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The Contest Winner

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So, we had no New User Category submissions for the contest, so there are no winners. However, we did have 3 Experienced User Category submissions, from Brandon 10, Awesome Betterhero, and The Awesome Jack. So, after reviewing all three episodes, Lego and I have decided the winner is....

The Winner's Entry
Ben 10: Omniverse
Season 5, Episode 1.2
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
[Something Zombozo This Way Comes]
Creature from the Blarney Lagoon is the fourty-second episode of Ben 10: Omniverse.


Ben and Rook must save Bellwood from an attacking swamp monster.


It is raining hard in Bellwood. Citizens still around in town attempt to make it out of the rain. At Mr. Smoothies, Ben, in his white hoodie, and Rook sit at a table under an umbrella with their smoothies.

Rook: We are having quite some exciting weather.

Ben: Heh. Exciting? You call this exciting? It's just some dull and stupid rain on a dull and stupid day.

Rook: But how can rain be dull if it provides plants with energy?

Ben: Because it makes everything boring.

Rook: I thought rain makes things wet.

Ben: (sighs) Just forget it dude.

The Umpbrella of the table then flies off. Ben then groans and throws his hood on.

Rook: At least we can experience the perceptation more.

Ben looks annoyed at Rook. Meanwhile, at a forest, some construction workers are clearing out some trees.

Construction Worker Manager: Hurry it up before lunch, eh?

The ground then shakes and the plower is pulled into the ground along with some of the construction workers.

Construction Workers: AHHH!

The manager makes a run for it but his foot is caught and he is pulled in. While he is, a swampy figure rises from a swamp in the forest and fires swamp out of his hands at the screen; blacking it out.

Ben 10 Omniverse Galactic Monsters Intro

Ben 10 Omniverse Galactic Monsters Intro

Back at Bellwood, Ben and Rook are driving along in the Proto-Truck.

Rook, driving: There is one thing I don't understand about today.

Ben, slounching in seat: What? Why rain is wet?

Rook: That I do understand completely. But I do not understand why you are in the mood on slounching today.

Ben: I told you, dude. Rain. Makes. Things. Booooring.

Rook: So you are bored.

Ben: 100%

Rook: Now that is quite understandable. (looks back at road and gives confused expression) That however is not.

Ben looks up and sees a big, swamp-like alien with strands of "seaweed" around him and two yellow eyes through the strands attacking cars in the street. The Proto-Truck then stops and the two get out.

Rook: Perhaps this situation will ease your boredom.

Ben: Thanks. I'm already feeling "eased". (to alien) Alright, Nessie, time to stop playing in Traffic.

The alien then looks up, grabs a car and hurls it at Ben. Ben then jumps out of the way and it hits the Proto-Truck.

Rook: My Truck!

Ben, getting up: You're starting to sound like Kevin. It's not that-

Three more cars are hurled at the Proto-Truck. Rook gives off a shocked expression.

Ben: -Bad...

The alien then roars. Ben activates the Omnitrix, slaps down and transforms into Crashhopper. He jumps from where he's standing and lands on the swamp monster but kicks away causing impact on the face. He then lands on the ground.

Crashhopper: Hope you don't mind if I take a LEAP to victory.

The swamp alien then throws his arm which fires strand attacks. Crashhopper jumps over them as they hit the building behind him. Crashhopper then lands behind the swamp alien but slips over.

Crashhopper: It's too wet out here.

The Swamp Monster stands over Crashhopper about to attack but Rook catches his arm with his Proto-Tool. The Swamp Monster looks at Rook.

Rook, pulling the Proto-Tool: You will not get away with the assultion of Earth vechiles as well as my own.

The Proto-Tool then slips through the monster's arm and falls on the ground. The monster then strikes at Rook who is thrown back into the building. The Swamp Monster prepares to strikes again but is droven off by a sonic frequency. Crashhopper manages to get up without slipping and sees Blarney T. Hokestar standing there with a device releasing the sonic frequency.

Crashhopper: Hokestar?!

<Commerical Break>

The Omnitrix bleeps three times and Crashhopper transforms back into Ben.

