Hey, guys! Ulti here, as your host for Fall Fanon Con's Creative Writing Contest! We have three contestants this time round; OV9, Beast and Dioga!

3rd Place

OV9's Entry
Hey, guys! So, in this whole article, I am gonna be talking about a problem that has been going on for years. THE problem I have only seen psychologists react against it. I don’t think, in my knowledge, there has been anyone who has spoken for the problem. Teen Depression!

So, in a lot of cases that I’ve seen in my school, I’ve seen depression only when you’re starting as a teen. Like, I am talking about 13-14 years of age. So, your parents, when you are at that age, give you a lot of responsibilities. And sometimes, responsibilities come onto you with you even knowing it, but you have to carry on in the future. At first, you would get a little frustrated. You would be like, “Why is this happening to me?” or something like that. I know that because I have experienced it when I was 13, which was last year. So, I get angry at a very early age, when I was 10. I don’t know why, I get angry for silly things way too fast. But I don’t know why, it might have been YouTube, or might be my crush that made me curtail my anger. And my friends were like, wait who is this guy now.

But I am not gonna talk about all my problems. It’s just that what influences a person in this world is the world itself. One of the main causes of depression is that people expect highly from you. They want you to be a man, they want you to fulfill their dreams. And because of that they pressurize you. Maybe you can manage it, maybe you don’t. But for those who don’t, worry about their future too much. They worry if they will have good jobs. They worry if they would not get accepted in the world or fit in with others because of their looks or their education or something like that. And because of that they suffer too much depression and will tend to suicide.

Another main cause is bullying. Now, when I was in 8th grade, I used to be scared of going to school. It was because of bullying. My classmates bullied me a lot because I get angry way too much those days. But I hardly get angry these days. So, no one bullies me anymore. Just goes to show that bullies target you through your weaknesses. A bully makes you want to regret your weakness and in turn he wants you to react which many people obviously do. If you have mental problems or if you are weak or ugly or something like that, a bully uses that to his advantage and gets you. But, ultimately, it gets you into depression. I have seen many documentaries on this, I have seen people literally cry and say that they are afraid of coming to school. It really is pathetic. It happens in my school also. Not just mine but in all the schools.

Whatever the reason might, there must be something good that comes along with it. In case of bullying, if people bully you , then let them. Just have a ‘don’t care’ attitude. I mean they are also people with problems and just to feel good about themselves, they bully you. So, don’t give them the satisfaction that they make you angry or sad. If you can’t take it go and talk to an adult about this.

Also, be yourself. If people make fun of who you are, don’t change yourself, don’t be like them. If you cry, you cry. If people want you to man up, they are wrong. You just be yourself and eliminate all the weaknesses and I promise, you will have a good teenage life. Anyways guys, this is Omniverse9, signing out.

In third place we have OV9, who I assume didn't quite understand what Creative Writing is meant to be. His entry consists of advice on how to overcome depression. While that's good, albeit generic, advice, in Creative Writing, you're meant to write a story in a non-conventional way. This entry was not a story. On top of that, there were a few grammatical errors.

2nd Place

Dioga's Entry
The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Hey guys. Dioga beta here. Please enjoy my submission for the Creative Writing Contest. 

Creative Contest: Twin Diaries: Mental Break

Teresa, wearing a sleeveless blue shirt and white skirt, sits in the student engagement center of her high school, working on an assignment. The other students are playing around, talking, and just plain old goofing off. There's a TV playing in the background, as some guys starts cheering like a sports game. Teresa’s head drops as she lets out a groan, visibly annoyed.

Teresa: (Muttering) What the hell? Why can’t I ever get quiet to do my work?

Teresa looks up to see a grouping of kids around the TV, watching what seems to be the news. There is live footage of Humungousaur fighting against a large tyrannosaurus-rex.

Student 1: Dude! Yeah!

Student 2: Those alien guys are so cool!

Student 3: Ugh, they are like, so disgusting!

Teresa shakes her head in annoyance as she puts her head back down towards her work.

Teresa: (To herself) Idiot. He’ll never get a sports scholarship if he keeps skipping class.

Female Voice: Give that back, you asshole!

Teresa glares in a rage as she sees the new commotion. A girl with dark blue hair with two little ponytails at the bottom of her hair is being picked on by some football players. The girl wears a white shirt with flowers in the corner and a black blazer over it, and pink capris. The football player holding her purse over her head is Adrian, a defender on the team. He’s got gelled up blond hair and is about as big as he is tall. He snickers as the girl jumps for the purse.

Adrian: Aww! The fag can’t get her bag back! So sad!

Girl: (Defiant) “Fag?” “Fag?!” That’s the only reason you’re picking on me?! Well, you bitches are shit out of luck! I’m a lesbian and proud of it!

Adrian: “Bitches?” Let’s see how the fag likes this one, then. KEEP AWAY!

The football players spread out across the room, as they throw the purse into the air. The girl runs to try and get it, as another football player catches it and holds it out of reach. He throws it to the next guy, as the cycle continues. Teresa looks conflicted, feeling the girl’s pain.

Teresa: I should help her. This is exactly what I fear from these people if I was ever exposed. But, doing something may expose me anyway. Figures. She’s got a nice ass. And what other chance do I have to date someone like me?

Teresa shakes her head to snap herself out of it, as she puts her stuff away and leaves the room. She heads to the girl’s bathroom, going into the stall. She locks the door and turns towards the toilet seat. A pair of red eyes stare up at her, Teresa letting out a shriek as she rushes out and slams the door. Teresa hyperventilates for a few moments, calming down.

Teresa: Da fuq?

Teresa opens the door, looking back in the toilet. The eyes are gone, as Teresa looks timid and wary.

After school, Teresa is walking across the school yard to head home, with the girl from earlier chatting with some other girls, though they look uneasy.

Raspy Voice: You should go talk to her.

Teresa: (Spooked) Huh?

Teresa turns to see who spoke, but nobody is there. She tries to calm down, when it continues.

Raspy Voice: This is your big chance. To finally satisfy the urges and needs that you have been suppressing. You know she’d be willing to do it, so just go for it!

