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Winter Fanon Con 2013 -2
Host's Opening Speech
Guys trust me. I really don't want to be the Fanon Con host again, Sub was suppose to do it. However, it looks like he was too busy this month so its been left up to me. Sorry. Now I look like I’m a Fanon Con-hungry admin who not only has created the Fanon Con Committee to choose who can host starting next year, but now I’m hosting twice. Great…. now another person like me is going to be mad at me for hosting again just like how I was mad when Paper hosted again in Spring.

Oh I’m getting off topic. Anyways, WELCOME BACK TO FANON CON! For those of you who have never experienced Fanon Con, this is what it’s all been leading to. We have 18 wonderful submissions, which I’m sure you’ve been waiting forever to read, and have people read. To kick it off is a video sung by the famous Idina Menzel, who sings a song that is powerful, emotional, and its wintery.

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel

Yes, I just linked to a clip from a Disney Movie. Yes, I just linked to a broadway-like song. Don't blaim me, that's just how I've been raised. So yeah, I do kinda like musicals and stuff. Deal with it. Its just a side of me you haven't really seen. Anyway, let go of all the stress in your life, and enjoy the last Fanon Con of 2013.

--Sci100, the host of Winter Fanon Con 2013!


Jack's Entry
OmniBlade is still happening! Episode 1: A Tainted Legacy is coming out in 2015! Alright, here is a sneakpeek:

Turmoil has engulfed the Universal Republican Alliance. The taxation of merchant tax to outlaying star systems is in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly armored cruisers and standard supply ships, the greedy Merchantism Congregation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Saturn. While the congress of the Union endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Grand Leader has secretly dispatched two Plumber Magisters, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, to settle the conflict..... The camera pans downward to reveal a small space cruiser heading towards the camera at great speed. Camera follows the cruiser as it heads toward the beautiful orange brown planet of Saturn, which is surrounded by hundreds of Merchantism Congregation supply cruisers. In the cockpit of the cruiser, the captain and pilot maneuver closer to one of the battleships.

"Captain." A young, but noble, apprentice speaks. His jet black hair goes shoulder length. The boy's uniform is that of a normal Plumber's with the exception of his shoulder pads, which were handcrafted by his master. This boy, Kevin Levin, leans forward, interested in the battle cruisers.

The Captain turns to an unseen figure sitting behind her. "Yes sir?" The female captain responds. Kevin's master, a bulky figure, a silicon life form. Diamond like shards cover his flesh. A Petrosapien. Magister Tetrax answers, "Tell them we wish to board at once." "As you wish." The captain, a Kraaho, Ester, replies. The CAPTAIN looks to her view screen, where Nutray, a green alien trade viceroy, waits for a reply.

"With all due respect for the Merchantism Congregation, the Ambassodors for the Grand Leader wish to board immediately." The captain tells Nutray.

Nutray smiles, "Yes, yes, of you know, our blockade is perfectly legal, and we'd be happy to receive the Ambassador...Happy to."

The screen goes black. Out the cockpit window, the sinister battleship looms ever closer. The small space cruiser docks in the enormous main bay of the Federation battleship. A protocol droid, XM-69, waits at the door to the docking bay. Two worker droids watch.

"Be prepared for anything." Ester opens the hatch doors as the two Plumber masters walk down a corridor with the droid. "And try not to get killed."

Kevin smiles, "You know me."

"Now is not the time for arrogance young Levin, focus your senses here." Tetrax tells Kevin, drawing his blade. XM-69 walks over.

"Hello there, I am XM-69 I will be your escort to the control room where you shall meet with Nutray." The droid speaks, turning another corner. Tetrax and Kevin keep their blades ready, looking for trouble. Soon they reach a small but comfortable chamber with a long table.

"Hello Plumbers." Nutray speaks from the other side of the table. "This trade federation will not allow any Union to trade here."

Tetrax takes in a deep breathe, "This is why we are here. To negotiate."

Nutray nods, "I have acknowledged that fact, but the real question is, why bring weapons? Don't give me that protection crap. If we are to have peace, hand me the two OmniBlades."

Tetrax feels his blade, slowly pulling it out and then tosses it to the droid.

"Master no!" Kevin exclaims, shocked at his master's judgement.

"Do it my apprentice. We will cooperate." Tetrax death starres him. Kevin silently takes out his blade and rolls it across the table.

XM-69 opens a compartnent in his calf, storing the dangerous weapons.

So yeah, OmniBlade is going to be awesome! PC in Chat if you have any suggestions.


The official title for Energy Revolt sequel, Killer Within, is revealed. Also, a synopsis will be released as well. The unofficial release date is in April, but it may change.


A little over a year from the epic battle in Heroes, Lauren and Kyle were recruited in G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. After intense training for eight months, their lives seems to be going well. They get paid enough to have a decent home and food and talk about marriage and children. However, there is a condition. No powers allowed. After Shane Leon titles himself alien activist, riots get out of hand and he is thrown out. Now a new leader, Walter Redford takes over. With things changing all around Lauren and her past re-emerges, she may just become, the killer within.

Well, that's all for my fanon con, stay tuned for April and be prepared for the death of many of your beloved characters. Also, happy holidays! -- Jack

Coke's Entry
Notice: The following is a modified excerpt of part 2 of the thirtieth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe, Leaked for appearance only in the Winter Fanon Con 2013 (the unmodified version is already available on the aforementioned page!). Take the time to read this part, then, if you haven't already, please read the series from the beginning with the first episode, Infernosphere.

Part II

[We begin outside of Kevin's garage and stay outside from morning until a time where outside is just barely darker than midday. At this point, the garage door opens yet again and Kevin's car emerges with its front facing out at the sidewalk. We pan around the car and find it looking newly polished up. Kevin leans into the car's driver window and presses one of various buttons on the center console under a rectangular LCD screen. A number pad appears on the screen and he quickly taps in the code "1227." He is then met by a list of contacts from his phone. He taps the first entry and a phone ring is heard. Within two rings, the call is picked up on the other side. A familiar voice speaks.]

Familiar Male Voice (call): Hey, Kev.
Kevin: Alright, there's only one guy I know could have what I need, and it's you.
Familiar Male Voice (call): Ahh, shucks, Levin, thanks. I might just give you a discount when you get here. How rare's whatever you're looking for?
Kevin: As rare as tech levels over 20 on Earth.
Familiar Male Voice (call): Whoa. That's some serious rarity we're talking there, friend. If we're going to make a deal, I'm going to need you to be here. Just in case anyone's listening in on us.
Kevin: Alright. The normal place?
Familiar Male Voice (call): Of course.
Kevin: Okay. See you there, Argit.
Argit/Familiar Male Voice's Owner (call): Look forward to making this deal then.
Kevin (out of it with the low amount of enthusiasm in his speech and his eyes focused ahead of him): Me too.

Kevin pushes a button that shuts off the screen, effectively ending the call with Argit. He enables the radio and proceeds to head off out of his driveway and down the road opposite the direction the Plumbers had come and gone from.

[We reopen with an overhead view of Kevin's car pulling up to a yellow light as it flips to red. It's now night, with the only bit of luminescence in this part of what seems to be a desert being the intersection's lights. We focus in on Kevin's face, as a passenger flashes blue and into existence in the front passenger seat. The new being is identified as Professor Paradox, with a wide grin.]

Kevin: Paradox?
Professor Paradox: Yes, and hello! I'm here with a single query.
Kevin: And that would be...?
Professor Paradox: A question, by the way, is its meaning. I need to you truly believe you need go through with this?
Kevin: I need to know this, Paradox, if we even have a chance.

Paradox sighs and transforms his grin into a straight face.

Professor Paradox: It seems you do.

Professor Paradox disappears.

We pan back overhead. As the light turns green, Kevin races off screen.

[We close to black for a moment and reopen with a view from a dark road on a hill into a sprawling city with a few bright skyscrapers. Racing into view is Kevin's car on the road in front of us down into the city. We pan to the bottom of the hill road as Kevin's car drifts onto the first flat street in the city. He drives up to the first light and sees a sign in the driver-side mirror attached to his door meant for drivers on the opposite side of the road. It reads "Now Leaving Bellwood." He looks to his right and sees a similar sign. "Welcome to Bellwood. Population: 96,340 (estimate). Est. 1638" on separate lines. Kevin grins but quickly regains a straight face just before a horn is honked behind him. He looks up at the light and sees it being green. He speeds forward into the city. After a few minutes of driving straight, he finds a dead end street and turns onto it. He drives to the end, makes a U-turn, and parks his car on the right side of the road just in front of a dark alleyway. Kevin hits a button on his car and the call between him and Argit is restarted.]

Kevin: Alright, I'm here.
Argit (call): Took you long enough.

A red light is shone out of the alleyway. Argit steps out into the dim light on the street near the alley holding a laser light. Kevin removes the key from his car, shutting everything down, and steps out of the car, gently closing the driving door. He walks over to Argit.

Kevin: Alright. I want to see all you got.
Argit: I'd prefer it if you just told me what you wanted. Time is of the essence, you know?
Kevin: Since when do you care about how much time you waste on a sale?
Argit: Since I started carrying multiple customers at once.
Kevin: Well, okay. I'm wondering if you have anything that can let me...see the future.
Argit: Hmm...just making sure: you don't want to actually go into the future, but you want to see it?
Kevin: Maybe even, bring someone--or something--back, to ask them a few questions.
Argit: I think I know just the thing. Should there be a time limit on how long they'll be here?
Kevin: Doesn't matter.
Argit: Alright. One moment.

Argit turns back into the dark alleyway and returns after a couple of minutes with a golden gauntlet with a wrist disproportionately larger than its hand.

Kevin: That was a pretty long moment.
Argit: Meh.
Kevin: So what's--wait, is that a Techadon gauntlet?
Argit: Don't be silly. It's a Chronosapien's hand.
Kevin: Why do you have that?
Argit: You pick up a lot of weird possible treasure on your journeys.
Kevin: "Pick up?" As in, you stole that?
Argit: Doesn't matter. You willing to buy it?
Kevin: What does it do?
Argit: With the right setup, you can bring back any person from the future so long as you have their current DNA, and assuming they haven't somehow changed their DNA in the future, you should be able to open a portal that can bring them back.
Kevin: Sounds like you've used it before.
Argit: I have; borrowing stuff from the future is way fun. So, what's your price?
Kevin: How about half of your debt to me paid off?
Argit: any cash?
Kevin: You will, as soon as you have less money to think about not paying me back.
Argit: Eh...alright. But 75%.
Kevin: 60%.
Argit: 70%!
Kevin: 65%.
Argit: 66%?
Kevin: Alright, 55% it is.
Argit: Ugh. Whatever, (hands the Chronosapien glove over to Kevin) take it.
Kevin: How do I use it?
Argit: Alright, you'll need to get some kinda sample of DNA from whoever you're trying to get first. Who you getting? Me? Sunder? Tennyson?
Kevin: Me.
Argit: Oh. Well, then that can be easy. Argit steps around to behind Kevin. Now just hold still...
Kevin: Hey, what are you--Kevin's eyes gape. Ahh! What did you just--?