Ben: Why am I not surprised you're here?

Blarney: Well Ben, my boy, I just happened to be around in the neighborhood.

Rook, walking over: Right as the attacking alien was also "in the neighborhood".

Blarney: M-m-my friend. You do not suggest that I, Professor Blarney T. Hokestar, accuss me of such an incident.

Ben crosses his arms and looks at Blarney.

Blarney: Okay! Okay! But I can assure you that it was an accident.

Ben: (sighs) Okay, Hokestar... What did you do this time? Create a Burger Shack that can time travel?

Blarney: No. But erm... That does sound like a rather fine idea. (quietly) I should write that down later. Anyways, it started on a dark and spooky night...

Flashback commences but intruppted by Ben.

Ben: Dude, we don't have time for a story.

Rook: Perhaps it would be best to hear the whole thing, Bendude.

Ben: Gah fine. But don't make it boring. This rain is as bad as it is already.

Blarney: Right then before I was rudely intruppted. It started on a dark and spooky night...

Flashback commences to Hokestar, earlier, traveling to the forest.

Blarney, narrating: I was on my way to get some alien ingredients for my new formula idea when I came across the den of an interesting specimen.

Shows Blarney finding swamp den.

Blarney, narrating: I was forced to gas it as an act of self defense against the creature who so firecely attacked me.

Shows Blarney gassing the creature while it was sleeping.

Blarney, narrating: I decided that I could use this beast as an attraction for the new... (now showing actual Hokestar) (making imaginary rainbow) Professor Blarney T. Hokestar's World of Amazement!

Rook: Seems like a long title for an amusement park.

Ben: This isn't about the amusement park. You can't lock up aliens and use them for endorcement, Blarney.

Blarney: B-b-b-but, my boy. You fail to see the apperication of this situation.

Ben: All I see is a lot of trouble for a swamp monster and a salesman unless you help us stop it.

Blarney: Well thank you, my boy. I will take your warning quite nicely. Now if you shall excuse me-

Rook: He means that we will arrest you along with the swamp monster.

Ben: In the same cell, maybe.

Blarney: ...R-r-r-right then. Gentlemen, lets get to capturing that terrible swamp monster. After you.

Ben and Rook walk away. Blaney then looks around and pulls out a notepad and a pencil from his cloak.

Blarney: Curse this rain. (writes) Burger... Shack... Time Machine...

He then puts the notepad and pencil back into his cloak and runs away the two.

Blarney: G-g-g-gentlemen! Wait up!

Later, the three are making their way through a forest.

Rook: Quite the tree-ful place.

Ben: Just be glad it stopped raining.

Blarney follows after them but trips over a tree root.

Blarney, getting up: (dusts off) The monster's lair should be up ahead.

The three continue walking through the forest while yellow eyes stare at them through the trees. A little later, the three are still walking through the forest when they walk into a swamp-like area and begin to sink in.

Blarney: W-W-What is happening?

Rook: We appear to be sinking. Perhaps the Proto-Tool will lend us some assistance.

Rook checks but the Proto-Tool is clogged in swamp material.

Ben is already half way in while the other two are also going down.

Ben, sinking: Come on, Omnitrix. Someone that can fly!

Ben sinks.

Rook: Ben!

<Commercial Break>

Rook attempts to pull through the swamp material but he gets stuck and is pulled in faster.

Blarney: What a shame to be done in by a pile of swamp.

Flash under the swamp. A bandage then flies out from the ground and wraps around a tree branch. Snare-Oh is then pulled out of the sinking swamp and lands on the branch. He then wraps Rook and Blarney and brings them up with him.

Snare-Oh: Doomed by Swamp. Saved by Bandages.

Rook, unclogging Proto-Tool: I thought you requested a flying type.

Snare-Oh: Snare-Oh is better than No-Show.

Rook: You have unlocked a new alien form?

Snare-Oh: It's a joke, Rook... Or something. Come on. It can't be far.

Snare-Oh swings from tree to tree. Rook shoots out his Proto-Tool and does the same.

