It's the fourth ever Fanon Con! This is by far the most submissions we've ever had! A FREAKING TOTAL AMOUNT OF 15 ENTRIES!

Sci's Entry
Hey Everyone, welcome to the Fourth annual Fanon Con. :O Anyways, don't expect any  Hean 10 or any FK Franchise stuff. Or even Young Plumbers. This is all about the Cinematic Universe and.... Cheerios. Oh what the heck. Might as well get the thing most people are going to read done in the first place.


The Professor stood in a cold room, surrounded by a council. There were seven in all. One was Red, one yellow, one Pink, one purple, one green, one orange, and one blue. He looked around, till he got bored.

[Paradox]: Am I going to just stand here? Or can I have a gumball? My mouth is quite dry after all.

The Blue Man in the middle stood up, and raised his voice.

[Blue Man]: You are now in the presence of the Timelords of the Multiverse.

[Paradox]: Have I done something wrong with the laws of Space-Time?

[Blue Man]: You are the first from your universe to be able to create a Time Portal. Actually, this is perfectly normal. You are about to learn the secrets of the universe, and reach a level that no one in your universe will ever be able to reach again, unless we the Time Lords of the Universe deem it so.

[Red Man]: What is your name?

[Paradox]: I would tell you, but my insanity has caused me to forget. Perhaps you can tell me.

[Purple Woman]: We do not know. Prehaps you are the one who should form a new name.

[Paradox]: Hmm... well I guess you can call me Professor right now. Or maybe THE professor. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

[Blue Man]: I am Yao Wang, leader of the Council of the Timelords.

[Paradox]: Is there only you seven?

[Purple Woman]: No. Infact, there are over 1,197 Timelords across the Multiverse. We merely represent them.

[Red Man]: I am Redious Shade or Red Shade.

[Purple Woman]: I am Lady Shiva Bonita.

[Yao Wang]: Now that you’ve been introduced to some of us, let us explain why you are called here. Every once in a great thousand years, a new Timelord is chosen. Now there are multiple realms. Fire, Plasma, Lighting, Water, and so one. You are from the Earth Realm. It’s a collection of Universes withing the Multiverse. Being the first from your universe to breach Time gives you a special oppunity. You are the new Timelord of the Multiverse.

[Paradox]: Will it be much work? I do have things to do...

[Yao Wang]: It will depend. I shall leave you to Lady Shiva, whom will explain to you the extend of your... new found powers and your job.

Lady Shiva Bonita floats into the air, grabs the Professor and floats out of the room.

Meanwhile, a man in a cloak is looking at a screen, laughing.

[Cloaked Man]: My Project is complete. A Time-warping creature! A success to the power of Science over Creation! At last.... my operation can begin.


Okay so the Black Knight is out... and there's barely anyone reading it cause you all think its Batman. Well its not so stop the trollin. Just read it. Oh and if you don't want to read cause you think (or you know) its long... have you read a book before? Cause its a lot shorter then the last Harry Potter Novel. If you can read Harry Potter... you can read this. Just saying.


Okay now getting that out. Tiger Rage is coming out, with Energy Revolt being... determined for now and The Hunter heading your way. Most likely, in July the crossover, Heroes will be out.


Estew's Entry


Stew 10 has only been going on for a little while now, and the first season is almost finished. In this, I'm going to be telling you some about Season 2. In Season 2, there will be new aliens, new allies, new villains, and a new plot. There will be fifteen episodes, and I'm sure they'll reach you're expectations. 


It's been almost a month since the fight with Marty Paron. Stew barely lived that fight, and no one is sure of what happened to Marty. Only Stew was there, and he won't talk about it. Mike Paron, Stew's new ally, is equipped with Plumber weaponry. Together, they've been fighting off common thugs, getting stronger and stronger. Now, Stew is experiencing a whole new threat to the Earth. Aliens are coming out from the Null Void, destroying houses, ravaging buildings, ultimately destroying entire cities. It's up to Stew and Mike to fight them off, as well as find out what happened to Marty.

Sneak Peak

(Stew): Mike... it's been nearly a month. When do you think we'll find my Dad? 

(Mike): I'm not sure. He's elusive, that much is certain. It's too bad you haven't unlocked any new aliens that could help us find him.

(Stew): I will. I'll do whatever it takes to find him.

(Mike): I know you will. But first, we'll need to take down this guy.

About thirty feet ahead, there's a rampaging Petrosapien.

(Stew): I'm on it!

(Mike): I've got the blaster!

(Stew): It's time to go hero!

Stew slaps down the Omnitrix, turning into Elemental Monkey.

(Elemental Monkey): I love this guy!

Max's Plumbing

So, if you read Max's Plumbing, you know that I have recently taken up writing the series, for Season 2. It takes place mainly in an alternate dimension, but soon the main dimension is gonna be coming back into play. Pax is leading a new team to find out where K8-E and Voltie went, and they'll be travelling to the alternate dimension. They'll team up with K8-E and Voltie in order to take down Mega U-Tubba, but will they succeed? Also, there WILL be a Season 3, but whether or not it involves K8-E and Voltie and the others, you'll have to wait until Season 2 ends. Season 3 will be co-written, by me and Bloxx. --User:Estew02

Kross's Entry
This a special episode for Kurt 10, which shows what would have happened is Rex had actually killed Kurt.

Kurt as Ultimate Snare-Oh was fighting off several Galvanic Mechamorphs while George fought a female one, their leader. US defeated the GMs while George trapped the female one in a rainbow bubble.

George: Why did you attack us...

FGM: The Star Lord gave us a single mission: Kill Kurt Negason and all he holds dear...and we failed...

???: You are right...

A blue laser shot from the sky and hit the energy bubble, dissolving it and the Female GM. The explosion tossed George into US. George got off US and helped him up.