Argit comes back around front of Kevin, holding a single one of his hairs. He then taps a section on the palm of the hand, opening a little cylindrical pod. He places the hair inside and closes it using eyelid-resembling 'doors' over the pod.

Argit: Now, just put it on your hand...

Kevin lifts the gauntlet up with one hand and puts it on the other.

Kevin: Now, what?

Argit removes wires from within the gauntlet and touches them to Kevin's skin, as if connecting them.

Argit: Point the palm away from you and think a time.
Kevin: That simple?
Argit: I think so.
Kevin: What do you mean you "think so?"
Argit: Hey, last time I did it was like a month ago, and I don't do it too often. Lay off. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's it.
Kevin: Better be. Kevin points the palm of the gauntlet ahead of him, straining his brain as he thinks of a time until finally, the warp in time opens up. A glowing blue rift appears before the two. What now?
Argit: Hope your future remembers this and walks through. Kevin: What time is it? Argit (pulling down his right sleeve to reveal a line of likely stolen watches): 8:32 PM -- 20:32 24-hour time. Kevin: Now I should.

[We transition to an oval-shaped office room, what appears to be the Oval Office located in the White House. A blue suit, jacketed man with a similar hairstyle to Kevin's, blue sunglasses, brown pants, and black shoes stands facing the windows during this night. Behind him stands a woman in an all blue suit, a dress replacing her pants, however. Her brown-orange hair is fixed in a bun facing upward but backward. She wields a clipboard and pen.]

Suited Woman: Do you remember if this is the time?
Suited Man (in Kevin's voice, just barely deeper): I'm sure of it.

A similar light blue rift to Kevin's opens up before the man.

Suited Man: Let's hope this works.
Suited Woman: Good luck back there, alright?
Suited Man: Thanks. I shouldn't need it, though. It wasn't that bad, was it?

The man faces the light blue portal and steps up to it. He heavily inhales then exhales. As he prepares to step forward, the portal shuts abruptly. He and the woman's eyes gape.

[We shift positions again to an alternate future's Area 51 subsidiary building, Area 51-K. The tough-as-nails "Ben 10,000," as he is referred to, in his human form has just completed a laser-based obstacle course unscathed, much to even his own great astonishment. He salutes someone operating the room's test from a distance and turns around to the lone door at the opposite end of the large Area 51-K interior. He turns the simple doorknob and steps inside to find a light blue cube. He steps over to the cube in the pitch black room and grabs it. He squints at it as he brings it closer to his face. He drops the cube without a second thought and transforms into Ghostfreak, whose changes over the years have swapped the whites with the blacks, flying at top speed through the array of lasers in the room, back to the elderly person operating the test. He lands at the somewhat familiar man's side and reverts to human.]

Ben 10,000: I know, I went alien, but Rozum...

[We transition back to the present where the first, black-panted and black-shoed leg of the person stepping through is spotted. Rectangular patterns are lined up on the edge of the pant leg. The being makes its next step, revealing his head first: black hair hanging over a side of his face with a strip of gray, an X-shaped scar on his chin, and an evil grin. His full body is made visible, revealing the same rectangle patterns not just across this person's other leg, but across the side of his torso and on his shoulder plates. His arms, much thinner than the young Kevin's, are the only things uncovered aside from a part of his face. We hear Ben 10,000 speaking to Rozum as the portal closes behind the being entering Kevin's present.]

Ben 10,000 (voice-over): ...11,000's gone.


Once again, feel free to check out Infernosphere (or simply finish reading Leaked when it releases soon; remember this is part 2 of that) and the rest of Back in Action: Alien Universe, because this is just the beginning of something great! (Also feel free to finish up Leaked)

AB's Entry
This is my first Fanon Con in a very, very, long time, and I have a lot of things to tell you guys, so let's get started.

First off, I know I haven't really been working on my series, but I'm going to revive them starting on January 1st. I'm dedicating myself to it. I will tell you that for most of my series, I'm either rebooting or cancelling. Here is a chart that tells you all my series and what will happen to them.

  1. Lyon 9 - canceled (Episodes were hard to make, since each one was a crossover).
  2. Former Untold - canceled (Wasn't even making the episodes, bad continuity).
  3. Ben 10: The Final Fight - Reboot (Needs better writing and continuity).
  4. Finn 10: Fusion - Reboot - (Episodes are set up weirdly, needs better writing).
  5. Neb 10 - canceled - Plot was hard to follow.
  6. Evan Billion - No Change - Too many episodes to reboot or cancel.
  7. Star of a New Hero - No Change - No reason to reboot or cancel.
  8. Ben 10: De-Evolution - Don't know, ask Brian
  9. Pizza Party - No Change - No reason to reboot or cancel.
  10. Len 10 - Canceled - Omi cancelled it
  11. Dustin 11 - No Change - No reason to reboot or cancel.
  12. MyDinos 10 - canceled - Stupid Plot
  13. Omnitrix Alien Showdown - Adoption - Since anons may no longer edit on this wiki, I'm the series' only writer.

Now to prove I will continously work on my series, here are episodes of Evan Billion and Pizza Party.

Evan Billion
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date N/A
Written by Yo mama
Directed by Yo dada
Episode Guide
F.I.N.D. and B.E.A.T.
Evisible Levisible is the 14th episode of Evan Billion.


Evan and Rocket were running from Axeman in his water form, who was chasing them with a large wave. Evan was Sound Sample.

(Axeman): I will finally defeat you once and for all!

(Evan): Think again!

Evan shot a soundwave from his hand at Axeman, but Axeman dodged it and it went into the wave. Evan cloned, and both clones shot soundwaves from both of their hands at Axeman.

(Axeman): AAAAH!

He covered his ears and fell down. He lost control of the wave, and it dried into the ground.

(Evan): He's gonna be really angry when he gets up. Let's hide!

They hid behind a tree. Axeman got up and sliced down the tree. Evan and Rocket dashed to another tree, but Axeman cut that one down, too. They ran behind another tree, and Evan transformed into Humanimate. He grabbed Rocket, and flew fast to a tree far away. He made both of them invisible, while Axeman was cutting down trees, looking for them.

(Evan): I guess we just stay here until Axeman leaves.

3 hours later....

Everything was white, gray, black, and blue, even Evan and Rocket.

(Evan): Where are we?

Theme song!

Evan detransformed. A muscular humanoid koala walked up to them.

(Koala): Why, you're in the invisible world! I'm Zack.

(Evan): The invisible world?! How did we get here?

(Zack): You can come here by being invisible for a really long time.

(Evan): So how do I get back? By becoming invisible again?

(Zack): You're already invisible. In fact, this WHOLE world is invisible. To get back, you'll have to turn visible for the same amount of time you were invisible.

(Evan): So I'm guessing Humanimate's invisibility won't work here.

(Zack): I'll be your guide until you can figure out a way to get home. Follow me.

Evan and Rocket followed Zack to his house.

(Zack): This is my house.




(Zack): YES, MOM! Hey guys, come with me!

Zack lead them to a forest with many creatures in it. Zack held up a bucket and put some worms in it. He got a gray clump of moss and put it in.

(Zack): Oh, sorry, I'm being rude.

Zack pulled off a tree branch, and white slime dripped down from it.

(Zack): Want some?

Evan barfed. Rocket grabbed it and ate it.

(Evan): Hey, at least it's not rocket fuel.

Zack, Evan, and Rocket stepped out of the forest and onto a path. They went to another forest, and Zack pushed a tree branch out of the way. Behind the branch was a Vissan.

(Zack): AAAH! What are you doing here, Mistis?

(Mistis): I was just finding some food for dinner. Stay out of my way.

(Zack): You stay out of MY way!

(Mistis): You wanna bump? Let's bump!

They dropped their buckets and started punching each other.

(Mistis, after a while): Forget this.

Mistis flew away with his and Zack's bucket.

(Zack): Hey, come back with that!

(Evan): Don't worry Zack, we'll get it.

(Zack): Thank you so much.

Evan became Combinationer, and Rocket hopped onto his back. They flew to Mistis.

(Evan): Hey Mistis, you accidentally took Zack's bucket!

(Mistis): It wasn't an accident. He disrespected me. And if he disrespects me, he disrespects my family. And if he disrespects my family, he disrespects my mother. And if he disrespects my mother...then he shall be disrespected.

Evan flew closer.

(Mistis): Get away!

Mistis shot haze at Evan. Evan fell down and crashed into someone's cellar. He reverted.

(Rocket): Muh?

(Evan, brushing himself off): Combinationer's powers dissolve in smoke. Weird, I know.

Evan and Rocket looked around and saw several bottles.

(Evan): What are all these bottles for?

Evan picked up a bottle and shook it. It vibrated, and the cork popped off. Some mist came out of it, and a ghost formed from the mist.

(Ghost): I am Zuns! Thousands of years ago, I was trapped in a bottle by a hazy guy!

(Evan): Hazy guy? It must've been Mistis! He's that old?

(Zuns): The hazy guy is still alive?

(Evan): Yeah! And he took my friend's dinner!

(Zuns): I'll tell you what......What did you say your name was again?

(Evan): Evan Levin. And my pet here is Rocket.

Rocket waved.

(Zuns): Well, Evan, I'll help you catch Mistis and get your friend's dinner back.

(Evan): Thank you. Hey, wait a minute. Why did Mistis trap you in the first place?

(Zuns): I suggest we go now.

(Evan): But wh-

Zuns grabbed Evan and Rocket and started flying away.

At Mistis' house...

Mistis walked into his house holding the bucket.

(Mistis): Hey guys, I brought dinner!

Mistis' parents and his little sister walked to him. Mistis set the bucket down.

(Mistis): Eat up.

