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Ultimate Writer of Summer Fanon Con 2015

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Brandon 10: Normal Writing Contest

What the Judges Said

We enjoyed how your story showed that the character wanted to save his mother but couldn't. It was extremely enjoyable and well written, showing exactly how your character became a villain. It succeeded where others did not, and thus all judges agree that Brandon 10 has won the writing contest.

His Entry

Duncan: Stand down, Eleven.

Number 11: RAH!

Number 11 throws a truck at Officer Duncan who dodge rolls out of the way. The truck collides with a window for a store. Office Jo fires from her blaster as the lasers impact with 11's chest. Number 11 uses a car as a shield from the blasts.

Jo: He created a barricade.

Duncan: Well pop it open.

Jo: I'm out of explosives.

Duncan: Out? What'd you use them on? Clearing out the garage?

Jo, sarcastic: Yeah and I just left the rest of them in my another suit that's being dry cleaned. (fires)

Duncan: Whatever you say. (using badge as comm) Cadet, you there?

Cadet, over the badge: Coming in, Duncan.

Duncan: How's civilain patrol, Joe.

Joe, talking through badge: Working out, Duncan. Area is evacuated.

Duncan, talking through badge: That's all I needed here.

Duncan deactivates and puts away the badge. He then pulls out a couple of cartridges and assembles a rifle blaster.

Jo: That's a sterdy car. You won't be able to get him from here and he'll wipe the street with you if you go around.

Duncan: I'm not aiming for him.

Duncan aims the blaster at the gas line and fires. The car then explodes. Duncan covers Jo as the explosion fades.

Jo: Duncan.

Duncan: Yeah, Jo?

Jo: You can get off me now.

Duncan: Oh right.

Duncan gets up and helps Jo up.

Jo: Act professional.

Duncan: What's the point of acting professional if you can't put a little charm into it.

Jo: Shut up. The smoke's clearing.

The smoke then clears and 11 isn't there.

Jo: He's gone.

Duncan: You sure did pass your deductive class.

Duncan goes over where 11 was and looks around. He then sees an open man hole.

Duncan: Gone. Sewers.

Jo: We can get Steven to give you sewer diagrams.

Duncan: Me? No no no. It's a team effort. I don't care if you just did your hair or whatever.

Jo: Polished my suit after the last time someone detonated a fusion core within a rogue Lenopan.

Magister Dalton: Are we done here?

Duncan and Joe, saluting and correcting posture: Sir, yes, sir.

Magister Dalton: Calm down. This isn't the militrary and this sure as heck isn't Hulka's squad. Now report.

Duncan: Number 11 escaped through the sewers.

Magister Dalton: We'll get men on it. Report back to base for debriefing.

Jo: Right away, sir.

Magister Dalton heads towards the Mechanic Dropship. Jo follows behind while Duncan follows her.

Duncan, mocking: Right away, sir.

Meanwhile in the sewers, Number 11, a freakish alien mutant, is seen walking through the tunnels.

Number 11: Why...

Theme Song

After the titles, Number 11 is seen entering an abadonned train station. He grabs the fourth railing and drains the electricity.

Number 11: Rest and Heal. Then I'll show them.

Number 11 looks around and no one is there.

Number 11: Alone... again. Right. Who would want to hang out with a freak like me?

Number 11 then gathers some newspapers and crushed up boxes and creates a primitive campfire. He then sets the paper on fire and lays down by the fire side. Number 11 looks into the fire and flashes back to when he was a kid.

Kid: Knock it off, Arty.

Arty: I can't help it. It's a lot of treasure right here.

Kid: It's not all for you. This is for me too.

Arty: Oh yeah yeah. Sure thing. We'll split it.

Kid: Alright then. Fine.

Later, the kid enters an apartment and locks the door behind him with the four locks on the door.

Woman's voice: Keith. Is that you?

Keith: Y-Yeah, Mom. It's me.

Keith makes his way to the bedroom where he sees his mohter lying in bed.

Keith's Mother: Where did you go today?

Keith: Out.

Keith's Mother: That's not a reponse I wanted to hear. You're not stealing again, right?

Keith: No mom.

Keith's Mother: Good. You remember what happened last time.

Keith: Don't bring up last time, please.

Keith's Mother: Someone has to. It makes you realize your mistakes.

Keith: What's so good about that?