US: What was that?

GM: The Star Lord is punishing us for failing!

???: You're right!

Energy spears fell out of the sky and hit all the GMs, turning them into dust...

US: Come out and fight!

???: If you say so...

Rex flew down and smashed into George. George tried to punch Rex, but missed.

Rex: So close...

Rex swung his scythe and cut off George's left arm. George roared in pain.

US: George! (transforms) Swamp Croc!

Swamp Croc charged at Rex and snapped the scythe with his jaws. Rex swatted Swamp Croc away, making him smash into his house. Rex walked up to the weakened George.

Rex: Goodbye, Kurt's brother.

Rex created an energy spear and prepared to stab it into George, but George hit the spear with lightning, making it explode. Rex howled in pain from his scorched hand, while George got to his feet. George prepared a trident of lightning while Rex made another spear of energy. The two weapons clashed, and an explosion of energy was produced. Rex was tossed into the neighbor's house, while George, collapsed and died. Swamp Croc tore out of the house and saw George's death. Swamp Croc looked up to the sky and roared so load that Eve heard it from Undertown.

Swamp Croc: YOU...WILL...PAY!

Swamp Croc turned into Sandbox and turned into a giant sand tornado. He sucked up his house, the houses around him, as well as anything else that was nearby. Only George's body and Rex stayed where they were, and anything else within a 5 mile radius was sucked into the tornado.

Rex: Do you think that will scare me?

Sandbox made a giant arm come out of the tornado and crush Rex. Rex blasted his way out of the fist and turned into Black King. Black King created a black hole in the center of Sandbox, sucking him into the hole.

Sandbox: I...will...return...

Sandbox was completely sucked into the hole, which closed after him.


Black King was sitting on a throne, which was in the middle of what once was Bellwood. Bellwood was now a smoldering ruin. Several drones flew above the ruins, keeping eye on what Humans survived the Black King's takeover of Earth. The Black King had completely taken over Rex in his rage, and had established complete control. Malware went to the Black King and bowed.

Malware: my lord, it is time for the final battle of Earth. Washington has been completely surrounded.

Black King: Good. Take the drones and Vilgax, and end this world's heroes for good. Next, I think I should end my 'Father'.

Malware nodded and morphed into a ship and flew into space. In space Vilgax's fleet was around Earth. Malware flew into a hanger and turned back to normal. He went to where Vilgax had his throne room.

Malware: It's time...

Vilgax nodded and hit a button that launched all his drones down on Washington D.C. People screamed and ran as giant drones walked through the streets and blasted everything: buildings, cars, even people! One drone picked up a girl and charged the gun in her face as she screamed for help. The drone's head then got torn off by Eve and thrown at another robot, destroying both. Eight-eight flew high above the drones, destroying them with his missiles. Malware then landed in front of the two heroes.

Malware: I'm surprised that the two of you alone survived so long by yourself. Well, that's just going to have to end...

Malware turned his hand into a cannon and shot Eight-eight through the chest, killing him. Eve encased Malware in crystal, then threw him into Space. The Black King teleported over D.C. and tried to crush Eve. Eve ran from him and started to cover his leg in crystal. The Black King shattered the crystal and picked up Eve.

The Black King: Any last words?

Eve: Yeah, surprise...

Eve made her Superpowermatrix explode, killing her and vaporizing the Black King's right arm. He then fell to his knee in pain. A beam of light shot down from the sky and came to rest in front of the Black King. The light faded, showing Azmuth.

Azmuth: Oh Rex, my son, what have you done?

The Black King: I am not Rex, I am Diterias Kintor of the House of Drexxyl, now the king of Earth!

The Black King raised his remaining arm to crush Azmuth, but it was blocked by the light.

Azmuth: Rex...I know you're somewhere, deep down in there. Forgive me...

Azmuth teleported away, along with the innocent Humans, and the Dark King was shackled by the light. Vilgax's fleet was also stuck in space. The Sun then went supernova, destroying the Earth and the rest of the solar system. The Dark King roared in anger as he was vaporized by the supernova. --User:Krosskothen

Trout's Entry

Nathan 10

Nathan 10 is my recent series by I, Walkatroutnodoubt. It's planned to have three seasons with 21 episodes in each one, and hopefully a two part season finale. I plan to have two crossovers and 4 movies, along with a preceeder by the name of Nathan 10: Secret Dimensions. If you want to have a crossover, leave a message on my wall, but I can't guarentee it will be accepted. One definite movie is going to be called 'Nathan 10: Hero Forces'. It will be the finale of Season 1, and also the first movie of the series. It's beginning is already revealed, however.

Nathan 10: Hero Forces

"Joshua, watch out!" I said, and ran in front of Joshua. My diamond body blocked a giant laser ray from a Techadon. I was in the form of Diamondhead, fighting side by side with my two friends, Josh and Kayla. I had no idea how series this battle was, but I knew I must protect the Earth.

Kayla shot a mana ray at a line of bots, shooting their heads off. Josh then touched a monster, turning into that type of a metal. He smashed a group of Techadons.

"Nice shot!" I said, amazed at how good they were getting with their powers.