They started eating. Zuns, Evan, and Rocket came into the room.

(Evan): Stop right there!

(Mistis): How did you find me?

(Zuns): I know where you live. This is where you trapped me and all the other spirits in the bottles thousands of years ago.

(Mistis): Zuns?

(Zuns): Yep. I've come to get revenge!

Mistis created hazy tornadoes and sent them towards Evan, Rocket, and Zuns. Zuns vaporized the tornadoes with eye lasers. Mistis shot haze. Zuns sucked it up. Mistis stretched his shoulders and used them to tie Zuns up, but Zuns phased through them. Zuns opened a hole in his chest, and Mistis and his family got sucked in.

(Evan): Uh, Zuns?

(Zuns): Yes, Evan?

(Evan): That was kind of horrific, don't you think?

(Zuns): You wanted your friend's food back? Well, there you go.

Zuns handed Evan the bucket.


Evan and Rocket left. Zuns smiled evilly.

At Zack's house.....

Zack, his mom, Rocket, and his older brother were sitting at a table, eating the food.

(Zack's Mom): Are you sure you don't want any? I feel bad eating in front of you, especially since you're the one who saved our food.

Zack's brother slurped a tentacle with legs. It popped back out, but Zack's brother hit it, then ate it again.

(Evan): No, we're good.

Rocket poured a bunch of pods into his mouth, ate them, burped, and giggled.

(Evan): You know, this is a really bad plot for an episode. We have to save some food.

(Zack): Now that you mention it, it is a really bad plot.

(Evan): I feel like something else should happen right about now.

There were some screams outside. Everyone ran outside. Zuns was giant, and was sucking everything up.

(Zack's Brother): It's a darkness devourer!

(Evan): You mean Zuns?

(Zack's Mother): Zuns? Oh, no. This is bad. This is bad. This is really, really bad.

(Evan): Guys, it's okay. He's my friend.

(Zack's Brother): You're friends with a darkness devourer?

(Evan): What exactly is a darkness devourer?

(Zack): It's a spirit of darkness that wants to devour everything.

(Zack's Mother): And Zuns is the most dangerous of them all! Who released him from his bottle?

Evan blew air.

(Zack's Brother): What are you doing?

(Evan): I can't whistle, so I'm just blowing.

(Zack's Mother): Why did you release him?

(Evan): It wasn't on purpose! Plus, I thought he was good! He helped me get your food back from Mistis.

(Zack's Mother): Mistis? You mean the one who captured Zuns?

(Evan): Yeah. And Zuns wouldn't tell me why.

(Zack): Thousands of years ago, the darkness devourers were loose. They devoured everything in their path. No one was brave enough to step up to them. No one, except Mistis. He sucked them all into magic bottles.

(Evan): If he is a hero, why don't you like him?

(Zack): A couple days ago, he stepped on my foot.

Evan facepalmed.

(Evan): Well, enough chit chat. Let's go stop him!

Evan, Rocket, and Zack ran to Zuns.

(Evan): Zuns, we know your secret! Prepare for defeat.

(Zuns): In your dreams.

Evan transformed.

(Evan): Emotion? I was going for Lightmeraction!

Zuns fired a giant orb of darkness at Evan.

(Evan): Aah!

Evan got scared, became a bat, and flew away. Zuns fired darkness beams from his fingertips. Evan flew over them. Zuns swatted Evan out of the air. Rocket spat acid, but it went through Zuns. Zuns created a darkness wave and sent it forwards. Evan flew over it. Rocket stretched over it, and Zack used him like a bridge to get to the other side. Zuns stuck out his claw, grabbed Evan, and made a bizarre face.

(Evan): Ugh!

Evan became normal Emotion, and since he was disgusted, threw a green bomb at Zuns face. Zuns dropped Evan. The bomb squirted green juice, which created a path on the ground. Evan slid down the path, and at the end of it, Zack grabbed Evan's feet and hoisted him into the air.

(Evan): Here's a new emotion: confidence!

Evan flew fast in yellow light, and zoomed into Zuns, knocking him down. Zuns grabbed Evan with two tentacles, and pulled him closer. Evan struggled to get free.

(Zuns): After I devour you, I'll devour everything else!

Evan lost his confidence. He slapped the Billiontrix and became NME. He flipped out of Zun's tentacles, then glided down to the ground. In the process, he knocked a leaf off of a tree, and it fell with him.

(Zack): A visibility leaf!

(Evan): A what?

(Zack): If you and your pet rub yourselves with the juice of this leaf, you'll become visible. Do you know what this means? You can go home!

(Evan): Not until I defeat Zuns! I was the one who released him. He's my responsibility.

Zuns shot another darkness orb at Evan. Evan flipped over it, then slashed Zuns with sword hands. Zuns flicked him.

(Evan): I've got an idea!

Evan whispered something into Zack's ear.

(Evan/Zack): Inferior virtute multa!

Evan and Zack both stomped the ground, knocking Zuns down. Evan shot ninja stars, sticking him to the ground. Zack's mother came running towards them.

(Zack's Mother): Evan, catch!

She threw a bottle, which Evan caught. Evan opened it up, and sucked Zuns in.


Everything that Zuns devoured came out of the bottle. A crowd gathered around Evan.

(Guy): Thank you! You are our hero!

A short alien walked to Evan.

(Short Guy): I'm the mayor! We would like to honor you as our hero!

(Evan): Don't honor me. I released Zuns.

Everyone gasped.

(Evan): Honor your true hero, Mistis! He trapped Zuns. I just undid his work.

Evan pointed to Mistis.

(Mayor): You may have made a mistake, but we will still honor you and Mistis equally, for you showed bravery, and stood up to Zuns like no one else could.

(Evan): Thank you! Thank you very much.

(Mayor): Take this as a token of our appreciation!

The mayor gave Evan a box. Evan opened the box, and pulled out a gray branch with white berries on it and gray ooze leaking from it.

(Evan): Gee, thanks.

Zack handed Rocket the visibility leaf.

(Evan): We'll be going now!

(Everyone): Bye!

Rocket rubbed himself with the leaf, and disappeared. Evan rubbed the branch with the leaf, and it disappeared. Finally, Evan rubbed himself, and he disappeared. They were all in the visible world.

(Evan): That was fun.

Rocket took a berry from the branch and ate it, but he spat it out.

(Rocket): Bleh!

Evan looked at the branch. It was brown. The berries were red, and the ooze had become tree sap.

(Evan): Oh yeah! I'm hungry!

Evan ate the berries and the sap. Rocket barfed.



  • Evan Levin
  • Rocket
  • Zack
  • Mistis
  • Mistis' Family
  • Zack's Family
  • Invisible Citizens
  • The Mayor


  • Axeman
  • Mistis (partially)
  • Zuns

Aliens Used

Pizza Party
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date N/A
Written by Me
Directed by Me
Episode Guide
Science Unfair
The Curse
Badminton Buffoons is the fifth episode of Pizza Party.


S'jate and Unidef were in the bleachers of a college football game.

(Commentator): 10 seconds left in the game!

The team made a goal. A horn rang.

(Commentator): We won the game!

The quarterback did this victory dance.

The other team stomped out of the stadium. People started leaving. S'jate and Unidef went down to the quarterback, a Segmentasapien.

(S'jate): Hi, Tubalan!

(Tubalan): Hi fans! Wasn't I great out there?

(S'jate): You were awesome! You lead us to bakery!

(Tubalan): You mean victory?

(S'jate): That too.

(Tubalan): Do you guys play any sports?

(S'jate): We're not sports people. We just play video games and read comic books all the time. See?

S'jate pointed to Unidef, who was holding up a comic book while playing on a portable video game console.

(Tubalan): How about I teach you two how to play football, and you see if you like it?

(S'jate): Okay, we'll give it a try.


S'jate and Unidef were dressed in football uniforms.

(Tubalan): Try to tackle me before I get a goal.

Tubalan ran. S'jate and Unidef chased him.

(Tubalan): I'm almost there!

S'jate and Unidef jumped towards Tubalan, but they crashed into each other and fell down. Tubalan made a goal.

(Unidef): Girarart!

Unidef ran and tried to tackle Tubalan, but he crashed into the goal, which fell on him and S'jate.

(Tubalan): Maybe you should try a different sport, like basketball.


They were dressed in basketball clothes on a basketball court. S'jate dribbled the ball and shot it, but it fell back down and hit him. Unidef jumped into the air and tried to slam dunk, but he fell through the hoop.

(Tubalan): Get closer.

S'jate got closer to the goal and shot it. He hit the hoop, and it fell on him.

(Tubalan): Let's try some other sports.

A montage started.

S'jate and Unidef were playing soccer. S'jate kicked the ball to Unidef, who kicked it into the goal, but it got slung out by the net and knocked Unidef down. It ricocheted and came back. S'jate flew over it, but the ball went into the goal again, and knocked it into the air, causing it to hit S'jate.

S'jate and Unidef were playing golf. Unidef swung his club, but he missed the ball, causing him spin around like a propellor and fly through the air, then crash and drill into the ground. S'jate hit the ball. It flew up and hit a remote controlled helicopter, causing it to fly and hit an eagle, causing the eagle to fly and hit a man parachuting, causing him to fly and hit a helicopter, causing it to fly and hit a plane, causing the plane to fall and hit S'jate.

S'jate and Unidef were playing volleyball. S'jate hit it up, but it came down and smashed S'jate into the sand. It bounced off of his head and to Unidef. Unidef hit it into the net, but the net came back and launched Unidef far, far, far away.

The montage ended.

(Tubalan): You guys are hopeless. There's no sport where you won't get hurt. We've tried every one except badminton.

(S'jate): Badminton! Let's play that.

(Tubalan): There's a badminton court on the other side of the campus, and it's free right now. I'm gonna go get some cheesecake.


S'jate and Unidef were dressed in badminton clothes on the badminton court.

(S'jate): Ready when you are.

(Unidef): Rewqti mi ur saw!

(S'jate): No, you!

Unidef served the birdie. S'jate didn't hit it.

(S'jate): I wasn't ready!

Unidef served it again, but S'jate still didn't hit it.

(S'jate): The wind was in my face.

Unidef served it again, but S'jate didn't do anything.

(S'jate): My shoes were untied!

(Unidef): Hgert!

S'jate snatched the shoes of someone walking by, and put them on.

(S'jate): Yes I do!