Blarney: G-g-gentlemen. I believe you are forgetting something.

Rook swings back and grabs Blarney and they swing through the forest. Snare-Oh sees the Swamp Monster up ahead. They all land close to it. The Omnitrix bleeps which turns Ben back into Snare-Oh.

Ben: It's over, Seaweed Breath.

Rook: Prepare to be turned in.

The Swamp Monster roars, grabs a tree and swings it at Ben and Rook but he misses. Rook then back flips onto the Swamp Monster and punches it rapidly but the Swamp Monster shakes him away.

Blarney: Not to worry, my dear fellow. I, Professor Blarney T. Hokestar, have a solution into stopping this beast.

Blarney pulls out the sonic frequency device and activates it causing the Swamp Monster and bend down and cover his head.

Blarney, pointing the device: My incredible invention. The Frequ-Meter will surely do the job for handling with sensitive animals.

The Swamp Monster then slaps the device out of Blarney's hand and it breaks upon impact. Blarney then stares at it nervously.

Ben: Gets the job done... Suuure.

Ben activates the Omnitrix and slaps it down. He transforms into Four Arms.

Four Arms: Let's go tough guy.

Side shot of Swamp Monster's eyes. Side shot of Four Arm's eyes. Wrestling Bell dings. Four Arms then charges at the Swamp Monster but the Swamp Monster grabs him and throws him at some trees. Four Arms gets up, grabs a tree and throws it at the Swamp Monster. Swamp Monster then reforms around the tree. Four Arms gives a shocked expression and is punched in the face by the Swamp Monster. Swamp Monster then picks up Four Arms and slams him against his knee. Bell rings again. Four Arms falls over, Omnitrix bleeps and Four Arms transforms back into Ben. The Swamp Monster then stands over Ben and then looks turns his attention to Blarney. He then walks slowly over to Blarney.

Blarney, backing up: M-m-my good sir. Please. You wouldn't want to do anything-erm- unreasonable, r-r-right?

The Swamp Monster gets closer. Flash and Omnitrix transforming sound. The Swamp Monster turns around.

Wildvine: Let the salesman go, Swamp Breath.

Swamp Monster, telepathically: He will pay for his crimes.

Wildvine: Whoa. Wait. You can talk now. Or... Are my plant senses tingling?

Rook: Ben, who are you talking to?

Wildvine: This Swamp Guy. I forgot that Wildvine can talk to giant vegetables.

Swamp Monster, telepathically: He has kidnapped me from my fortress of slumber. He will pay for using me as his form of entertainment and profit.

Blarney: Is he saying anything nice about me?

Wildvine: Oh he told me plenty.

Swamp Monster, telepathically: You will not get in my way! I will destroy him and continue with my sleep.

Wildvine: Sleep? That's all you wanted? Well why didn't you just ask.

Wildvine transforms back into Ben. Ben then activates the Omnitrix and transforms into Frankenstrike.

Frankenstrike: Looks like we're going to have to put you to sleep the hard way.

The Swamp Monster charges at Frankenstrike but Frankenstrikes grabs him and holds him tightly.

Frankenstrike: Heh. Hey Rook! What does rain make things again?

Rook: Wet, Ben. They make things wet.

Frankenstrike: Let's see how that affects electricity.

Frankenstrike uses his electric abilities on The Swamp Monster whom is electrocuted and passes out. The Omnitrix then bleeps and Frankenstrike turns back into Ben.

Ben: Sweet Dreams.

Rook: Now how are we going to put him in the den.

Ben: (giving off a realizing expression) Um... (pulls on him) Help me get him back to his den.

Later, the Plumbers close off the area and lower the Swamp Monster but into its den.

Blarney: Well Well Well it has certainly been an honor working with you gentlemen, again. Y'know. To saaave the world and what not.

Rook: According to regulation, you should be arrested at this very moment for attempting to endanger a wild specimen.

Ben: But since you helped us, you're free to go.

Rook: He is.

Ben: Yep. Just as long as he doesn't kidnap any more aliens!

