Welcome to Part 2 of the Spring Fanon Con 2015 event. I'm gonna post the entries for the contest, which you'll be able to read. All the entries were amazing and by no means were bad, but as this is a contest, we must judge which one succeeded with the theme "Real World Problems in Ben 10".

Winner's Entry

The Winner was Jack! His double-problem take, along with the harsh yet realistic reality of a problem that causes 46 Percent of Teens to hurt themselves on purpose, and overall experience in this field gave him the gold. This episode is called "Destroyed".

The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Ben leans back on his chair as a teacher rambles on in front of the classroom. He quietly types letters on his phone to Gwen. Are sixteenth birthdays more special for girls or something? Gwen answers through a text message as well, Aren't you in class? Ben frowns, Stop being a bitch. Gwen didn't respond.

[Teacher]: Ben? What are you doing.

She saunters over. Ben hangs his head in self-anger for getting caught. The teacher snatches his phone and places it on her desk. Cash and JT, a few seats over, snicker.

[JT]: Hey asswipe, what's that weird thing on your wrist?

Ben looks at his Omnitrix which he put on only a few days ago when Grandpa Max disappeared.

[Ben]: It's an Ethiopian evolution bracelet. Only people with minimal intelligence don't known about them.

[JT]: It makes you look like a dumbass.

The teacher asks a question. A blonde girl, wearing about thirty bracelets, quickly puts him her hand.

[Teacher]: Patty,

[Patty]: The answer is seven.

[Teacher]: Correct.

Cash mutters.

[Cash]: What a fucking nerd.

JT begins cracking up. The bracelets slide down to her elbow and Patty quickly slid them back up. No one can see my scars. A few minutes later, the bell rings. The day was over. Ben stops at his locker, getting two textbooks and shoving them into his bag before leaving the school. He takes a key out of his pocket and unlocks his bike from the bike lock. Pedaling away, Ben spots the RV park when sadness washed over him. Ben remembers Grandpa Max went missing a few days ago, Ben slumps against the fence, crying. The patch of grass and sod still remained. Ben hears gurgles and peaks his head over. A DNAlien is searching for Max's RV. Ben slams down his Omnitrix. He shrinks in size as his skin turns white and lines shoot up. His ears morph into holes as Ben screams out a warrior cry.

[Ben]: Echo Echo!

He multiplies himself into three different clones. The DNAlien spits acid on one, melting him. The other two leap on his bad. The DNAlien screeches, causing three other DNAliens to come out of the forest.

[Echo Echo]: I'm going to need some more firepower!

He slaps the Omnitrix symbol.

[Chromastone]: Time for a whooping.

He clenches his fist then fires a beam, shooting one of them crashing into an RV. Suddenly, a pain washes over Ben as he reverts, crashing into the ground. He pats the back of his head and blood seeps out. Ben turns, revealed to have been hit by a DNAlien with a rock. The other DNAliens close in and begin beating him. One kicks him in the gut multiple times. Ben spits blood, his vision fading. Black spots clouded his vision as he groaned once more before he went unconscious.

Ben's eyes flicker open. Sitting up, Ben lays back with a grunt, pain washing through his body. Looking around, Ben realizes where he is. A hospital room. The bed covers were white while the bed itself was a shiny silver frame. He notices the cast on his arm and the brace on his leg. Looking to his right, Ben spots his father.

[Carl]: Ben?

Ben nods. Carl cries out, tightly embracing his child in a hug.

[Carl]: What happened?

[Ben]: Where's mom?

[Carl]: She's on a business trip. What happened?

[Ben]: Three hoodlums in black masks crept on me. Jacked me up I guess.

Carl holds up a plastic Ziplog bag. Inside was Ben's shattered phone. Ben groans, slumping back down.

Across Bellwood, Patty Berkenfeld was sitting on a wooden chair, her face resting on the desk. Tears flowed down her face. On the desk was a faded picture of a beautiful woman. Her soft, blue eyes gazed in jubilance at the camera with golden strands on hair falling perfectly behind her ears, There was a knock on her door. Patty knew it was her father.

[Father]: Patty? Are you okay.

[Patty]: Yeah.

She wipes her eye as her father creaks the door open.

[Father]: You know today is the day?

Patty nods. She stands, walking out of the room and through the kitchen where old family pictures hung. She and her father go to their backyard where a large gravestone lays. The name etched into the side, Martha Berkenfeld. Patty kneels next to her mother's grave. Patty's brother, dressed in cut up jeans and an athletic shirt, slowly appears after a few minutes..

[Father]: Mike, you're late.

[Mike]: Sorry.

Mike's brown eyes reflected off of the shiny gravestone. Patty was always annoyed with her brother but she grew animosity against him for missing the anniversary of her mother's death. Allowing her tears to drop off of her face, Patty places a single carnation onto the grave.

Back at the hospital, Carl is helping Ben to the car.

[Carl]: I can't allow you to bike home anymore.

Ben silently nods, too weak to argue. Sweat beads on his forehead and drips down. The car drive home is silent and Ben snatches his home phone with his good arm and dials up Gwen. Whispering to himself, Ben hurries to his room.

[Gwen]: Mr. Tennyson?

[Ben]: Gwen its me.

[Gwen]: Ben? What happened? I heard you were in the hospital.

[Ben]: Some DNAliens jumped me.

[Gwen]: Where were you?

[Ben]: Where Max's RV use to be.

[Gwen]: I should call Kevin.

Ben stops, thinking for a moment.

[Ben]: Don't.

[Gwen]: Why?

[Ben]: After what happened two nights ago with Vulkanus, we shouldn't be trusting him.

[Gwen]: I don't know. I think we should.

[Ben]: Maybe we should. Just...wait until tomorrow.

Ben hears the line click as he puts the phone down.

In Patty's room, she sits on a desk on the newest social media called LifeTime. She is writing a poem for her mother when a notification pops up. She hovers the mouse over it and it is an anonymous message. She adjusts her glasses, reading it:

To: Patty Berkenfeld

From: Anonymous User

You are really a fucking dork. Die in a ditch you dumb bitch. Stop moaning over your dead mom. Get over it. She was probably an ass anyway.

Tears quickly quivered from her eyes, sliding down her face. She opens up a drawer and then a small box. Inside was a white cloth stained pink and three blades. She picks the middle one, biting down on her lower lip. She quickly slashes her wrist and sighs softly as the small bubbles of blood surge to the surface. It drips down the side of her wrist, sliding onto the cloth. With another exhale, Patty wipes her wrist and shuts it back into the box then stuffing it into the wooden drawer.

The next morning during first period, Patty sits in the back of the room, her jackets curling over her wrists. Ben sits in the row behind her, the one closet to the wall. He is starring at her. Ben always though she was pretty since the third grade. He thought she was naturally beautiful while the other girls had plastic implants or overdone makeup. The bell rings as Ben scurries to pick up his stuff. Scrambling, he follows her and stops Patty before she goes to second period.

[Ben]: Uh, hi.

Patty nervously adjusts her glasses.

[Patty]: Hi Ben.

[Ben]: So I uh, was wondering, maybe if you like, wanted to live go to the movies or something on Saturday?

He smiles awkwardly, the blood surging to his cheeks as a blush forms. After nodding, she smiles, kissing him on the cheek then walks away casually but inside, she exploded in jubilant. As she slides between bulky seniors and juniors, thoughts of cutting drift away from her mind, replaced with uncertainty and nerve-wrecking hypothetical on how the date could go wrong.

Three weeks later

The bell just rung as eight period marks it's completion. Ben smiles, kissing Patty on the cheek with an awkward peck. His sling was gone as his arm was now healed She smiles and thinks to herself: It's been a week since my last cut. The two, fingers interlocked, stroll out of the school and through the parking lot. He stops her, seeing Cash walking up. They turn to go the other way but JT appears and trips Ben, causing him to skin his leg. Blood dripped down. Ben bites on his lower lip in pain. Patty, paralyzed with fear, kneels next to Ben to ensure he is okay.

[Cash]: a fucking baby.

Ben stands and lazily takes a swing at Cash who ducks it. He elbows Ben in the cheek. Blood stains his teeth. Stumbling, Ben knees Cash, causing Cash to bumble backwards. Regaining his balance, Cash uppercuts Ben by throwing a punch vertically. Ben heard the crack and knew his nose was broken. Patty screams but JT snatches her arms, stopping her from interfering. Cash kicks Ben in the gut as black spots cloud Ben's vision. He groans, trying to escape. Cash sits on Ben's chest and begins swinging at Ben's face. Ben spits out a tooth, momentarily distracting Cash. Using this opportunity, Ben heavily headbutts Cash then stands up. Cash clutches his forehead and Ben kicks him in the groin. Cash vomits, hurling into a bush. Turning to Ben, he knocks him to the ground and grabs his leg, twisting it until a large SNAP is heard. Ben screams as tears begin streaming down his dried blood caked face. Cash elbows him in the ribs and begins strangling Ben, spitting on his face. Patty continues shrieking. A teacher, departing from school, leaps out of his car and tackles don Cash. Ben groans as his vision fades. Patty starred at his face. Blood and dirt caked onto to it. He looked in pain. The teacher grabbed Cash by the collar.

[Teacher}: WHO DID THIS?

[JT]: Ben started it.

[Patty]: He's lying! Ben and I were leaving and they jumped us! Please you have to believe us!

The teacher points to the corner of a building.

[Teacher]: There is a security camera here. I am finding out the truth and whoever is at fault will immediately be expulsed.

He pulls out his phone, dialing 911. A few moments later, an ambulance is pulling Ben out of the parking lot.