Unidef rolled his eyes, then served. Him and S'jate hit the birdie back and forth a little bit, until Unidef missed.

(S'jate): In your face!

Eleganni came.

(Eleganni): What are you morons doing?

(S'jate): Playing badminton.

Unidef hit the birdie and scored.

(S'jate): Hey, no fair!

Unidef shrugged. S'jate served, and shot eye lasers. Unidef dodged them, causing him to miss the ball.

(Unidef): Goo you!

Unidef pulled the net back, and used it to launch the birdie. S'jate tried to hit it, but it tore through his racket.

(S'jate): Good thing I brought a spare.

S'jate pulled out another racket.

(Eleganni): You guys are cheating! You're making up rules! This game is total chaos! Can I play?

(S'jate): Sure.

Eleganni pulled out a small racket.

(Eleganni): Let's get this thing on!

Eleganni took the ball off of the birdie, and put a bomb there. She served it, and it exploded, turning Unidef black.

(Unidef): Jeeeeeeeeee!

Unidef grabbed two sticks and rubbed them together. He made a fire, and set the birdie on fire. He served it, and no one hit it, giving him a point. S'jate blew out the fire, and bent the birdie like a boomerang. He served it. Unidef tried to hit it, but it came back. S'jate got more points by doing this.

Another montage started.

S'jate pulled out the strings of Unidef's racket. Eleganni served it, and it went through the racket. Unidef pulled out the strings of Eleganni's/Unidef's rackets, and served the birdie. Eleganni whacked Unidef with her racket, then S'jate used his hand to hit the birdie back and score a point.

Unidef painted the birdie to blend in with the background. He threw it up and tried to serve it, but nothing happened. Unidef looked around for the birdie. Meanwhile, S'jate painted an anvil above Unidef, and it fell on him.

S'jate and Eleganni were firing giant birdies from cannons at Unidef, and he couldn't hit them. S'jate and Eleganni laughed and hi-fived. Unidef activated a bunch of giant catapults, and they launched giant birdies on the other side. S'jate and Eleganni couldn't hit them.

The montage ended.

Eleganni got a point.

(Eleganni): That's 21! Well, I'm leaving.

She left. Unidef started to leave.

(S'jate): Wait! Just one more round.

(Unidef): Shu.

(S'jate): I'll serve.

S'jate served the birdie. Unidef hit it back, then S'jate hit it back. Unidef hit it high into the air. S'jate flew up and hit it. Both of them hit it all over the place. Unidef hit it through a tree, causing it to tumble down. S'jate hit it hard at Unidef, sending him flying, but he spun around in midair and hit it back. S'jate flew in a circle and created a tornado, then he hit it. The tornado picked up the tree and hurled it at Unidef. He jumped onto the tree, ran down it, and hit the birdie. Both of them kept hitting it, causing more things to happen.

(S'jate): I'm going to win!

(Unidef): No! Piqu wesdi!

Unidef hit down through the ground. S'jate flew into the ground and spun around, drilling into it. He eventually caught up with the birdie, and hit it very high into the air. Unidef jumped onto the net, and slung high into the air. He bounced off a tree branch, jumped off a passing bird, and swung up on the wing of a plane. Unidef hit it down, causing it to set on fire. Unidef jumped down while S'jate was flying up.

(S'jate): Whoever hits this wins the game!

They got closer and closer. They were about to hit it when Eleganni jumped in and swung her racket, sending the birdie flying. They all landed on the ground.

(S'jate): What was that for? The winner was about to be decided!

(Eleganni): You guys were going crazy and tearing up the whole college! I had to put a stop to it.

(S'jate): Yeah, you're right.

Unidef nodded.

(Eleganni): Well, I guess we can all go then.

They started walking away.

(S'jate): Hey guys, wait! Where did the birdie go?

Tubalan was going to his next class when the birdie flew through him. He fell apart.


S'jate, Unidef, and Eleganni were looking at Tubalan.

(S'jate): We can fix him! We just need some glue, some pliers, and another montage!

The last montage started.

S'jate glued the pieces of Tubalan together.

Unidef wrapped Tubalan with a cast.

Eleganni used a stethoscope to check Tubalan's heartbeat.

The montage ended.

(All Three): Yeah!

Tubalan fell back apart.

(Eleganni): This is embarrassing.

(S'jate): So.....Anyone up for more badminton?

(Unidef): Sew!

(Eleganni): Let's go!

They ran away.

(Tubalan): Bad.......minton!

He died.


Now here's the last thing I have to tell you: I'm creating a NEW series! I've written a lot of the episodes already. I'm not going to tell you much, but here are 5 of the aliens the protagonist will use.

That is my Fanon Con submission. See you next year!

Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and its that time again for Fanon Con! Glad to be participating in Winter Con and I'm still getting used to the Fanon Cons but I think this is going to be awesome!

Brandon 10

Brandon 10 will kick off in 2014 with the epic Season 4. It will follow up with the team back together again but they face a dangerous enemy with powerful information. Something that has been hinted throughout the whole series and hidden in plain sight until now. Could this be the most powerful device that any villain could get their hands on? Will our team get it before it falls into the wrong hands? Brandon will have to face what he did in order to save the universe from the evil of his oldest enemies with new aliens, new characters, new adventures and an epic battle from Earth to Space.

Other Brandon 10

Besides the series, Brandon 10 will live on in a new form that has been debated and reformed. And even though its been out already, I introduce Brandon 10 Comics. As Brandon deals with teenage problems and alien attacks, catch up on the original series in animated adventures as Young Brandon deals with being a kid and alien invasions! Then Brandon with his team will face off against Zonarians and more in comic book adventures.

Similar to Brandon 10 Comics, there might also be Brandon 10 Books. It might seem a bit unnecessary since an episode is like reading a book but it might be even more cool if the books can be written by fans. Just an idea to be put into action.

Other Stuff

For things besides Brandon 10, I'll probably be making some services for Alien Creation as well as my Holiday Aliens services.

I'll also experiment with some advanced coding stuff and try to create awesome stuff which I might use on the wiki such as animations and theme songs. But I promised this for 2013 and its already almost 2014 so I'll work extra hard to watch hour long tutorials and read quantum physic textbooks. Alright maybe not but still it'll be awesome (hopefully).


Meh. Since everyone else must be doing these and since I shown sneak peeks at the future of Brandon 10, I minus as well show some previews for those sneak peeks, eh?

Brandon 10

Brandon is seen walking on an alien planet. Jungle-like.

Brandon, unseen: I have done many things in my life...

The Conqueror stares while sitting in his throne; thinking.

Sparky in Spaceship mode flies to Earth.

Brandon, unseen: ...But there is a couple of things I'm not proud of.

The scene goes to a temple of sorts.

Conqueror: I now know your secret, Tennyson. And it shall be mines!

Brandon stares with a serious expression.

Sarah: Brandon, what's he talking about?

Brandon: ...The Omnitrix.


Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and a flash overcomes him.

Coco fights some Extreme Bikers.

Sarah shoots a pink energy ball.

Brandon runs down a corridor.

Sparky fires lasers at a spaceship.

Alien: GET HIM!

Coco: Stop the Wedding!

Bill: I can't believe I'm seeing your face again.

Tyler: This.. Isn't the last time.

Brandon: Let's do this...

The Team jump from a ledge in the temple.

Conqueror: The Moment is Coming...

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix for one final time.


Be sure to check out the new Brandon 10: Alien Force Live Action Movie in January before the Season 4 Premiere also in January. There will be a contest involving aliens and just for Fanon Con, I'll be giving away cheat codes for the video game and more!

All Aliens (Loch Ness, Crusher, Astro, Brandon)

All Levels (Brandon, Conqueror, 10 X, 10 X)

All Cutscenes (Agilmur, Snow Bear, 10 X, BrandonBot)

Are you excited for Brandon 10 2014?

The poll was created at 04:14 on December 7, 2013, and so far 5 people voted.

Well that's about it for the entry. Thanks for looking in. Happy Holidays.

Ulti's Entry
Hello, friends! I will be giving you updates on Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse and POTO's sequel, Ben 10: Omni-Generation.

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Season 3 is currently in its thirteenth episode, and we have two more seasons to the finale. As some of you may or may not know, Evil Ben's history has been greatly rebooted, with him now being called Ben-21. In the Season 3 finale, Stuck With The Newbies, a new villain will be introduced, and with the new aliens, it'll be more difficult for Ben to fight him. Next, four new aliens will be introduced. Ultimate Brainstorm, Ultimate Astrodactyl, Infinite Brainstorm and Infinite Astrodactyl.

Ben 13

After taking over from Ls, I've decided that in each season, Ben will be a different age each season. He's 10 in Season 1, 13 in Season 2, 15 in Season 3, and 18 in Season 4. In the Season 1 finale, Redax will hire Kolar and Gorvan to fight Ben.

In Season 2, the main villains will be Galapagus and the Geochelone-Aerios. Why? In Dimension 13, the Geochelone Aerios are somewhat like the Incurseans and Highbreed. War-struck, superiority complex...Ben will definitely gain a DNA sample of a Geochelone Aerio, under the name of Windshell or Terraspin.

Ben 23: Hero Generation

Season 3's main villain is Aggregor, who, after duelling with Ben, goes on a rampage for priceless alien artifacts, such as the Map of Infinity, the Ascalon and finally, the Ultimatrix. Will Ben be able to keep up with Aggregor's pace?

Hope you liked it. If you have any ideas or reviews, feel free to share them at Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Reviews and Ideas) and Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed (Reviews and Ideas) for POTO and BTHU, or their respective forum pages.

UltiEpic! (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 08:42, June 11, 2013 (UTC)

Tammar's Entry
Hello and welcome to the second time I participate in Fanon Con. So I got a bunch of announcements for multiple projects I'm working, so let's start, shall we?


Ah, Crisis, my first actual legit series and franchise here. Anyway, if you read the limited-series Ben 10 & The Master Assassins, you probably wanna read this. BTATMA should be reaching an end soon, and this is expected because we all knew it's a 10-episode limited-series from the start, only created to set the tone and events for the actual series.

Anyway, the finale of this series is pretty shocking if you ask me because it has a huge twist... just like every episode. The twist sets the tone and main plot for the actual series which is set to debut soon.

You might be asking why the franchise is called "Crisis", and the answer is simple. It deals with a crisis that starts happening after the events of Ben 10 & The Master Assassins... and that's the main plot.