Teresa shakes her head, and keeps walking forward with her head down. This hides the rising panic on her face from the sound of the voice. 

Raspy Voice: (Nervous) Of course if you do talk to her, then you risk exposing your secrets. She’s very outgoing and open about her status, so any interaction could cause some of the smarter people to figure it out.

Raspy Voice: (Confident) It’s worth the risk! Your needs are more important than your status! Do it!

Raspy Voice: (Nervous) Don’t do it!

Raspy Voice: (Confident) Do it!

Raspy Voice: (Nervous) Don’t do it!

Teresa has her eyes closed, straining to not listen to the voices. She bumps into the girl, Teresa tumbling and falling backwards. She lets out a gasp as she hits the ground, groaning from a sore butt.

Teresa: Ow, ow, ow.

Girl: Hey, you okay?

The girl stands over her, offering Teresa her hand. Teresa gets a look at her face for the first time, seeing her clear complexion and bell blue eyes. Teresa has a timid and shy look on her face as she takes the hand. The girl yanks Teresa off the ground, her stumbling forward into the girl’s chest. Teresa enjoys it for the split second that she notices the feel of the girl’s breast, but quickly rights herself and takes a step backwards. 

Teresa: (Anxiously) Yep, yep, just fine! Sorry about that!

Girl: Ah, I’m used to it. I can be a klutz myself. My name’s Marinette!

Teresa: Uh, I’m Teresa. Uh…

Teresa’s eyes wander, noticing that everyone on the yard was staring at the two of them. Marinette notices, sighing in comprehension.

Marinette: Relax. You won’t be considered gay just for talking to me. 

Teresa: (Defensively) What?! No! That’s not—

Marinette: (Forces a smile) It’s okay. I’ve been getting that a lot today.

Teresa: It’s not that, it’s…

Teresa feels something below, as her eyes glance down. Her skirt is rising up towards her blouse, her eyes widening in horror as she knows that her pink underwear is now in clear view of everyone around. Her body tenses up, as she thrusts her arms down to push the skirt down. The schoolyard bursts in laughter, Teresa’s face blushing a bright red as she sprints off in embarrassment.

End Scene

Terence, wearing jeans, under an armor shirt and his football warmup jacket, arrives at Max’s Plumbing with Dr. Animo in tow. He goes into the back to the bathroom, pulling the flush handle from the ceiling. The floor sinks as he enters the underground Plumbers’ HQ. Bryk and Morty arrive and take Animo away, him stirring and flailing now.

Animo: No! You haven’t seen the last of Dr. Aloysius Animo!

Terence: You try anything else, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me, that’s for sure!

Terence heads off, heading to the technician’s lab. Blukic and Driba are working on a blaster, arguing.

Driba: We need to reverse the polarity!

Blukic: No we don’t.

Driba: Yes we do!

Terence: Hey guys! Which color’s better, green or red?

Driba: Green! Obviously!

Blukic: Red’s better.

Driba: He didn’t ask which one you preferred! He asked which one was overall better!

Blukic: I know. 

Driba: Then you know your answer is wrong!

Blukic: Nope. I do know that yours is wrong.

Terence: (Cracking up laughing) Dudes, I’m messing with you! You little frog guys are so much fun!

Driba: Frog?!

Blukic: What an insult.

Terence: So you can agree! Anyway, just letting you know that the Omnitrix is working like a dream! Ever since you guys severed the timeout function tie to Teresa’s Omnitrix, I’ve been able to work all the time now!

Blukic: Glad it worked. Adjusting the time sequence was my idea.

Driba: No it wasn’t!

Blukic and Driba continue arguing, as Terence blows them off. He heads to his room, where Kevin is sitting in a beanbag chair playing a racing game. 

Terence: Kevin, dude! Personal space?!

Kevin: (Not looking at him) Only place to hide out here. You need a better lock. 

Terence shakes his head with a smile, as he grabs another controller and hops on his bed. 

Terence: Just busted Animo today. Gotta say, you should’ve heard the sound of me knocking the teeth out of that T-Rex!

Kevin: (Not caring) Uh-huh.

Terence: (Playing the game as well) How are you and Gwen doing? You shag it up recently?

Kevin: Nah. Gwen’s not up for that. She’s too busy with her prep school work, and I’m a “distraction.”

Terence: Why you still with her, then? I’m hanging with a new lady every few weeks right now.

Kevin: Seriously, where do you go? I know you don’t bring them here, cause that’d be the talk of the base. 

Terence: (Smugly) Trade secret.

Kevin: Whatev. Oh yeah. Gwen wanted me to ask how Teresa’s doing.

Terence: (Confused) Huh? Teresa? Uh, good, I guess. Getting better than that incident with the burn bitch.

Kevin: Well, keep a tab on that. Gwen will chew my ass out if the kid gets worse cause of our neglect.

Terence: I’m heading to Bob’s Pizza later to hang with the team. You can come and see for yourself.

Kevin: Pffh! And hang out with all those block head jocks?! Pass.

Terence: You calling me a block head?

Kevin: Yep.

That evening, Terence makes it to Bob’s Pizza, the rest of the football team already there. Daniel is the first to greet him, giving him a bro hug. Teresa brings out a few pizzas, her now wearing baggy jeans. Teresa quickly slinks into the back, Terence noticing the eyes following his sister.

Terence: Eck-hem!

The group goes silent, as Terence’s face is fierce and determined.

Terence: You guys eyeing my sister?

Adrian: Dude, you would too after today! If she wasn’t your sister, of course!

Terence: (Now confused) What happened today?

Adrian: Teresa flashed the yard her panties!

Terence: (Appalled) What?!

Daniel: It’s not as bad, (with force) or appealing, as Adrian’s implying. There was like this random gust of wind or something, cause her skirt just shot straight upward.

Adrian: There was no wind at all man! Your sis just hiked it up for all to see! You gotta let me date her, man!

Terence: (Suspiciously) You think I’d say yes after you objectify my sister like that?

Adrian: Dude, you do that to every skank you set your eyes on! You can’t say shit about me! 

Terence stops, realizing he’s been beat.

Terence: (Sighs) Fine. You can ask. But I know for a fact that she’ll say no. You’re so not her type.