That night, Patty sits at her desk and opens up the box. She looks at the reflection in the blade, seeing herself. Pulling up her sleeve, she quickly dices the skin. I'm so sorry Ben.

Ben, in crutches, is sitting across from Carl four nights later.

[Carl]: We're done with this school. I'm putting you in Gwen's school.

[Ben]: No!

[Sandra]: There isn't a discussion to be made Ben. In less than two months, you've broken more bones that I have in my entire life.

[Ben]: This isn't fair! I can't just leave! What about my friends?

[Carl]: Not my problem. This is for your safety.

[Ben}: You don't understand! None of you do! I have to stay and I refuse to move schools!

He angrily grabs his crutches and leaves the room.

Ben's locker swings open the following morning. Patty makes her way over.

[Patty]: I'm sorry I didn't do anything.

Ben smiles, picking up her chin then hugs her.

[Ben]: There is nothing you could of done.

He leans in as their lips brush against one another. She pulls away and wipes a tear away as Ben turns and hobbles away. As Ben walks by JT's locer, he hears a mutter.

[JT]: Fucking cripple caused Cash to get expelled.

[Ben]: Shut up or I'll stick a crutch up your ass.

JT slams his locker then stomps off.

Patty opens up her laptop screen. A message pops up on LifeTime.

Are you a mistake? Your parents probably resent you. Ben only pities you.

Patty quickly shuts her computer, crying. She hurries to the bathroom and grabs her father's bottle of Digoxin, a medicine used to slow down heart rate. She grabs a handful and forces herself to swallow them. After a minute of sobbing, she sticks two fingers down her throat, forcefully vomiting into the toilet. A few rooms over, Mike looks at pictures of Ben and angrily slams his fist on his desk. Why is Ben hers? I love him more. Tears of anger stream down his face.

There is a knock on the door. Their father answers it. Ben stands there, extending his arm to shake hands.

[Ben]: Hi sir, my name is Ben Tennyson and-

The father hugs him.

[Father]:I've heard how you protected my daughter. Thank you.

Ben nods.

[Ben]: I think I love her sir. Is she around? I promised to help her study Trigonometry because we have a test next Tuesday.

The father nods. On his way ascending to the apex floor, Mike stops Ben and mentions Ben to follow him into his room. Ben follows, puzzled. Mike turns.

[Mike]: I've been thinking a lot these past couple days and I love you.

[Ben]: What? Is this a joke?

Mike shakes his head.

[Mike]: I've come to terms with myself and I know that I love you.

He leans in to Ben for a hug, causing Ben to scramble and collapse onto his broken leg. He strains his face in pain and cries out. Patty runs in and sees Ben on the floor clutching his leg.

[Patty]: You idiot!

She slaps Mike. Mike holds his face with his palm, the cheek turning rosy red with a stinging pain. Patty helps Ben up into her room then returns to her brother.

[Mike]: You're a bitch.

She kicks him in the shin.

[Patty]: Ben is all I have!

She turns and returns to her room. Ben was sitting on her bed.

[Ben]: Is he fucking with me or is he really...

She exhales deeply.

[Patty]: I don't know.

They kiss and she puts her hand on his cheek but her sleeve falls down. The scars etched across her arm show. Patty's bare arm was now exposed. As Ben breaks away, he spots them.

[Ben]: Patty...?

She looks down in horror and begins weeping.

[Ben]: I think they are beautiful.

He pulls up her shirt and sees scars on her ribs. He kisses the scars on her wrists. Now crying in relief, she kisses him again.

The next night, JT and Cash sit in an abandoned car shop with a laptop open, sending anonymous messages to Patty on LifeTime. On the receiving end, Patty's cheeks were rosy and her eyes were glassy. She scribbles down something on paper: World's gone to shit. Might as well quit. Tell Ben I love him. Check my computer. -Patty

She opens a drawer, snatching a belt. She ties it to her fan and then around her neck. Standing on a stool, she kicks it away and a final image of Ben forms in her mind.

Mike hears choking in her room and peaks his head in. He shrieks, slumping to the ground. Their father runs in and sees the body hanging limp. He cuts her down and holds her baby.

Ben wakes up when he hears his housephone ringing. Ben picks it up and hears sobbing.

[Mike]: She's dead Ben.

He hangs up leaving Ben crying as he morphs into Jetray, zooming to Patty's house. Ben knocks on the door but notices a van. The doors open as two coroners pull a body covered with cloth on a stretcher away. Ben bawls as the father embraces Ben.

Ben is in Plumber HQ, typing in Sublimo. He goes to the cell and finds him there.

[Sublimo]: What do you want?

[Ben]: To wipe my mind. The past two months have to be gone.

[Sublimo]: Why would I do that for you?

[Ben]: I'll free you and clear your file of all felonies.

Sublimo nods and Ben frees him. Sublimo waves his pocket watch as Ben goes unconscious.

Ben's eyes flicker open. He throws the covers off of his legs and try to walk but fall to the ground as pain washes over him. Noticing the crutches, Ben grabs them, unsure of how he broke his legs. Confused, Ben searches for his phone but can't find it.

At school, Ben notices Patty is gone. Mike walks up to him after first period.

[Mike]: How are you?

[Ben]: Who are you?

[Mike]: Are you trying to deny Patty's death?

That stung Ben. He was saddened and wish he had talked to her more. Someone puts their hand on Ben's shoulder. He turns, it was Julie.

[Julie]: Hey Ben, I was wondering if we are still up for the study group on Thursday?

Ben nods, wondering if he lost his mind.

After school, Mike is glumly wandering the sidewalk. There is a unusual growl from the forest next to him. Mike, curious, wanders into it. Behind him, the DNAlien sprays acid as Mike hollers in agony.

Ben is wandering the same sidewalk a few minutes after. He spots Kevin.

[Ben]: What are you doing?

[Kevin]: Found a body here. Unrecognizable.

Ben sees the dissolving corpse of a male.

[Kevin]: Aren't you upset over Patty?

[Ben]: Why would I be?

[Kevin]: Nevermind.

Ben spots a Plumber Badge in his backpack when looking for his phone. A hologram of Grandpa Max plays.

The father of patty and Mike stands on the top of Billions tower. He leans forward, allowing the wind to flow through him. He splats onto the ground.

Ben, with a determined look on his face, smiles at Kevin.

[Ben]: Grandpa Max needs my help. You in?

Kevin nods.

[Kevin]: Yeah, I'm in.


I choose bullying and self-harm for a specific reason. I do know someone who self-harms themself and I know the struggle to hold on, to keep the demons inside and it is a sensitive topic for them. This happens in the real world and Ben couldn't deal with the death and so he had to rid his mind of it.

Second Place

The Second Place was Dioga! For me, it was ultimately Dioga's unique take on the theme that allowed him to earn second place, and almost took first place. This episode was called "Lost Family".

In an underground reactor, Leander is monitoring a console. Several red glowing capsules are in the room, as Leander walks around, inspecting them. A power surge occurs, Leander looking up. He rushes over to the console, typing rapidly. A capsule hisses, opening. Leander looks over, as he raises his hand to his grill plate, ready for a fight. The capsule is pushed open, as a young woman comes out. She’s wearing the Rooters’ black armor, as she stares at Leander with manic brown eyes, and curly black hair.

Girl: (Slightly deranged.) Hello, Leander. Leander fires a radioactive blast, as the girl dodges, shooting an electric blast from her hands. It cuts through a pillar, it falling over. The girl runs and jumps, bringing her arms to her chest as she does a midair log roll. She side flips over the pillar, Leander firing another radioactive blast. She dodges, as she lands, jabbing a fist at Leander. He blocks it with his arm, as he punches at her. She reaches for his arm, but Leander stops his arm, blasting the girl in the chest. She drops, unmoving. 

Leander goes over, inspecting the body. The girl springs to life, grabbing Leander’s leg. His body shimmers in after images, as she drains his energy. Leander drops to one knee, as the girl grabs him by the face, screaming as she does. She drops Leander, dead. Her eyes glow orange, as she fires a radioactive blast, tearing through the ceiling. The base starts collapsing, the girl roaring in rage.

End Scene

Bolt is a little boy, running after his older brother and sister. The brother is buff and bulky, while his sister, about his age, is slim though athletic. Their parents are on the back deck, his dad grilling while his Mom pours everyone some lemonade. Bolt’s brother and sister run to the deck, Bolt behind them. The deck explodes, Bolt standing in horror as his family is lost in the flames. 

Servantis’ laugh echos, as Bolt is on a slab, an Amperi clamped to another one. A girl is on the other one, as they are all plugged into each other. Servantis activates the machine, the energy sparking through the tubes from the girl. It goes through the Amperi, then to Bolt. Bolt is freed, as his hands spark with lightning.

Bolt: It worked.

Servantis: Of course. Our methods have worked on many more before you.

Servantis shoots lightning at Bolt’s head, as the images become blurry. He’s in a snowfield, creating a snow family. Servantis’ laugh echos.

Servantis: You never had any family. You are really an orphan off the street.   Lightning strikes the snow family, as Servantis’ head becomes enormous, him laughing evilly.

Bolt shoots up from the nightmare, panting and sweating. He’s not wearing a shirt. His plant core has expanded, covering his entire upper chest and his shoulders. Samurai is lying right beside him, still fast asleep.

Bolt: Good, didn’t wake her.

Bolt gets up, wearing shorts. He leaves their blue police tent, passing Root, who is closed up for the night. He sits on the ledge overseeing the lake, under a tree. He sighs, looking out onto the water.