Blarney: I promise it will never happen again. Now if shall excuse me, I have a Burger Shack Time Machine to create.

Blarney then runs away.

Rook: To be quite honest, Ben-

Ben: I know. I know. He should've been arrested.

Rook: Not just that. I believe that Swamp "Alien" wasn't an alien to begin with.

Ben: Whoa... Then, what WAS it?

Rook: Beats me. Smoothies?

Ben: It's looking nice and clear. Sure. Why not?

The two then walk away while the creature sleeps in its den.

Credits Play.


Aliens Used


  • Swamp Monster


  • This is Brandon 10's first Ben 10 episode.
  • The episode was originally going to be set during Season 2 but it was changed to Season 5's Galactic Monsters Arc.

Congrats to the Winner. And here are the other episodes as well.

AB's Entry
The name of this episode is Meteor Not, Here I Come.

The sky was seen, with clouds gently moving through it. The camera then cuts to the streets, where people are calmly driving and walking. Suddenly, Psyphon is seen with a jetpack, soaring throughout the sky and disrupting the peace. Ben as Astrodactyl is then seen flying after him.

(Ben): Return that stolen tech, Psyphon!

(Psyphon, stopping and turning to face Ben): Return it? Ha! This technology has increased my power incredibly!

From his wrist, Psyphon then launched a yellow laser from his wrist. Rook, who was flying next to Ben in the Proto-TRUK, reached out the open door used his Proto-Tool to create a Proto-Shield, which caught the laser and became immobilized by it, pulling Rook from the Proto-TRUK and leaving him hanging in mid-air. The Proto-TRUK continued on, without a pilot.

(Ben, flying after the TRUK): I got it!

(Rook): A little help here?

Ben turned around and faced Rook, who was dangling from his Proto-Tool.

(Psyphon, flying away): Hahahaha!

Ben glanced at Psyphon, who was escaping. He had trouble deciding which of the three problems to address.

(Ben): You guys are pressuring me!

After Ben thought for a second, he created an energy whip and whipped it at the TRUK, wrapping it around it. He then swung under the TRUK and kicked Psyphon. Ben pushed Psyphon onto the roof of the TRUK using his feet, and swung the whip to Rook, who grabbed it and swung under the TRUK. Rook climbed up.

(Ben): Hurry! Save the TRUK before it crashes into anything, while I fight Psyphon!

Rook dived into the TRUK and grabbed the wheel. He rapidly spun it and turned the TRUK, barely saving it from crashing into a building called "Donaldan Dinkus Dooberry's Donut Department". Ben and Psyphon both flew off the top of the TRUK and onto the store. Psyphon pressed a button on a strap on his jetpack, causing six robotic arms to emerge from the pack, each bearing a long energy blade. The energy blades then spun around as Psyphon got closer, evilly chuckling. Ben fired an energy beam from his mouth, but it was blocked by one of the blades.

(Ben): Let me try somebody else.

Ben reverted back to normal, then re-transformed, becoming Four Arms. Psyphon ran towards Ben and tried to slash him, but Ben punched him in the chest, sending him flying. When Psyphon landed, the energy blades each went into the roof of the store, preventing Psyphon from getting up. Ben kicked Psyphon, sending him flying into a large plastic donut on the sign of the store. Ben pulled the jetpack from the roof and clutched it to his chest.

(Ben): And donut steal these ever again! Haha, pun.

Psyphon pointed his wrist at Ben and tried to fire something at him, but Ben saw and responded by jumping over and yanking the weapon off Psyphon's wrist. In the process, he accidentally fired a green ray into the air, but didn't notice.

(Ben, reverting): Forgot to take this wrist laser.

Rook landed the TRUK on the roof, and jumped out.

(Rook): What is a donut? It is not something that I have encountered in my Earth studies.

(Ben): It's a round, sugary food. But trust me when I say that smoothies are WAY better. Speaking of smoothies, let's go get some right now!

They both went into the TRUK and flew off. Meanwhile, the ray continued on and flew into space. A comet was passing by Earth, until the ray hit it. Now, the comet was coming towards Earth.