Adrian: What? She gay or something? (Smiles) That’d be a hoot!

The group starts laughing, as Terence forces himself to join. Teresa is listening through the door from the kitchen. She looks torn and hurt, but strong.

Teresa: Terence is right about one thing. He’s so not my type.

Raspy Voice: They think you’re gay now! If you don’t do anything, they will piece it together. 

Teresa: (In deliberation) This is Adrian we’re talking about. He’s not that smart. 

Raspy Voice: But he’s bigoted. He could spread the rumor that you are gay just to force you to accept. If you accept his offer now, you’ll mitigate the potential damage and quench any rumors from forming. 

Teresa: (Groans) I can’t believe I’m agreeing with the voice. I must be going crazy.

Teresa goes back out onto the dining floor, Adrian cheering as she comes.

Adrian: There’s the lady of the hour! Come here sugar, I wanna ask you something!

Teresa catches Terence’s expression, him filled with a rage. She sees that he’s doing everything he can to restrain himself. Teresa gets a stroke of confidence, standing tall.

Teresa: I am quite fine where I am. But I will accept your date proposal. 

Adrian: (Baffled) Wha?

Teresa: I can hear you guys through that door, you know.

Some of the others chuckle, but Adrian is undeterred.

Adrian: (Grinning) Don’t care now! Let’s set it for this Friday then!

Teresa: (Flatly) Yeah, great.

Terence: Uh, Teresa? A word? 

Terence gets up, as he leads Teresa into the back. 

Terence: What’s up, sis? You detest Adrian. And that’s your word.

Teresa: I know what I said. But, well there is this new girl who is a lesbian, and he’s been torturing the girl! I just don’t want him spreading any damaging rumors about me, that’s all. 

Terence: Come on. He wouldn’t do that.

Teresa: I heard him joke about it with the boys! If that was at school, I’d be ruined! 

Terence: You don’t usually act this rashly. He’ll say stuff about you whether you went out with him or not.

Teresa: (Sighs) I know. Just, let me do this. 

Terence: Alright, sis. You tell me if he does anything. I’ll take pleasure in kicking his ass.

Teresa: (Teasingly) Not if I beat you to it. Will you cover me this Friday?

Terence: (Scoffs) Obviously.

Later that night, Teresa is sitting at her desk in her room, asleep and drooling on her homework. Teresa sniffs something, her face scrunching up as she starts to sweat profusely. She starts twisting and turning her head, when she shoots up in a fright.

Teresa: NO! STAY AWAY!

Teresa slaps down the Omnitrix, transforming into Spidermonkey. She leaps and sticks to the ceiling, knocking the chair over as she does. She fires webs from her tail all around the room at imaginary targets. The walls and part of the floor are covered in webs, including the door and bed. The chair gets webbed to the floor, as Spidermonkey stops and pants heavily.

Spidermonkey: (Wiping brow) Just a dream. Huh? 

Spidermonkey looks around, seeing the webbing all over. There is a single spot on the floor without webbing, as she drops down and lands on that spot. 

Spidermonkey: (Irritated) Great. Just great.

End Scene

Teresa is waiting at the pizza shop, wearing a pair of jeans. They aren’t as baggy as the other day, but not tight on her ass. She now wears a shirt with a rabid bunny on it. She yawns loudly, her eyes being droopy. Terence walks in, groaning.

Terence: Ugh. Time to work. (Spots Teresa) You’re wearing that?

Teresa: (Rubs eyes) I’m not actually trying to impress Adrian, remember?

Terence: True. You look terrible, though. Like you’ll fall right over.

Teresa: I, haven’t been sleeping well this week. Nerves, I guess.

Terence: You’ll be fine. And you can call me if you need help.

Teresa: Yeah, yeah.

Teresa gets up, heading out the door. A hissing sound occurs, Teresa jumping from the spot frantically. Terence looks at her in confusioin.

Terence: Something up?

Teresa: (Flabbergasted) Something up? SOMETHING UP?! Did you not hear that snake hiss right there?! 

Terence: Snake hiss? I didn’t hear a thing. Maybe it’s in your sleep deprived head. 

Teresa: (Uneasy) Yeah. Sure.

Teresa heads out, walking to meet with Adrian. Low tone hissing noises occur constantly on her walk, as Teresa frantically scans the area. She becomes jumpy as time passes by, her looking like she’s in a panic by the time she arrives at a bowling alley. Adrian is waiting for her there.

Adrian: (A bit disdained) You look terrible.

Teresa: (Flatly) Gee, way to charm a girl. 

Adrian: (Blows her off) Whatever. Ready to get creamed on the field?

Teresa: (Still a bit jumpy) Yeah, yeah.

Adrian and Teresa head inside, getting their shoes and a lane. Adrian has a lot of power on his bowls, though can never hit the last few left standing. Teresa has less power in her swings but better aim, able to get the spares with ease.

Much later, Adrian takes Teresa back with her, Teresa not thrilled.

Teresa: Where are we going? 

Adrian: You’ll see. 

Adrian leads Teresa through a door, going into a back alley behind the bowling alley. Teresa face tightens with realization, as Adrian closes the door behind them.

Adrian: There we go. I thought we could use some privacy.

Teresa: (In disbelief) Are you serious right now? 

Adrian: Why not? You’re hot, I’m a stud. You should be honored to be with me. 

Adrian pulls Teresa in closer to kiss her, as she shoves and pushes back.

Teresa: Look. I may have agreed to go out with you, but I am not interested in any of that. So if that’s all you want, then I think it’s time to call it a night.

Teresa walks back towards the door, as Adrian reaches and grabs her arm. Teresa spins around and slaps Adrian across the face. Adrian stumbles in the direction of the slap, looking down. Teresa stands defiantly.

Teresa: Have I made myself clear? 

Adrian moves faster than should be possible, grabbing Teresa by the throat and slamming her to the wall. Teresa chokes from lack of air, as Adrain looks her in the eyes. His eyes now have red irises with cracks around them.

Adrian: (Slightly raspy) Now that wasn’t very nice. You’re going to give me what I want.