Keith's Mother: So you can learn from them. Now I want you to go and do something for me.

Keith: Anything, mom.

Keith's Mother: Good (coughs)

Keith looks saddened by this.

Keith: Are you-

Keith's Mother: I'm fine. I just need you to pay the landlord.

Keith: But mom!

Keith's Mother: You know we have to. Otherwise we'll be out on the street again.

Keith: Yeah... I know.

Keith's Mother: The envolope is on the dresser. Hurry now. The deadline is tonight.

Keith: I'll get there, Mom. Just rest.

Keith puts a blanket over his mother and grabs the envolope. He then heads outside.

Arty: Yo, Keith.

Keith: What now, Arty?

Arty: Where you heading off to?

Keith: Gerald's place. Rent time.

Arty: Keith, I got a oppertunity. I want to cash you in, dude.

Keith: What are you talking about? All of your plans suck.

Arty: Not this one, man. It's high class. I'm telling ya.

Keith looks at Arty then at the envolope.

Ketih: I don't know, man. The deadline's tonight.

Arty: Keith, with this job, you won't have to pay rent ever again.

Keith then looks at Arty.


Later at a scientific facility, Keith and Arty are seen approaching. They stop at a wall which blocks the sight of a security guard.

Keith: This place looks pretty secure. It might be an all-nighter.

Arty: Nothing to it, pal. I've got a plan.

Keith: Yeah and your plans suck. Like I said.

Arty: Not this one. There's a generator behind the guard. I'll distract him and you break it up. The cameras and locks will be disabled for 10 minutes before the back up comes on.

Keith: How do you know all this?

Arty: Relax, dude. I've got my sources. You ready for this?

Keith: Oh yeah.

Arty grabs a rock and throws it at the security guard.

Security Guard, falling over: What the- (sees Arty fleeing away) Little brat!

The security guard chases after Arty. Keith then sneaks in and locates the generator.

Keith: Time to smash this thing.

Keith then grabs a pipe and jams it into the vents of the generator. The generator then overloads and explodes. Keith is knocked down by the explosion and the systems shut down throughout the whole facility. A door opens in front of Keith leading to the inside of the facility. He gets up, ignoring the ringing in his ears, and heads inside. He then hides under the stairs, leaning against a wall. Arty then rushes inside, closing the door behind him. Keith grabs Arty and pulls him under the stairs. Right as he does that, guards march down the stairs and go outside to investigate.

Arty: Close call. You alright?

Keith: ...Yeah. Just ringing in my ears.

Arty: Ah you'll be fine. Come on. Lab's this way.

Arty helps Keith up and they explore the facility.

Keith, looking around: What are we looking for?

Arty: I'll tell you when we find it.

The two then pry a door open and enter a room that contains a disabled stasis feild in its center. In the field, there is a vat containing a green liquid.

Arty: That looks like it. Once we sell it, we'll be rich.

Keith: What is it?

Arty: Some genetic thing that scientists are working on.

Keith: Isn't this dangerous?

Arty: Who cares? You helping or what?

Keith: Yeah. Let's hurry up.

Keith goes to the vat and tries to look for a release mechanism.

Keith: How do you get this thing off?

Keith starts pushing buttons until footage of Ben's aliens are seen projected on the curved screens surrounding the room.

Keith: Hey. It's those alien heroes from the news.

Arty: So what it's just a slide show?

Keith: No way, Arty. I think this stuff is DNA taken from the aliens. This company must be trying to create a new hero.

Arty: Uni-Tech works with small tech. This isn't anything important.

Keith: I don't know, Keith. Why is it so valuable then if it isn't worth anything? There are so many questions. No answers.

Arty: And no time. We got like four minutes left.

Keith: Alright Alright. Let's get out of here before the powers comes back on.

A security guard then enters the room.

Guard: Freeze!


Guard: Put the vat down and let me see your hands.

Keith: No no no. This isn't happening, man.

Arty: Keith, chill out, man.

Keith: No, dude. I'm not going to chill out. You said this would be quick and easy. Everything's at stake here.

Guard: Settle down, son.

Keith: I am not your son.

Guard: Stay back!

Keith: Don't you ever talk about my father!

The guard then fires from his weapon and it pierces the vat. DNA then flows from the vat and spills onto Keith's hand.

Keith: Ah... Ah! AHH!