Bolt: He’s wrong. That story was him manipulating me. I had a family, he can’t take that away from me. But, if they do, where are they? Did they really die like his first story, or are they dead like his second story? Agh!

Bolt grabs his head, groaning as the electrical signals bounce through his head. He looks up, seeing a figure walking on the water, approaching their campsite. Bolt perks up, watching in confusion.

Bolt: That’s different.

The figure is the curly haired girl, as her hands spark with electric energy. She fires an electric blast towards the shore, the sound crackling through the air. Bolt responds and flies out, absorbing the electricity. Bolt charges lightning in his hand, it releasing lightning like a stream. He flies at the girl, who blocks the attack, Bolt being launched to the side. Bolt fires lightning at the girl, who spin flips over it, firing a radioactive blast from her eyes. Bolt dodges, as the girl runs at him.

Root: (Groggily) Me Root.

Root opens his head up, as he stretches his limbs out. He then sees Bolt and the girl out on the water, gasping.

Root: (Frantically) Me Root! Me Root!

Root heads into the tent, a startled squeak coming from the tent.

The girl unleashes a series of punches and jabs at Bolt, who dodges, bending all the way backwards. He stretches out from between his legs, uppercutting the girl. She flips back, shooting electricity as she does. Bolt snaps back upright, him absorbing the electricity.

Bolt: You seem familiar. Do I know you?

The girl screams, as she lunges at Bolt. An ice beam flies between them, separating them. Samurai, wearing her worn out green T-Shirt and sweats. She stares at the girl, gasping in excitement.

Samurai: (Monotone) Katie?!

Katie looks at Samurai, tilting her head as if inspecting her. Kate then smiles, her expression changing from homicidal to delighted.

Katie: Sammy!

Katie runs to her, Samurai grabbing her hand to help her onto the ice. Samurai shimmers in after images, her energy being drained. Kate breaks away, the images of Articguana and Sludge Blob appearing in her head. She stumbles back, falling through the water. Bolt gets behind her, catching her.

Samurai: Thanks Bolt. Let’s get her to shore.

Bolt: Who is she?

Samurai: She’s my cousin.

Samurai skates back to shore, Bolt flying after her. He puts Kate down on the shore, who sits up, groggy. Root looks at her a bit scared, as Samurai makes it.

Samurai: Don’t worry, Root. She’s friendly.

Root: Me Root.

Samurai: (Signing) I’m so excited to see you! What happened to you?

Katie: (Signing) I, I was, alone. Cold and alone.

Bolt: Uh, don’t mean to interrupt, but I don’t think we’ve met.

Katie: (Speaking and signing) Oh! Hi. My name is Katie, though I go by Clara.

Samurai: (Speaking and Signing) Since when?

Clara: (Speaking and signing) Don’t tell me you still go by Sammy.

Samurai: (Speaking and signing) Samurai.

Clara starts laughing at that, Bolt watching Clara suspiciously. Clara notices, getting fidgety. 

Clara: (Speaking and signing) Uh, I’m really tired. You mind if I lay down?

Samurai: (Speaking and signing) Of course! You can share the tent with me. It’ll be like a sleep over again.

Clara: (Speaking and signing) That’d be great.

Clara gets up, heading to the tent. Root looks confused, while Bolt sends Samurai a look.

Bolt: Uh, remember me?

Samurai: Sorry. But she’s family. And it looks like she suffered during the 10 years of chaos. Tomorrow we’ll figure something else out. You understand, right?

Bolt: (Sighs) Yeah. You’ve got a chance to reconnect with your family. Go. I’ll leave you guys alone.

Samurai: (Smiling) Thanks.

Samurai gives Bolt a kiss on the cheek, then heads into the tent. Bolt plops down next to Root, a sour expression on his face.

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: Yeah, thanks Root.

Root closes back up, as Bolt lies down, watching the sky.

End Scene

The next day, the group is at a refugee camp, several tents set up all over. Men, women, and alien hybrids work in harmony, while the children play. Root extends his root legs to plow the fields, distributing seeds through them. Berries grow on his body, as kids climb around him, playing and eating. Root smiles as he helps out.

Man 1: Come on, Bolt! I want to hear the President’s speech!

Bolt comes over, now wearing a brown hoodie. There’s a group of men gathered around a portable radio, with an antenna sticking out. Bolt sits down, sighing.

Bolt: Surely you guys can find a better way to get your news from those capitalist hogs than have me power your radio.

Man 2: Yeah, yeah. Till then, give us some juice.

Bolt shakes his head as if expecting that, as he touches the radio. It sparks to life, as they hear a man speaking.

Radio Man: And now, our recently re-instated President Argit!

Argit: (Over radio) Thank you! Thank you!

Samurai leads Clara through the camp, in the area where the women are working. They are sewing and weaving clothes, taking care of younger kids, cooking meals, washing clothes, and so on. Samurai and Clara speak through sign language, their conversation extremely engaging.

Samurai: And that’s Aunt May. Don’t be fooled by her old age. She catches you taking food before supper, she’ll whack you into last week.

Clara: Looks like you guys have found a good home.

Samurai: I guess. But we usually don’t stay down for too long. We’ve been here about a month now, the longest of any refugee camp.

Clara: So, you still don’t fit in anywhere.

Samurai: Bolt is so good with people, and no one could hate Root, the lovable oaf. It’s me that’s the problem.

Clara: You had a hard time at that even as a child.

Samurai: Living on my own for ten years made it worse.

Clara: You met Bolt after that? (Samurai nods.) So, that’s how long you two have been a couple?

Samurai: (Blushing) What, no! We’re, we’re not!

Clara: Sammy, you two share a tent. I found his shirt in there.

Samurai: Oh. Well, he makes me feel, safe. I hadn’t felt that way since, 

Clara: Don’t say it. I miss all of them too.

A woman taps Samurai, as she turns. The woman is out of fabric to make clothing, as Samurai smiles at her. The image of Spidermonkey flashes through her mind, as she raises her hand, shooting web from her wrist, hitting and spinning around a spool. The woman clasps Samurai’s hands, thanking her. Samurai smiles awkwardly, as she walks on.

Clara: They seem to have accepted you.

Root swings his arms like jump ropes, kids holding the other end and others playing jump robe. Mechanical footsteps approach the camp, as Root stops, looking to see. Four orange Techadon robots march towards them. Root retracts his arms, the kids looking nervous.

Root: Me Root.

The kids react, running further in camp. Root walks over to meet the Techadon.

Techadon: (Robotic voice) We are here for Samantha Tennyson. 

Root: (Angrily) Me Root!

Root stretches his arm, piercing through the Techadon’s chest. He swings it up, and slams it into the ground, causing an explosion. The smoke is seen from all over the camp, Bolt standing up.

Bolt: Sorry, guys. Radio’s going to have to wait.

Clara turns in the direction of the explosion, startled by it. Samurai keeps going, having not heard it. She turns back, seeing the smoke. One of the kids runs up to her.

Kid: (Signing) Robots! Root fights them!

Samurai looks to Clara, who nods in agreement. The two take off running.

The Techadon reforms, as all of them fire energy shots at Root. Root dodges, the shots destroying the camp. Root spins, grabbing a Techadon and throwing it at another. Root digs his root legs into the ground, which shoot out and pierce the other Techadon. He retracts them, while the Techadon recover. Root jumps and stomps one into the ground, as he extends his arm, wrapping around a Techadon. Thorns grow off his body, puncturing the Techadon. It’s full of   holes, which regenerate. 

Root: Me Root!

Root extends his root legs, which grab all of the Techadons. He tears them all apart, their debris scattering the ground. The pieces begin to reform and grow, creating more Techadon than there were before. Bolt shoots lightning at a couple piles, stalling them and stopping the regeneration. The debris collapses, while six Techadon robots reform.

Bolt: Okay. I’ll handle three, you get three till Samurai gets here. Then we each get two.

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: Four of us? Oh, right.

Samurai and Clara arrive, prime and ready for battle.

Samurai: We’ve got these three. You two can have those three.

Samurai raises her fingers in front of her face, the image of Feedback flashing in her head. Samurai’s hands spark with electric energy, firing an electric blast at a Techadon. Clara runs forward, twirling through the air, catching the electric blast in her hand. She swings the electric energy down like an electric blade, slicing a Techadon in half. Clara then absorbs the metal off the Techadon, touching the circuitry which was beginning to reform. She covers the circuitry in its metal, leaving two completed halves. They fall over, both halves struggling to get up.

Clara: Ha! No challenge!

Root roars, as he stretches his arm forward, it piercing through a Techadon. Bolt grabs Root’s arm, sending lightning down it. It electrocutes the Techadon, as it sparks and malfunctions. It falls over, deactivated.

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: You can say that again!

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: Uh, that’s just a figure of speech. 

The Techadon fires energy blasts, as Samurai holds her hands up, absorbing the shots. She then blasts the Techadon with an electric blast. Techadon charges through it, as Clara jumps, kicking it as it defends itself. Samurai jumps and lands on top of it, sticking her fingers into it. She absorbs the energy from the Techadon, as it powers down.

Techadon: We are here to bring Samantha Tennyson to the President.

Bolt: Well, (He forms a lightning ball) You can tell President Argit that we’re not interested!

Clara: Hold on! Argit? You’re here from Argit?

Techadon: Correct.

Clara: Guys, stop! (Bolt and Root look confused, as Clara gets in Samurai’s way. She signs and speaks to her.) These are Uncle Argit’s drones!

Samurai: (Seemingly excited) Uncle Argit?

Bolt: Uh, who?