Adrian moves his other hand, reaching it up Teresa’s blouse. Teresa flails and kicks her legs, desperate for air. She activates and slaps down the Omnitrix, transforming into Upchuck. Adrian’s grip weakens, as Upchuck leans back to put her hands on the wall, then pushes off and kicks Adrian away. Adrian hits the other wall, groaning and holding his head. Upchuck lands on her feet. Adrian’s eyes have returned to normal.

Adrian: (Dazed) Huh? What? Eww!

Upchuck: You think you can just do what you want to me?! You’ve got another thing coming!

Adrian: (Terrified) Aaah! Alien!

Adrian runs towards the door, as Upchuck extends her tongues, wrapping around the door to stop Adrian from going through them. He screams and backs away disgusted as saliva is left behind. 

Adrian: Eww!

Upchuck: You think that’s gross? So are you!

Upchuck eats some debris on the ground, as she spits energy balls at Adrian. He dives to the ground, the energy balls breaking through the wall. Adrian goes through the hole and goes back into the bowling alley, screaming in terror. Upchuck dashes after him, shooting her tongues out and eating bowling balls. Other patrons there scream and run as Upchuck spits energy balls, them cratering the ground around Adrian. Adrian stops running and crouches down in a fetal position in fear. Upchuck towers over him, seeing the genuine fear in his eyes. Her eyes widen when she notices that they have returned to their regular green, perplexed.

Upchuck: Wait, what? Did I just? 

Upchuck looks around, seeing everyone hiding or leaving the building. Some people have cameras recording the incident. Upchuck shamefully runs away, going back through the hole in the alley.

Teresa makes it back to the pizzeria, the shop closed up for the night and Terence already gone. 

She charges up the stairs and slams the door to her room. Teresa pants heavily as she faces the door, forcibly letting out a sigh. She then turns and heads towards her bed, then lets out a blood curling scream. A large pile of shed snake skin lies on her bed, the head lying on her pillow. Teresa turns and charges out the door, crashing into and knocking Terence over. Terence sits up, as Teresa clings to his chest.


Teresa pushes back against the door, as she slides down to the floor. She passes out from the fright.

The next morning, sunlight shines in through the window, though it misses Teresa. Teresa stirs, waking with a fright. 

Teresa: SNAKE! Snake! Snake…

Teresa looks at the bed, with no evidence of the snake skin ever being there. Teresa pants even harder, not able to stand.

Teresa: (Weakly) I’m losing my mind.

End Scene

In class on Monday, Teresa is shaky and paranoid with wide eyes and lines underneath them. The teacher is giving a lecture but the sound doesn’t reach her ears. Her eyes shoot back and forth across the room, her unable to stop shaking. Other students who aren't paying attention to the lecture notice this, giving her weird looks.

Raspy Voice: Why’s she shaking? Is she high? I bet she didn’t get enough sleep. You hear about her date with Adrian? Heard she turned him down. Maybe she is gay to not want that. She’s pretty cute. Nah, she looks like she’s about to kill someone. I got a new phone over the weekend. Wanna see? She should hide in the bathroom. Better than her distracting us. FREAK!

Teresa stands up abruptly, running out of the room. Everyone, including the teacher, watches as the door slams.

Teresa rushes into the bathroom, slamming the stall shut and leaning against the stall door to keep it closed. She closes her eyes and covers her ears, as if to drown out the sound. 

Teresa: (Repeatedly) It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real.

Teresa opens her eyes, seeing the pair of red eyes staring at her from in the toilet bowl. Teresa screams, as the water rises up, forming a water creature that towers over her. 

Teresa: A, an alien?

The water creature forms a water fist, thrusting it at Teresa. Teresa ducks under it as the fist splatters on the stall door, the water spilling down on Teresa. She spits and groans in disgust from the water.

Teresa: Toilet water, yuck!

Teresa slides under the door and runs, water overflowing from all the stalls. The water alien rises over the stall doors, as Teresa slaps down the Omnitrix. 

Battle Tails: I know that I don’t have much to face that thing, but seriously?

The water creature shoots several water tentacles forward. Battle Tails flies into the air, going over the attack. Battle Tails makes it to the head, spinning and slamming her tails into it. The head breaks apart then reforms as a torrent of water shoots out and washes Battle Tails away. Battle Tails hits the ceiling, then drops to the floor. 

Battle Tails reverts, as Teresa gets up soaking wet and rushes out the door. The water creature retracts back into the toilet, all the water flowing out of the bowls reversing direction and going back down the drain. Teresa runs through the halls filled with students, them all screaming and moving out of the way as the girl soaked in toilet water runs towards them.

Teresa: Help! Help! There’s an alien in the bathroom! It controlled water! Please!

Teresa goes towards a group, them all running away. Teresa’s eyes are wide in panic, being mistaken for insanity. A teacher arrives, coming and taking her away.

Teresa is in the counselor’s office, now wearing a new set of dry clothes. She has a blue sweater and sweat pants. The counselor is sitting across from Teresa at her desk.

Counselor: Now Teresa. Everyone said that you’ve been acting strange all week, and now you say there was a water alien in the bathroom. We checked the bathroom and there was no sign of water anywhere. It seems like you bathed in the toilet. So, what’s been going on with you? Tell me how you’ve been. 

Teresa: (Ranting) I can’t sleep. I keep waking up in a fright. I keep thinking of all my school work and keeping Bob’s Pizza running and hearing things and thinking things are happening that really aren’t and the snake and the new girl and the eyes in the toilet which was really an alien. 

Teresa stops, taking a deep breath.

Teresa: But it is an alien. That means that I’m not crazy! Everything that’s been happening to me, it’s not based off me losing my mind! It’s an alien messing with me! (Contemplating) But it can’t be just one. A water alien, invisible one, a snake (Shudders) The only thing I can think of is (Gasps) a shapeshifter! There’s someone who can transform into different aliens! I know it sounds crazy, but that has to be it! 

Counselor: A shapeshifter? That seems highly unlikely. Perhaps you did have a mental break.

Teresa: I know how it sounds, but you can’t put logic to aliens! They could be able to do anything!

A knock on the door occurs, as the counselor gets up and answers it. Someone whispers to her, as she sighs in disappointment.