Nathan 10: Secret Dimensions

This series will be the sequel to Nathan 10. There isn't much I can say about it yet, but there will be some info including the Time War...and many of Paradox's secret riddles. --User:Walkatroutnodoubt

Jack's Entry (WARNING: LONG)

Ben 10: Heroes of All Ages Rebooted will be subtitled for season 2, Ben 10,000: Armanda. Season 2 will be revealed to have the return of the Incursion Armanda for them to attack with their "Way Bads".  Here is a sneak peek of the new BTHOAAR season, season 2:

An endless vista, beautiful checker boarded farmland, rolling hills, blazing blue skies, drifting clouds. A highway. Clean, well-maintained. And empty as far as the eye can see. In fact, there is nothing moving at all. Nothing to disturb the silence. Nothing. A speck appears on the highway, coming closer. Zooming by it is revealed to be a COUNTY PLUMBER CRUISER. The only thing moving as far as the horizon. The driver, Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, is pumping gas. He has one eye on the gauge, the other on the highway. You would expect a Plumber to be spit-and-polish but he’s not. He’s haggard, exhausted, unshaven, no-tie. He shields his eyes against the sun, seeing ahead. A huge sprawl of abandoned cars radiates outward from the gas pumps. It looks like the world’s biggest and most disorganized used-car lot. Vehicles spill out onto the road and even into the surrounding fields. The cruiser pulls in, weaving slowly among the cars. Ben stops, cuts the engine. This is a close as he can get to the pumps, which are hemmed in tight. Ben gets out. It is deeply, eerily quiet here. All we hear is the breeze. And a scrawled sign flapping idly on string: “No Gas” and the faint droning of flies. Ben starts to walk. Awed by the quiet and the send of desolation that surrounds him. He’s noticing things. Laundry here and there, hung on lines among the cars. Old campfires. Luggage strewn. Empty cans. A few tents. Sheets duct-taped to the sides of cares to make lean-to shelters. The people who were here tried to stick it out for a while. God knows what happened to them. Maybe they moved on. But no. Not at all. Ben registers it now. Bodies in the cars. Corpses slumped. Heads leaning against the windows. Hard to tell how many. Ben stops. Jesus. People died waiting here in their cars. He thought to himself. Hard to take. The silence, the desolation, the decay. He turns to leave but….a sound. A shuffling? Something scuffing on the dirt? Ben is drawn, straining to hear. There’s nothing for a moment, and then…again. A few rows over. Ben drops to his belly, looking under the cars…. A pair of bunny slippers can be glimpsed a few rows away. Pale, dirty ankles. A little girl. The feet shuffle along, desultory. In this heat, these conditions, she’d have to be malnourished and dazed. The slippers come to a bloody teddy bear on the ground. A little hand reaches down, picks it up by one leg. The slippers shuffle on, the teddy bear dangling. Ben’s heart is racing. He knows he has to rescue her, doesn’t want to scare her. With the assault rifle on his back, he rises, weaving among the cars. He speeds up, trying to catch sight of her…“Little girl? Little girl?” Ben called gently. She turns. Staring at him with deep, sunken eyes. Flesh drawn tight on skull and bone. Lips torn away, leaving just a snarl of teeth. She’s got braces. Clots of old decayed meat caught in the metal. She’s dead. Not sick. Not dressed up for Halloween. Dead. A hungry glare comes into her mind. She starts limping toward Ben down the row of abandoned cars. This means Rista is alive. Ben thought to himself. Which means everyone is alive. Ben backs up, numb. Grabbing hold of his assault rifle. She breaks into a shambling, snarling run. Ben pulls close his weapon. She’s getting close. BLAM! The gunshot snaps her head back in halo of dark, viscous fluid. She’s thrown back, a bunny slipper flying off, crumpling pathetically, her teddy bear bouncing, tumbling to a stop in the dirt…Corpses in the rouse at the sound. Fangblades. Way more of them than he realized. He gazes around. Oh sheet. Ben loaded his gun, then the camera fades out. Title sequence.


The Freaks will remain on hiatus until summer, along with Jackson 10: Omnitrix Unleashed, Oliver 10, The Law Enforcers and the Omni-Legends.


Kinght of the Mask is a dark tell told from a third person point of view as one of Rome's latest newborns is captured and transferred to England, where Enoch will be trained by a drug-dealing so called knight who eventually burns off Enoch's face. Here is a sneak peek of the first ep: 

A mother screamed, knowing childbirth was a death sentence. “Calm yourself.” A medic advised. Baby wails are heard. “H-H-H-His N-Name i-is E-Ethan. E-Ethan Nordock.” The mother fainted. “There is too much blood. We might not save her.” The doctor shouted. The father yelled, “You have to! I can’t raise a child myself!” During this, the baby continues to screech and shout. Sir George appears, Ascalon on his belt. His sterling silver armor gleamed from the sun’s rays, he stood with pride, taller than the average man. He takes it out of the holder, raises it up in the air and waves it in a circular motion, stitching up the mother. The father thanks him, offering a reward. Sir George shakes his head, “A noble deed is so that you can spare you hard earned coins.”

“What is the boy’s name?” Sir George asked. “Ethan Nordock.” The father replied. “To long. How about….Enoch?” He suggested. The father looked at the mother. “Y-Yes, that will do.” The mother weakly cracked a smile.  The boy stopped wailing and looked up at Sir George, the big eye’s looked happy and energetic. Sir George cradled it after wrapping the boy in a cloth like fabric to keep him warm. “I bless you with my soul.” Sir George murmured, handing the boy backed to the father.

“Why do you care for us?” The father asked. “Because my son was recently born with a disability, and I wanted to make sure you had a healthy baby.” Sir George smiled. There were creases on his forehead and wrinkles under his dark eyes. The knight looked weary, weaken.

“I must go attend to family matters.” He bitterly choked out. The father looked startled at the change of tone. “Very well. We appreciate your gratitude.” Enoch’s father told George. The legendary knight nodded, taking one last look at the happy family, the leaving. The sun gloomed over the horizon, falling into a half sphere with no rays. As clouds hurled over the sun, light turned into darkness and the mother lay with her baby, crying with delight.

Twelve years later…

Enoch lazily moped onto his bed. He was tired from a hard day of training. Enoch’s father had crafted him a new sword, using most of their remaining resources. “Father,” Enoch had said. “May I go out to train with William and his father?” His father would reply, “Enoch, you need all the training you can get. When offered, take it.” His father advised.