Samurai: A friend of our parents. He was like an uncle to the two of us. (Signing) Let’s go.

Clara: (Nods) Alright, we’ll go. To see a member of our family again.

End Scene

Samurai, Bolt, Root and Clara are brought to Washington D.C., riding in a limousine. Root stands out the skylight, howling with delight. Samurai and Clara sign excitedly, Clara wearing gloves. Bolt looks out the window, seeing how well kept and busy the city was, people in fancy suits and fine dining. His expression becomes irritated, as they pull up to the White House. The driver lets them out, as a Robot in the shape of a female human was standing at the door.

Samurai: Zhu Li!

Samurai runs over, hugging Zhu Li.

Zhu Li: (Signing and speaking) Hello, Samantha.

Samurai: (Signing) Uh, can you call me Samurai? That’s what I go by now.

Zhu Li: (Signing and speaking) Of course. I will call you Samurai.

Bolt: Who’s this?

Clara: Zhu Li. Uncle Argit made it specifically as a translator robot. It knows thousands of languages, and he made sure sign language was one of them.

Bolt: (Irritated) He couldn’t be bothered to learn sign language.

Clara: You haven’t either. 

The group follows Zhu Li into the White House, leading them to the Oval Office. In there is Argit, a short, fat bald rodent guy sitting at the desk, feet on it. He sees them, and chirps excitedly, as he gets up.

Argit: Sammy! Katie!

Samurai and Clara run over, hugging him. Clara has tears running down her face.

Argit: Hey, why the long face, kiddo?

Clara: (Choking up) It’s, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a family. And in a manner of days, I’ve got one again. A cousin and an adopted uncle, but, (She laughs) It’s a family.

Argit: (With Zhu Li translating) That’s precisely why I came looking. After the fall of Glacia, I came back from my private resort planet to take my position, help the people and all that. After a few months or so, I heard that Glacia was defeated by some wanderer with a lot of weird powers. And you know my first thought. “That’s gotta be Benny’s girl!” It took a while to find you. Most people not having electronics.

Bolt: And what have you been doing about that?

Argit looks over, seeing Bolt and Root for the first time. Argit cringes his nose in disgust, while Root waves hi.

Root: Me Root.

Argit: Uh, hi. You are,

Bolt: One of those people without electronics. Or food. Or clean, running water. If you’ve been back, from your (He makes air quotes) “resort planet” for so long, why is the country still in shambles?!

Samurai: Bolt.

Bolt: No, Samurai. He needs to hear this. Glacia initiated a war, and everyone is suffering. This city has money, the people have money. They can spend it on suits and going to restaurants. No one else can. They all live in poverty camps, fighting to survive. Their homes destroyed, family lost. What have you been doing to rectify this?

Argit: Well, Bolt. Do you know what it means to be President of Earth? I have to restore the economy as a whole. So

Bolt: An economy is based on the people, not just the few locations that can make you rich!

Argit: I don’t like your tone. I don’t know which one of you is dating him, but tell him to put a sock in it.

Clara: Sammy.

Samurai looks nervous, as Bolt exhales, frustrated.

Bolt: You know what, forget it. Enjoy your family reunion.

Bolt storms out, him sparking electricity as he does. Root looks anxious, but follows.

Samurai: Bolt!

Samurai takes off after Bolt.

Argit: (Clears throat) Well, I hate to cut this short, but I have an important business meeting to get to. Zhu Li will show you guys to your rooms.

Clara: Right. Thanks Uncle Argit.

Argit walks off, heading towards a door in the room. Zhu Li goes after the others, Clara slowly following.

Clara: (Muttering) He’s right though. Sammy never saw how self-centered you are.

Argit goes to through the door, standing on a walking track. He rides it to the other end of the hall, Techadon guards walking beside him. They enter the next room, where Servantis is sitting in a chair, Swift standing behind the chair. Argit squeaks in terror at this, the Techadon arming themselves.

Argit: You! I should throw you in a hole!

Servantis: Relax, Mr. President. I am here on official business. 

Argit regains composure, as he sits in the chair across from Servantis. The Techadon point their blasters at Servantis still.

Argit: What kind of business?

Servantis: Arms trade. Your security is weak. I have obtained a way to upgrade it.

Argit: Weak security! Ha! My team is one of the best and loyal in the galaxy. And I know. I’ve seen plenty of un-loyal followers. 

Servantis: Have you seen the state of the world, Mr. President? When there’s a power vacuum, even for a small time, thousands swarm to take power. Countries all over the country have fallen to rebel groups, seeking to claim power. Do you really think that they’ll just fall back under your command? They’ll resist, and they’ll fight. 

Argit: Pfft! Nothing can beat my Techadon.

Servantis: Humans have been working for 10 years to develop a method to eliminate Glacia’s Galvanic Techadon. Some succeeded, and they will be your major enemies. With what I’m offering you, you won’t have to worry about that.

The door opens, the group focusing on it. Samurai walks in, back to them as she closes the door.

Samurai: Sorry, Uncle Argit. But I wanted to talk to you about

Samurai turns, seeing Servantis and Swift. She gasps, and her expression hardens.

Samurai: You!

Servantis: Oh, for crying out. Can I go nowhere without your meddling?!

The image of Articguana flashes in Samurai’s head, as she fires an ice blast from her hands, countered by Swift’s neuroshock.

Swift: Proctor! Get down!

Argit: Sammy! Calm down! Oh, where’s Zhu Li when I need her?! Guards, subdue her!

The Techadon fire at Samurai, who fires ice blasts into the ground to launch herself into the air. She then swings her arms, creating an ice path that she slides on in the air. The Techadon fire energy shots, as Swift flies up after Samurai. Samurai side flips over Swift, blasting her from behind with an ice blast. Swift crashes down, as Samurai lands between the Techadon, freezing them.

Argit: Samurai! Calm down!

Servantis uses lightning to break the ice on a Techadon, and pulls out a flash drive like device, the tip colored black with red circuitry. He jabs it into the Techadon, the black liquid morphing over the Techadon. It stands, covered in the black and red coating. It raises its cannon, firing a powerful laser. Samurai spots this, as the image of Sludge Blob flashes in her head. She’s hit by the laser, a giant hole forming in her chest. It reforms with sludge, as Samurai’s face begins to melt. Samurai freaks, as she runs off.

Argit: Guards! Seize her! Seize all of them!

Techadon robots go down the hall, after her. The Galvanic Mechamorph one goes to follow, Argit stopping it.

Argit: Explain, Servantis.

Servantis: Glacia’s ace soldier. Malware. I was able to transform it into a program, and install it into any robot. May I present, the ultimate robot, Malware Techadon. 

Argit: Hm. Let’s talk business.

The Techadon march down the hall, Samurai hiding around the corner. Her sludge face melts, revealing it to be Clara. She re-morphs into a Techadon, falling in line.

Bolt is storming towards the door, Root timidly following. Bolt approaches the front door.

Samurai: Bolt!

Bolt stops, turning. Samurai comes down the stairs, upset.

Samurai: What was that all about? We haven’t seen him in years and you hit him right with all that baloney!

Bolt: It wasn’t baloney, and you know it! We’ve been struggling to survive, while he lives at a resort until the trouble ended. Then he comes, and doesn’t look for you right away. He rebuilds the wealth of this city first!

Samurai: He’s my family! Just because you don’t have a family doesn’t mean you can ruin mine!

Samurai gasps, as if startled by what she just said. Bolt looks away, as if on the verge of tears.

Samurai: I’m sorry. I didn’t

Bolt: It’s fine. I thought I had a family with you and Root and the people from the refugee camp. I wish you the best with your new family. Root. You with me or her?

Root: (Ashamed) Me Root. 

Bolt: (Smiling) It’s alright. I understand.

Zhu Li: Hello. (Bolt points to Zhu Li, indicating to Samurai she was there.) I have been sent to capture you.

Samurai: Captured?

The group is surrounded by Techadon robots, all of them pointing their blasters. Bolt and Samurai take a step closer to each other, backs to each other. The Techadon approach, boxing them in. The image of Kickin Hawk flashes in Samurai’s head. Samurai charges in, kicking a Techadon in rapid succession, then spins and kicks it from behind. She upper kicks a Techadon, her leg extremely flexible. Bolt shoots concentrated beams of lightning, frying Techadon robots as they approach. Root swings his arm, violently tearing through the Techadon.

Zhu Li: Energy prison formation.

The Techadon form a circle, holding their cannon arms out to the side. They fire energy beams that link them with each other, forming an energy barrier around Samurai, Bolt and Root. Bolt fires lightning at a Techadon, though it does no damage. The force field encloses around them, trapping them.

Zhu Li: Lead them to the underground dungeon.

End Scene

Servantis is watching an assembly line, which is injecting the Malware Program into the Techadons. He smiles maliciously, as Swift enters the room.

Swift: Proctor, we may have a problem.

Servantis: I am this close to completing my latest scheme! Can this wait?

Swift: I’m afraid not. Leander hasn’t sent his weekly status report. The base may have been compromised.

Servantis turns to look at Swift, his confidence turning into anger.

Servantis: It’s not like Leander to miss a briefing. Find out what’s happening there immediately!

Swift: Yes, Proctor.

Swift leaves the room, closing the door. She walks down the hall, when a hand reaches out, draining her as she shimmers with an after image. She’s dragged into the shadows, as Argit and Malware Techadon walk pass the corridor. They enter the room with Servantis.

Argit: Servantis, my man! You don’t know how happy I am with these advance soldiers! Conquering those obnoxious rebels will be a cinch now!