Anyway, here's the biggest part for Crisis this fanon con... the new series. Yep, the new series that is set to debut after Ben 10 & The Master Assassins is getting info right here. You might be wondering what's it called, and it's name is... Crisis: Broken Days. It deals with how the characters face things in the aftermath of Ben 10 & The Master Assassins. I can't reveal much about it's plot and characters because that would spoil the finale of BTATMA.

Rick 10

If you like the series, you better read this. The main theme of season 1 is learning about these "monsters" Rick transforms into. Very few aliens exist in Earth-41, so Rick must deal with human villains. The human villains might not be as powerful as Rick thought, but that changes in season 2, when Rick meets one of his biggest baddest villains yet simply titled... The Human. I can't reveal too much about him yet, but I can say he will go to extraordinary measures to achieve what he wants.

On another note, the season 2 premiere will also be a crossover with a canon show. So get ready for that.

Plumber Partners

There isn't much to reveal about Plumber Partners so I decided to just give a small sneak peek at the premiere:

[Andrea enters the room, meeting Donna and the Magister.] Donna: Hey, you must be Andrea, I'm Donna. Andrea: Nice to meet you. Magister: Alright, now that that's settled, you gals outta head to your room. Andrea: Room? Donna: Don't we each get our own room? Magister: Nope, partners share a room. Andrea: Excuse me, but did you just say partners? Magister: Oh yeah. Pretty surprised, aren't you?

And that's that.

Ben 10: Outside the Business

All I can say about this series is that it's gonna mainly feature minor, supporting, and background Ben 10 characters because I've always wanted to see them in depth. So all I can say about this is to expect the unexpected from different characters. This will also tend to focus on the social lives of the main characters.

The Ben 10

If you've seen The Batman, then expect something like it. This is basically a retelling of Ben 10's origin. The series probably hasn't started by the time you're reading this, but you gotta know, season 1 finale, someone major is gonna die.

Gwen: The New Adventures

Not much to say here really, a series about Gwen working as a solo hero, let's see how it turns out when it premieres.

Khyber: The Journey

This series is set to look at Khyber from a whole new angle. It's gonna show how he obtained the DNA samples for the Nemetrix and it will also tell his origin and background a bit more in depth.

Superior Ben 10

Time to reveal some info on this. Not much has been revealed about it, but Spider-Man fans can predict. It talks about Ben and a villain of his switching bodies. While in the villains body, Ben dies. So the villain vows to be the new Ben 10, a better Ben 10, a superior Ben 10. I can't reveal who the villain is yet because I want people to be surprised.

Ben 10,000: The Future of Heroes

Not much to reveal here, this series is a Ben 10,000 series. It won't stay to the canon side because in this universe, Ben is married to Ester, not Kai.

Albedo 10,000

In this series, I'm going to explore Albedo in the Ben 10,000 timeline so that should be interesting. Season 1 is about how Albedo must get used to his new Omnitrix. Take note that Albedo isn't a villain in this series, more of an anti-hero.

The Hero

The Hero is a new series that will talk about a vigilante appearing in Bellwood. This vigilante is not approved by the BCPD or by Ben. This vigilante is also a 23 year-old human named Roy Ross. His origin will be told more in depth in the series. Expect something to the tone of Arrow.

Bellwood Central

I'm announcing a new series here at Fanon Con. It's called Bellwood Central. It talks about the cops in Bellwood and how they deal with different situations. So expect some detective action, some dealing with Ben 10, and some normal cop stuff and more!

Did you like my entry?

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Which series are you most excited for?

The poll was created at 19:30 on December 27, 2013, and so far 2 people voted.

Anyway, that's it for this Fanon Con. I hope you all enjoyed my submissions and if you find any of them interesting, be sure to check out the series!

And this is Tammar, signing out...

Roads - Founder of Fanon Con's Entry

Do you want a continuous plot to a series instead of a bunch of disconnected episodes and a season finale? Do you want fan fiction based on the canon show, and yet having nothing to do with it? Look no further than the upcoming series Ben 10: Revamped, by Roads. This series adds a new spin to the classic show, with a story arc spanning it from beginning to end. All your favorite classic enemies, aliens, etc. will appear (along with the rest of them, which you apparently can't stand). Also, sometime down the road...

Seasons will be made all at once and will begin to be posted gradually once they are finished, with the writing of the next season starting during the "airings" of the one before it. The first episode, "Answers," will be posted soon after the Fanon Con.

Trek's Entry

Operation: Flushout

So, with the first couple of episodes out, there are many plans going on for the rest of the series, there are a lot of big plans up in the air. You can be certain that this series is going to be the best that i can possibly make.

Journey to the Galaxy

This is a brand new series that is going to be worked on after the end of Operation: Flushout season 1. I like to think of this series as the counterbalance to Flushout. All series follow 1 of 3 different origins for the basis of the story. Science, Nature and the Unknown. Flushout is a combination of Science and Nature, This one will be all about the unknown. A series that questions the origin of Mana, and its uses outside of the Anodites and the Ledgerdomain.

Cyber's Entry

Hello fellow members of Ben 10 Fan Fiction, this is my first time participating Fanon Con. I hope you'll enjoy my entry!

I'm showcasing three of my projects in this Fanon Con.

If you haven't seen Ben 10: Shattered Universe (BTSU for short), click here to know about the main plot. BTSU has ended its first season and its second season is still ongoing. Get ready for more plot twists, new characters and possibly a MOVIE (see my third project) to complete the whole series. Before judging the series, you might want to check it out first. BTSU has received a rating of 87.5%, and has received many positive reviews from fans. The best episode so far is Heat, as nominated by fans. So what are you waiting for? Enter the Shattered Universe!

Due to positive reviews from fans, a miniseries that supports the story of BTSU has been planned. The first chapter focuses on 10-years old Ben Tennyson months after he discovered the Omnitrix. Unknown to him, the Omnitrix is the cause of his "evilness". The second chapter takes place during the Alien Force time period while the third chapter takes place during the Ultimate Alien time period. Be prepared for the darkest secrets that are yet to be revealed!

Ben 10: Redemption

If the ending for both series goes well and if I have a clear schedule, a stand-alone special episode (or possibly a movie) that tells readers about what happens after the events of BTSU will be made. The plot can't be revealed yet to avoid spoilers. But here's one thing for sure, something will be different.

Well I hope you guys like my entry :D Thanks for reading!

Oh and by the way, don't forget to check out the BTSU animated trailer soon! Just go to the Ben 10: Shattered Universe article on this Sunday/Monday to check it out!

Echo's Entry
Echo Echo Omnivurs

Hey folks! Here is my entry for Fanon Con, please note that this is my first time and I do not have much experience with this. So enjoy! Also note that there ARE spoilers!


Echo Echo and Cannonbolt have to think about what to do for Omnimaus but can't think of anything. So Echo Echo decides that he goes Teleporting Potato (Portaler) and enter Master Brainstrorm's mind in order to find out how by the brain but they were in vain, Echo Echo then accidentally transforms into a new alien, Snowy which he uses to freeze the brain and get out. They wake up Master Brainstorm and say that they have no time to make an Omnimaus special, so it is just up to the Ben 10 gang to make a good Christmas special.

Cool Events

Teleporting Potato and Snowy make their debuts Wildpup makes his debut

Next Episode, EEO Christmas Special featuring the Ben 10 gang!

Ben, Rook, Gwen and Kevin went to England for New Year but Albedo swears that he will stop time forever! Can Ben defeat Albedo and bring time back to the world? (Introducing aliens Ultimate Spidermonkey, Pesky Dust and Big Chill)

Some spoilers about EEO, there will be a crossover with N.E.W Alien, Parkmar and Ben 10, 000 will make their debuts very soon! We will learn more about Swamps past and Echo Echo will always be awesome.

Well this is the end of my entry, hope you enjoyed it! Stay awesome folks, peace!

Game's Entry

Codo 10


Arc 5 (Main Villain: Vaxasaurians (Group))

Third Times The Vaxasaurian

======The Name Origin======

  • Based off of the phrase, "third time`s the charm"
Major Events/Facts
  • Sunder, Slix Vigma, and Fivefive make their Codo 10 debuts
  • The Vaxasaurians reuse a crime they comitted twice before
  • Fivefive knows Argit, Galvan Derrick, and Edd from over five years ago
Any Allusions
  • A Sotoraggian in the episode resembles Lemongrab from Adventure Time
O, Little Weapon Of Techadon
The Name Origin
  • Based off of the song "O, Little Town of Bethlehem"
Major Events/Facts
  • This is mainly a flashback episode, with only the present-day characters making cameoes
  • Dr. Pervis, the Megacruiser, Magister Pyke, Galvan Derrick, Slix Vigma, Techadon Weapon Master Eighty, Kevin Levin, Argit, and Otto make their flashback Codo 10 debuts
  • Otto mentions the flashback events from "OTTO Motives" as future events (of he, Kevin, and Argit fully escaping the Null Void)
  • Long John Silver (from "Treasure Island") is mentioned
Steven Six Years Ago
Major Events/Facts
  • This is a crossover episode with the show, Steven Universe
    • Therefore, Steven and the gems make their debut in Codo 10
A Planet`s Worth
Major Events/Facts
  • This is mainly a flashback episode that first starts at an alien gameshow
  • Gimlinopithecus Host makes his debut
  • It is revealed how Vilgax`s species first inhabited their current home planet
Lose Lucy
Major Events/Facts
  • Many characters of the Tennyson family appear (Lucy, Mr. Mann, Betty Jean, etc)
Why I Hate Vaxasaurians
Major Events/Facts
  • Part of the episode is normal animation, but the flashback is in Stop-Motion Animation
  • Edd unlocks Shocksquatch
  • An unnamed Magister and Plumber Daphne make their debuts
  • A Negative Gimlinopithecus appears (a Gimlinopithecus without electricity, making its fur blue and itself weak)
  • Gimlinopithecus Host appears in the flashback
One Last Black Attack: Part 1
Major Events/Facts
  • This episode begins from the previous episode, as the characters start on Galvan Prime
  • This episode takes place on Edd`s 19th birthday
  • This episode is parallel to "One Last White Attack: Part 1"
One Last Black Attack: Part 2
Major Events/Facts
  • The Codotrix is revealed to have a function called Mega Mode
  • Black Dragon, Mega Black Dragon, Mega Upchuck, Shocksquatch, Mega Shocksquatch, and Mega Alien X make their canon debuts as alien transformations
  • This episode takes place on Edd`s 19th birthday
  • This episode is parallel to "One Last White Attack: Part 2"
One Last White Attack: Part 1
Major Events/Facts
  • This episode begins from "Why I Hate Vaxasaurians", as the characters start on Galvan Prime
  • This episode takes place on Edd`s 19th birthday
  • This episode is parallel to "One Last Black Attack: Part 1"
One Last White Attack: Part 2
Major Events/Facts
  • The Codotrix is revealed to have a function called Mega Mode
  • White Dragon, Mega White Dragon, Mega Upchuck, Shocksquatch, Mega Shocksquatch, and Mega Alien X make their canon debuts as alien transformations
  • This episode takes place on Edd`s 19th birthday
  • This episode is parallel to "One Last Black Attack: Part 2"