Theme song!

Ben and Rook pulled up to Mr. Smoothy, and instantly spotted a sign that said, "Now Serving Donuts! Only $2.10!"

(Ben): Oh, come on!

(Rook): Maybe it is just destined that I try the donut.

(Ben): Fine, go ahead. You're paying, though.

Rook jumped out of the TRUK and walked into the restaurant, while Ben quickly followed. Rook went to the counter, and Ben appeared behind him.

(Rook): We will take two donuts, please.

Rook handed $4.20 to the boy at the counter.

(Boy): What kinds?

(Rook): Uh....

(Ben): Blueberry for my partner, here. But I'll just take a balut smoothie.

(Boy): Just a second.

The boy went back into the kitchen, then shortly came back with a smoothie and a wrapped donut. The boy handed the orders to Ben and Rook, and they went outside and sat at a table. Ben began sipping his smoothie, while Rook carefully held it in his mouth, waiting for the right time to bite.

(Ben): Dude, just eat it already.

(Rook): I suggest that you not rush me. This could be dangerous, you know.

(Ben, pointing): If you're not gonna eat it, there's a trash can over there.

(Rook): Taking a bite now.

Rook took a bite. In a couple seconds, he had finished the whole thing.

(Rook): That was enjoyed. I would like another.

Suddenly, a hologram of Grandpa Max came from the Omnitrix.

(Max): Ben, Rook, report to the Plumbers' Base immediately.

(Ben): Why? What's going on?

(Max): I'll explain when you get here.

The hologram faded away. Later, Ben and Rook came to Max's Plumbing. They walked to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, sending them down into the Plumbers' Base, where Max immediately walked up to them.

(Max): Follow me.

Max led them to a big screen, where several Plumbers were analyzing a giant object coming towards Earth.

(Ben): What's that?

(Max): We believe that it's the Bajer Snaw comet.

(Rook): The Bajer Snaw comet is a comet that passes through a rotation of different planets. Once it passes one planet, it will not return to that planet for another 513 years.

(Max): How do you know this, Rook?

(Rook): Revonnah is one of the several planets that the Bajer Snaw passes by. My father told me all about it when I was little.

(Ben): I think it's great and all that you're watching this comet pass by, but why'd you even invite us here?

(Max): Oh, we're not watching the comet pass by.

(Ben): Huh?

(Max): The Bajer Snaw has somehow changed its path and turned towards us.

(Ben): So that means.....

(Max): The Bajer Snaw is coming right for Bellwood!

Commercial break.

(Ben): So, what happened to it? Why did it switch its path.

(Max): That's what we're trying to find out. Jerry, have you detected any alterations to the comet?

(Plumber Jerry): Nothing but some tiny spark of green energy that seems to be spreading.

(Max): Find as much info about it as you can.

(Plumber Jerry): Yes, sir.

Plumber Jerry starting typing on a keyboard, and stretched his moustache to help him press keys.

(Max): Ben, I want you to go Jetray and try to stop that comet.

(Ben): Are you crazy? That thing could kill me!

(Max): I never said you were going to go unequipped.

Max pointed to a suit that would fit perfectly on an Aerophibian.

(Max): We've been developing radiation suits for different alien species, in times like this. So far, we've only finished suits for an Aerophibian, Transylian, Loboan, Pissciss Volann, Vulpi-

(Ben): Yeah, just put me in the suit.

The camera cut to when Ben was Jetray, wearing the suit.

(Rook): Have you finished a suit for a Revonnahgander?

(Max): Yes, but I want you to stay down here with us and help find info.

(Rook): Will do, Magister Tennyson.

(Max): Ben, we have a cannon to launch you into space, whenever you're ready.

(Ben): I'm ready now. You never know when the Omnitrix is gonna time out on me.

A cannon emerged from the floor, and Ben flew into it. Three seconds later, the cannon launched him through the roof, which opened up for him. However, he had to break a hole through the roof of Max's Plumbing.

(Ben, mid-flight): Uuuuuuhwuhuwuhuwuhuwuh!