Arty pulls out a pin from his pocket and plugs up the hole. He grabs the vat and looks at Keith who's hand is mutating.

Keith: What's happening to me?

The guard then starts to back up. Keith then extends his hand out and a flame shoots from his hand, burning the man.

Arty: Whoa...

Keith: What the heck.

Arty: Dude, we need to get out of here.

The two then run out of the room and then exit the facility as armored guards are chasing after them. Keith sets the hallway on fire to block their escape.

Armored Guard: What was that?

Scientist, approaching from behind: A scientific breakthrough. Contact him.

Later, Keith and Arty are seen under a bridge.

Arty: I think we lost them and there's still some juice in there.

Keith: And what about me, dude? Or is it money that you only care about?

Arty: Don't drop this on me. You went all psycho on that guard. And don't act like you don't care about money either.

Keith: I'm trying to support my family.

Arty: And it's never enough especially when you're hogging some for yourself. I know about your stash. Hiding money in case it doesn't work out.

Keith: Stay out of it.

Arty: Just give me the vat and I will.

Keith: So you can send it in? I don't think so. Did you not see what this thing could do?

Arty: It makes you a walking flame thrower. I saw it.

Keith: This thing could do so much more. Imagine what they'll do with it. Why don't we use it for ourselves?

Arty: Are you crazy?

Keith: Think about it, dude. With this power, we don't have to do any more jobs. We don't have to steal. We'll be at the top. People will know who we are and we'll be just like those alien heroes. No more worrying about owing anybody.

Arty: That stuff looks dangerous.

Keith: Who cares?

Arty: ...I do. I'm selling it. I never want to see it again.

Keith: Well good luck getting it back.

Keith breaks the top part and drinks the DNA. He then mutants into a big multi-limbed person and then roars as his shadow consumes Arty. Keith drops the vat and the rest of it spills at Arty's feet.

Arty: Keith... What happened to you?

Keith: I got better.

Keith then knocks Arty over and leaps away.

Later, at the Landlord's Office. Gerald is seen packing up his things. He looks at the clock and it's five minutes till 10 o' clock.

Thomas: I'm going to miss the game... unless they missed their payment. At least I'll be able to bring in people who can actually pay their rent on time.

Gerald then shuts the lights off. He's about to leave but then he hears glass breaking. Gerald turns around and closes the door.

Thomas: Hello?

Thomas puts his bag down and goes back into his office. He sees the broken window. He goes over to it and sees the broken glass on the floor. It's dark in there. Thomas looks up and yellow eyes open behind him. Breathing is heard. Thomas turns around and looks surprised and in shock.

Thomas: AH! AH!

Keith, mutated: Hello, Thomas. I came to pay the rent.

Thomas: K-Keith? What happened to you?

Keith, mutated: I got better. Now I came to pay the rent.

Thomas: I-I'm sorry, Keith, but you missed your deadline.

Keith, mutated: It's not 10 o' clock yet, Thomas. Are you trying to cheat me?

Thomas: No, please...

Two big arms grab Thomas and hold him up.

Keith, mutated: I think it's time you got what you deserved.

Another two big arms start punching him as the other two hold him up. Keith then throws Thomas into his desk.

Thomas: What... are you?

Keith, mutated: I'm your worse nightmare.

Keith then starts to return to normal.

Keith: NO! No no no... my powers!

Keith then runs out and heads home whle Thomas reaches for his office phone. Later, when Keith arrives at his apartment, he sees police and ambulances outside.

Keith: What's going on?

Paramedic: There's a woman who got into an accident. Neighbors called 9-1-1 when they heard her fall down the stairs. They say that she was worried about her son that she got out of bed to go check on him. But she was too sick to walk properly and, well- there she is.

Two other Paramedics are seen exiting the apartment and carrying a stretcher with Keith's mom on it.

Keith: No...

Keith goes to her side.

Paramedic 3: Hey, get away from her.

Keith: That's my mom! (To his mother) Mom! Mom!

Paramedic 2: We're loosing her ]pulse.


Keith then mutates with a fury into a large, mutated freakish monster. Cops then start shooting at him. Keith then sets the apartment on fire and then flies away. A blast then hits Keith and he goes unconsious as he crashes into a car. An old fashioned Plumber is seen dropping his laser cannon and approaching Keith. Two other old fashioned Plumbers show up to contain him.

Plumber Officer: What should we do with him, sir?