Arc 6 (Main Villain: P`andor)

Black Birthdays Before
Major Events/Facts
  • It occurs on Edd`s 19th birthday
    • It occurs during the end of "One Last Black Attack: Part 2"
  • Edd reminices of earlier birthdays
  • Some flashbacks have different animations
  • It`s parallel to "White Birthdays Before"
White Birthdays Before
Major Events/Facts
  • It occurs on Edd`s 19th birthday
    • It occurs during the end of "One Last White Attack: Part 2"
  • Edd reminices of earlier birthdays
  • Some flashbacks have different animations
  • It`s parallel to "Black Birthdays Before"
Black Ballad of the Annhilaarg
Major Events/Facts
  • It takes place seven years ago
  • It`s parallel to "White Ballad of the Annhilaarg"
White Ballad of the Annhilaarg
Major Events/Facts
  • It takes place seven years ago
  • It`s parallel to "Black Ballad of the Annhilaarg"
P`andor On The Run
Major Events/Facts
  • This occurs a number of years before Codo 10 (past Arc 5)
  • P`andor and Aggregor appear in Codo 10
  • This is the first episode of Codo 10 to be 100% flashback
It`s Not Easy Being P`andor
Major Events/Facts
  • P`andor is first put into his current containment suit
  • Tucker makes his debut, as does Luna Lobo and Wild Loboans
  • Most of this episode is a Codo 10 post-Arc 5 flashback
Vigma Void
The Name Origin
  • The name is from Vigma (Slix Vigma) and Void (the Null Void)
  • It is shown how Ragnarok and Vilgax (who both make their Codo 10 post-Arc 5 flashback debuts) escape the Null Void
Major Events/Facts
  • Slix Vigma flashes back seven years ago about his time in the Null Void
How I Met Your P`andor
The Name Origin
  • The name is based on the series, How I Met Your Mother
Major Events/Facts
  • Camidopterran makes his appears in Codo 10
  • Most of this episode takes place during a flashback 10 years ago
Major Events/Facts
  • P`andor and Tucker make their current day debuts in Codo 10
  • It`s parallel to "Whiteout"


=Major Events/Facts
  • P`andor and Tucker make their current day debuts in Codo 10
  • It`s parallel to "Whiteout"
Hean 10's Entry

Welcome to Toon and Sci's combined Fanon Con submission! Today we're here to discuss the revival/reboot of a show that previously aired originally in 2012, and has been in development hell for 2013, but is now back.

No, its not Knight of All Knights. Toon didn't write it. - Sci

No, its not Victor + Ren = The Ultimate 10!. Sci isn't a writer - Toon.

Its the most epic, the most dramatic,

the saddest, one of the more violent series

in the entire wiki.




Hean 10!

Here in this submission we're going to go over a lot of interesting Hean 10 topics. Let's get started!


First off, we'd like to show you all a scene from Origins, Part 1 itself. Yes, it makes no sense showing the scene first then giving the information, but we're doing it this way. This scene takes place in 2011, at the very beginning of the episode:

The scene cuts back to the guards in the lobby. Police and SWAT swarm around the building, responding to the call one of the guards had sent only minutes before.

“The police? I thought you said the place was secure!“ Says Henderson to the soldier, who had just arrived, after hearing the sirens from the police cars.

“I shot a guy on the sixth floor. I didn’t say anything about there being others.“

The three run through several different halls, making their way to the laboratory in the south wing.

“ How do you know where the lab is? “ Bernard, the third soldier asks.

“Twenty-fourth floor’s walls are color coded. Each wall represents a different wing.“ The commander replies.

The three arrive at the entrance of the laboratory. The door is locked shut, but there’s an identification bar on the side of the door to let the person in.

“Great, we’re locked out.“ Henderson says.

“You think I shoot and run? I looted the guy’s pockets and found an ID card…“ Bernard responds, taking out an ID card from the deceased guard.

The commander grabbed it out of his hands and slid it through the slot. It lit up green and the door opened up. They slowly walked through the room, looking for the “watch”.

“ Hey, I just noticed something. Why haven’t the police come in the building yet? “

“ They’re probably waiting for permission to fire…” Bernard replies.

The scene cuts to the Police and SWAT team. Commissioner Thomas, a man with dark hair and a leather jacket, exits his van. “GO AHEAD, MEN! SWAT TEAM FIRST! MOVE!“ Commissioner Thomas shouts.

SWAT team kick open the doors and run in the building. They head up the stairs, cracking the marble staircase.

“Damn it guys, there here!“ Henderson says, worried.

“They’ll never make it in time up here. It’s got to be here somewhere. Keep looking.“ The commander says back.

Bernard walks past a few shelves, looking through each one until he bumps into soldier Henderson.

“Watch where you’re going, man!“ Henderson tells Bernard.

Bernard falls to the ground and activates a hidden tripwire. A part of the wall, in the shape of an empty door, shifts behind the rest of the wall and moves away to the left revealing a glass wall with a control panel. Behind it is a stand with a medium sized, glowing alien watch.

“There it is!“ Bernard says, getting up.

The commander walks through the empty part of the wall and reaches the secret room. Henderson comes in after him.

“ Well? Let’s just break the glass and take it! “

“We can’t, it’s unbreakable. We can only get in by typing a password into the control panel.”

“Let’s hack it."

The scene cuts back over to the police on the second floor. Commissioner Thomas is leading the way through the halls.

“I want five men for each wing, starting with this one. We’ll cover more ground that way.“

Five policemen march into different rooms, each with rifles. The SWAT are on their way up the building on to the twentieth floor.

“Here, I can decrypt the code.“ Bernard says.

Bernard comes in and kneels down behind the panel. He takes the cover of it off, revealing wires and metal buttons. He takes out a pair of tweezers and starts mixing the wires around.

“I’m resetting the password system to default so we can automatically get in.“

Bernard puts in the last wire and puts the cover back on the control panel. He presses the “ENTER” button and a door opens into the glass wall.

“Alright, let’s grab it and get out of here!“

And a second scene that takes place in 2014, where a mysterious man wanders into a busy part of the city, an energy causes chaos across the city, and devastation begins. 

And Yes, this is in a different format. Just know that Toon wrote the first scene, and I wrote this scene. We have different writing styles. We're discussing the writing style of the show. 

[It cuts to Main Street, Highwood. The streets are busy, as life continues to go on. A man walks towards Space Square. Two helicopters fly by, attracting the attention of the public. The helicopters leave the city, going towards the bay, and the Highwood Bridge. It flies by, heading into the ocean. Inside, is the Lieutenant General Argo. ]

[General]: How long?

[Solider]: A few minutes sir.

[General]: Alright.

[Two military planes fly ahead of the helicopters, escorting them to a group of Super carriers around a set-up oil rig. They are all surrounding an area of water glowing a bright yellow. ]

[General]: What is that?

[Scientist]: That, is the source of the mysterious energy signature detected three months ago. The one that brought down Airline N94721, killing 40 civilians. Its making more energy signatures in the last three months. We haven't gone down into the waters yet because the energy.... its nothing like we've seen before. Its never been recorded. Even stranger... the energy... its sending a message.

[General]: Message?

[Scientist]: Yes.

[The Scientist pulls out a laptop, clicking two programs. The screen separates into two parts. One shows camera feed underwater, showing the broken capsule and an orange energy expanding, then condensing and re-expanding again. Another shows mysterious letters, not seen before put onto a Microsoft Word document. ]

[General]: What language is that?

[Scientist]: None. I've never seen it before. The best I can translate it to is ancient mayan. Its not a good translation, but it looks like its saying... FORM.

[General]: Form what?

[It cuts to Hean in his room. He looks at the watch, the Forevtrix as he calls it, and slowly moves his hand to the watch. He touches it, activating it. It returns to the energy. Suddenly, the energy stops condensing and freezes. It begins to overload. ]

[Scientist]: No not again....

[General]: What's going on?

[Scientist]: At random times, it freezes up, overloading and then causing a massive explosion.... get us out of here!

[The energy sends a blast throughout the ocean, reaching up into the air. The helicopters stop, and begin falling. One slams into the ocean as the other, with the General in it begins to head to the rig. The General jumps out, landing on the rig as the copter hits the rig, causing an explosion. Suddenly, Hean's forevtrix begins shocking him. The ocean begins to turn, causing a whirlpool that spreads the water away, revealing the Capsule and the energy. Meanwhile, at Highwood the shock wave hits, shattering the shoreline building's windows. Suddenly, an earthquake begins as everyone in Space Square begins to panic. Explosions occur, damaging a building. The man walking towards Space Square begins to panic, as his skin glows red and bright yellow. ]

[Man]: Please no... NO.

[It cuts to the underground lab. ]

[Scientist in Lab]: Sir, we've detected the energy signature again!

[A man in a business suit shows up, his front unseen. ]

[Business Man]: Record all data. We know its in the ocean outside the bay. Pinpoint its exact location.

[Suddenly, two more signatures appear on the screen. ]

[Scientist in Lab]: Two more... both in Highwood.

[Business Man]: Two.... impossible. The ancients would not place two of them here, in Highwood. Unless.... the watch has been removed! The energy signature is just a leftover. TRACK THOSE TWO. One of them is the watch, the other is the the next one!

[The scientists begin to find and pinpoint the signatures. At the oil rig, the general looks at the energy. ]

[General]: My god....

[It cuts to a museum, in Artiswald, Germany, inside a museum, a sword with a red gem at the the hilt is glowing. It cuts to Hean's Forevtrix still glowing and glitching. ]

[Hean]: What'd I do... oh my god...