Counselor: Understood. Thank you. 

The door closes, as the counselor locks the door. Teresa tenses up, standing from her chair. 

Teresa: Uh, is everything alright?

Counselor: It appears your brother skipped class this morning. Which means that I have to change my tactics. 

Teresa: (Stutters) Come again? 

The counselor looks at Teresa, as she reaches up and pulls something off her face. Teresa yelps as the ID mask comes off, revealing the counselor who resembles Teresa and Terence. He has Terence’s appearance, though his body is skinnier, void of big muscles and with pale skin. He’s wearing a baggy red sweatshirt and jeans.

Teresa: Wha, you look like us!

Look Alike: Yes, an unfortunate side effect of our condition. 

Teresa: Condition? 

Look Alike: You don’t even know. But it doesn’t matter. I have been working very hard to draw you and your brother together in a place of isolation. The plan was to weaken you, the smarter of the two, so you wouldn’t know I was doing anything. However, I got carried away, and revealed an alien form to accelerate the process.

Teresa: Wait, it’s all been you? How, (Gasps) An Omnitrix?

The look alike raises his right arm, his sleeve falling to reveal his red Omnitrix. 

Look Alike: But you got a snap of reality when I attacked as an alien. Just a minor setback. 

Teresa: Who, are you?

Look Alike: I go by the name Terror. Cause that’s all you’ll remember.

Terror glows red and transforms into Toepick. His helmet hisses as it opens up, exposing his face. Blood curling screams, hissing, roaring, demonic wails and laughter occur as Teresa stares at the face, her backing up frantically. 


Teresa stumbles back, curling up in a fetal position. Toepick reverts as Terror puts the ID mask back on, unlocking the door as another teacher rushes by.

Teacher: What happened?

Counselor: Call 911! She’s had a severe mental break!

The teacher pulls out a cell phone to make the call, as the counselor goes over to comfort Teresa.

Teresa: (Face drained) So, horrible. Monsters, snakes, so, hideous.

Counselor: Relax. You shall be fine. 

End Scene

At a DNAlien hatchery, Rumble Knuckles, Gwen and Kevin are fighting off against the DNAliens. DNAliens spit slime balls at them, Gwen blocking them with a mana shield as Rumble Knuckles runs through them, punching a DNAlien in the face.

Rumble Knuckles: Oh yeah! Who else wants some?!

Rumble Knuckles punches the ground, causing it to shift and crack. He then charges forward, punching the side of the building. The foundation of the building shakes, and eventually comes tumbling down. The DNAliens flee, the group defeating several more of them.

Later, the Plumbers round up the captured DNAliens, taking them away. Kevin drives Terence and Gwen back in his car, Terence leaning backwards in the back seat.

Terence: Ooh, yeah! I love a good fight!

Kevin: Yeah, you’re telling me. Those DNAliens will regret messing with us.

Gwen: Is there any particular reason you were already on your way over here ahead of us? You’re supposed to be in school right now!

Terence: Pffft. Why would I be in boring school when I could be doing something useful with my talents, like saving the world?!

Kevin: He does have a point.

Gwen: (Offended) Kevin! Who’s side are you on?! (Looks at Terence) And do you know how much Teresa worries about you getting a sports scholarship and making it to college?!

Terence: (Looks away) Her idea, not mine.

Gwen: It keeps her up at night. Speaking of Teresa, (glares at Kevin) I never did get an update on how she was doing.

Kevin: Oh, right. Terence, how’s she doing? 

Terence: She’s, well, I guess a little weird. She went on a date with a guy on Friday.

Gwen: (Baffled) A guy? But, doesn’t she prefer girls?

Terence: It was about preventing rumors about her or something. I didn’t really get her logic. She never did tell me how it went. I haven’t seen Adrian yet today, so I never found out if she kicked his butt in bowling or not.

Kevin: (Concerned) She went bowling on Friday?

Gwen: (Suspicious) Kevin, what are you hiding?

Kevin: Nothing I thought was suspicious till just now. Check out a Plumber report from the day at the bowling alley.

Gwen pulls out her Plumbers badge, entering it in. A hologram shows the incident with Upchuck attacking Adrian, her eating through everything.

Terence: Oh.

Gwen: Why can’t you boys see when there is something seriously troubling girls?! Call her now!

Terence: No way! She’s got AP math! She’ll kill me if I call during that class!

Gwen glares Terence down, her hand glowing with mana.

Gwen: You have a more imminent threat.

Terence: Uh, Kevin?

Kevin: Nope. You’re on your own here.

Terence groans as he goes to pull his phone out. His phone rings as he does so, him answering it.

Terence: Adrian! Just about to call ya! How’d the date go? (He stops and listens) Whoa, whoa! Slow down! What happened to Teresa?

Gwen and Kevin share a concerned look, as Terence just keeps nodding.

Terence: Uh-huh. Okay. Thanks.

Terence hangs up, looking unresponsive.

Terence: Teresa had a mental breakdown at school. She was taken to the Bellwood Psychiatric Hospital. 

Gwen: Kevin, step on it.

Kevin: On it.

Kevin speeds back to the city, arriving at the Psychiatric Hospital. The three storm the front desk, the nurse at the desk looking dull and unenthusiastic.

Terence: I’m here to see my sister!

The nurse slowly looks up at Terence, then turns to face the computer.

Nurse: What’s her name?

Terence: Teresa!

Nurse: Last name?

Terence: Hexanger.

Kevin: (Stifles laugh) Really?

Nurse: Spell that.

Terence: (Losing patience) H. E. X. A. N. G. E. R. 

The nurse types it in, her expression remaining uninterested.

Nurse: You can’t see her. She’s under observation for 72 hours with no outside contact allowed.

Gwen: Terence here is her next of kin! You have to allow him to see her!

Nurse: I don’t have to do anything. The doctor note says no one sees her, so NO ONE sees her. Now get out before I call security.

Kevin: Oh, you want a fight?

Gwen: Kevin! Not helping!

Gwen grabs Terence and Kevin by the arms, dragging them out behind her. The three walk away from the hospital. 

Terence: What are you doing?! We have to get in there!

Gwen: I agree, but fighting our way through won’t help us, and can get us in serious trouble!

