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  • I live in Pakistan
  • I was born on October 17
  • I am Male
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    Planned Projects

    January 25, 2015 by ShahZeb17

    Hey, guys. Well, I was bored, So thought of making this blog.

    So, this series follows the adventures of the Revonnagander, Leon. He travels the galaxy using his Transformatrix to save the world.

    This series follows the adventures of various Alternate versions of Shahzebs, as they participate in the Time War.

    More will be added.

    Thats the concept in my Universe.

    • There is only one Omniverse.
    • There are several Multiverse, Each based on a series.
    • There is a specific Universe which is the Prime dimension.
    • Each alternate dimension was created during the Time War.
    • The alternate Timelines are created when an unexpected event happen.

    And so on.

    The main Multiverse in my series. Only Dimension 0 lacks an Omnitrix. Dimension 1 is the prime Dimension. There are …

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  • ShahZeb17


    February 19, 2014 by ShahZeb17

    How can i create an Article

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