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Host's Opening Speech
Hello, and welcome to the the second part of the normal Fanon Con blog.

I hope the 'con wasn't too bad for you guys. I know you know I wish I could have been here to help out, but with my sickness and my busy junior year schedule, that hasn't been an option. On the bright side though, Yopo and Sif got good experience helping out with the 'Con without me watching their every move. Please, give these guys some RESPECT for being able to run the 'con.

And as always, good luck to those presenting!

--Sif/Sci/Yopo, the host of Fall Fanon Con 2015!


Reo's Entry

Amm... Yeah...Hai There! So.. I know, i haven't been that active. Haven't made much progress. I'm sorry, i'm starting to get busy with school starting. And before school? Amm.. yeah.. i was lazy... Anyways...

BEfore i start anything, i would like to say that i will not start writing any series untill i have fixed everything up at school and i have fixed everything up with AOTW. Than, i will start writing.

The News

Okay, so.. What's new? Amm...well.. I adopted Ormerowon Virus from Sif around the end of August. Alien of the Week 3 has started, but due to my trip to Macedonia, is kinda messed up. Uh...I've started Writing UPOTU again. BTFF 10 has been handed over to Ben10Fan3 and is being rebooted. Oh and Kai 10's new Reboot is out. No eps yet tho. i think that's about it.

Ahmad 20

So... AHmad 20 is Not one of the Shows i will be working on during these 3 months till the next Fanon Con. Currently i'm not getting much ideas on it, so yeah, if i get any ideas on Deadlock, i will write that ep, but nothing else...Also, No Season 2 Plot Extensions.

UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe

Now this is something i will be Focusing on. I'm rewritting the series in a new level, atleast trying to. The show will be missing some stuff from the original version and some villains will lose their importance. And soem will gain some. Anyways, i might use some of the original episodes, that are good, to make my job easier.

Powerful Lords: Origins

Uhh.. I don't have much to say for any shows. PLO has 1 Season, Speedair's Origin. Season 2 is up 2 Ahmad and Season 3 is up to me as Dark Falcon's Origin. It will have 3 Episodes:

The Golden Life No One Knew About

The Life of Mutants on the Street

Chose the Path to Good, It Led Me to Evil

Those are the 3 episodes of this Season. after that comes Night Demon's season, probably covered by Ahmad and than comes Black Scythe's Season, covered by both of us with some assistance from Bry and finally, Season 6, Dark Mazaroid's Origin story.

Kai - The Alien Mage

Umm... Yeah... Not this Time... Not starting yet. Maybe this will change when Once Upon a Time restarts again, but for now, nothing...

Ben 10: Shadows Emerge

Should i have even metioned this series? I have no news on it. Sorry Guys. nothing poping up on it.

Albedo 10: Negaverse

Uh...nothing here either. i want to start this series, but i'm out of ideas. PLEASE HELP!


It's Been Stuck for a while now. And it ain't moving anywhere yet.

Alien of the Week

Oh yes. This one is one of those 3 shows. I hope that by the time you are reading this i have fixed up AOTW episodes and it's back on track. if not, sorry. Anyways, New eps every Sunday.

Ormerowon Virus

Oh.. well.. This is a series i will work on untill the next con. But first, i need to watch some walking dead, so i could get into the mood. It's just so i could do it better. So yeah. There will be new characters, a couple of them. i might take some off. Anyways, look forward to it.


Oh, i said i will complete it for Fanon Con? did i say which one? Well.. i wanted to, but the trip really messed up some school stuff and i'm focusing on that. But, War is going to continue. The only thing is that it might be moved to TEE as it has little to none connection to Ben 10...

Omnitrix Origin: Rebooted

I'm thinking of calling it Omnitrix Origin: Reloaded... Anyways.. The new version will have better characters and a different way of getting the aliens.

Meap Wars

I'd like to say that i will start writing Meap Wars I probably, hopefully in the middle of the October. I will add a few extra characters and i'm opening up a chance for people to suggest multiple characters, starting October 1st.

The Diary II

Ok, i said it will be out for this Con, but i didn't have the time to write so i didn't even sign up for the writing contest. But, the Diary II will, probably come out for the Winter Fanon Con.

I Think that is it.

That's it i guess. Check out a new series i'm taking part in on TEE. it's called The Mugsons. Wait for my series and See ya later!

Jack's Entry
Zenith logo
Hi there! I'm talking about my show Zenith today. The format of the show is broken up into chapters, as opposed to arcs or seasons. I currently have five chapters in development, each time the show reinvents itself in a unique way. The episode ranges per chapter, and the first chapter will have around twelve episodes. The lengths will also vary per episode. It's a work of art, writing in general. There shouldn't be a formula to it, it takes away all the fun.

As for a release date, I tend to release chapter one in summer 2016 with the following chapter coming out early late 2016 then every six months from then on out.

The series itself will be unique because not only of the lack of canon characters, but the plot. It's about survival in a colony called Zenith on an abandoned planet, Kronos. It used to flourish with Kronians who had constructed houses, warehouses, stores but a war wiped them all out. The remaining Kronians are never seen and are greatly disfigured. They are a legend, a myth, never seen.  What kickstarts the events of the show is a bandit attack. After leaving in peace since it's creation, Zenith was not use to war. Things go downhill pretty quickly.

Zenith occurs nearly a decade, not specified, after Crazy Angry Alien Tiger. Episodes are both-character driven and action driven. The ensemble cast gain lots of development, with each episode focusing on flashbacks for another character which will tie into the present storyline going on. 

