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  • I live in Viscosia
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is Supreme leader of the Polymorphs
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  • UltiVerse

    Welcome, everyone, to Spring Fanon Con 2020! I hope you're having a good day. I'm Ulti, your host for the Creative Writing Contest! This time around, the theme is April Showers, part of the proverb "April flowers bring May showers", which means a period of discomfort can lead to a period of joy. We have three contestants, Beast, CaT and Dalton.

    I like the way this entry is written, but it doesn't adhere to the theme too well and ends abruptly. There's plenty of discomfort, no hints at the joy to come (the "May flowers" part of the proverb, which isn't the theme but is still important), except, perhaps, for the fact that Dalton (the character) is no longer in a relationship with a manipulative person. Overall though, I still like it and I do…

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  • UltiVerse

    Another quarter, another Alien Fest! As usual, all you have to do is vote for an alien from the list below. After the voting period ends on February 10, the wiki theme will be redesigned to match the winner's color scheme!

    Have fun voting!

    • Wildmutt
    • Grey Matter
    • Four Arms
    • Stinkfly
    • Ripjaws
    • Wildvine
    • Blitzwolfer
    • Snare-oh
    • Frankenstrike
    • Upchuck
    • Swampfire
    • Humungousaur
    • Jetray
    • Spidermonkey
    • Alien X
    • Nanomech
    • Water Hazard
    • AmpFibian
    • Armodrillo
    • Terraspin
    • NRG
    • Shocksquatch
    • Eatle
    • Juryrigg
    • Feedback
    • Bloxx
    • Gravattack
    • Crashhopper
    • Arctiguana
    • Ball Weevil
    • Walkatrout
    • Pesky Dust
    • Mole-Stache
    • The Worst
    • Kickin Hawk
    • Toepick
    • Astrodactyl
    • Bullfrag
    • Buzzshock
    • Atomix
    • Whampire
    • Spitter
    • Gax
    • Slapback
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    As 2019 is now over, it's time to reflect on the Year of Modernization. Overall, the wiki was sort of revived from its semi-barren state. 2019 saw the return of several old users, the introduction of many new ones, the release of a good amount of content from users and of course, the wiki's 10th anniversary! Let's go into detail about what happened last year.

    • Benmummy, Grounder, Laundry and Dreamer joined the wiki.

    • All episodes of Project Deca premiered over the course of the first 11 months of the year.

    • 2019 - A Year of Modernization was introduced. Much like the Year of Renovation, it was focused on updating the wiki to fit modern standards.
    • The wiki's Discord server began allowing users to have their own channels dedicated to their projects.
    • Big…

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