Hey it's Street. Here are the results for the Fanon Con Creative Writing Contest.

1st Place: CAT

A Haiku

A transformation,

Scattered lightning, colored green,

Shines hope in the dark.


A Poem

Color is a free verse poem.

Green is the color of the hero.

It signals the ability to fight,

the power only a slap away.

Slimy, creepy, fast and strong,

a hero is every shape and size.

He knows what needs to be done,

and can get it done.

Red is the color of powerlessness,

but not helplessness.

Armed with only their wits,

one has to use their own gifts

to get the job done.

Time passes, and this changes from red to green.

Yellow is the color of change,

mostly for the better.

It adds new power for use,

even if it falls into disuse.

But yellow signals new possibilities too,

as something new can add to something old.

White is the color of protection.

It serves as a screen between those

who need protection.

While never thought of on its own,

when it fades, the guard comes off.

Blue is the color of a do over.

Setting the board at zero.

It unlocks new power, new potential,

but at the loss of the old.

It indicates a change in thinking,

and a new way of adapting.

Orange is the color of destruction.

Each use of power signifies one step

closer to imminent doom.

Starting small, then becoming bigger and bigger,

It leads to one last burst, to destroy all.

Color is the definition of power.

Knowing how each color works, gives

one the ability to control it.

Those who can’t understand, it is all

but lost.

But for those who can, it’s Hero Time.

That's it. Now sod off, mate. >_>

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