The Plumber takes off his helmet revealing himself to be Magister Dalton.

Dalton: Lock him up with the other ones.

Plumber Officer 2: I didn't think we'd get any more.

Dalton: There isn't more of them. This is a new wave. He's Number 11.

Back to the present day, at the Plumber HQ, Magister Dalton is seen reading a mission report.

Magister Dalton: You should have waited till the civilains were cleared. That was procedure.

Duncan: With all due respect, sir, if we followed proper procedure, Eleven would have gotten away.

Magister Dalton: And he still did. Want to explain that to me?

Duncan: No...

Magister Dalton: That's what I thought. You have a lot of work ahead of you, Duncan. Eleven is a complex individual. Trust me. I know.

Duncan: Mission reports don't give you a lot of exposure.

Magister Dalton: You're right... but you have to trust me on this. I uh... have a feeling about it.

Duncan: Feeling?

Magister Dalton: You have to follow your instincts and what you feel in order to get something done. What did you feel was the right thing to do?

Duncan: Evacuate the area.

Magister Dalton: Exactly.

Duncan: Maybe not focus directly on Eleven.

Magister Dalton: Explain.

Duncan: He'll think we're focusing on the civilians but he wouldn't expect one of us to already have the drop on him. Then once all of the civilians are cleared, it'll be a full scale attack. Ultimate take down.

Magister Dalton: Nice. See where a little gut instinct gets you?

Duncan: Yeah. I guess.

Steven: I got the sewer maps ready to go.

Joe: And I've got the dropship ready.

Jo: Then what are we standing around for?

Duncan: Right let's go.

The team head for the dropship as Magister Dalton watches with a saddened expression. He then sighs. Meanwhile, in the sewers, a noise is heard and Eleven wakes. He looks outwards and sees a figure approaching in the darkness.

Number Eleven: You won't take me, Plumbers.

Figure: I'm hardly a plumber. I come as a friend. Trust me.

Number Eleven: I don't trust you. I don't trust anyone.

Figure: That'll change soon. I've got so much to show you.

Number Eleven: Nothing you can do that'll help me.

Figure: I can teach you to control your mutation.

Number Eleven: What do you know about mutation?

Figure: I learned from... er, personal experience.

Number Eleven: Who are you? Why would you help a freak like me?

Figure: Why wouldn't I? No matter what you do or who you are, I will always help out. It's the least I could do. After all-

Chadwick then steps from the shadows.

Chadwick: I am your father. (smiles)

ZeVikingSif: Creative Writing Entry

What the Judges Said

Sif's entry was similar to the other contestants in the form of diary/journal entries, but he was by far the best writer. Taking the time explore the character, his world, and beyond, Sif put detail and description, and crafted a story that was worth reading. The references to the Ben 10 world (Zarkovia, Bellwood) helped ground the story in a Ben 10 world while going out its way to be creative and interesting. Sif's tone, although dark, was well managed, although he nearly lost due to a suggestive theme used in his entry (this theme was also covered in a normal writing contest entry).

His Entry

The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Joe's Journal: Page #1

By the time of this journal's creation, the writer will be officially deceased. Everything about the writer's history will be found here, as the last of himself remaining. The only message i give you:

There is no hope.


For as long as i can remember, every action i ever took had consequences. I'd lie awake at night thinking of what i did. I would think of the actions i took that day, that weekend, and beyond. I would lie awake for hours wishing i did something different. For the longest time, i've been blinded by fear.

One of the many things i would often think about is something i had done-- or nearly done when i was a child. My mother had went out to take care of personal errands whilst i was in the car. As young as i was, i had messed around with the car. Specifically the windows.

I put my finger on the window, and turning the window up. It eventually hit its peak. I felt pain, and wanted to turn the window down. But i did not know what button went up and what went down. Thankfully, i hit the right button. I almost lost my finger in that moment, had i not pushed the right button.

I think of that one moment every now and then, and what were to happen if i hit the wrong button. This is just one of many. I guess you truly can't understand me without knowing me, so let me take you to the beginning. To start things off, i was not supposed to be born.

My father had not wanted me. I was just a few decisions away from being "flushed". From what my mother had told me, i apparently spoke to her during pregnancy. I took it as a hallucination; never thought that would save my life. And so, my life officially started.