As the sun rose the next morning and Enoch dressed himself he put on his new armor today. He had leather boots, smelling of cow feces and horse vomit. Next, his chest plate was worn and old. It sagged over his waist. The arm cuffs and elbow cuffs fit well but were very stiff and uncomfortable. The bronze knee pads were squeezing his legs, irritating Enoch.  His helmet was dusty and went over Enoch’s eyes. Oh his eyes. His mother always complimented him on his golden eyes.

“Where is Sir George?” Enoch asked George’s son, Will. Will had a hunchback, but Enoch was friendly with him. “I don’t know,” Will told him, depressed. “He has been missing for eight hours.” Enoch looked shocked. “Do the authorities know? He is our savior. Who will protect the town?” Enoch asked. The heir just shrugged. “He left behind his most valuable possession.” “Ascalon?” Enoch questioned. Will shook his head. “The dragon’s heart. I have it in this pouch. Take it Ethan, you have to. A bounty hunter is after me. Grimslade, that’s his name I think.” Will tossed an oversized pouch to Enoch, who shoved it inside his breeches pocket. “Do you think your father was killed by-” Enoch asked. “No,” Will cut him off. “I don’t.”

There was a moment of silence, then like a hurricane a storm of arrows appeared overhead. “Get down!” Enoch screamed. Will shielded Enoch, putting his body over his. “NO!” Enoch sobbed. Blood splurted out of Will’s mouth. “You’re welcome.” He croaked. Now covered with his deceased friends blood, Enoch looked up onto a house. There was a buff man, full of weapons. He aimed his bow at Enoch and fired three more arrows. Anticipating this, Enoch threw Will’s lifeless body in front of himself, shielding him.

When Enoch saw that the bounty hunter was gone, he quickly ran back to house, where his mother screamed at the top of her lungs. “What happened?” The father barked.

Enoch told them everything, except the dragon’s heart in his stained breeches.  “He could not hurt me unless I showed fear.” That was a summary of what Enoch’s training was. Except it wasn’t training, that was the real life thing.  Enoch realized everything dies. He did not like that. “There are only two things that are one hundred percent.” His father comforted him after Enoch rinsed himself down. “Death and taxes. No one likes either of them.” Enoch sighed.

Later that night, under a dim waning candle light, Enoch untied the pouch and saw the glowing inanimate object. It went in and out, as if it were breathing. Enoch blew on it, it shriveled back from the cold. Taking out his sword he pricked it. A scream of one thousand hydra’s could be heard as Enoch covered his ears, face agonized with pain. Quickly, he put the heart back in the pouch, not having the courage to face what he just had moments ago.

When he awoke, his mother and father looked at him with worry. “There are some men here to see you.” His mother whimpered. Confused, Enoch rubbed his eyes and got out of the house, dressing himself quickly. When he saw the knights he gasped. Sir Dinadan, Sir Tor, and Sir Agravain of the Knight’s Round Table were here. “How did you travel to these parts?” I asked bitterly. “That you needn’t concern.” Sir Agravain told me. He put his giant hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently.

“By the name of King Arthur you are hereby being transferred to Brittian for further questioning with your family.” Sir Tor announced. These attracted folk attention. “For what?” My father demanded. “Treason of the high court.” Sir Dinadan spat. “This is Rome, go back to Brittian you petty fools!” My mother spat at them. “You have no power here.” My father raged on.

“Watch us.” The three attacked with seven other unnamed knights’ close at them. My father tossed me my sword and grabbed his own, stabbing one knight between armor plates.  Sir Tor lunged at me but I jabbed at his chest. I whacked my sword upon his helmet, knocking him back.

Some of the Roman guards came out, defending us. After moments of hard battle and most of the knights dead, Sir Agravain held Enoch hostage. “Enough!” He spat. This knight was stabbed in the eye, and clearly not happy. He spat out blood, along with some teeth in there. Taking his knife, he cut off some of Enoch’s brown hair. He took it then burned it. “Next is his head.” The knight spat.

Being tied to a horse’s underbelly was not pleasant for Enoch. First off, he got pissed on twice. Second, a bunch of dirt got in his eyes. Third, Enoch kept getting hit in the face but the horses’ foot, and was painful. His parents were tied onto the top of this horse with Sir Tor in front of them. He didn’t care if they fell over. The knight only wanted the boy.

Once reaching the ship, Enoch was forced to put all weapons and goods to the soldiers and his belongings were tossed onto the poop deck. His parents were thrown into the lower dungeon like decks of the ships. “No!” Enoch shouted. Sir Tor backhanded Enoch. “Do not speak. You have not earned out respect.”

With some other knights, he got drunk on wine and whisky, falling unconscious.  “Idiots.” Enoch muttered. With his hands still tied to his back with rope he hopped over and freed his hands with Sir Agravain’s sword. Taking his sword back, he released his parents. Throwing all the knights over board they tried to turn the ship around, only making it go to England faster.

“We’ll be back in Rome in no time now.” His father smiled. Meanwhile, the knights climbed back aboard, knocking the family out. Enoch awoke in a hard wooden bed frame, his neck and back ached. Stretching he realized he was in a prison. On land. England. Cursing under his breathe, he searched the cell block for his parents. No one.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Knight  of All Evil is cancelled, like BTTMT it will be re-written as a movie to sum things up. No sneak peek yet, I want this to be a suprise.