Ben reached space, and now hyperspaced until he was only yards away from the Bajer Snaw. He pressed a button on the left arm of the suit, which used a big pulse to slow him down more and more, until he was two feet away from the Bajer Snaw. He deactivated the pulse, then activated it again, but this time, he fired a sphere at the comet. It didn't do anything. Ben flew to the meteor and put his back to it. He tried to push it back, but it didn't work. Ben put his hand on the Snaw and pulled a string, causing the hand of the suit to inflate extremely big, bigger than the comet. However, the Snaw popped the suit. Ben very quickly held out a button and pressed it, teleporting him back into the Plumbers' Base. The Snaw then quickly destroyed the suit.

(Ben, reverting): That was pointless.

(Rook): Not entirely. Look at the screen.

Ben saw the screen, and saw the button that Ben pressed, coated in green energy. It was moving in the exact same pattern as the Snaw, in front of the Snaw, as if the comet were pushing it with an invisible arm.

(Plumber Jerry): I got something!

Ben, Rook, Max, and everyone else gathered around Plumber Jerry, and looked at his screen. There was a picture of the green energy in the top right corner, and in the bottom left corner, there was a picture of Psyphon.

(Ben): What's Psyphon got to do with any of this?

(Plumber Jerry): Look closer.

Plumber Jerry pressed a button on the keyboard, zooming in on Psyphon's arm. There was a gray sphere implanted in it.

(Max): The Bajer Snaw must be attracted to that gray sphere in Psyphon!

(Ben): But how did it get there?

(Max): I have a theory. Jerry, fetch the wrist laser.

Plumber Jerry ran somewhere else, then came back holding the wrist laser that Ben took back from Psyphon.

(Max): Let's go.

The camera cuts to Ben, Rook, Max, and Plumber Jerry in the Proto-TRUK. They flew to the roof of Donaldan Dinkus Dooberry's Donut Department. They all got out and approached Psyphon, still stuck in the donut.

(Psyphon): Oh, great. Here to arrest me?

(Max): Not yet. Psyphon, can we see your wrist?

Psyphon held up his wrist, which had the gray sphere in it.

(Max, holding up the wrist laser): Can you tell us how this works?

(Psyphon): It implants a device in the user's wrist, then the object that the laser hits is attracted to that device.

(Plumber Jerry): So that means Psyphon attracted the Bajer Snaw!

Max used a pair of tweezers to carefully remove the device from Psyphon's wrist, then grabbed Psyphon's arm.

(Max): Help me pull Psyphon out!

Ben, Rook, and Plumber Jerry got in a straight line holding onto one another, then pulled Psyphon out from the donut.

(Max): Psyphon, will you help us stop the Bajer Snaw?

(Psyphon): In your dreams! Good-bye, and have a nice demise!

Psyphon flew away.

Commercial break.

Ben transformed into AmpFibian and flew after Psyphon. He stretched his tentacles around Psyphon, and electrocuted him. Ben them threw him back onto the roof.

(Psyphon): Okay, fine, I'll help you stop the Snaw.

Ben reverted.

(Plumber Jerry): Umm, guys? I'm afraid it's a little too late.

Plumber Jerry pointed to the Bajer Snaw, which had entered the Earth's atmosphere, and was getting closer and closer. Everyone on the streets began screaming and running.

(Max): We still have time to stop it! Psyphon, you know the wrist laser and its functions the best. Reverse it and repel the comet.

(Psyphon): I'll try. There's just one thing I don't get. I'm positive that I didn't fire a laser. Ben stopped me before I could.

(Rook): So then who was the one who fired it?

(Ben, nervously): Oh, I, might've accidentally fired it when I was taking the laser from Psyphon.

(Max): That's not important right now. Psyphon, keep working.

They waited around as the Bajer Snaw got closer and closer. Eventually, it was only thirty feet from the ground. Ben, Rook, Plumber Jerry, Max, and Psyphon were all wearing radiation suits to protect themselves.

(Psyphon): ......I'm afraid I can't reverse the laser in time. The Snaw's only a couple minutes from the ground.