My mother told me stories of what my father used to be like before their marriage. Apparently, he wanted to marry my mother really badly. They even moved to america together, to start a new life... together. But that all changed when i was born.

Him not wanting me should've been her first clue. My father never liked me. He often abused my mother, and wanted me to stay with her. At some point, my father forced my mother to pay for the bills. He forced her to cook and clean, and give him money.

Despite mother denying otherwise, he used that money to buy drugs. He would also buy cigarettes, hell he even chain smoked. More proof that my father never wanted me: our bed was half crooked. He would force me to sleep on the crooked side.

My mother got very unlucky. This was not her turning point. Despite all the terrible things my father had committed, there was one thing that hurt my mother more. My mother had left her mother-- her entire family to go and marry my father. She had passed away when i was a mere toddler. She had always felt guilty about this.

After the passing of my grandmother, she packed her things and took me with her, and left my father. She had gotten a new job and a new home as my father turned even more of a scumbag. But because of this, we were extremely tight on money. I remember always wanting toys and icecream, but couldn't afford it.

Joe's Journal: Page #2

Desperate enough, my mother had commited illegal sexual acts just to get by. During this time, i had finally entered school. Kindergarten wasn't bad at all, in fact i had the most friends around that time. Enter the first grade, where i was picked on a lot. I once had long, curly-- bushy head of hair. Everyone in class called me bushy head.

And with my mother being poor as all hell, i had purple colored underwear. One classmate noticed, and started making fun of me. Everyone else soon followed. My first grade was not pleasant, but i had never been to second grade due to the condition my mother was in.

Enter the third grade: the new school i had went to had a combination of two grades for certain classes. I had went to second/third grade. I had new teachers, new classmates, and a chance to make friends. That all went downhill really fast.

There had been a group of half indian children. One tall, one short, and one with a short mohawk. When they saw me, they had picked on me as the new kid. In the playground, they would often not let me play. The kid with the mohawk, named Jaden, had often made fun of me and claimed i was a second grader despite me saying otherwise.

But there were mistakes on my part. For instance, a kid from afghanistan had wanted to be my friend, and i made fun of him for his skin color. I know, awful of me. But the truly bad things i had done pale in comparison. A kid who sat next to me, named Jermain, was a big scumbag.

Jermain asked me if i wanted to steal things with him. I accepted. One of the first things we stole was a chocolate egg from the teacher's desk. We had ran away from the classroom soon after as i retreated to the bathroom. I had ate the chocolate egg to hide the evidence.

As i come back to class, Jermain had told the teacher about me stealing. But i wasn't too mad. We had tried to steal more a week after. First it was a glowing toy, in which the teacher caught us. And finally, the big one. One of our classmates named Mark had a tamagachi.

I alone had stole the tamagachi from his bag, but he eventually noticed. He had began crying, and he revealed that his mother gave him the tamagachi before traveling away. We all had began looking for it. And like a complete idiot, i go to the teacher trying to prove my innocence, i reach into my pocket trying to show i didn't have it...

Then she noticed. She grabbed the tamagachi from my hoodie pocket, and had gave me a lecture about stealing. Every other student had avoided me since that day. But along came graduation, where i had quite literally peed my pants.

The 4th grade was an interesting time. I told myself that i wouldn't steal, that i wouldn't do anything wrong. I had returned to my old school where... 2 old classmates were sitting. I still had my "bushy" hair, and they continued to call me bushy head. But i ignored them, and continued on this brave new world.

Joe's Journal: Page #3

When i proceeded to go to the other kids, i had asked if they wanted to be friends. Some said yes, but there were a few who said no. 2 in particular. Not the old classmates as i had avoided them. I believe to this day that it was discrimination against my race.

I did make friends more quickly though. And sitting a few desks across from me was, at the time, a cute asian girl named Geanne. She was my first crush. Like a complete moron, i tell a kid who was sitting next to me, as i was making friends, that she's cute.

Now this god damn kid. He went around telling other kids and her that i found her cute, but i of course denied it. I had it pretty good for a while, but i had started something i didn't notice. I never actually paid attention in class, all i did was fool around and talk to other kids, and sometimes get out of my seat.

Around winter, there was a new toy/game going around. Kids in the playground had been playing this with each other. So one day, i go to a kid in my class named Simon and i ask if i could borrow this toy. He was reluctant at first, but told me to return it by tomorrow.