Albedo 10: Negaverse has a good start! I'm working on the first episode and here is a little sneak peek: 

In the forest, in the middle of the day, 11-year old Albedo is fighting his new foe, Rook Blonko. Rook swung at Four Arms, who just grabbed his arms. “You’ll have to do better than that!” Four Arms told him, punching him in the gut. “I will destroy. Feel my might!” Rook Blonko kicked his face. “While you’re at it pop a breathe mint will ya?” Four Arms teased. Four Arms grabbed a tree and swung at Rook who dodged it then scanned the Omnitrix, reverting Four Arms. “Hey!” Albedo shouted. “Not cool!” Suddenly the Prototype Omnitrix recharged as Albedo transformed into Feedback. “Oh yeah!” Rook sent projectiles out of his Proto-Tool. Feedback absorbed them then redirected them.

Rook was sent back, whipping through the trees. “Oh yeah! See ya don’t wanna be ya!” Feedback laughed as he reverted.

Albedo, Fistrick and Attea were chasing after Plumber Jerry who had stolen some walnuts. Albedo transformed. “Lodes-Uh…Bloxx?!” Bloxx shouted out at his new found alien. He made a sphere around Jerry, holding him in. Jerry tried to bite his way out with those mole buck teeth of his. “Gah! Ow!” Bloxx shouted in pain. Fistrick jumped in front of him and hit him in the head with a street pole, knocking him over. “Albedo, we have something we got to tell ya.” Attea ribbited. “Attea and I are moving to Hawaii because you are boring.” Fistrick explained. The two waved goodbye as did Albedo to them, sadden.

Albedo drove to the newly installed Anti-Plumbers Base, still a little depressed. “Hey there champ.” Sumblimo greeted him. “I have some news on-“ Red alarms blared through out the base. Albedo and Sublimo with three unnamed Anti-Plumbers ran to the giant screen. “I got this.” Albedo told Sublimo, cocky. “Wait, I’m sending Zeta Squad with you.” Sublimo started off but Albedo was already gone.

The League of Light were in a room, discussing. Diagon was in a human like form. The Techadon Master was anticipating any attack. Bellicus and Serena were freed by Ben 10,000 who was fiddling with his two Biomnitrixes. Maltruence was the Galactus of Ben 10. He was a dark shadowy figure, sitting down he was well over fifty feet tall. Maltruence was the leader and the most powerful being in the entire Multiverse. His descendant, Paradox had a little shiver of that power, as he obeyed Maltruence. Everyone trembled in his might, afraid to go against him.


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a sneak peak for the dark inflicted series, Mission: Apocalypse:

When I start killing, it is all coming down now. From the nightmare Albedo created, I want to be awakened somehow….

My life. My life is what has driven me insane. I inflict myself with blades, ruthless torture and attempted suicide. There is only one reason why. The reason why I started Mission Apocalypse. Here is the origin of my plan. After destroying Earth, I transported to the Plumbers base to collect my allies. Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Hobble, Molly Gunther, and Tetrax. All of us in the Skipper, we headed to reports of Ship and Julie terrorizing the natives on Revonnah. “Oh how I am not cool with this.” Rook stated.

Defending my associates was easy, the hard part was controlling myself over having to kill the love of my life. Maybe it didn’t have to be this way. Maybe I could save her. Maybe she was brainwashed. WRONG.

This sneak peek is short because I don't want to spoil the awesome ending! ;)

That sums up my Fanon Con, if you have any questions just let me know. ;) 

--User:The Awesome Jack

Max's Entry

This is my first Fanon Con, so I may not really know the layout and stuff...


Salvation, my new series which was started yesterday, is one of my "dark series", along with Ben 10: Osmodite and Max X, which feature many deaths, losses, adult themes, etc. Well, here's a preview of the first episode to get things going...


[Lex Simanors]: Ahh...what have you found, "finder of ancient treasures"?

[???]: Crystalline forms that I have never found before!

[Petrosapien]: Noooooo. Please-[he is knocked out]

Unknown place

[Lex]:You are the hardest crystal in the universe. Thus, I harvest it and win the Great War!

[Petrosapien]:What if I don't agree? [tries to break free and succeeds]

[Lex]:Ah ah...[a cage falls on the Petrosapien]

American base

[Pyronite]:Where am I?

[American]:I believe you are a danger-made by the Germans!

[Pyronite]:Made by the-who?

[American]:Who are you?

[Blaze]:Blaze the Pyronite from Pyros.

[American]:Are these your good friends? [shows a picture of the Petrosapiens]

[Blaze]: DART!

[American]:Name's Jason Chris. Lets work together to beat that German scum!


Ben 10: Osmodite

Eon fights Ben in a time war, maybe you know that from the beginning of Death by Time: Part 2, but maybe you want to know how Ben is supposed to beat Eon with the Omnitrix, Malware and his clones? He uses Feedback. I know, you must be thinking: WHAT THE FUQ! BEN DOESN'T HAVE THE OMNITRIX! Well, we know that, but Ben can transform because he transformed into Feedback so many times, Feedback is 1/4 of his DNA! Yup, Ben is now 1/4 Anodite, 1/4 Conductoid and only 2/4 Human! flash: Diamondface has signed up as co-writer of BTOD, so watch out for his episodes!

Watch out for the next episode of BTOD!

Max X

Max X is...yeah, I joined the (insert name here) X/10 craze. I kinda gave up on this, although it helped me to spawn BTOD and Salvation because of it's genre.

Watch out for Avengers

Ben Ten

Hopefully, you have watched Ben Ten (or read it), because it was fun while it lasted. BT will have it's episode s-l-o-w-l-y rolled out. Of course, you can make a fan episode now, just create the name of the episode, and make the format like the normal episodes, and I might just use those ideas!

Ultra Ben

Okay, I gave up on this. But then, I am rebooting the 2nd season finale, Dawn of the Osmosians, so look out for the three-part episode!!!

Ben 23 co written series? All I am going to say is....SPOILERS...Khyber and dawg are going to come to Dimension 23...with downloaded malware...