All wiritng, art, directing, music, everything is by me. I want this project to be entirely by me, and I hope you all enjoy it. An episode I have normally is made up of three plots: the present, specific character flashback, Snax's mothers entry. Each have their own subplots intertwined in and I hope to make each one interesting so no one is like, "oh man another entry!" or "The present day storyline is waaaay better than the character flashbacks." I am making my job as a writer to ensure that every episode is written to its fulllest potential. 

The original idea for this show was a sequel in which the group (consisting of Snax, Gunny, Rocky, Tech-I) get exiled from Earth and wonder the universe in a ship. The idea got scrapped pretty fast. Every time I think of new ideas, I make sure they don't conflict with existing ones. Continuity is very important in my opinion. Although I haven't established a timeline, I say the original series (Crazy Angry Alien Tiger) occurs one-two decades after Ben retrieves the Omnitrix, making Zenith twenty-thirty years later. Although you obviously know some things are different (Collectimus, being the most obvious).

The theme music is dark and brooding, but I think it reflects on the series itself. It will be revealed sometime this week, so keep your eyes open for that.

My inspiration comes from music. I know what you're thinking-whaaaat? The show itself is based around songs thath helped me write and I won't reveal them's kinda incomplete. The tentative list should be posted on the series page. The series tone is dark, grounded, edgy. Rated TV-14 I presume.

You see, the action, it's fun and all. But reading it isn't exactly keeping people invested. You rely on the characters for that. Developing them, making people care for them, that is how I'm approaching my series. Same with villains. Three-dimensional is the key word. I utilizing all my creativeness into this project.

As the writing process has not yet begun, I can't present a trailer this Fanon Con, hopefully for the next one, but here is a list of episode titles for Chaper 1 so you can speculate away:

-Sketch of Sin -Conquer -Son of the Demon -Consumed -Isolation -Morningstar -A Demon's Saint -Savage -Vanquished Dawn -Young Blood -Devoured Souls -Broken, Not Destroyed

Keep in mind the titles are tentative and will most likely change. Chapter 1 deals with introduction to Zenith, some subplots going on within and the main antagonists are bandits. A major subplot is with Spade, smuggling in drugs and even getting Aero in on it. He is reluctant, but she has blackmail on him and thus, has no choice. Another subplot is Obadiah and the elderly, killing when he feels fit. Each chapter will have it's on subtitle which will associate a category/genre to it. Chapter 1's tentative subtitle is Faith.  That's all for this Fanon Con, I'll see you all this winter!

Zenith community
Monitor's Entry
Note: Please be aware that I am talking in third person.
                           You are currently accessing restricted and classified information. 

Hello, I am 0419 Observant Vector! If you were present at the previous Fanon Con, you will know who I am. Anyway, I was in Shades' canceled Halo: Redemption. I would've become the Fleet Master of a Covenant fleet... and now, back to the presentation. Shades has no projects to announce, however, he is working on other things with other people (he's only working on one show with another guy). Ben 71: The Planet Wars is on hiatus, and any questions will be answered today. Shades plays [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and Destiny. He has asked me to redact any sensitive information. There's nothing announce, really. But I'll be taking questions for him... as I know the answers. Any questions at all? Any? Anyone?

Anyway, now that I've done that Q&A session, let's talk about... Shades' annual time use. Shades spends more time playing a game than using this website... it may be unhealthy, but he doesn't care. He hates Ben 10, "because of Cartoon Network, and the reboot", but still, he wants to write. He thinks of this community as a getaway vacation, sort of.

Okay... and right now, I will reveal some information. Shades is a bit shy in real life, and he "bullied" himself for awhile... every time he failed at something or didn't do something correctly... he would say the meanest words he could say to himself... Shades doesn't really have any friends in real life, (none that he thinks are his friends, that is)... and I'm sure a lot of you are like that, in a way. Lack of friends... that sort of thing. Shades thought that he, himself, was an idiot. He has thought that he should not have played video games... overall, he stresses frequently about school. He worries more about that than any other thing... anyway, there's nothing else. Questions? Any at all?

Now that those questions have been answered (if there were any), Shades' presentation is now over. Goodbye! And I'll see you all during the next Fanon Con... as I (0419 Observant Vector) will return!

Dioga's Entry
Hey guys! Here's my plans for the future.

Jane Smith 10

Next week will feature the Series Finale of Jane Smith 10, as well as ending the Time War.

John Smith 10: Omniverse

The last season of the entire franchise will be coming up. Due to events in life, episode production has gone down. My plan is to finish the series by the time of Thanksgiving.

John 23: Megaman

Upon the completion of Jane Smith 10, Megaman will begin airing once a week on Sundays, as Jane Smith 10 used to. This may take some time to get going, again due to life, but that is my plan.


With the completion of my primary franchise, I plan on starting up other stories. My current plans is a sequel for Ryder 10, called Ryder 10: Wanderer. Another series follows the story of Yami, the fusion wielder. These are the two primary series I have planned.

I have other smaller stories planned, which I plan to eventually introduce for your, the readers', opinion. Both of my writing contest stories are story ideas I have yet to initialize. If you enjoy the story and think it has potential to be a series, let me know.

Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con. I'm gonna give you guys spoilers for Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse and Ben 23: Hero Generation!

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Jack and I have been planning lots of new things for the series! For starters, each season will focus on a certain element or concept. Season 1, for example, focuses on the multiverse concept (get hyped :P). This is so we have a set concept of ideas and stories for each season. Speaking of the multiverse, this series will follow Panglar's Theorem of Timeline Relativity to set boundaries regarding time and space and whatnot.

Ben 23: Hero Generation
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