[An energy signature is suddenly pinpointed on Mt. Highwood. Another energy signature appears in Artiswald. ]

[Business Man]: Could it be... yes. YES. Its the ruins. And Artiswald.... at last, I've found three at once! One in Germany, one in Highwood, and now the one stolen, along with the ruins. This is perfect. Continue analyzing until the signature goes.

[Scientist in Lab]: Alright. Scans have separated the two signatures to two parts of Highwood. The Business District here, and the Suburbs. Continuing scans.

[The Earthquake knocks down a skyscraper, collapsing down onto the fleeing civilians. The glowing man begins to be more unstable. He gets to his knees, as he cries. ]


[Hean grabs the Forevtrix, and shuts it off. Suddenly, the energy signatures die. ]

[Business Man]: Where are they-

[Scientist in Lab]: We've lost them all.

[The Energy in the ocean launches itself into the air, then explodes into nothingness. The waters begin to return to their natural state, as the General sees the crashed airplane, and the remains of a father. A few helicopters reach the damaged oil rig, attempting to save the General. Meanwhile, the Earthquake stops. A few skyscrapers have fallen, Space Square is damaged a bit. It cuts to Hean's room, shaken up by the Earthquake. Linda comes in.]

[Linda]: Hean, are you alr-

[Hean]: Yeah.

[Linda]: Good. Some plates shattered and ... his picture frame was damaged. We'll have to get it replaced.

[Hean and Linda have a moment of silence. ]

[Hean]: Can I check if there was any damage to the main city?

[Linda]: Well... be careful Hean.

[Hean hurries out his room to get his motorcycle. In Space Square, a cop sees the Man, and begins to walking towards him. ]

[Cop]: Hey bud, are you alright?

[Suddenly, the Man sends an blast from his body outwards, knocking the cop, and a few cars away. He rises upwards, levitating as he loses control. He begins glowing, his entire body red and yellow. He sends another blast from his body, damaging the nearby buildings. The damage falls to the ground, only to be risen up by the gravity surrounding the man. He then sends another blast, knocking down another skyscraper as the public flees. He then begins to shoot electricity at the buildings, shattering the glass. This electricity shocks civilians as they try to flee. Another blast hits nearby skyscrapers. The sides of the skyscrapers fall to the ground as a man on one floor falls off the building, falling to the ground. As he falls, a woman screams.

[Woman]: That man! He's falling!

[Then, the material begins to rise upwards again. A giant piece of glass rises upwards, cutting the man in half, killing him. The Woman screams again as another blast occurs, everything falling downwards. A car crushes her, as the nuclear-like man shoots electricity at the Jumbo screens on One Space Square Tower, the main building in Space Square. The screens crack, as Hean, driving on his motorcycle stops to see smoke and fire rising from Space Square. ]

[Hean]: That's not good.

We hoped you liked the sneak peeks of Hean 10!

Here's some information on as to what will be included in the series:

We're really excited for the reboot. In fact, we've made a map of Highwood!

Highwood Map with Key

And now for some information:

Episode Titles

The first three episodes will be titled:

  1. Origins, Part 1
  2. Origins, Part 2
  3. Project Clones

Characters and Locations

Hean: Hean is a 16 year old teen from Miami moving to Highwood. However, fate will cause disastrous events to occur, leading to the discovery of the Forevtrix. Hean will face evil and good as he attempts to prove himself as a hero, like his father.

Keoff: Keoff is a 16 year old teen from Highwood. He will be introduced in Project Clones.

Commissioner Thomas: Thomas is the head of the Highwood Police, making sure the city is safe. However, he will be faced to deal with new threats.

Alan Gordon: The President of the United States.

James Goodrick: A local news talk host.

Warline: The internet persona of a hacker and blogger who posts secrets on a website similar to WikiLeaks. The persona's true name will be revealed later on.

Randon Enterprises: A company with its Headquarters in Highwood. Its Headquarters, the Randon Enterprises Tower is one of the highest skyscrapers in the entire city. Its unofficially known as the "center of Highwood", although geographically it is not. Randon Enterprises deals with science, weapons, medicine, technology, among other things.

Highwood: The main city in Hean 10. It will undergo a lot of chaos.

Elemento: The first official villain in the new reboot. He will be a man who has no control over his powers, causing Hean to have to stop him to save lives.

Timeline and Arcs

This will take place in the year 2014, with some flashbacks to previous years. The show will also be in eight-episode arcs, not seasons. There are currently four planned arcs. 


[It cuts to Sci and Toon at a cafe in the Fanon Con Convention. ] 

[Toon]: Dude! You forgot to mention that the arcs will all have a common thread. 

[Sci]: All the villains in these four arcs will after something... something big. 

[Toon]: Something that will probably lead to thousands of people dying.... 

[The Camera begins to zoom away from Toon and Sci at a cafe. ] 

[Sci]: and will probably lead to billions of dollars in physical damages... 

[Toon]: Causing the U.S. economic to go to another recession... 

[Sci]: Which means thousands of people losing their jobs, gas prices going up... 

[Toon]: Unemployment rates going up, crime increasing... 

[Sci]: Not to mention the mental health issues millions will face. 

[Toon]: Lawsuits against Hean and his family... 

[Sci]: They can't pay that kind of money!

[Toon]: You know, the show will probably bankrupt the City of Highwood. 

[Sci]: Well, guess that's what we get when we do a realistic show instead of a crappy Teen Titans GO! kind of show. Crap... Toon, the Department of Saving Fictional Character Lives is here... 

[Toon]: Oh, um that's all folks. Thanks for reading this!

[Sci and Toon flee the cafe. ] 

--Toon and Sci.

... [Toon]: Because I'm Batman.

Sci's Entry
Hey Everyone, welcome to Fanon Con. Most of my stuff is on the combined submission so check that out. If you want any Earth-19 (Young Plumbers) info, see Paper's submission. This is more of updates.

Forever Knight Franchise: Um, nothing planned for that.

Ben 10 Reborn: Not being worked on.

Earth-251: The Black Knight: Shadows of the Past will come out in Summer 2014. Probally.

Ben 10.5 Fan Episodes: If I feel like it, I'll finish the Olympus Has Fallen Trilogy, and work on the The Dark Ben Trilogy.

SlenderBen: The Movie: On delay.

So yeah, not that big of a deal. Anyways, thanks for reading this lame submission. Hopefully Spring will be better.

Lego's Entry
{Hello all. Anyone remember my entry last Fanon Con? OF COURSE NOT, I barely wrote anything! I apologize for that, everyone. I am truly sorry. I just forgot to change it, and add more info. Anyway, what should I spoil today? I..don't know.

Hmm, I know. But, I won't flat-out say it, I'll let you guys try to figure out what this is from, it should be easy once you read the heading.

A Day They Would Never Forget

Ben is in the Rust Bucket III, staring at the Infinity Cube.

(Ben): So...does anyone know what this thing does?

(Gwen): I can't find it on the Extranet.

(Kevin): And I've talked to every weapons dealer, tech specialist, and alien historian I know, they didn't know anything about it, any of them.

(Ben): Infinity Cube..I've heard that somewhere before.

(Professor Paradox, appearing): You mean the ancient Celestialsapien power cube, which can grant whoever it believes to be worthy, a great, yet unspeakable, power?

(Kevin, coughing): Just like a baby Celestialsapien.

(Professor Paradox): On the contrary, Kevin. This has a strong affect on any technology it is near. The Omnitrix, for example, once near it, the Infinity Cube may boost the usage time until it has to recharge.

(Ben, staring at the Omnitrix): Really?

(Professor Paradox): That is only a hypothesis, of course, Benjamin.

(Ben): Oh.

(Azmuth): On a unrelated note, Ben, come with me to this craft's laboratory, I have something that will aid you in the Time War.

(Ben): A new Omnitrix?

(Azmuth, annoyed): Why is it that whenever I have something for you, you automatically assume that it's an Omnitrix?

(Ben): Sorry, force of habit.

Azmuth ignores Ben, and walks into the laboratory. Ben soon follows.

(Ben): So, what IS the thing that you were talking about?

(Azmuth): A small upgrade to your Omnitrix, similar to the Ultimate Function on Albedo's Ultimatrixes. However, they are not exactly similar. These new forms will enhance the powers of your transformations, but only for a short period of time.

(Ben): Does it involve taco pizza?

(Azmuth): NO! NO TACO PIZZA.

(Ben): Okay.

(Kevin): I like taco pizza.

(Gwen): Me too.

(Azmuth): Well too bad.

(Ben): But I want taco pizzaaaa.

(Azmuth): You will get taco pizza once we end the Time War.

(Ben): You know how long that's gonna take?

(Azmuth): No, I don't. Now, give me your Omnitrix so I can upgrade it.

Ben moves his wrist towards Azmuth, who opens the face plate, and attaches a metal ring around the Omnitrix core.

(Azmuth): Now, transform into an alien. Perhaps Diamondhead or Raptorrumble.

(Ben): Uh..who?

(Azmuth): Just transform.

Ben transforms into Four Arms, and taps the ring around the Omnitrix.

(Gwen): Ben, you're glowing.

(Azmuth): The process involves glowing.

Four Arm's outfit changes, along with his skin, and Omnitrix.

(Azmuth): Presenting..Upgraded Four Arms!

(Four Arms 2.0): I think "Four Arms 2.0" is cooler.

(Azmuth): Whatever you say.

(Kevin): Hey Tennyson, I think we'll need that extra power soon!

(Four Arms 2.0): How come?

(Gwen, looking at a screen): We're being followed by..ninjas?

(Kevin): You mean the Osmason Ninjas?

(Gwen, glaring at Kevin): You KNOW them?

(Kevin): Uh...that's not important right now.

(Gwen): Yes it is.

(Kevin): Look, I sorta broke into their hideout a few weeks ago, and "borrowed" some sweet alien tech. Hey, it was Techadon tech, those guys are practically geniuses when it comes to weapons.

(Azmuth): Techadonians are highly advanced weapon constructors. I don't blame him. How exactly did you "break into their hideout"?

(Kevin): I...I rammed into the wall with my car.

(Gwen): I guess that makes you a genius too, huh?

(Four Arms 2.0): Guys, the ninjas are getting closer!

(Kevin): Activating rear laser cannon.

Kevin flips a switch, and a laser cannon on the end of the ship fires at the ninjas, but misses.

(Kevin): We're doomed.