This is Max, signing out! --Ben, acting as Emperor Milleous: Do not cease fire! Plumbers have infiltrated all Incursion Ships! Shoot first, questions later! Trust no one, including me, Lord Emperor Milleous, light of the-OH FORGET IT! (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 02:00, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

--User:Maximus Loo2012

Water's Entry

Ben 10:Alien Alliance will be back on air before the start of summer. Halite: The Halitrix is also planned to come back. Here is a preview of the upcoming Ben 10 Alien Alliance: Kevin: (charges towards Supermer Cyclops and smashes stone maces into one) Take this! Ben(as Metal Head): Well, I wonder where this one can do...(turns arms into swords) This can work. (runs up to prototype A and engages in battle) Take this! (slashes at prototype A) Prototype A: (dodges with ease) To easy! (combines large stone fist into a mace and proceeds to smash Ben) Gwen: (raises mana shield for Ben, protecting him) You're welcome. Metal Head: Thanks. (gets smashed away) More to come... 10+Zero=Hero will be a new series following a team 10 heroes or have nothing in common... not even the same species! Yep, omnitrixes, Bounty Hunters, Vulpimancers, it's all here. Watch out for this series coming in late Summer. Halite:The Halitrix schedule is a new episode every Friday night, Alien Alliance is a new episode every Saturday Morning. Keep track of these folks, cause you won't wanna miss 'em. And that's the giff of it, so yeah... H20guy Productions is back on. --User:H20guy

Ulti's Entry
Hello, friends! I will be giving you updates on Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, Ben 10: Hero of Heroes, POTO's sequel, Ben 10: Omni-Generation and lastly, Plumbers' Helpers: Alien Force.

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Season 3 is currently in its eighth episode, and we have two more seasons to the finale, in which Evil Ben gathers quite a bunch of villains for intergalactic domination. A lot of characters will appear again, such as Albedo. Prom Not To Be introduces the third season's main villains, Darkstar and Dr. Psychobos. I bet you didn't expect that.

Ben 10: Hero of Heroes

Season 1 is currently at its fifth episode. Sometime in season 2, there will be a plot connection between Dr. Psychobos and Elena, and let's not forget, Khyber's new sidekick will be going under custody soon (spoilers).

Ben 10: Omni-Generation

There will be no hiatus between the last episode of POTO and the first episode of BTOG. Ben and co will be one year older than the prequel. BTOG will feature a few more infinite forms. A few Omniverse villains who have not appeared in POTO such as Nyancy Chan and Princess Looma will appear, along with Omniverse heroes such as Molly Gunther.

Plumbers' Helpers: Alien Force

Expect a lot of Plumber-y stuff in this series. I can't say much, but there'll be something shocking along the series, such as Ulti and Toon's DNA being corrupted (spoilers).

Hope you liked it. If you have any ideas or reviews, feel free to share them at Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Reviews and Ideas) and Ben 10: Hero of Heroes (Reviews and Ideas) for POTO and BTHOH, or their respective forum pages.

OMNIVERSE (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 05:16, March 18, 2013 (UTC) --User:UltiVerse

Toon's Entry

Welcome BTFF, to my very first fanon con! :D

Today, I have alot of new stuff to show you gaiz! So get ready for awesomeness.

Hean 10

Working on part 3 of the season 2 premiere! So far, it's being delayed but from time to time getting worked on. I'm thinking on creating another trailer, but right now that's not possible due to little space of time.


Omni-Legacy is coming to it's first season finale! The Wolf from the 4 parter now makes his first TRUE appearance, two new devices get revealed and a new secret unfolds.....stay tuned to Once The Moon Hits Your Eyes Part 1 and 2! Coming soon, this April!

Tiger Rage

Being written as we speak! The other creators and writers of the BTFFCinematic universe involving The Black Knight, The Hunter, and Energy Revolt have decided it will be released April or May. So look for more updates on the Tiger Rage page!

 Special Preview

And now, a special preview of the crossover between Omni-Legacy and Ben 10: Generations, Omni-Dimensions!

Dwayne, Matt, Alex and Eric are running down the halls. They open the door to the plumbers tech room, where they see the two Raccon men with a strange green gauntlet.

(Dwayne): Kuroth? Hermes?! THE DIMENSIONAL GAUNTLET? Put it down, now!

(Hermes): It's the plumbers, Kuroth! I told you there would be trouble!

Kuroth ignores Hermes, and flexes his fingers with his new robotic glove.

(Kuroth): The Dimensional Gauntlet, huh? I wonder how much power it holds....let's find out, shall we?


Kuroth shoots a blast of red energy at the team. They all dissappear in a flash, with a smoke of dust brushing by.

(Hermes): them....

Kuroth grins as he looks at his new device.

Meanwhile in the BTOG timeline, Ben and co are watching Sumo Slammers: Universe.

(Gwen): Never have I been this bored.

Dwayne and co teleport in.

(Ben): Who the......explain yourselves right now, before I start smacking you guys for trespassing!

Dwayne drops to his knees.


(Ben): I, he, who, EXPLAIN!

(Dwayne): This doesn't make any sense! You're suppossed to be dead! As well as you, and you, and you!

Dwayne points to Gwen and the others.

(Matt): Did we some how time travel to the past?

(Ben): You guys thought we were dead? Did some guy send you here to retrieve our dead bodies, huh?! That's it, i'm done asking questions! It's hero time!

Ben slapped his infimatrix. He became Reptalien.

(Ben): Reptalien!

Kevin absorbed the wall.

(Kevin): Finally.....I was getting sick of watching that Sumo stuff!

(Ben): It's called Sumo Slammers: Universe, Kevin. You should know that, cause i'm going to quiz you after next week's episode!