Of course, i had lost this toy that night. Simon never got this toy back despite me saying i'd buy him a new one. But this and my not paying in class created a name for myself. Other kids laugh at me or are annoyed by me, which made me very upset.

Come February, my mother had taken me to a library near the school. She got me a membership, and i could use the internet whenever i wanted. I go to a computer and i start playing a game on this one social network website. Of all the people who could sit in front of my computer, it was her.

Geanne. I start talking to her, i start friending her on the website, and we had talked for a bit. She had to leave soon after, but the very next day i went to the library, and i got on the internet. And there she was, online. I had said "Hi", and she had responded.

Geanne had asked me if the rumors of me liking her was true, and i had said yes. Her response gave me the biggest hope, the biggest smile, and although it wasn't much... she responded with hearts and "awwwww". I thought i had her. The very next day in class, i had approached her. She didn't treat me very well, she acted like it never happened.

I became upset afterward. Days just went by as i was thought to be annoying by the rest of the class. Hell, my mother yelled at me for my mediocre report card. Everything was pretty much hell, and it was my fault. Near the end of the school year, simon had forgiven me and added me on this social network. He had told me bad news.

A really nice and smart kid, by the name of Xavier Cornellius... this truly did hurt my feelings-- he was dating Geanne. I had felt heartbroken, more so than before. And so came the end of a terrible school year, which i absolutely despised.

As i close this page, something bad had happened during the end of school. My aunt, my father's sister, had visited. My mother seemed to like her, which was a shock. She had told me stories after my mother had left, that my father was a great man. That he was better than my mother. She had also shown me pictures of her family, and how my grandfather from her side and my mom's side looked suspiciously similar...

Joe's Journal: Page #4

After my aunt had left, i had become obsessed with my father who was never there. I was young at the time, i was just learning. Everytime my mother tried to start a nice converstion, i managed to always side with my father. This was the main turning point of my life.

She became so mad, that she gave me up. She had called her family and sent me to live there forever. She had gave me up, and started rehabilitation. I never wanted to leave, hell i begged and pleaded. No matter how many times she admitted she loves me, deep down she does not.

An entirely new life had began for me. I had travelled to my native homeland and seen my massive family. My uncle, who was overweight and very strict. My aunt, who was also very strict, but sometimes loving and kind. My cousins, one older female who was extremely annoying and disgusting.

The other one being older, who was very big and always bullied by my uncle, and he became a bully himself. And finally, another cousin who was just visiting. The first few days were terrible for me. I was homesick, i cried for days upon days. Then weeks went by when i saw the true reason why my mother left.

My female cousin was always hurt. My uncle gave her rules upon rules, a curfew, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape. He soon gave me rules upon rules, very strict ones. Overtime, i had noticed that they loved my third cousin more than me. Only because he was raised by them, and i wasn't.

Nothing of significance happened the first year, as we enter the second. My older cousin, to help me shut the hell up, he gave me a laptop with internet. During the first year, i had just wanted a lot of television. I had searched my favorite cartoon on the internet, and i eventually found a fanbase full of it.

In this fanbase, or should i say fan website, it had a chatroom. For once, i could make true friends. I lied about everything from my name to my race just so i could be cool. I made many friends, and hell, i'd stay up all night and sleep during the day just so i could follow their timezone.

My family did not approve of this however. They decided to send me to school, but for an entire year i had refused to speak my native tongue. No matter how much they tried talking me into it, no matter how many times they yelled or even physically took action, i would not speak.

I don't truly know why, but i had always assumed it was when my mother forced me to speak english, or else... i would rather not talk about this. Anyway, deep down... i thought i was just embarrassed or scared. And so my years began of me staying awake at night and asleep in the morning.

Joe's Journal: Page #5

As the new year began, it became more promising. My younger cousin had left as i had a small "party" in the chatroom for the new year. I began looking through the past few years, and my family really did become nice to me overtime. They treated me like a son.

They spoiled me. They let me stay up all night, they cooked whatever i wanted, and they became less strict towards me overtime. I don't know what it was, if it was just my time there... or them trying to make me good... i just don't know. To this day, i don't know what happened to make them love me like a son.

I began to truly call my aunt and uncle "Mom and Dad". I realized that they were the parents i never truly had. I know the sudden change of "mean and strict" to "being spoiled & true parents" might seem too big for you, the reader, but there is no other way to explain this. It was just sudden.

