• Tyran Rex

    Ditto and Alien X

    April 11, 2014 by Tyran Rex

    Has anyone else noticed that 10-year-old Ditto sorta looks like Alien X? Weird.

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  • Tyran Rex

    Remember this? I'm going to write it after all!

    But I need co-writers. And some villains. Please.

    I'll also make a logo later.

    • Me (obviously)
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  • Tyran Rex

    Enter Procure

    June 7, 2013 by Tyran Rex

    What is this I don't even...

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  • Tyran Rex

    DNA Dystopia

    April 22, 2013 by Tyran Rex

    In the year 2034, aliens have taken over Earth. Every single one of the Plumbers has died. Even Ben, Gwen and Kevin. Every other human either got killed or went into hiding. One particular section of the hiding people, Nome 23, got captured! They were injected with alien DNA to fight other aliens or humans in cage fights. One night, Nome 23 escaped the alien prison and started looking for more humans to join them.

    • Tyran- A 13 year old, slightly hyperactive boy. He is the leader of the team and was injected with Amperi DNA. (Nome 23)
    • Scott- A 14 year old shy dude. He is the brains of the team and was injected with Ectonurite DNA. (Nome 23)
    • Ulti- A 14 year old calm guy. He is very nice and reliable, and he never gets mad. He is second-in-comman…

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  • Tyran Rex

    BTFF Allstars

    January 6, 2013 by Tyran Rex

    OK, so you've heard of Super Smash Brothers, right?

    Well this is...


    So 28 characters from various BTFF series get warped into a strange dimension where Battle Lord, the ruler, forces them to fight to the death.


    That is all.

    I need only 15 characters. EDIT: I only need 18 now, and I've gotten them all! Remember, you can still sign up for the next game!

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