Kevin smacked Matt in the face, and kicked Alex in the chest.

(Eric): We can explain!

(Kevin): Explain to my fist!

(Dwayne): We'll have to save the explaining later, Eric. Right now, we've got a fight on our hands....

Dwayne slapped his iOmni. He became Porcushine.

(Dwayne): Porcushine? I was hoping for Eightarms. But this guy can do, too!

Dwayne shot a ball of light energy at Ben. He became blinded and backed into his bedroom's left wall. It smashed a hole open, showing the outside of his house.

(Ben): Come on! I'm going to have to do chores for a week now, thanks to you!

(Dwayne): You put this on yourself!

Rook kicked Matt, but Matt dodged and absorbed his Proto-Tool.

(Rook): My Proto-Tool!

(Matt): Nice gun. Can I borrow it?

Matt shot a grapple hook out of his gun, and it tied up to Rook's chest. Matt yanked the gun back, and the hook went flying to the ceiling with Rook. He smashed into the ceiling.

(Dwayne): We didn't want to fight, Ben! You fought us, first!

Ben as Reptalien wrapped his tail around Dwayne, choking him.

(Dwayne): We're good guys! Honestly!

Ben wrapped his tail tighter.

(Ben): I've heard that before.

Gwen shot a mana ball at Alex. Alex fell to the ground, but shook the energy shards off.

(Alex): Gwen...what are you, like eighty? I didn't think you'd make it this far.....I can certainly tell your magic paid off on the wrinkles.

(Gwen): Excuse me?!

Rook fell to the ground, and wiped Matt off the floor with a roundhouse kick.

(Rook): We're not falling for your tricks. Now hand over the fake knock off Omnitrixes.

(Ben): Where the heck did you get those?! 

(Dwayne): Like I said, if you would let us explain....

Ben let go of Dwayne.

(Ben): You have one minute. ONE MINUTE.

Be sure to check out the full crossover between Omni-Legacy and Ben 10: Omni-Generations....Omni-Dimensions, coming soon to BTFF!

-End of preview.


I hope you guys enjoyed my Fanon Con! I'll see you guys next time!   --User:Cartoon44

Ben's Entry

I am Ben10fan3.

Sneak Peek # 1 of Episode 1: Ben 10: Team of the Wiki

Ben: " Ben10fan3 go get 3 of the new plumbers."

Ben10fan3: "On it."

Ben10fan3 comes back with the Pie King, Jack, and Stew.

Jack: What are we doing here?"

Ben: "I will tell you later."

A portal appears with a 10 year old kid.

The Kid: "I am Ken Tennyson!" --User:Ben10fan3

Sol's Entry

Vampfire 212px-Download and Upload for Sol's Fanon Con

Those are two new aliens in the series Tommy 12: Alien Force. It's time for a special preview.

Gem, Sophi 2.0, Electromorph, and Jason Swiz are fighting a group of thugs.

(Thug 1): Come on, you don't wanna hurt us...

(Gem): Put down the alien technology and we won't.

(Thug 2): Our Incursion employers won't be happy.

(Sophi 2.0): Prepare for the buttkicking of a milenium.

Jason facepalms. He fires electricity at the thugs, and they're knocked out.

(Thug Three): Backup needed.

A silhouette appeares in the background.

(Silhouette): You don't think you can just call in backup without making it fair?

The silhouette is Tommy Twelvis, hero and savior to humanity. Basically the new Power Ranger.

(Tommy): Bad guys? Meet two friends of mine, UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD!

Tommy turns into Upload and Download.

(Upload): Am I sure about this? I meant, we're not suit for combat....

(Download): Shut up.

Download downloads the alien technology.

(Download): This is... Galvan tech? How'd they get Galvan tech?

(Upload): We really shouldn't interfere in interspacial matters. It can really lead to confusion and mishaps.

Incursions appear, teleported down.


Upload accidentally breaks a pipe. Nitrogen comes seeping out.

(Upload): Oh no oh no! Nitrogen just freezes me!

(Sophi 2.0): I know that feel, bro.

Download fires wires at Upload, downloading Upload into him. The second half of the Trix appears. Download reverts.

(Gem): You don't have much time.

The group slowly walks away.

(Tommy): Let's go... VAMPFIRE!

He throws a stream of fire at the nitrogen, stalling it a bit.

(Vampfire): I wish I had paid attention in science class.

Vampfire's cloak turns into a pair of wings, and he grabs Gem. Gem grabs Sophi, SOphi grabs Jason, Jason grabs Electromorph.

(Jason): The alien tech!

(Vampfire): Too late to go back.


Drillo's Entry

hi guys armo here for this year i have another dactyl 10 series coming soon a few crossovers and a new series idea which is coming on the day of fanon con if anyone else wants a crossover meet me on chat so yeah peace out. --User:Armodrillo23

Nick's Entry

Hello everyone! This is secret nuking opera-uhm Nick! I have decided to enter the Fanon Con with the following:

  • Ben 10: Chronocle - My first series that I have started successfully. Airing is currently set to TBA but I'm sure it's coming out in the near feature!
  • Nick's Devastating Logo Service - Probably what I'm more famous with. It's basically... eh.. a logo service? (Yds)
    It's where you request logos in different colors, shapes and styles (and series, of course :P) and I make them! Judging from the 40+ comments, I can say myself it's famous.

Now.. shall we talk about them?

Ben 10: Chronocle

The first thing that COULD come to your mind when reading the title is that I misspelled "chronicle". The answer - I didn't. The series focuses on the Time War Paradox mentioned in Ben Again, so the title is the standard "Ben 10" (It takes place after Omniverse) with the combination of the words "chronicle" (from story) and "chrono" (from the time aspect of the series). What I really wanted to do with this series is come up with an idea that hasn't been used in major cases before, so I got interested in the Time War (especially after it was mentioned twice or more in the episode) and though.. what if after Omniverse.. the series can focus on that particular part? So I decided to make it myself!

