundings.

Umbra Dependence: The Mortifania’s natural exposure to constant darkness has genetically altered their DNA to the point that they sustain off of the absence of light, meaning that while their bodies won’t react when exposed to, being unexposed to a dark environment for very, very long periods may gradually start Yawnbreaker to display symptoms of “Duskosis”, a temporary affliction when Mortifania’s are unexposed to darkness for too long, resulting in their behavior becoming loopy, giddy, and semi-non-hostile, as if they’re extremely exhausted. "Duskosis" can be instantaneously cured if Mortifania’s return to a dark environment.

Aliens Species Lore

Stated above, the species of the Mortifania are endangered from widespread galaxy alien hunters, who consider the species to be the perfect malicious pet, kidnapping them from their planet and manipulating their high metabolism for fear by promising sustenance in exchange for complete obedience, where are illegally sold in alien “pet shops” and either turned into cold-blooded hunters or freak-show-like attractions for their bizarre abilities. Only a few thousand Mortifania naturally remain on the planet of Gasteroux and are protected by galactic government projects to prevent their complete extinction.

Stated above, the Mortifania are beings born entirely out of a condensed form of stabilized antimatter that won’t negatively react with positive matter within 50,000 years, which is considered the natural life-span length of a member of the Mortifania species. The Moritfania species are born from fissures or large splits in their planet’s crust every estimated 10,000 Earth years as a slightly-amorphous being of pure energy, known as an “Immature Moritfania” that will eventually harden and form upon absorbing the scattered subatomic anti-particles within their planet’s atmosphere, generating a Moritfania’s antimatter body structure. After 4 Earth weeks, an adult Mortifania will be born.

Despite the Mortifania being very malevolent, attacks on their prey only involve terrifying them with their abilities, and will only further their assault if the prey attempts to fight back, most likely resulting in their death. It’s oddly known that the Mortifania are repulsed by the taste of flesh, which is due to the fact they don’t naturally eat and gain sustenance by darkness and negative mental energy, and references their natural disgust on being forced to kill, as they only do it if forced.

The Moritfania share a mutual relationship with another inhabitant of Gasteroux, the Scolbridians, who are large orge-like beings with chained helmet-like apparatuses over their heads that upon being opened, reveal their faces, which are similarly composed of the Moritfania’s antimatter bodies, but unlike them, the concealed faces of the Scolbridians are so terrifying that any living creature that gazes into it will be absolutely horrified to the literal bone, as the fear implemented in their brain will repel the blood from their skin, turning them pale-white, along with causing hysterical screaming, extreme nausea, loss of consciousness, and so on. Though the two share fear-influenced abilities, they don’t particularly interact with each other, but are aware of their existence and it’s widely believed that even Mortifania’s can be horrified by the exposed face of a Scolbridian.

Home Planet Lore

Not much is known about the planet of Gasteroux, as gaining information about it is almost impossible due to the characteristics of the planet that would be lethal to outsiders, including its toxic atmosphere, lack of a sun, and extreme gravitational pull that would flatten anything that would near it. However, it is known to be a rocky planet with fissures running across its surface from its weathered tectonic planets, where the species of the Mortifania are seemingly born from, emitting from Gasteroux’s internal core of pure energy. Its atmosphere is surrounded by anti-particles that are absorbed by infant Mortifania’s to soon mature into their fully-grown adult phase, and revealed by the galactic government projects that protect the endangered Mortifania, Gasteroux possesses an anti-particle-generating black hole just a few light-years away, the source of the anti-particles, that generates “clouds” of fully-formed antimatter that will engulf and obliterate anything that enters it.