Terence: If it gets my sister out, I’m down with that.

Gwen: Just, let’s scout the area. See if we can find our own way in. No breaking anything!

Terence: Alright, alright!

Gwen: (Glances at Kevin) Either of you.

Kevin: Got my word.

Later, Kevin is dressed in scrubs as he pushes a small laundry cart through the hallways of the psychiatric facility. He keeps his head down, and none of the other orderlies notice him. Inside the laundry basket is Gwen and The Worst, Gwen’s head being stuck in The Worst’s armpit. 

Gwen: Ugh! You smell terrible.

The Worst: Hey, this is like the only time this form is useful for anything! This cart was too small for the both of us!

Kevin: Would you guys mind piping down? You’ll get us caught if you keep that up. 

Kevin looks into a room, then keeps going. He sees an attendant with a clipboard, as he signals to him.

Kevin: Hey man. I’m a bit new, and I was told to go to a room with a Teresa Hexanger or something? 

Attendant: (Not paying attention) Oh, the new craze? Isolation wing, room 222. 

Kevin: Thanks man. 

The attendant keeps going without looking at Kevin, as he turns down a hallway and heads to the elevator. On the second floor, he enters the isolation wing, making it to the door of room 222. Kevin scouts the hallway.

Kevin: Clear.

Gwen surfaces from inside the laundry cart, gasping for air. 

Gwen: Oh, finally! Fresh air!

Gwen climbs out of the cart as The Worst reverts. Terence climbs out as Kevin absorbs the doorknob to morph his finger into a key. 

Terence: Consider yourself lucky. Most girls don’t get that close to me.

Kevin: Dude. Hitting on my girlfriend there.

Gwen: You’re not more concerned with what he said? 

Kevin unlocks the door, as he opens it. Teresa is in the corner of a small room with the wall covered with soft mattresses, being restrained in a straightjacket. She is rocking back and forth, muttering to herself. 

Gwen: Oh my god!

Gwen runs over, loosening the straightjacket. 

Gwen: It’s okay, Teresa. We’re here for you.

Teresa keeps rocking, as Terence goes over and puts his hand on her shoulder. She focuses in on him, eyes wide in terror.

Teresa: No. You can’t be here. That’s what he wants. 

Terence: What who wants? 

A thud occurs behind them, Terence and Gwen turning to look. Kevin has passed out as a red gas enters the room. Teresa leaps up with a fright as the gas hits Terence and Gwen who are still kneeling on the floor. The two slump over, as Gutrot enters the room. 

Gutrot: I want you exactly where you are. Thank you, Teresa. You are lucky that I was able to salvage the plan. 

Teresa: No. No! Stay away from us!

Teresa’s straightjacket is loosened enough that she is able to get an arm free, allowing her to pull the other out. She slaps down the Omnitrix, transforming into Pesky Dust. Pesky Dust breaks into dream dust and enters Terence’s ear, Gutrot scowling.

Gutrot: Damn it. I need them both physically present to initiate the merging process.

In Terence’s dream, Terence is lying on the ground, knocked out from the gas. Pesky Dust groans.

Pesky Dust: No dreams. Just simply unconsciousness. Let’s see if I can change that. 

Pesky Dust spreads dream dust, as the dream transforms to show off her recent week. It starts with the eyes in the toilet, then moves on through the voices that talk to her, the sound of snakes, the lack of sleep, and visions of Marinette. Terence stirs, watching it in awe. He then turns to Pesky Dust, who looks ashamed.

Terence: Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Or tell me more? I had told you before to tell me everything.

Pesky Dust: I, I was ashamed. I didn’t want you to think anything was wrong, especially since I didn’t know. Would you have believed me if I had said I was hearing voices in my head?

Terence: I, okay. (Shrugs shoulders) You got me there. Either way, I might’ve been able to do something. 

Pesky Dust: (Shaking head) No, you couldn’t have. Your specialty is hitting stuff, while that was all psychological.

Terence: (Grins) I’ve got someone to hit now. 

Pesky Dust nods, as she releases dream dust. Terence wakes up in the real world with a start, slapping the Omnitrix down to transform into Eatle. Pesky Dust flies out, scooping up and handing off the straightjacket to him.

Eatle: Ah, a nice little snack here!

Gutrot: Got you! Omnitrix, initiate—

Eatle eats the straightjacket, firing a laser from his horn that blasts Gutrot back, crashing into a wall. Eatle charges and rams into Gutrot, breaking him through the wall into the next room. Pesky Dust reverts, as Teresa starts to try and move Gwen out of the room. Eatle charges his laser again, as Gutrot glows red and shifts to Ssslither. He lets out a hissing noise, paralyzing Teresa in place. 

Teresa: (Stammering) S-s-s-snake!

Ssslither wraps his tail around Eatle’s horn, pulling it to the ground. Eatle fires his laser through the floor, causing a crater and screaming below. Ssslither then lunges at the fleeing Teresa, pulling Eatle along and dropping him to his belly. Ssslither pins Teresa down to the ground, pinning her left arm with his snake hand.

Ssslither: Omnitrix! Recalibration and unification mode! Become whole again!

Ssslither’s Omnitrix symbol glows blue, releasing a blue pulse wave. Teresa’s and Eatle’s Omnitrix resonates and flashes the same blue for a few moments, when they all revert to their original colors. Ssslither is shocked by this, loosening his grip on Teresa.

Ssslither: No! Thisss isn’t right! Omnitrix, diagnostic!

Omnitrix: (Automated voice) Lacking Omnitrix pieces for total repair.

Ssslither: What?! There are more of you?

Teresa, still terrified out of her mind, slides her hand free and slaps down the Omnitrix. She transforms into Grey Matter, running off. Ssslither’s glance follows her.

Ssslither: You can’t essscape from me!

Kickin Hawk appears and kicks Ssslither, sending him flying down the hall and out the window. Kickin Hawk flexes his muscles as he cheers.

Kickin Hawk: GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL! And what a setup by Terence! The crowd goes wild!

From outside, Ghostfreak floats up, staring Kickin Hawk down through the broken window. Kickin Hawk cracks his neck and scuffs the ground with his talons.