Of course, every Ben 10 sequel needs to have some changes. In this case, Rook is no longer on Earth, and instead a Magister-ranked plumber on one my favorite alien's hole planet, Xerafron. His new partners are Neo, a Chemahomach and a Conductoid named Mixxel who has one of the highest criminal records in the Milky Way and is based on a fellow chatmod here, Cyber.

The show is still in production, the villains and support characters haven't seen the light of day yet.. or have they?

Nick's Devastating Logo Service

I have wanted to start one of these for a long time, because I find it fun and challenging to make different kinds of logos. (That's why I put so many properties in the "How to request" aspect.

That's pretty much everything that can be said here. I can make all kinds of logos. For information on them and how to request, go check out the page!

That's it folks! Hope we'll see each other at the next Fanon Con! :D --User:NickFusi0n

Paper's Entry

Hey and welcome to my fourth ever Fanon Con Submission. In this submission, I'm going to be talking about a lot to do with Young Plumbers and the future of this series. After I am done talking about that, I have a few quick things I have to say about my other projects. I hope you enjoy the whole thing!

First off, Season 3! Only 7 episodes left! One new episode every day next week, and then Part 2 of the Series Finale on Friday, April 12, and Part 3 on Friday, April 19. I've been working really hard on everything this season so that it can be some of the best episodes I've ever written, and as of Sunday, March 24, all but two episodes have been finished. No sneak peaks of the episodes though... Sorry :P

After that, there are still 3 DVDs that need to be released. These shouldn't be much of a problem once I have time to do them.

Now onto the comics... Who would really care if I never finished the old comics with the original series? NOT ME! However, I am bringing back the comics for Generations, as I announced a few weeks back. I hope to work on the comics starting next week and get probably the first two or three done by the beginning of the summer. During the summer I figure if I complete two or three a month, and then start releasing them once a month in September, then I will be ahead and won't have to worry if I can only do one per month from September onwards. No sneak peaks of the comics either, just the cover page of the first issue that I released a few weeks ago: here.

Another one of the main projects for Young Plumbers that I am going to be working on this summer is the Young Plumbers Movie! The movie will be released in early September, around the same time as the first comic. It's going to be the equivalent of about four episodes, with a lot of plot twists and many time skips. I still don't know a lot about what I'm going to put in the movie and what I'm not, so that all I have to say about it.

After the series finale, the most immediate project is Young Plumbers: Into the Storm. As of a few weeks ago, the story is done and now I just have to finish off the other modes of the story. I don't think that will take very long, and I'm targeting a mid-June release. The other video games are farther off. Young Plumbers: Rise of the Sentinels will probably be released in August, because I have to due all of the story for this one, which might take a month or two... After that, it shouldn't take to long. As for the Young Plumbers MMO, it's going to require a lot of work, which I don't necessarily have the time for right now, so I'm pushing this project off until later in the summer when the other stuff is done.

Also, lately you'll notice there has been a lot of updates to character, location, date, and object pages related to Young Plumbers. This is because I'm finally starting to update old histories of characters in a very complicated way. My goal is to get one episode's information done in a week during the school year, and perhaps two during the summer. If this goes according to plan, and with everything done through Pop Quiz as of now, I'd like to have Season 1's information done by the end of June, and all the information from the comics, Season 2, and YPITS by the end of the summer. That gives me about 2 months to complete histories for YPROTS, the YPM, and the first 10 episodes of Season 3 by the time Generations is released... I hope to be fully caught up by the end of the calender year!

By far, the biggest project I've ever done, though, is the sequel series to YP, Young Plumbers: Generations, coming November 1, 2013! New team members! New villains! New places! Out with the old, in with the new, but that doesn't mean you won't be seeing any of the old characters anymore. I don't want to hype this project to much this early, so that's all I have to say about it.

And with that, my overly long talk about Young Plumbers and its related media is finally over!

Now, let me talk about my other projects...

Knighted will be returning from hiatus on April 30! New episodes every Friday until Season 2 is finished, which is 8 episodes. That will probably take us to the beginning of the summer, over which I'd like to get at least Season 3 done. Also, I'd like to start working on character pages for this one, too, but most likely I won't be doing this. There will most likely not be a video game for this series, and a DVD for Season 1 is not far off.

Mitt 10: Romneyverse will have a sneak peak episode released... April 6! After that, new episodes will be on Tuesdays starting on May 4, and continuing every week for a little bit. I'll have to take to my co-creator AB about exactly how we are going to do the series, but more info should be coming shortly!

As for my other projects... They are still on hiatus. Sorry about that. I hope to do a little bit of both this summer, though!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed all the announcements and when everything that was announced is finally released, I hope you enjoy that to! --User:Paperluigi ttyd

Omni's Entry





DAVID is a sentient vehicle that drives the main characters anywhere


The Omnisword is the sword the main character uses, that grants him the powers of any omnitrix alien, granted the right Omnicorecoin is used.

Omni Coin:

These are the coins created by Will Levin, that co-respond to a certain Omnitrix alien. When a coin is inserted into the OmniSword the wielder attains the power of the co-responding Omnitrix alien.


IT IS......... TBD

Ben 10: Quadripartition is a Series about four omnitrix users in a parallel timeline to Ben 10: Omniverse.

Episode 1 Spoilers: The Four get Transported, each to a different planet. They have to use their OmniTrixes to find each other.


IT IS......... TBD --User:OmniWill |} </div>

Well that about sums it up. Enjoy reading Fanon Con! See you in the Summer!

(And in your nightmares. MWHAHAHHAHAA)

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