Servantis: Yes. Almost all your Techadon have received the upgrade. So I might as well make my move.

Argit: (Confused) Your, move?

Servantis: You see, there are only a few ways to take power. I first thought it was necessary to have an army to usurp control. I then tried to utilize a powerful doomsday device to take over. I then realized that taking over should be simple, quiet. I inserted myself into a position, played to your vanity, and you let me in. Now, I’m initiating a coup.

Argit: I think I’ve heard enough. Guards, seize him!

The Malware Techadon reach out, grabbing Argit by the arms. He flails his legs, struggling to get free.

Argit: I said him! Not me!

Servantis: A coup is when a leader’s soldiers betray him for a new leader. My Malware program gives me control of all the Malware Techadon. Throw him in the dungeon with the rest of them.

Argit flails and cries as the Malware Techadon take him away.

In the dungeon, there are several force field cages. Samurai, Root and Bolt each get their own on one side of the room. Bolt shoots lightning at the force field, shouting as he does.

Voice: Don’t bother. We’ve all tried.

Bolt looks across the hall, at the four force fields across from them. A male Human Vaxasaurian hybrid in a Roman outfit was in one, a female Human Gimlinopithecus with red fur and wearing a police outfit next to him. A male blue Human Tetramand hybrid is in the third one, as a female black Human Polymorph hybrid is in the fourth one.

Polymorph: We’ve all tried to break it. It doesn’t work.

Tetramand: Strength, electricity, acid, swords. Nothing works.

Bolt: Swords?

The Vaxasaurian Hybrid stands, drawing his sword. He stabs at the force field, the force field sparking from the collision, He’s blown back, as he sits down again.

Vaxasaurian: Even after our service in saving the world, no one still listens to us.

Bolt: Servantis’ service, I assume. I served as well.

Gimlinopithecus: We just wanted to make our country great! Get food and proper shelter to everyone. I mean, why does the President have to be such a looney?!

A spark occurs in Bolt’s head, a thought being triggered.

Bolt: You’re Amy. Amy!

Amy: Yeah. And? You were Servantis’ golden boy.

Bolt: No, no! You’re Amy! (He points at the Vaxasaurian) That’s your husband Rory!

Rory stands, looking stoic but confused.

Bolt: (Pointing at the Tetramand) That’s Mickey! (He points at the Polymorph) And that’s Martha!

Martha: Okay. How do you know that?

Mickey: If I remember right, he can read minds.

Bolt: No, no. Not just that! It’s that, you’re a family! But you didn’t remember until after Servantis lost his control, did you?

Rory: He’s right. As soon as the war ended, I remembered my family, my beautiful wife.

Amy: It’s like a block was removed.

Bolt: But there was a fifth! You, you had a third child!

Bolt sends them telepathic thoughts, showing the scene of the kids playing from his dream. The scene causes shock in the four of them.

Martha: A little brother.

Mickey: An annoying little brother.

Amy: Chris?! (Amy bangs on the force field cage, tears forming.) Is it really you?

Bolt: Yeah. It’s me. Mom, Dad. Brother, Sister.

Rory: We thought you were dead. I never imagined you would’ve joined Servantis as well.

Bolt: Each of you joined to defend your country. I thought, I heard each of you died. So I followed my family. I volunteered.

Mickey: Not your best idea.

Martha: Can’t be said for any of us.

Argit: Let me go!

Everyone besides Samurai looks, seeing the Malware Techadon bringing Argit in. They pass Samurai’s cell, her noticing the events transpiring for the first time. She gets up to see, as they throw Argit in a cell next to Bolt. The Malware Techadon then leave.

Samurai: Was that Malware?

Argit: Ugh. (He stands, rubbing his butt.) No. Just a Malware Program that Servantis created. He infected all my robots. 

Bolt: Servantis?! Servantis is here!

Argit: Yeah. That’s why I threw you guys in here. Sammy freaked when she saw him.

Samurai: What’s he saying?

Bolt: I’ll send my thoughts to you as he speaks. Basically, you attacked Servantis, and he threw us down here.

Samurai: I did not attack Servantis. I did not know he was here!

Argit: Well, you did, and trounced my guards at the same time. Hey, where’s Katie?

Bolt and Samurai look at each other through the force field, both of them thinking the same thing.

Samurai: Why?

Bolt: I thought she looked familiar. Now I know. She was Servantis’ weapon to create the hybrids. All of them!

Samurai: What? How?

Argit: She’s probably an Osmosian, and can absorb energy. Her father was one, and her mother was an anodite. That probably caused the mutation to replicate itself.

Samurai: If that’s true.

Bolt: Then she absorbed some of your powers at the lake. And her mental state seemed gone when she attacked me.

Samurai: If she’s as mad at Servantis as you are.

Amy: She could destroy him. Fine with me.

Samurai looks over at Amy, noticing her for the first time.

Samurai: Who are they?

Bolt: (Smiling) My family. My long lost family.

Samurai: Bolt! I’m so glad for you! We both found our family.

Bolt: But your’s is in danger. Clara is most likely losing her mind. We’ve got to find her and help her.

Samurai: Thanks, Bolt.

Bolt: Think you can get us out of here?

Argit: Not to worry! I’ve got my last resort.

Zhu Li enters the room, with no Malware Program.

Argit: Zhu Li! Unlock the cells!

Zhu Li goes over to the console, typing in commands. The password fails, the console electrocuting her, deactivating her.

Argit: Zhu Li!

Mickey: That was pointless.

Bolt: Like I was saying, think you can get us out of here?

Samurai smirks, as the image of Feedback flashes in her head. She grabs the force field, able to get a grip on it. She struggles, but eventually opens a tear in the force field, able to step through and walk out of her cell.

Rory: Whoa. You picked a good girl, Chris.

Bolt: Thanks. But I go by Bolt now.

Martha: That’s the name Servantis gave you.

Bolt: And that’s the guy I am now.

Samurai blasts the console, turning the force fields off. Root is the first one out, grabbing Samurai and Bolt, pulling them in for a group bear hug.

Root: Me Root!

Bolt: Yeah, yeah. We’ve made up. Now, you’re crushing us.

Root lets go, the two breathing heavily. They then stand tall, as the rest of Bolt’s family leave their cells.

Bolt: Now, let’s go catch a crustacean.

End Scene

Servantis is still in the observation room looking at the factory, it filled with Malware Techadon. Swift returns to the room, her face grave.

Swift: Bad news. I just got back from the base.

Servantis: That, was quick.

Swift: There wasn’t much. The base was destroyed. 

Servantis: Infiltration?

Swift: Outbreak. From what I could gather, a power outage occurred, and your prime specimen got out. There were a few corpses. The specimen that could walk on water was killed, as was Leander.

Servantis: So, she’s out.

Swift: You don’t sound surprised.

Servantis: Not even Swift is that fast. And, your statement. “Your specimen.” Not “ours.” I don’t need to be able to read minds to figure out what’s going on.

Swift: You couldn’t if you tried.

Servantis turns, firing a lightning blast at Swift. She glides and dodges, her sludge body morphing into Clara’s form. Clara lunges at Servantis, absorbing his electricity, blasting him with it. Servantis is slammed into the window, as Clara presses her arm into Servantis’ throat.

Clara: (Calm and deadly) I’ve been your slave for 10 years. And now, I’ll take the power, and kill you!

Clara takes the Malware Program from Servantis’ pocket, as she lets Servantis drop to the floor, gagging and gasping for breath.

Servantis: No! That program is derived for machines!

Clara: Not a far step. You treated me like one of your disposable robots.

Clara touches the tip of the flash drive, absorbing the Malware Program. She screams, as the Malware covering extends over her body, her resembling a humanoid Galvanic Mechamorph, with red runes. Her body shimmers and churns, as if suffering from a bad reaction. Her head morphs to resemble Malware’s third form. Her left hand morphs into Articguana’s head.

Clara/Malware: This is the day! That I get my just desserts! You, Glacia, the rat that destroyed me! Today is the day I get my revenge for everything you’ve done to me!

Servantis: Is that Clara, or Malware speaking?

Clara/Malware: It doesn’t matter. We both want you dead.

Clara points the Articguana cannon at Servantis, charging it. An explosion occurs in the lab, catching her attention. She walks over to the window, swatting Servantis away. Clara looks, seeing Samurai, Bolt, Root, Rory, Amy, Mickey and Martha tearing through the factory. Samurai has the image of Gravattack in her head, as Malware Techadon float into the air, circling her. Samurai’s expression is hardened, as more and more objects float in her gravitational field.

Clara/Malware: Ah! She’s here! And now I’ve got plenty of power to absorb! I’ll be as powerful as her! 

Clara blasts the window with ice, then jumps through it, shattering the ice. She holds her arms out, extending patagia wings from under her arms, as she dashes through the air. She gets past Samurai, landing in the middle of the group. 

Amy: Another one? Too bad for you!

Amy throws a lightning encased fist, Clara dodging and grabbing her, draining her energy. Amy drops from the contact, as Clara’s right arm morphs into the shape of a Gimlinopithecus. 

Rory: Get away from her!

Rory charges Clara, swinging his sword at her. The sword digs into her semi-liquid body, stuck. Clara stretches her right arm up, grabbing Rory’s face, draining his energy. Rory drops, as Clara’s chest expands to match a Vaxasaurian’s. She tosses Rory aside, Mickey catching him, struggling underneath. Martha charges at Clara, throwing slime spheres at her. Clara holds her right arm up, shooting lightning, intercepting the slime. Martha charges in, attacking with a series of jabs and punches. Clara morphs her body to move back and forth like rubber, as she grabs Martha, draining her and letting her hit the ground. Mickey sets Rory down, charging.