They all stared at the Snaw, which wasn't moving.

(Ben): Umm, guys? It looks like the Snaw stopped.

(Rook): What stopped it?

(Plumber Jerry): Let me have a look-see.

Plumber Jerry produced a telescope from his suit, lengthened it, and looked at the Bajer Snaw.

(Plumber Jerry): The Proto-Tool!

(Rook): Let me see.

Plumber Jerry handed Rook the telescope, and he looked through it, to see that the immobilized Proto-Tool was delaying the Bajer Snaw.

(Rook): Guys, my Proto-Tool is pushing back the Bajer Snaw! However, the comet is slowly destroying the Proto-Tool, so we need to work fast.

The camera cut to later, when the Bajer Snaw was finished destroying the Proto-Tool, and was coming even closer.

(Psyphon): Alright, I believe I am done.

(Max): Put the chip back in your wrist!

Max handed Psyphon the chip, and he clipped it back into his wrist. The chip released red energy, which repelled the Bajer Snaw and sent it back into space.

(Ben): We did it!

(Max): And Psyphon, as long as you keep that chip in your wrist, the Bajer Snaw will be repelled.

(Rook): It will take a different path. It will no longer pass by Revonnah, but hopefully, other planets will enjoy it.

Psyphon was chuckling.

(Psyphon): Maybe I'll fly up into space, and repel the Snaw back down here! That way, I'd finally get rid of pesky Tennyson!

(Ben): Psyphon!

He transformed into Echo Echo.

(Ben): Don't you dare try that!

Ben duplicated in a circle around Psyphon.

(Ben): Wall...of...Sound!!!!!

All the Bens sonic screamed at Psyphon, but he created a forcefield and blocked it. Ben kept screaming, and eventually, the forcefield cracked, and the screams knocked Psyphon out. Ben combined with all the other clones, and reverted.

(Ben): Well, that's been fun. Now, what do you say we go out for some sm-

(Rook): Donuts?

(Plumber Jerry): That sounds good.

(Max): I'm game.

Rook, Max, and Plumber Jerry all went to the Proto-TRUK and flew off.

(Ben): Hey, you can at least take me with you!

Jack's Entry
The name of this episode is Chill Pill.

Camera opens up to a view of Bellwood, aliens mingled with humans. It cuts to Max's Plumbing then down to Plumber's Headquarters. Max seems frantic, anxiously pushing buttons and watching the monitor. Ben and Rook walk up to him. [Ben]: Whoa, Grandpa, too much coffee this morning? You need a chill pill.

Ben smirks at his remark.

[Rook]: Why would he take a chill pill? Is it warm in here?

Rook looks around. Ben facepalms. Max continues typing things in and foreign symbols appear on the monitors.

[Ben]: Grandpa Max? Is everything okay?

[Max]: This isn't a joke Ben. A full force threat is coming to Earth.

[Ben]: Let me guess, Albedo? Zs'Skayr? Aggregor?

[Max]: Worse, Ben. After the incident last week with the squid monsters, Vilgax has a beacon and coming with a full force of bounty hunters to attack Earth and specifically, you.

[Rook]: Yes, that should be the reason for a chill pill.

[Ben]: No problem, I've beaten him before and I can beat him again.

[Max]: You don't understand Ben. He has the worst of the worst bounty hunters working for him. Sixsix, Sevenseven, and Kraab.

Suddenly, an explosion rocks them to the side and Vilgax emerges from the smoke.

[Vilgax]: TENNYSON!

Theme Song

[Vilgax]: TENNYSON!

[Max]: Ben run!

Vilgax grabs Max by the collar.Ben transforms into Nanomech, flying under a pile of debris.

[Vilgax]: The great Max Tennyson, in my hand? My seeking for vengeance shall come.

Vilgax is blasted, knocking him forward into a wall. Max falls, grabbing his blaster. He turns, finding Rook with the ProtoTool, the machine smoking from recently being fired.

[Rook]: Put him down! Magister Tennyson, are you alright?

[Max]: I think so kid. Let's find Ben and get out of here.