  • Yawnbreaker’s nickname is a combination of the word “yawn” and the term “dawn-breaker”, an unintentional reference to the Skyrim sword of the same name. Put together, Yawnbreaker’s nickname technically means to disrupt or “break” one’s tiresome yawn from inflicting them with sudden fear.
  • Yawnbreaker’s species name of “Mortifania” is a combination of the words “mortify”, referencing Yawnbreaker’s fear-focused abilities and “mania”, a syndrome with symptoms of elevated energy level, referencing Yawnbreaker’s sinister personality and high metabolism for negative mental energy.
  • Yawnbreaker’s home planet name of “Gasteroux” is a combination of the first and last name of Gaston Leroux, a French journalist and detective fiction, best known for writing the novel "The Phantom of the Opera" where the deformed antagonist, “The Phantom” wears a white mask to hide his genetically deformities, stated in the novel to include an absent nose, sunken eyes that glow in the dark, stretched skin, a “lipless dead mouth”, and a thin frame, characteristics also shared by Yawnbreaker.
  • Yawnbreaker is technically capable of Umbrakinesis, the ability to manipulate darkness from the aura of it that surrounds them upon becoming heavily empowered by fear sustenance, but due to a usually-human user of a Mortifania DNA sample, they are unable to fully utilize said ability, similar to an Amperi’s ability of telepathy, or mind reading.
  • The Scolbridians are present in the canon universe of Ben 10, being that of the species of Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Scolbridian, Toepick.
  • The Scolbridians’ species name of “Scolbridians” is a slightly corrupted variation of “Scold’s bridle'' which is a form of public humiliation, punishment, and even torture, mostly used in England during the late 1500’s, that involves an iron muzzle and framework that pins the tongue of someone down, preventing speaking of typically women who gossiped or caused trouble, which serves as a loose reference to the metallic helmet of a Scolbridian.
  • Khyber, a Zaroffian mercenary and self-proclaimed greatest galactic huntsmen, formerly possessed a “pet” Mortifania deep in his ship, that he keeps contained in a chamber of dark matter and kept sustained via being given captured aliens to terrify. It was first considered to be the candidate to wear the Nemetrix during the events of Omniverse, but the Mortifania rejected it due to its sapient nature.
  • After the events of the Omniverse episode “Of Predators and Prey: Part 2” where Khyber’s ship was first destroyed, his pet Mortifania escaped, was discovered by Plumbers, and re-evaluated after years in a Plumber base after discovering that his decades of imprisonment has left him unfit to become a natural Mortifania again. Learning speech, the Mortifania has “found himself with the humans”, adopted the alien name of “Drågsraks”, and is now a famous alien horror movie actor on Earth and as of 2018, became engaged to Kineceleran supermodel "R8-CH-L".
  • Drågsraks’ adopted name is “Skårsgard” spelled backwards, the last name of Bill Skårsgard, best known for playing the shapeshifting monster Pennywise in the 2017/2019 remake of the Stephen King 1982-novel-adapted film, “IT: Chapter 1” and "IT: Chapter 2".
  • If Yawnbreaker were to appear in the canon Prime Universe, controlled by Ben Tennyson, his dream voice actor would be Bills Skårsgard himself.

This is the exact opposite of bare-bones. Almost everything about Yawnbreaker is elaborated on, down to the smallest detail. I love the way he looks and he puts a unique spin on powers that have been seen and done a bunch of times. I can tell WTB put a lot of effort into the nitty-gritty details and it definitely paid off!

First Place

Aaron's Entry
Plot Device
Plot Device
General Information
Species Infinitum
Home Planet Shimmering Solitude
Body Non-humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Plot Control
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Weaknesses Useless Teeth
Poor Fists
Used By Ben Tennyson (Earth-58 Only)

Plot Device is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Infinitum from Shimmering Solitude. He existed briefly only in Earth-58. He is Aaron's entry into the Fall 2019 Fanon Con Alien Design Contest, under the theme of 'impossible'.

Note: I am aware that Fanon Con Alien Entries require sections for their planet and species. That is not possible here, for reasons that should be obvious once you've seen their pages. Honestly it'd probably make more sense to read them first. For full context of this alien, the relevant pages are:


Plot Device is a large, floating non-humanoid creature with inky black skin. His body consists of a chest as large as a torso, connected by a thin abdomen to a large thorax hanging underneath. He has two large and thin arms, and two smaller arms holding close to his chest. All four of his hands have four fingers arranged in a circular pattern around the palms.

He has a long, almost canine-like jaw. He has large glowing blue/purple teeth and a bright orange tongue (or even tongues, they seem to change between one long, wide tongue and many thin tentacles tongues at random). None of this seems to fit into his mouth, yet it still closes perfectly. He has four eyes on the underside of his jaw with black sclera and orange irises. Atop his head he has long glowing blue opposable tendrils.

The Omnitrix dial is on his left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

From a meta perspective of truly knowing the nature and context of Plot Device, his powers are clearly Plot Control. However, from Ben's perspective he only knows one thing- when he presses the dial onto Plot Control's silhouette, there is a 100% chance that he is going to succeed at whatever he is attempting to achieve regardless of nature even if he mistransforms into another alien.

Plot Device, named because of his sure-fire success rate, has the ability to alter the future in his favour both consciously and unconsciously though only to a somewhat minor degree. There are rarely, if ever, consequences for actively altering the future that he is unable to proactively perceive. These powers even extend to the Omnitrix itself, meaning that attempting to use this alien will often result in Ben being given a more suitable alien for the scenario.

His only other real power is his ability to float on any surface, but only at a shallow height.


This alien is, above all else, the alien that Ben is least likely to actually get when he selects it- especially if he wishes to use this alien in combat. Not knowing what alien he will actually get and not always being sure how this alien will help both led Ben to sometimes avoid this alien. He eventually overcame these worries, however, and began trying to use him near-constantly.

His massive teeth are far too soft to actually bight anything.

He cannot throw a punch to save his life.


Plot Device was first unlocked accidentally and used by Ben Tennyson when the Tick attached itself to Earth when he was 10 years old. An unseen side affect of Plot Device's powers caused a bacteria from Arburia carried by the Tick to mutate when exposed to Earth pathogens, that fed on the Ammonia inside the Tick and rapidly killed it from within. Ben was stuck as this alien for several hours during the alien attack.