I do not have too much else to say about this year, but the one thing that changed me. The one thing that... truly changed me psychologically. My older cousin loves birds, he has many all over the house. In his room, the kitchen, or the living room. He just loves birds.

His favorite bird, a small baby that can't fly, was so energetic. I have no other words to describe it. It was beautiful. After a few days, my family all went out for dinner. I refused to come because i simply wanted to chat, so they left me in charge of the bird.

To me, it was frustrating. It was hungry, but it refused to eat. It was thirsty, but refuses to drink. It tries to fly out of my hands. I became so stupidly frustrated that i threw the bird on the ground. The poor thing couldn't fly and hit hard. It stumbled for a few seconds, then just died.

...I paused. I couldn't believe what i had done... i killed a bird. I did the only thing i could: lie. I placed the bird next to the already on AC, and when they arrived, they thought it was just too cold for the bird. I was crying... and crying... god damnit.

Every action i've ever took, i had it replayed in my head. The car window... the times i've stressed out my mother by asking for toys or candy... how i always spill food on my shirt, somehow... i would lie awake at night thinking about it. And even future actions, i would lie awake at night.

For the next few years, it became easier to live with my family. Besides my... psychological issues. My online friends helped keep me company into my teenage years. I don't think i had ever been this happy in my life. But then...

Joe's Journal: Page #6

My mother calls. This is not such a bad thing at the time, in fact i was quite happy to hear my mom's voice again. We talked about the past, although i wanted to avoid that topic. She told me the stories about my father before marriage. She talked about my grandmother, and how sweet she was.

I got around to asking her about my grandfathers, and why they looked so similar. She told me the honest truth that just freezes me up 'till this day. My mother and father were... cousins. When i heard i was a product of... that, i just couldn't live with it. I tried to erase it from my mind.

She also told me that i'll be coming "home" in less than a year, which added to my paralyzation. I didn't quite want to leave the only people in my life who were kind... who actually cared... who wouldn't just abandon me whenever they're mad. But alas, i had no choice.

As my remaining weeks turned into mere days, i had gone from telling myself i didn't care to crying every night. And on my final night, my fake mother had found me crying, and promised me from the bottom of her heart that i would return as soon as i could. And for a while, i believed her.

And with that thought in mind, i had finally gave myself the courage to return home, Bellwood. Upon my arrival, i had noticed a drastic change: Mother was not there to pick me up. Instead, a young man named Jim had been there. He was the one to drop me off to my mother's place. But i never thought much of it.

As i came home, the first thing she says to me in person, the first thing she says to me in YEARS was to take off my family's clothes and to wear hers. I never thought much of that as well. Even though she did not say a single "hello", she did offer me cupcakes... how nice?

I spent the first six nights crying myself to sleep, missing my family. And in the first morning, my mother looks at me and tells me that she hates my hair, my growing stuble, and my face really. No matter how much i tried to stop her, she ignored every single thing i've said and proceeded. Everyday she'd put some cream crap on my face.

She tried everything in her power to give me a complete makeover, to make me perfect to her. And everyday since my arrival, she would go into my room and notice me on my laptop, chatting to my only friends. She would ask me everyday about what i was doing, and i would refuse to show.

And even after all of this, i never hated my mother. She seemed nice to other people, her relationship with Jim was almost romantic despite the age difference, and she told me that he was the son of the great U.S. general, James Rozum.

But things escalated quickly on my sixth day, if you will. I believe she had heard me crying, and the very next day she had made some calls and she had registered me to school. She hated how i was on the laptop all day, and in the remaining days leading up to school, she forced me to come to work with her, even making me do work.

Joe's Journal: Page #7

My life started to escalate since my first day returning to school. I had no access to my friends, i was forced to work, and my mother wanted me to be perfect. But i thought perhaps school would be much better than before. I wish that were the case.

My first day wasn't anything special. Most students were all american, and i was the odd man out. Students decided to ignore me everytime i passed by, whenever i tried to make friends, they walked away. Any crush i supposedly had, they were talking behind my back.

And between my life at school, home, i had no enjoyement. I don't get to talk to my friends anymore, even though my timezone had been fixed. I was forced to do work with my mother when i got home, and at school nothing was much fun. On my way back home though, i did find a cheap journal.