The ninjas activate a tractor beam.

(Gwen): Why did you have to break into their base?

(Kevin): Cause I felt like beating some guys up, okay?

The Rust Bucket III is pulled towards the ninjas' ship.

(Four Arms 2.0): What now?

(Kevin, absorbing the metal on the control panel): We pummel them to a pulp!

The cargo bay door is cut through with a laser, and the ninjas storm in.

(Four Arms 2.0): It's clobbering time!

Four Arms 2.0 runs up to a ninja and punches him in the stomach.

(Ninja): No. You have dishonored my people, Kevin Levin! Prepare to die!

The ninja runs toward Kevin.

(Kevin): Okay.

Kevin socks the ninja in the jaw, knocking him down.

(Ninja Leader): BEN TENNYSON.

(Four Arms 2.0): What?

The Omnitrix starts blinking, and shuts down the Upgraded Function, reverting Four Arms 2.0 back to his regular self.

(Four Arms): No power? Come on.

The Ninja Leader pulls out a plasma sword, and dashes towards Four Arms.

(Four Arms): Bring it on.

Four Arms swats at the Leader, who blocks the punch with his sword.

(Ninja Leader): Coward.

He looks behind him, as a large figure walks in.

(Aggregor): Hello, hatchling.

(Kevin): Great. Now I get to pummel YOU!

(Gwen): Why didn't you tell us that they were led by Aggregor?!

(Kevin): I didn't know!

(Four Arms, timing out): What do you want, Aggregor?

(Aggregor): The Infinity Cube. Now.

(Ben): Never.

Aggregor grabs Azmuth and starts absorbing him.

(Aggregor): Give it to me, or the Galvan dies.

(Ben): Azmuth!

(Azmuth): Ben...don't hi- Dur hur ebah.

(Aggregor): Your tactics are off, Tennyson. You should have planned a attack.

(Gwen): Ben..

(Ben): No Gwen. I never let him win. Or Vilgax. Or Diagon. Or Khyb-

(Kevin): Actually you did let Khyber win a few times.

(Ben): My point is, I've never let a major threat wi-

(Kevin): Then there were the Incurseans..

(Ben): You know what I mean!

Aggregor grabs a ninja's sword and begins absorbing the energy.

(Aggregor): Surrender, Ben Tennyson. And I might just spare your puny life.

(Ben): You know how LAME that line is, Aggrebore? Maybe you should join Eyawn over in the lame villains corner.

(Aggregor): I AM NOT LAME. I AM..extremely awesome! BOW BEFORE THE MIGHT OF..uh...AWESOMEGOR!

(Ben, yawning): That's what all the LAME villains say. And, Awesomegor? That's even worse than Aggrebore! Congrats, you just gave yourself an awful nickname!

And...I'll stop it there. That's about it guys, I hoped you all enjoyed this short preview or whatever. HAPPY FANON CON. Lego out.

Paper's Entry
Young Plumbers: Generations is back!


  1. Episodes will be released Fridays at ~7:00 EST
  2. Episode 14 is currently being written
  3. The movie is about 3/4 done
  4. Shorts will start once I organize the timeline a little bit. Expect to start seeing them on Wednesdays in February.

But in addition to that, I have a very big announcement regarding a new project of mine. It is slated to premiere sometime in April 2013, so I will have much more information on it at the next Fanon Con, but here are some hints as to what it might be.

  • No Sci, it is not a YP reboot.
  • Ben Tennyson is not the main character, but he is in the series
  • It will take place on Earth-77
  • The main character has an Omnitrix-like "device."

One more thing: the tentative title...














Are you going to say or not?

Hold on, I forgot...


No, the tentative title is...

Drum roll please...



Mysterious and generic at the same time. Just the way I like it.

Also, The Hunter 2 will resume production early next year. I'd like to release it sometime. That was specific, wasn't it?

Anyway, I think that basically wraps up my time with you guys. Not that's it's limited, I'm just getting bored.

That's all folks!

Ahmad's Entry
Hello, Ahmad here preparing you for a brand new movie of mine, called "The Secret Clocksmiths". And to almost everyone's surprise, it will have a secret co-writer that you can't suspect (again, unless you found the leaked information). And before you go on and say that it will be based off the Secret Saturdays, both the Co-writer and I haven't watched more than two episodes of the Secret Saturdays, so pretty much, it will be original. I also want to say that no picture or banner will be made for this, although that might change.


Get ready to meet an adventure of a lifetime...

We see a 12-year-old boy wearing a suit , standing in front of an Amperi.

Boy:  I'm Thank. Thank Clocksmith.

After their parents get abducted by an evil organization...

We see four people in a high tech laboratory: One man, two women and the same boy from earlier standing in front of a monitor.

Man: The Shadow Keepers? (narrows his eyes) We know our nemesis. Lets get ready. We'll save Mom and Dad.

Unbeknownst to them, as they travel seeking their parents, they are followed...

The Four Siblings arrive ontop of a hill, and they find the moon covering the sun, forming a solar eclipse.

Man, from earlier: This could be a Problem.

We see this same guy with Evolved Vaxasaurian arms firing missiles at the screen.

By the very people they are seeking revenge on...

We see a technological base. A Man wearing an inverted version of a Plumbers' Suit smacks his fist.

Man: Destroy those children.

Who are seeking a monster, a strange creature, lurking...

We see Thank facing a large army wearing inverted Plumber Suits. The Same Plumber Suit Man from earlier is standing in front of him.

Thank: Inside me?!

We see the four siblings talking around a campfire.

Woman: We need to remove Mu'rad from Thank before Harmonic Convergance. Or else Darkseid will destroy the world.

What will they do?! Find out in... The Secret Clocksmiths.


So, as the creator of this movie, I will show you my opinion about this movie, showing you spoilers along the way.

  • Q: What is your goal about this movie?
    • A: Well, I intend to retrieve Raid Unleashed's glory, but I would not like to make an immediate sequel. But this does not mean I will not make a sequel for that movie. I intend to make something epic yet mysterious, which is exactly why I chose this co-writer of all people. However, I will not leave all the hard work to him, he'll only add a few minor scenes while the rest will be completely written by me. I also intend to increase the "darkness" in this movie, which can be taken literally. 'Nuff Said.
  • Q: Will we see any Secret Saturdays elements? Like Kur, or V.V. Argost?
    • A: Well, as I've said before, neither I nor the co-writer have seen many episodes of the Secret Saturdays, but we did catch on the main idea. And by the main idea, I mean a family traveling the world for a single reason. But that is only the base that's taken, and the rest is purely original to us. For instance, this family will be made out of four, and they will not include their parents. And besides, Kur and Argost will be "parodied", in some form. However, other than these listed in this answer, the main plot will not be the same as that of the Secret Saturdays. So, don't worry about originality.
  • Q: Will there be any Ben 10?
    • A: Pretty much. This is Ben 10 Fan Fiction after all. You will see Amperis, Evolved Vaxasaurians, Plumbers, Crystalsapiens, Chronosapiens, Pyronites, and Petrosapiens in the movie. However, there won't be any actual characters from the canon show at all, and there will be no Omnitrix. But I can't say anything about evolutions, but no Ultimatrix. I would also point out that the main gang won't directly go to space, but many celestial events related to space will happen, such as an Eclipse or a Harmonic Convergance (No reference to Legend of Korra), and outerspace will appear onscreen. 
  • Q: Why "Clocksmith"? And why did you name the characters (Thank, Nighttalk, Peace, and Sarah)?
    • A: I must say, Clocksmith is the translation of my real surname. (No, you won't be able to translated in Google Translate, and my surname was NOT revealed in any media before). And truth to be said, Nighttalk, Peace and Sarah are the translations of the names of my brother and sisters. Thank is the translation of Ahmad, as the only I can reveal. Why I chose these names by truth is just pure randomness.
  • Q: Will we see much "Darkness"? Like killing or cruelity?
    • A: Well, generally, "Darkness" is my favorite movie genre, so you'll probably see violence out there. But may I point out, it will not be that cruel, really. The diffault genre of the movie is a somewhat mysterious mix of Drama, Darkness, Action and Comedy. Just like most of my shows, except more balanced.
  • Q: Will there be a sequel?
    • A: Sigh. Why are you asking from now? Just wait for the movie, and perhaps, if it succeeds, I might make a sequel, though its only 5.34 % likely, up to this point.
Rob's Entry
Hey guys, Rob here. I've prepared a nice little article for Fanon Con, just for you! Some of you may have heard of my series, Ben 10: Inversed Roles. It's a series where most villains are heroes and most heroes are villains. The main character is Albedo, and the main villain is Ben. There is some secondary main characters, Lucy, Alan, and Sunny. The Shattered is growing bigger and bigger, with members from Albedo to Zak Saturday to Jimmy Jones. What'll happen next? I dunno, you tell me. Look below to read more about it!

Ben 10: Inversed Roles

You probably saw the plot above, but if you didn't, I suggest you go read it. Zak Saturday will soon be taking a big roll in the first season, possibly even bigger than the secondary main characters. The Saturdays series is still almost entirely canon, but most of the Ben 10 series isn't. This may be confusing to remember, since they're both in the same universe, but I suggest you just go along with it :) Jimmy Jones has recently been recruited, and Zak Saturday is on a secret mission. More will be revealed soon, but that's all I'm going to say. The Shattered have gained an advantadge with Jimmy, and can use his ever-going knowledge about Ben Tennyson, the main villain. There will be a movie, hopefully premiering by the end of February. It's presumed name is Ben 10: Inversed Times. Also, John and Argit, some secondary villains, have been brought in and killed off. Many more are to come...but one you definitely might not expect.

Ben 10: Inversed Times

This movie will include some paradoxes, if you know what I mean. It should also include major screen time of Charmcaster, Eon, and Clockwork and Atomix. It also might explain the 'Time War' of this dimension. That's all for now, PokeRob, out!

Well that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed this Fanon Con. Next Fanon Con is the first host chosen by the Fanon Con Commitee and you, the community! See ya next ti-!

Slender the arrival static (looped) slender man's face

Slender the arrival static (looped) slender man's face

There's the video you all wanted. Happy? You better be. See ya at Spring Fanon Con 2014. - Sci, your friendly neighborhood Administrator. Also full-time Knight of All Knights, Creepy Butler at Wikia Manor, Slenderman, Bill Nye, Morgan Freeman, Joker, and Rick Roll Guy.

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