Eventually as Ben began to use the alien more and more, greater and greater alterations to the timeline began to occur, such as Max successfully convincing Xylene to stay on Earth to help them protect it. Though this had minimum impact on the events immediately succeeding her remaining, this became greatly important when Ben accidentally tripped the Omnitrix's self-destruct. They were immediately able to take the device to Azmuth and have it fixed.

From here, the timeline began to majorly diverge. Plot Device's existence allowed Ben to surpass the events that SHOULD have triggered him wanting to remove the Omnitrix when he was 12. This led to a vastly different course of events for the next few years as Ben's continued service invited greater challengers to face him. Khyber made himself present far sooner, and the Highbreed invasion was discovered quickly and effective measures prevented them from ever taking a foothold while still allowing Ben to reach Augstaka and repair the Highbreed DNA to prevent the genocide of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Eventually, the events shifted so far from the set path as to invite worry from the Celestialsapiens when the consequences of Plot Device's alterations suddenly became too much to overcome as Ben was unable to prevent Aggregor from reaching the Forge of Creation and nearly absorbing a Celestialsapien child had its mother not been able to protect it herself. This complete failure of the time loop fundamental to Earth-58 prompted the Celestialsapiens to take action against the beings that had caused this universe to vary so much from those that came before it.

Plot Device was removed from the Codon Stream and, in essence, completely destroyed. The Infinitum were completely removed from the universe and a new, separate, universe was created specifically to contain them. This dimension is known as The Cell.


Ben 10

  • The Big Tick (first appearance) - Caused an Arburian bacteria to mutate due to contact with Earth virus killing the Tick
  • Grudge Match (x2) - First time accidental transformation, caused accident in combat that destroyed the chain binding him to Kevin. Second time used to cause Kevin lock himself inside an escape pod, while Ben escaped in a separate escape pod.
  • The Galactic Enforcers - Used to jump away from Sixsix, where he was then saved by Synaptak before plunging into a vat of molten iron. He unknowingly caused Sixsix's aiming tech to malfunction, before consciously altering the properties of Element X to prevent it from reacting with the iron when Sixsix broke free and tried to activate the bomb.
  • Camp Fear (selected alien, alien received was Ghostfreak) - Ghostfreak flew after the falling boy Gilbert and caught him mid-air by phasing through him.
  • Ghostfreaked Out (selected alien, alien received was Heatblast) - Heatblast was used to fight the escaped villainous Ghostfreak, using his fire to prevent the alien from escaping or attacking before he was incinerated in the sunlight.
  • Back With a Vengeance (x2, attempted use x5)
  • Ben 10'000 - When Plot Device is used, Gwendolyn Tennyson from the future appears randomly and gives them a cake- bypassing the intended future plotline altogether.
  • Midnight Madness (under hypnosis) - Used without conscious control. Easily evaded capture when the police attempted to arrest him.
  • Game Over (attempted use inside game world, received alien was Benwolf)
  • Under Wraps (x2, second time received alien was Diamondhead)
  • The Unnaturals - Used to cause the Squires to lose points in the baseball game.
  • Be Afraid Of The Dark (attempted use, received alien was Frankenstrike)
  • The Visitor (x2, first time was off-screen) - helps convince Xylene to stay on Earth with the Tennysons. With help from Grey Matter and Upgrade, they build her an ID Mask so that she can hide among humans.
  • Perfect Day - Plot Device is able to see both worlds at once, and lets Ben devise a plan of escape by using his plot control to affect the real world without being noticed.
  • Don't Drink The Water (attempted use x2, first time received alien was Stinkfly, second attempt successful)
  • Big Fat Alien Wedding
  • Ben 4 Good Buddy - The Rust Bucket breaks down as the crooks try to escape with it. However, they repair it quickly and get moving again before Ben can get to the Rust Bucket to fight them due to his large size and un-nimble shape.
  • Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1
  • Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 2 (attempted use x2, second time alien received was Upchuck)
  • Secret of the Omnitrix (attempted use x3, last time alien received was Way Big- who was not already unlocked)

Post-Ben 10

At this point the timeline differentiates too greatly from the intended path to be properly aligned with the series that should canonically follow. Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien still occur in some form, but for the most part greatly out of order and with 20-or-so more aliens than Ben should have available as Ben keeping the Omnitrix prevented the reset when it recalibrated (which in this timeline occurs when he is 14, when the update was actually made live by Azmuth).

After reading WTB's entry, I thought for sure he was going to win first place. Suffice it to say, I was wrong. It took a bit of self-debating, but eventually, only one could come out on top. That being said, I love basically everything about both Plot Device and Yawnbreaker that the gap between both entries is negligible and I have nothing to say about Plot Device that I haven't already said about Yawnbreaker.

Congratulations to all three of our contestants and thank you all for reading. Please stick around for the rest of Fanon Con!

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