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SyncMaster940 SyncMaster940 16 November 2014

The New 17

Hey! I'm back for some time. Anyways, i took a look at the plot of 17: The Series, and i didn't like it. So, guess what, i'm rebooting it. The aliens will stay. Legorilla will be replaced by Accelerate, Lodestar will be renamed to Magnitude. Also, 17: The Series now take place in Earth-170. Also, the main character is no longer Ari Simons. The New Main Character is....(drumroll)....Kevin Smyth. He still looks ike Ari though. There will still be New Aliens in the series....

10:25, November 16, 2014 (UTC)
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SyncMaster940 SyncMaster940 6 August 2014

Meap Wars

Hello, Ladys and Gents. Sync here with awesome news. I'm going to make multiple movies. as you can guess by the title of this blog their names will be Meap Wars. There are currently 8 movies in mind, but there probably will be 9. The movies will tell the story of the Meap Knights, and the war against the Beap Warriors. The 8 movies already have nammes and they have been approved by 2 meap knights, Ahmad and Steve. Here they are:

  1. Meap Wars I: The Shadow Strikes
  2. Meap Wars II: Atatck of the Beaps
  3. Meap Wars III: Revenge of the Beaps
  4. Meap Wars IV: A New Meap
  5. Meap Wars V: The Beaps Strike Back
  6. Meap Wars VI: Return of the Meaps
  7. Meap Wars VII: The Old Terror (Unconfirmed)

As you might guess, these movies are based on Star Wars.  Now Forward. As for the ch…

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SyncMaster940 SyncMaster940 1 August 2014

Ethan 15 Stuff..

Hello people! Well as i kinda don't go on anymore, i chose to give you some updates on Ethan 15. 

  • 1 Episodes
  • 2 Aliens
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 New Pics

Well I'm giving you the whole ep 1, on the page (Link: The Day Everything Changed PT 1) The episode was already writen a long time ago on Ben10toys, so I'm gonna try to finnish Ep 2 as soon as possible, then a brake till September. There also might be changes in the episode list, and i have some eps from season 2.

  • Re-Creation
  • The Corapted
  • Deal with The Devil
  • Fire as Cold as Ice
  • Predatory PT 1
  • Predatory PT 2

Well that's it for the episodes

Well There are some new aliens that might appear, but they probably wont

  • Electrimus
  • A Turtle ALien
  • SandBox
  • Elementus
  • BullFrag
  • Spicatus or something like that

They will probably ne…

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SyncMaster940 SyncMaster940 21 May 2014

Ethan 15 Reveal

Hello! Me Sync here! I'm going tell reveal some things from Ethan 15

Here's a preview from the 1st Episode:

Ethan wakes up. Kevin stands in the door

Kevin asking and smiling: Again the dream?

Ethan putting on clothes: "It just doesn't let go."

Kevin turns around: "Lets go!"

After a while we see them both in a airship. Ethan's ready to transform. The Ship lands. Purple light flash again.

Swager runs out: "Stand down mutant amm.. Human!"

He runs towords a plant-like alien who shoots his tantacles at Ethan. Ethan creates an Energy ball and shoots the monster.

Kevin trought the radio: "Ethan, you have to use Goop on this guy. Cuz Goop is acid..."

Swager in a deep voice: "Cuz He's Acid and acid is bad for plants!"

Ethans pushes the Symbol and tramsforms i…

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