They look up to find Bloxx swinging at Sevenseven who dodges, shooting lasers out of guns which come out of his wrists.

[Bloxx]: A little help?

[Rook]: On it!

Rook jumps off the wall and lands on Sixsix's jetpack. He turns the ProtoTool into a sword and stabs it. Sixsix kicks Rook off before crashing. Vilgax stands up, seeing Ben. Bloxx times out and falls. Rook catches him and swings him onto a ledge, using the ProtoTool as a grappling hook. Kraab, Sevenseven, and Sixsix close in. Vilgax slowly walks towards Max, beaming with his teeth showing.

[Rook]: We can't fight them all at once!

[Ben]: Then escape to the surface!

Ben quickly scrolls through his holograms and pushes down the iconic hourglass symbol. A epic transformation begins with green light swamping over the base. Ben's fingers out and point towards the end. His arms grow slimmer and longer while a beak forms from his face and his toes combine, revealing a Pterodactyl-like creature. It was Astrodactyl. He swoops up, swiping Rook and Max then flying out of the base and into Bellwood. Citizens flee when the ground erupts as Vilgax emerges.

[Astrodactyl]: I hope this works.

He turns, dropping off Max and Rook on a rooftop then soars overhead, high into space. Vilgax follows on his warship, cruising right behind him. Astrodactyl turns and begins flying down towards Earth, the friction difficult for him to face. Behind him, the war cruiser ignites from friction and begins obliteration. Inside the ship, Vilgax angrily gets into a escape pod as the ship explodes one last time, turning into rubble. Astrodactyl soars downward, fighting to stay conscious. Meanwhile, Max and Rook are back to back, each with their weapon in hand. Kraab shoots out his projectile claw and whacks Rook down. He sprays acid but Rook dodges and shoots a orange arrow from his ProtoTool in the bow form. It shocks Kraab, rendering him into unconsciousness. Rook smiles before hearing Max yell. He turns, finding Sixsix and Sevenseven having him cornered.

[Rook]: Bounty hunters, I assure you will not win and Vilgax will end up killing you.

[Sixsix]: *insert Sixsix noises here*

Rook knocks him to the ground.

[Rook]: I have no idea what you are saying!

Sevenseven holds a blaster to Max's temple and slowly walks backwards, Max clutched in his armlock. Rook smiles.

[Rook]: Take a chill pill.

He does a triple backflip and roundhose kicks Sevenseven in the face.

[Rook]: Thank you Magister Tennyson for enduring my novice wisecracks.

Max chuckles.

[Max]: No problem son.

Meanwhile, Astrodactyl crashes right outside of Bellwood, fabricating a crater. Vilgax's pod crashes also. Astrodactyl reverts to Ben, unconscious. Vilgax hovers over Ben and picks him, slumps him over his solider and walks away. Ben awakes, underground to find out Vilgax captured him. His arm was in a device preventing the Omnitrix from working. He find Vilgax with a sharp tool, slowly approaching him. Ben squirms and wiggles until his arm is free and transforms. Vilgax leaps forward only for nothing to be there. He stops and begins punching himself in the face. Bruises welt his face.

[Vilgax]: You dare challenge me as a Ectonurite!

Vilgax, in pain, grabs a device and presses it. Ghostfreak howls and removes himself from Vilgax. Vilgax smiles. Angry, Ghostfreak flies above ground and Vilgax follows. Vilgax finds Humunguosaur waiting for him. Vilgax strikes, knocking the wind out of Ben.

[Humunguosaur]: Ow! That really hurt!

Ben throws a blow to Vilgax's face, knocking him to the ground. Vilgax tackles Humunguosaur to the ground but Ben reverts.

[Ben]: Come on Omnitrix! Give me something good, please?!

Ben turns into Way Big and hurls Vilgax into space.


Rook pulls up in the ProtoTruk with Max in it.

[Rook]: Today was a good day.

[Ben]: How? My body is really sore.

The usual music plays when an episode is about to end.

[Rook]: Because, I made some pretty chill wisecracks.


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