Kickin Hawk: Round two, big guy. 

Kickin Hawk dashes at Ghostfreak, leaping out the window with arms crossed to ram him with his arm talons. Ghostfreak turns invisible and intangible, Kickin Hawk getting a confused expression as he soars through Ghostfreak and down towards the ground below. Kickin Hawk craters in a garden area enclosed by the psychiatric hospital, Ghostfreak floating down.

Ghostfreak: (Raspy voice) It must be a burden to have such a pitiful intelligence. If only all the pieces could rejoin, then that could be rectified. 

Kickin Hawk: (Groaning) Dude, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I can still kick your skinny ass. 

Ghostfreak: Oh, but you can’t. All you can do is be the bait to lure your sister out. She’s the brains and the threat between the two of you. After that, I can work on the new scenario at hand. 

Kickin Hawk runs forward, as Ghostfreak shoots tentacles from his chest down. Kickin Hawk flips backwards to dodge, trying to run around to get at Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak hovers to always remain facing him, and flies head on at Kickin Hawk. Ghostfreak turns invisible, grabs Kickin Hawk and drops him from a height. Grey Matter scales down the building side, hopping into the bushes.

Grey Matter: Oh, this bastard has it coming for him. But Terence can’t beat him. I don’t have anything that can either. Whatever he tried with the Omnitrices, either merging or repairing or whatever, it seems like it has multiple functions. (Gasps) And I know how to access them!

Grey Matter twists the Omnitrix symbol, entering a combination. She then slams the Omnitrix, it releasing a pulse wave. The other Omnitrices are hit by the pulse wave, them all timing out and reverting the users. Terror looks unnerved at the de-transformation, as Terence laughs.

Terence: Ha! You’re just a skinny ass white boy!

Terror: (Voice shaky) This isn’t over. We need to reunite! Transform!

Terror holds his arm out, expecting to transform. Nothing happens, as he begins to panic.

Terror: Transform!

Terence appears and punches Terror, knocking him down and out. Terence shakes his hand out afterwards as Teresa joins him.

Teresa: Nice slugger.

Terence: Hopefully that’ll keep him out. Now, let’s get the others, then we can talk.

End Scene

Terence and Teresa are sitting at Bob’s Pizza, where Teresa has a blank piece of paper in front of her. She looks worried and conflicted.

Teresa: I don’t know about this.

Terence: You wanna try dating that new girl, but you don’t want anyone to know about it. I get it. So you write her a note asking her out and I’ll give it to her. 

Teresa: Why can’t you write the note?! This is too stressful!

Terence: Girls have different handwriting than boys. She’d notice in an instant.

Teresa: How do you know that?

Terence: Uh, documentary?

Teresa rolls her eyes, as she anxiously looks back down at the paper, trying to figure out what to write.

Terence: Also, I’ve talked it over with the Plumbers and Bob. I’m going to be hanging out here again and helping out with the shop, give you a little bit of relief.

Teresa: What?! No way! I mean, I’m glad you’re cutting down on Plumber activity, but your schooling and scholarship possibilities come first!

Terence: (Serious) Right now, it’s family first. And you are my family.

Teresa: Aww. To think you’re actually sentimental. Fine. But your sports are first!

A few days later at school, Adrian is holding Marinette’s purse over his head, her jumping to get it back. Some other football players are laughing.

Marinette: Give it back!

Adrian: Oh, I don’t know. Why don’t you make me, fag? 

Terence: Adrian, give it back.

Everyone turns, as Terence strides forward in confidence. Marinette rolls her eyes as Adrian looks puzzled.

Adrian: Dude, you know she’s—

Terence: Don’t finish that sentence. I’m surprised that someone like you would ever torment a hottie such as this. Now, give and get.

Adrian groans in frustration, but slams the purse into Terence’s arms. Adrian turns to Marinette with a sly smile.

Terence: Hey there. Name’s Terence.

Marinette: (Sweetly) Hi there. My name’s (flatly) not interested. Thanks for your help, but it’ll get you nothing.

Marinette swipes the purse from Terence, as he has a wide grin. 

Terence: It’s not me who’s getting something. 

Terence strides off, Marinette puzzled by the comment. She opens her purse, finding a note inside it. She looks angry and about to chuck it, then notices the handwriting on it.

Marinette: Huh? Either he’s gay or…

Marinette opens the note, reading it. She looks back in the direction that Terence was walking, seeing Teresa watching nervously from the distance. Teresa nods, as she gives Terence a high five as he passes. Marinette then lets out an excited grin. 

In second place, we have Dioga. While I did like how the mental decline was shown, the entry felt more like a Normal Writing entry than a Creative Writing one. It also kind of felt like it was trying to be more adult than it needed to be.

1st Place

Beast's Entry
==THE ULTIMATE EVIL: A Short Story by Beast==

Green. Green. GREEN.

I’m so SICK of the color green.

Even my own putrid skin is the color green.

I’ve lost count of how many days I’ve been in Hell. It’s been two halves of a full millenia. Half in that God-forsaken wasteland of a jungle, being eaten by predators over, and over, and OVER, until I finally evolved with the strength to protect myself from being eaten throat first, and half in HERE, this green Limbo of a world with pillars of the strange material reaching into this artificial sky.

The only solace I get; the only solace ANY of us trapped in his Hell get is when the Devil brings us out to fight. Only then do we see a new world, a view as refreshing to the eyes as one can be when you’ve been staring down the Pit and its eternal flame for as long as you can bare it. We’re weapons to him. Tools to get the job done when our weak, and long since forgotten forms can’t get his jobs done. He doesn’t even know of the suffering he’s caused; he doesn’t know what’s happened to us and what we’ve lost for him to gain a few advantages in his petty battles.

The blue, metallic one used to be smaller; used to be able to duplicate himself however many times he wanted. But every time one of those clones died...not knocked unconscious. His dupes could keep going from a knockout. But every time a clone DIED...every time he was eaten, smashed, torn apart, decapitated and swallowed, whatever the damage...it was like losing a limb. Each clone was the equivalent of an arm or a leg, severed from his body. Do you know what pushed him to evolve? It wasn’t to survive attacks from his predators or to live longer, in general. He wanted the pain to stop. But even he couldn’t have that. It still hurts him when he breaks one of those disks he throws around. Just a little less, now. But if you ask me, I’d rather lose just a finger than an arm.