Mickey: You’ll pay for this!

Mickey jumps, coming crashing down at Clara. Clara stretches her right arm up, catching and draining his energy. Clara grows an extra set of arms, as she lets Mickey drop.

Bolt is surrounded by Malware Techadon, blasting them with lightning. He spots Clara, realizing what was happening. Root charges at Clara.

Bolt: Root! Stay away!

Root digs his root legs into the ground, large roots coming out and wrapping around Clara. Clara’s body hisses with acid, melting through the roots. Clara fires ice beams at Root, who charges Clara. Clara smirks, as she grabs Root, who screams as he’s drained. Clara’s legs become his root legs, as her size increases exponentially. Bolt makes it over, shooting lightning at Clara. It hits her chest, it exploding with sludge. Clara screams, as a sludge hand forms on her chest, extending and grabbing Bolt. His energy is drained, as Bolt screams.

Clara/Malware: You think you know pain! I’ll give you pain!

Bolt sees images of Clara’s past. A young Clara is kidnapped by Servantis after Glacia takes over, and is restrained against her will. She’s drugged and groggy, as Servantis creates hundreds of hybrids. He then sees himself on the slab, the mutation process occurring. 

Bolt: You think you’re the only one who’s suffered?!

Bolt sends images back at Clara, showing his childhood. The false images of his family being killed one after another, his trauma from learning he never had a family. The scene changes to when he discovers they were alive, and the joy that he was enveloped with.

Bolt: I found my family. It got better. And it is better for you too. You’ve got a cousin who is happy that you’re alive as you are for her. This is your second chance! A second chance for a family. Stop this. We’ll all make Servantis pay, but revenge won’t make you better. Forgiveness will.
I hate Servatnis, but I’ve forgiven him and moved on. He doesn’t rule my life anymore. Don’t let him rule yours.

Clara: Bolt.

Clara lets go of Bolt, who drops, severely drained. Clara begins to grow, with several tentacles growing on her head, forming hair. Clara grows even bigger, as she roars in pain.

Malware: Uragh! You think you can stop me?! I am a monster! 

Malware is almost the size of the room, Samurai turning to focus on it. She swings her arm, launching several Malware Techadon at Malware, them exploding on contact. Malware laughs at the attacks, when Bolt fires lightning at it. Malware’s tentacle hairs stretch down, absorbing it. Static buildup occurs on Malware’s right arm, firing a powerful lightning blast, tearing through the room. Samurai stands her ground, the lightning orbiting around her, launched off to the side.

Samurai: Nice try.

Malware roars, as hundreds of sludge arms, slime arms, and Mechamorph arms form on his chest. It shoots all of them at them, Bolt flexing back and dodging. Samurai raises her arms, gravity causing the liquid arms to float aimlessly. Malware fires neuroshocks at them, Bolt flying to dodge. Bolt grabs Root, giving him a little shock. Root wakes up, panting in surprised.

Root: Me Root?

Bolt: Don’t worry buddy. We’ll get it.

Samurai makes it to them, as Malware’s body grows, spikes coming out of its back.

Samurai: We’ve got to get Katie out of there.

Bolt: I tried to reason with her. Malware took control. I don’t know what else we can do.

Samurai: I can get to her. Keep this thing busy.

Root: Me Root.

Root extends his root legs into the ground, giant roots shooting up to wrap around Malware. Malware laughs, melting through them again. Bolt shoots lightning, Malware absorbing it. Malware shoots a lightning blast back, while Root forms a root shield, protecting them. Malware fires ice beams, as Samurai runs around behind Malware. The image of Pesky Dust forms in her head, as she flies up her back. The spikes on her back morph into Malware’s second stage, as they fire plasma lasers at her. Samurai dodges, as she makes it onto the head, releasing green dust. Malware groans, though his movements stop, drowsy.

End Scene

Samurai is floating in a fluid space, Clara curled up in a ball. Malware is in control of the space, though Samurai pushes her away with green dust. Samurai makes it to Clara.

Samurai: Kate. You’ve got to fight it. There is no one as strong and resilient as you. We’re family, we can work this together. But you’ve got to show your strength. Fight back.

Clara stands, trying to pull through Malware’s restraints. Malware pulls her in, energy sparking to keep her down. A liquid forms, Malware’s face cutting Samurai off from Clara.

Malware: You’re too late! This body is mine!

Samurai is launched out Malware, crashing into the ground. Samurai groans, as Root stretches his body, which forms a plant dome around them. Malware howls, as he attacks the plant dome, Root straining from the attacks.

Bolt: Root, stop! You keep this up, it could destroy you!

Root: (Straining) We Root.

Samurai: I’ve got one more idea. Bare with me.

The image of Alien X forms in Samurai’s head, as Alien X splits into two, Bellicus and Serena. The image of Serena appears in Samurai’s left eye, while Bellicus is in her right eye.

Bellicus: Well, well. I thought you weren’t going to contact us again.

Samurai: I need you to stop Malware and save Clara.

Serena: That is an unusual request. After all, you said the last time we saw you that “you didn’t need anyone.” Especially voices in your head. 

Samurai: Yeah, but things change. I need to destroy Malware.

Bellicus: As fun as it will be to boil that thing, we can only do one. Destroy the thing or save that person you want.

Samurai: Save Kate. Pull her out of that thing.

The plant dome is almost broken, Root breaking apart as it does. Samurai sparks with purple energy, as she raises her hand. Malware glows black and white, as Clara is expunged from Malware. She falls, as Bolt flies up, catching her. Malware laughs, sludge arms charging them.

Malware: It doesn’t matter! I am already all powerful!

Bolt: That worked well.

Bellicus: Not very confident, are you?

Bolt: What?

Bellicus: That thing doesn’t have a physical form. It was reliant on Clara to maintain its shape.

Serena: Without her,

Bolt: How many voices do you have in your head?

Samurai: Come on! Let’s get everyone out of here!

Malware starts melting, his body breaking to pieces. It roars in pain, as it drops, a flood of liquid metal washing through the room. Samurai swings her arms up, causing Rory, Amy, Micky and Martha to levitate with her, as they all fly through the broken window to the observatory. The factory is bathed in Malware liquid. Clara stirs, looking at the room.

Clara: Servantis. He’s gone.

Bolt: It’s okay. It’s over.

End Scene

A crowd cheers in front of the White House, as Argit walks to a podium, going to give a speech. Zhu Li is beside him.

Argit: Thank you, thank you! Now, as I’m sure you all know, this planet has experienced many hardships over the years. I have done my best to restore the economy, but it has been brought to my attention that a few rich people can’t do that. Therefore, to maximize the restoration of the planet, it has to be a community project! All of us have to work together to rebuild our money! 

The crowd cheers, Argit relishing in the applause.

Argit: Now, I recently met some old family, who left right after. If you’re listening out there, please, come back. We can make change together.

Bolt: Bah! Yeah right.

Bolt is listening to a portable radio he’s powering, using headphones. He stops powering it, the radio going dead. Rory uses his sword to cut a tree into logs, as Root and Mickey are setting them up to build a log cabin. Martha uses slime to seal the logs together. Amy is cooking dinner over a large fire. Samurai is caring for Clara, who was still in recovery. Bolt drops the radio on his sleeping bag, going over to them.

Bolt: Feeling better?

Clara: Yeah.

Samurai: She’s still weak. I’m just glad your family is here to help with the heavy lifting.

Bolt: Yeah. Me too.

Amy: Kids! Get over here! Dinner’s ready!

Bolt motions his head, signaling to Samurai that Amy called them. Samurai smiles, as the two help Clara stand and walk over to the fire, where their family was waiting.

Fanon Con Theme: For this theme, I decided to focus on the problem of not fitting in or belonging anywhere. This is idealized by Bolt's jealousy of Samurai getting her family, extensive focus on Bolt's wish for a family, Clara's isolation and torture for 10 years and her trying to get back in tune with the world. A major part of bringing that to life is the focus on poverty. The effects of the broken economy, along with Argit reviving the Capitalists, help create the idea of those impoverished have no place in the world, but survive because they have their own support. I chose to use this theme after learning more extensively about poverty in Sociology class. Translating what I learned into this story is a way that I say that I learned in the class. The focus of the story was always going to be on Clara's appearance, but the birth of the theme really came from that class.

Third Place

The Third place was Street! His entry was a younger take on a Gwen-centric episode in the Canon, and while he did pay homage to a particular character, he was in third place, taking the bronze home. Still a good episode though! This episode is called "Life of a Preteen Girl".

Hey guys! StreetM here. Please enjoy my submission for the Writing Contest in the EXPERIENCED USER CATEGORY. Just so you know this takes place a year after the OV flashbacks. Ben has taken off his Omnitrix. And both of them are 12 now. And it will be narrated from MY point-of-view. And it's only supposed to be 11-minute long in length. And Gwen uses magic rarely now, since she doesn't want to expose herself as a freak in her school life. And yes, Anthony is based on Charles from MURDER.

Life of a Preteen Girl - by StreetM


The special starts at a completely black screen. Then the screen changes to colored picture, we can see a sign that says 'WELCOME TO BELLWOOD: THE MOST NORMALEST PLACE ON EARTH'. Then we see the busy streets of the city, after this, we see the parks, children are playing with RC Planes, rides and some are riding their tricycles. Then we see a house in the distance, just an ordinary house, we zoom inside and see a woman in her thirties in the kitchen, we zoom past the stairs into the room of a preteen girl, Gwen Tennyson. She is inside her room with her best friend, Emily and her not-so-best-friend Lucy Mann. Gwen and Emily are seated on the bed, while Lucy is sitting on their couch. If I haven't explained earlier, Emily is a patient of polio, her wheelchair is just beside the bed. Emily is just waiting for her mother to come and pick her from the house while discussing plans about pedicure with Gwen and Lucy.