I spend most of my time writing on this journal, just to pass the time. My mother, despite not knowing what i write, approves of this. Hell, nowadays i barely notice the bad because of this journal, because i mainly have nothing to do. And now that i'm all caught up, i feel accomplished.

Ahhh, a new day, a new entry. Finally catching up feels so good. It truly does take my mind off not being able to reach my family or friends, and my tedious life. But you know what, i don't feel anything could go any worse. I'm feeling a little tired, though. And plus, my mother has an important meeting today, so i'll update this later.

Joe's Journal: Page #8


Joe's Journal: Page #9

That bitch. Who does she think she is? Taking me away from my family for your own benefit, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? I'M ONLY HERE SO SHE CAN LOOK GOOD IN FRONT OF HER FRIENDS? IS THAT ALL I'M GOOD FOR? And my family... they're a bunch of liars too. My mother had no fucking intent in bringing me back.


I... i really wrote that? Maybe i was just too mad. I never thought i'd write something like this... not like i'd ever admit it anyway. But it's still unfair. She can't just leave me here away from my family. Not like i'd ever talk to her about it. Ahhh, who am i kidding, i would...n't. Wait, what? I need a break...

...And it's been two days since i've touched this journal, happy weekends. I got more time with my laptop, and i'm going back to school... hooray! Y'know, the sad thing is you can't tell sarcasm with just a bunch of words. Not like anyone would ever find this journal, anyway. I guess it's time for school.

I hate life. Plain and simple. God is never on my side, and no one ever will be. You would think getting rejected by your crush would be enough, but spilling just a tiny bit of milk would cause the entire lunchroom to riot in laughter? This is disgraceful. What kind of god would allow this world? This is just unfair.

Almost went a full day without the journal, glad i didn't. For the reader out there, it's late for me. I'm just writing under my blankets, reading through my life. Seems like i wasted page eight, and i have one last page to spare. This journal came cheap, it wasn't anything particularly big.

I may have overreacted a few times, i may have a terrible life from the looks of it, hell i look like a madman. But this journal pretty much helped me through school. Just writing what i thought, what had happened to me... i never thought it was anything this bad...

I'd be up for letting the past be the past, but it always lingers. When i think i'm free, something new always comes along. I'd love for people to read this journal, to reflect really. During the creation of this journal, i had never known i had anxiety. But i think i should really get away from this journal. I should do something else. My break begins with this page's end.

Joe's Journal: Page #10

For as long as i could remember, i had thought of my mother as a terrible person. Well, apparently she's getting tired of me. She had seen my report card last night, and she was not happy at all. She got tired of me, i responded that maybe i won't be perfect, and she refused that idea. She took it too personal, i guess.

She's gonna be gone for the entire weekend, which means more time for me. I can finally talk to my friends again, explain everything and stuff. Plus, no school. Which means this journal might be done for. I won't throw it or anything, but i probably won't come back to it. So yeah.


Well then. I guess i could always watch tv. I should really take a break from this journal, i don't feel too good... no, wait, i'll just make food. It'll take my mind off what just happened. ...aand i spilled some tuna oil on my shirt, great. Whatever, no big deal. Not like i always spill or anything. I should just relax and watch some tv, nothing could possibly ruin my weekend.








There is hope.


FACE THE FACTS JOE, YOU WOULD BE THE CRAZY ONE IF YOU COULDN'T SEE... THIS WAS INEVITABLE. SHE HAD THIS COMING, AND WE TOOK OVER. NOW YOU'RE FREE. Don't listen. Don't give up to hate. I... i don't deserve to live anymore... CAN'T READ THE CROSSES, CAN YOU? FACE IT. You've lost. Nothing. We've consumed you. Accept your fate, begin a new.

Accept your fate, begin a new.

Accept your fate, begin a new.


You have truly fell. Nothing can save you now. ACCEPT YOUR FATE, BEGIN A NEW.

There is no hope.

And The Winner Is....













ZeScidra - HA HA GOT YOU













Nodnarb 01! Just kidding lol.
















The judges were shocked and impressed by ZeVikingSif, and overall were pleased with his ability to balance themes, tones, and characterization. When discussed with other judges, it was agreed that his entry was on a level of craftmenship that had not been seen, and thus the award of Ultimate Writer of Summer Fanon Con 2015 goes to Sif. Congratulations Sif, and good job Brandon on your win in the Normal Writing Contest! 

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