The red moth thing has gone crazy. I caught him so many times just huddling in front of the fire the Pit spits out. But it’s the only thing he really knows if you think about it. His entire life before he was dropped here was in a desert, with nothing to see except three burning suns that never went down, the red sands of his world, and more giant moth beasts, bigger than him, and capable of taking over his mind, leaving him powerless to protest the gnawing of his flesh. That’s if the beasts caught him before he died of heatstroke. Not only was he a walking target, with the blue of his skin standing out against the red earth, the three suns that illuminated his world warmed it so constantly that he couldn’t cool himself down. And he would die. Again, and again, and again...until his world MADE him turn down the heat. He said he puffed out ice until his lungs burned, until the world froze over completely, and the three suns dimmed. Only then was he dumped here. With this newfound power also came completed shutdown of his nerves. He can’t feel anything now. No touch, no sensation...his body has gone cold. Maybe he sticks around the Pit to experience ANY feeling now. Even if it’s the feeling of his flesh searing to a crisp.

The fat one can curl into a ball to roll around and crush his enemies. But the spikes he wears on his back, and his tough hide were not easily gained. He tells me his world was darkened, and that his beady little eyes couldn’t make out anything in the inky blackness. But his other 4 senses worked just fine. His deaths were swift, but not any less excruciating. He never got to see what they looked like, but his predator was one that possessed some sort of skewer. Whether that be its mouth, hands, or horn he doesn’t know. But the only thing he does know about his predator is that it doesn’t eat its’ prey whole. The predator jabbed this skewer into the fat one in the guise of the darkness every single time, through the head, eyes, stomach, almost every part of his body, he says, and would drink him DRY. What made this his Hell, he explained, wasn’t his grisly deaths. It was the fact that each could not be anticipated in such a dark place. Each time the fat one smelled the stench of the beast creeping in, he would immediately surrender, and just stand. Sometimes the skewer would come immediately. Sometimes a few hours after that, sometimes a few minutes after. But one day he had enough, and became either so bold, or so insane, that he peeled his original yellow plating away from his skin and allowed it to scab over and over, layer after layer. His scars had eventually hardened into a thick grey coat that could actually hold its own against a skewer. But still, with every new life he lived, he would tear it off once again to grow it thicker and thicker, even sticking torn flesh back onto his head to create extra defense in the form of points. And his body conformed to the dramatic change he subjected himself to. Flexing muscles where the pain is most severe force the exposed flesh to poke the points on his body out, turning him into the ultimate defensive being, and equally earned him a spot amongst our ranks.

The plant tells me that he’s dying, every second of his existence, even within our green prison. A dry environment with no water or nutrients forced his body to start EATING itself. His many deaths were the result of his body having no more energy to give itself, and leaving him a husk that would die not too much long after. That is, until his body began to tap into his burning flame inside. The plant is also able to produce fire from his hands, and instead of using it to fight, or to just sear his husk of a body alive to end the pain and get onto his next life, his body began to eat at his fire and get its power from there, giving him a few years more to live. But soon, his flame just wasn’t enough anymore. So, to make more energy at the expense of his physique, his form is in a fixed state between life and death. With more of his energy going to his fire to feed his body, his flames turned blue and more sustaining; at the same time, his skin turned brittle and dead, falling off even when he walks, sometimes. His body had become almost like a star, eating away at himself. And if or when this body of his runs out of energy? Who knows what will happen.

The monkey scares me the most. But I also feel the most sympathy towards his situation. He wasn't scared like the rest of us. His survival instincts kicked in on Day 1, and never turned off. He moved, he fought, he DIED…..and he learned. Learned a new technique to avoid being killed. Made himself tools...and when the tools got too inconvenient for him, he made HIMSELF the tool. The monkey began to dig through and yank forward dormant bones near his ribs that had since been shrunken down from underuse out through his sides. And they only got longer and longer with each death of his. Survival is one thing, but instead of evolving from it like we did, the monkey DEVOLVED. He grew fatter and stronger with each kill, eating until he could burst. The arms coming out of his ribs began to grow and once they fully set in with skin and all, he set to work improving himself by getting rid of his extra arms over a few thousand more deaths and…even I don't want to get further into that. The point is, this Hell made the monkey go crazy, but he might be the smartest out of all of us if he began to fight for his future like that since the beginning.

And that leaves me, I suppose. Who knows if the others had parents that brought them in their worlds, because I never asked...but I did. My own mother ate me so many times before I gathered enough strength to attack her throat or eyes RIGHT when I was birthed. And then I ran away, to be attacked somewhere in the jungle, or in the desert, or the lake that wasn't too far from my home. Something always lurked where I wanted to go; I know it did. But that's where the food, water and shelter was. And if I wanted those things, I was gonna have to get my hands dirty. Literally. There came the time to improve my body as well. Joints in my fingers were broken. Built up my pain tolerance, but broke a lot of bones in the process. But I found out that a good enough squeeze would shoot the remaining fragments out in a spray. Adding rocks and flint and whatever I could find only made those fragments more solid, and to a further extent, flammable. I pushed myself to grow until my muscles tore, now able to reach even taller than before. And all along, I didn’t know my survival through countless lives and deaths was all so that the Devil could have some muscle.

He put us here in this prison. His face, his body, his voice, everything about him had been burned into our minds, and we would gladly give another arm or leg or eye if it meant the chance to meet him face to face, and have him see firsthand just what he did to every single one of us. He stole our innocence, our sanity, our identities, and our beings from us. The Devil must be stopped. He must be killed.

Mark my words. We will kill the jailer, and purge the Ultimate Evil from our lives. He will hear us. But for now…

We wait for our chance.

Beast knocks the competition right out of the park with his entry! Just like his Normal Writing Contest entry, he took a part of the Ben 10 franchise and put his own spin on it. I was honestly blown away with how creative this entry was! Grin_2.png

Good job to our winners! Have fun with the rest of Fanon Con!

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