Gwen: Maybe, we can have our pedicure at Emma's?

Lucy snorts as she always does once in a while.

Emily: Uh-Uh. Emma doesn't even know how to cut her nails.

Gwen: Well, how about Beauty Queen?

Emily: Too expensive.

Lucy snorts again.

Gwen: Ariel Masters?

Lucy snorts again.

Emily: Are you kiddin' me?

Gwen: Uh (starts thinking)

Lucy snorts.

Gwen: Will you stop that, Lucy? I can't think.

Lucy: Can't. It's kind of what I do.

Gwen makes a '._.' face as she never wanted Lucy to come at her house. It was supposed to be just Emily and Gwen but just like always, Lucy attached herself like a third wheel. Suddenly, lightbulb! Gwen gets an idea!

Gwen: How about we do it ourselves?

Emily: Do it ourselves, do it ourselves, that's an awesome idea! In this way, we won't have to spend our pocket money!

Gwen and Emily were just gonna do their best friend 'yay!' but Lucy joined in just like she always does. The scene cuts to outside the home, two girls have stopped in front of their homes and hear the mad 'yays!'. The names of these girls were Alice and Sharlet, they were the rich cool girls of Jolly Elementary, Gwen's school. They simply get the 'uhhs' and leave. The scene then cuts to three days later, the Pedicure day or should I say night. Unlike the previous day that I just narrated about, this days was happier for the two best friends, Emily and Gwen for two reasons: THEY'RE HAVING A PEDICURE! and Lucy wasn't there! Her mother took her to the dentist. Emily is applying the nailpolish to Gwen's right foot.

Emily: I bet Sharlet used this same shade for the picture day last term.

Gwen: Sharlet, Sharlet, Sharlet, Sharlet, everything looks good on Sharlet Riches. (She then notices her nail, she starts giggling) Oh goody!

Emily smirks at the sudden attitude change in her friend's voice. The screen locks onto Gwen's polished toenail, we see the same scene, the same nailpolish shade but now a different toenail, the toenail of Sharlet in her elegant and gigantic room, she is wearing a bathrobe of some sort and her face is covered in a mud mask, her eyes with a pair of cucumbers covering her eyes.

Alice: So, Sharlet, eh, your Birthday's in five days, I hope you're not forgetting that now, are you?

Sharlet: Of course not.

Alice: Then why haven't you finalized the guest list yet?

Sharlet: I thought you were supposed to do that.

Alice: But, but this is your birthday party, why me?

Sharlet, elegant as ever: Because that's what friends are supposed to do, aren't they?

Alice sighs for she is tangled in the web of friendship all over again.

Alice: Fine. I need a pen and a paper.

Sharlet: Well, my pedicure is completed, how 'bout you fetch the pen and paper while I go wash?

Alice sighs again and exits the room while Sharlet steps into her bathroom. For a few minutes, the room seems awfully quiet, until Sharlet steps out of her bathroom to find that Alice is still not there.

Sharlet: What's taking her so long?

About a few seconds later, Alice enters the room with a piece of paper and a blue fountain pen.

Sharlet: Alice! I've been waiting five seconds for you. A whole lotto' five seconds.

Alice makes a 'WOW' face.

Alice: Aaanyway...

Alice takes a seat on Sharlet's enormous pink bed, followed by Sharlet herself.

Alice, taking the cap of the pen: Now, the names, please?

Sharlet: Lemme think (and in a flash, she starts saying the names of the girls in seconds) Mandy, Jenny, Janet, Melanie and Gwen.

After hearing the name of 'Gwen'. Alice freaks out.

Alice: That nerd? Are you crazy?

Sharlet: I don't know. There's something about her. Something 'magical'.

Alice: There is nothing 'magical' about her and she'll definitely ruin the party's chemistry!

Sharlet, as graceful as ever: I think you're forgetting whose party is this.

Alice: Fine.

Sharlet: Now, don't get upset. I still need your help making my 'surprise face'. I mean, I don't want to seem like I arranged all of this instead of Mother.

Alice nods. There is a silence for a few moments, before Sharlet makes a 'WHAT?' face.

Alice: Eh, seems fake.

The scene cuts to Madison Elementary School, it's recess time, every young boy is playing around, the scene focuses on two of them, Ben and Jonesy.

Ben: And then Quadruple J delivers a piledriver to The Stone! KNOCKOUT!

Jonesy: Awesome! If only I were there to watch the match myself.

Ben: Come to think of i-

Suddenly, both boys are approached by the school bullies, Cash and JT.

Cash: Oh, look, JT. Here they are, Buckethead and Freakshow.

JT, chuckling: Heh heh, Buckethead and Freakshow. Good one, Cash.

Cash: Shutup, JT. Now, let's get to business. I need yo' money, wimps!

As Jonesy wimpy as ever was going to reach into his pockets, Ben stops him.

Ben: No can do.

Cash: So, we've got a hero. Eh? Remember what happened last time when you showed your heroics, Tennyson?

Ben: It's not like last time.

Cash, grabbing Ben from the collar area of his T-Shirt: Oh, yeah, what's different?

Ben, dramatic closeup: Everything.

Ben, slamming his wrist: It's Hero Ti-

Suddenly then Ben notices that his ever-trusty watch, the Omnitrix is not present there and he has hit his wrist. Ben has just forgotten that he has taken off his Omnitrix.

Ben: Aw man!

The scene transitions to Ben and Jonesy atomic-wedgied on the tree branch.

Jonesy: Is this what happened last time?

Ben, sighs: Yes.

The scene cuts to Gwen's house. There's a knock on the door. Natalie Tennyson open the door to see a man dressed in a tuxedo.

Tuxedo guy: Anthony Butler at your service.

Natalie stares at him with a confused expression.

Anthony: I am the butler at Riches Villa.

Natalie: Oh, welcome. Come inside, please.

Anthony: Oh, no, ma'am. I was just here to deliver an invitation card for your daughter.

He reaches into his pocket and takes out a letter with a 'R' printed on the top of the envelope. He hands it to Natalie and walks away. Natalie closes the door. She walks up the stairs and knocks on Gwen's door.

Gwen: Who is it?

Natalie: Gwen hon, open the door.

Gwen unlocks the door and we see a clear view of the room, Emily and Lucy are sitting inside.

Gwen: What is it, Mom?

Natalie: Well, there's a letter for you.

Natalie hands her the letter and walks away.

Gwen stares at the letter puzzled.

Lucy: What happened?

Gwen: There's a letter from Sharlet's family.

Emily: SHARLET! Read it out aloud!

Gwen, opening the envelope and reading the letter: "Dear Gwendolyn, you are invited to Riches Villa this Saturday 6 PM sharp for the Birthday party of Sharlet Riches. Thank you"

Emily and Lucy make an excited face while Gwen stands there somewhat sad.

Emily: Yes! Finally, an invitation to Sharlet's party! I heard rumors that there are chocolate fountains in her party. We'll have so much fun!

Lucy starts jumping in joy but then she realizes that Gwen is standing there, just standing.

Lucy: *snorts* What happened, Gwen? Why aren't you happy.

Gwen: *sigh* Because you two aren't invited.

Silence overcomes the room. The scene cuts to Jolly Elementary, Gwen's school. She's walking in the hallway when she suddenly stumbles upon Sharlet.

Sharlet: Gwen! What a pleasant surprise! How's my best friend in the world?

Gwen: Me?

Sharlet: If I'm not mistaken then you're the only one here named Gwen, right?

Gwen: Oh, oh, yeah.

Suddenly, the hall monitor catches them talking.

Hall Monitor: Hey, back to the cla-

She notices that standing in front of her is Sharlet.

Hall Monitor: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was talking to Sharlet Riches. Would you like for me to provide an escort to the classroom?

Sharlet: Gladly.

They both walk away as Gwen stares at them, extremely puzzled for the second time this week. The scene cuts to the washroom, Gwen is washing her hands when suddenly, Alice enters.

Alice: You're washing your hands good.

Gwen gets creeped out.

Gwen: Oh, ye-yeah.

There is a silence for a moment, a silence in which Alice starts staring at Gwen further creeping her out.

Alice: Things are really moving along for you, eh Gwen?

Gwen: Why thank you, Alice.

At this point Lucy can be seen peeking over the tops of the stall.

Alice: But have you bought the gift yet?

Gwen was going to say 'What gift?' but then she finally realizes that going to a party means giving a gift, getting nervous.

Alice: I mean that girl has everything but she still expects the best.

At this point Gwen was getting more nervous until Lucy falls out of her stall, there's an awkward silence for a moment.

Alice: What exactly are you doing here?

Lucy: That is none of your business, Alice since I have (shows her the hall pass) my Hall Pass. *snort*

ALice laughs (a really creepy laugh) at her and leaves the washroom.

Gwen, freaking out: She's right. What am I gonna give her? What am I gonna give her?

Lucy: Calm down, Gwen. Calm down.

Gwen: You're right. (pause) Wait a second, what were you doing here?

Lucy: Oh, you know. A girl's gotta go when a girl's gotta go.

Meanwhile at Ben's school, at the washroom. Jonesy is peeing, while Ben is standing near Jonesy's stall.

Ben: ...Maybe we can break into Cash's treehouse and take photos for blackmail?

Jonesy, from inside the stall: Ben, stop talking and let me pee.

There is a silence for a moment before Jonesy steps out of his stall.

Jonesy: But that's an awesome idea. But first, we should go be nice to Cash now since his life's gonna be a living Hades now.

Ben: What is Hades?

Jonesy facepalms. After school, Gwen, Emily, Lucy and Cooper are walking out of the school just when a football player delivers a wedgie to Cooper.

Cash: Whazzup, nerd?

Gwen: Let him go, Calvin.

Calvin delivers a 'Yeah, whatever' look before walking away. Cooper fixes his undergarment, while the girls look away.

Cooper, blushing: Oh, thanks, Gwen. IOU.

Gwen: Anytime, Coop. And if you really want to 'owe' me then just help me think of a good gift for Sharlet.

Just as Cooper was gonna say something, Alice appears out of nowhere.

Alice: I know something that is totally free and Sharlet totally wants it.

Lucy: Is it a Psychic Warrior Elephant?


Gwen: Then what is it?

Alice: Well, there's this epic adventure book known as 'The Dwarf' in the Central Library. Sharlet always wanted to read that.

Gwen: Easy Peasy. That won't be too cos-

Alice: Let me finish. That book ain't for sale. It was written 1397, they use it as an attraction.

Gwen: Then how the heck am I supposed to get it.

Alice: Just do what bad guys do.

Gwen: You mean....steal? Are you crazy? I'd never do something like that.

Alice: You're just being a big chicken. Anyway, you have till 5 PM to tell me your decision or I'll tell someone else about it.

Alice then leaves once again leaving Gwen puzzled. The scene cuts to Cash's backyard. Ben and Jonesy arrive. Cash was riding his toy horse and he gets semi-embarrased and gets up immediately.

Cash: Oh, this old thing, I was just testing it. What do you dorks want?

Ben: Uh, I was just thinking, we three should play together some time.

Cash, delighted: Really? I mean, why would I play with you two wimps?

Ben: Uh, as you wish. Jonesy and I were just here to inform you that we're hosting a party tomorrow evening at my treehouse. And we would love for you to come.

Cash: No can do, freaks. Sharlet's party is also tomorrow and I have an invite.

Jonesy: Well, it's your choice. Go have fun at that girly party while we enjoy at the Boy Bash.

They both walk away leaving Cash to his thoughts.

Jonesy, whispering: You think he'll crack?

Ben, whispering: Definitely.

The scene cuts to Gwen's room. She's just lying on her bed wondering. Suddenly, we hear a voice coming from downstairs.

Natalie, unseen: Honey! Cooper's here!

Gwen: Send him in my room!

There's a silence for a moment, a silence broken by the sound of someone running on the stairs, suddenly Cooper enters the room.

Cooper: Hey.

Gwen, not looking at him: Hey.

Cooper: So, have you thought about what are you gonna do?

Gwen: Nah. It's too...too difficult for me to come up with a decision.

Cooper: Are you afraid about getting caught?

Gwen: No, no, no, no, no. It's just that I would be crossing a line.

Cooper: By stealing a book?

Gwen: By stealing.

Cooper: Gwen, you won't be crossing any line by just stealing a book, ya know. Besides, what could go wrong?

Gwen: I think you're telling me to steal it.

Cooper: No, I'm telling you to make a decision, soon. Don't worry, it's not like crossroads of destiny.

Once again, a silence fulfills the room.

Gwen: I'll do it.

Cooper smirks.

The scene cuts to Ben and Jonesy in the park, they're sitting on swings.

Jonesy: It's been an hour since we're waiting. I'm beginning to wonder what if he doesn't show up?

Ben: Nonsense. He'll be here any minute now. (pause) Any minute.

Jonesy, after a few minutes: And when will that minute show up?

Suddenly, Cash enters the park.

Ben, smirking: It just did.

Cash: What are you two wimps talkin' about.

Ben: Oh, nothing. So, why exactly are you here?

Cash: It's a public park, Tennyson. I can come here whenever I want. (pause) Okay, I'm here to tell you that I'll show up at your party.

Ben: Greaaaat.

Ben then passes Jonesy a 'I told ya' look. The scene cuts to Gwen's house. Her landline rings. She picks it up. Someone speaks on the line.

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, I'm stealin' it.

A maddening chuckle is heard from the other line implying that it was Alice on the line. Then a montage begins, one by one, we see the characters getting ready for their respective parties in the following order: Ben, Jonesy, Cash, Sharlet and Alice. The scene cuts to Gwen's house. Gwen, Emily, Lucy and Cooper are seated on the sofa watching TV. Natalie wears her coat.

Natalie: Okay, kids. I'm goin' for the kitty party. If you're hungry then just look in the fridge, I have leftover pizza from last night.

Everyone: Bye/Thank you, Ms. Tennyson/Good night.

Natalie then leaves.

Cooper: Shall we begin, m'ladies?

Gwen smirks. Now another montage begins showing them getting ready for the 'heist': Gwen puts on her Lucky Girl costume, Lucy shapeshifts into Ishiyama, Cooper 'dissects' the TV creating armor for him while Emily simply sits on her wheelchair in a 'Charles Xavier' manner. (She's not going)

Emily: Ha, showoff! (pause) Wait why'd you turn into a sumo?

Lucy/Sludgepuppy Slayer (let's call her that): Psyche.

Gwen, to Emily: You sre, you'll be able to get back at your house without our help?

Emily, nodding: Yeah, (pause) But first I'll eat the leftover pizza.

The three then walk out from the backdoor in a superhero-manner. Just as they exit, Cash and JT stop in front of Ben Tennyson's treehouse which is only a few houses away from Gwen's house.

Cash: JT, stay here. You ain't invited.

JT: Then why am I here?

Cash shrugs. Just as Cash was gonna climb the hair, his foot is got into a net (Ben's booby trap).

Cash: Huh? AAAaahhhhh! JT, help me!

JT: S-Sure.

The scene cuts to Ben and Jonesy IN Cash's treehouse with Jonesy's dad's camera.

Ben: Let's do this.

A montage is shown of both of them taking pictures of Cash's teddy bear, Cash's sheets (the kind you wet) and several other embarrassing things. The scene cuts to Sharlet's party that just started. Alice is in a corner with her phone. She dials a number and then waits for the answer.

Alice: Hello, Commissioner? (someone speaks on the other line) Take it as an anonymous tip, but a heist is taking place at the General Library.

Alice grins evilly. The scene cuts to outside the General Library, Lucky Girl, Sludgepuppy Slayer and Mecha (Cooper) are standing behind the sign.

Mecha: Are you sure you wanna do this alone? I mean, we can come in with you if you want.

Lucy Girl: Nah, I'll do it.

Sludgepuppy Slayer: You sure?

Lucky Girl nods. There is a silence for a moment.

Sludgepuppy Slayer: Uh, Gwen. Why aren't you doing it?

Lucky Girl: Sorry, I'm just 'soaked at the moment'.

Sludgepuppy Slayer: Oh, forget it, I'll do it.

Lucky Girl: No, no, no, This is something I have to do alone.

Forge: On the count of three: 1,

Sludgepuppy Slayer: 2,

Mecha and Sludgepuppy Slayer, in unison: 3!

Lucky Girl makes a magic bridge for her and reaches the library door, she enchants a spell, opening the door.

Lucky Girl: Hey guys, I'm doing it!

Just as Lucky Girl was gonna reach inside. Police cars stop at the scene, Policemen come out with flashlight guns (filled with rubber bullets).

Policeman 1: Put you hands in the air, girl!

Policeman 2: You have a right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you.

Gwen with a ._. face puts her hands in the air. Policeman 1 appears to escort her to the car. Suddenly, Policeman 3 appears from behind with Mecha and Sludgepuppy Slayer cuffed, both of them are smiling awkwardly.

Policman: I found these two at the scene, take the TV Boy in the car, I'll arrive with the fat man.

Mecha and Sludgepuppy Slayer, in unison: Hey!

The scene cuts to JT and Cash (now freed).

Cash: They ruined our party night, we'll ruin their treehouse. Wreck everything.

They start destroying everything in the treehouse with a baseball bat and a hockey stick. Suddenly, Cash spots a cardboard box.

Cash: Hey, JT, stop! I found something.

Cash looks inside the box. Finding all sorts of stuff like trading cards, a baseball, a weird helmet and that, when his hand reaches the bottom, he takes out an object (unseen to the audience).

Cash: What is this?

JT: I dunno. It looks like a watch.

Cash: Looks cool. I think we should take this with us.

JT nods, now we see the unseen object: The Omnitrix.

The scene cuts to the repaired TV in Gwen's house. On the TV, Will Harangue is on.

Will Harangue: ...That imposter dresses as Lucky Girl, a boy with a TV on his head and Johny Dan from the Sumo Slammer film series were reported to be stealing a book. That actor is going to face a major downfall in his career. The TV turns off. We see the couch on which Gwen and her mom are seated, her mom passes her a death stare while Gwen smiles awkwardly. The scene cuts to Cash and JT back at their treehouse with the Omnitrix.

JT: I think you should try to put it on.

Cash: I dunno, what if it's dangerous?

JT: Last week you told me your middle name was 'Dangerous'.

Cash: Point taken.

The episode ends as Cash wears the Omnitrix.

Note: The main problem of this episode is how a girl gets an invite at a cool kid's party, but then she faces a problem: WHAT TO GIFT HER?! The second main problem is bullying and how our characters decide to deal with it.


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