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  • I live in ♫ Like fire! Hellfire! This fire in my skin! This burning... desire... is turning me... to... sin. ♫
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is "All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."
  • I am Male
  • Sci100

    Hey guys, Sci here. I hope you've been doing away the last month and everything's fine and well. This is just both an update blog and a way to get you all to remember that: It's my 17th birthday! Yes, Today! September 5th! Labor Day! The Day Before Schoo- actually don't think about that. It's my 17th birthday! It's also Michael Keaton's birthday! MIchael Keaton = Batman! Sci has the same birthday as Batman :O! #September5thBirthdaysForever #1999 #17thBirthday

    17 years.... 17 amazing amazing years (with a fair amount of angst). I'm blessed to be alive and I'm glad that in my life I was able to meet all of you. You may comment below with your love :P

    As for updates, well, let's just say that things have been up and down. My house is starting to…

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  • Sci100

    The Scidra Hiatus

    August 7, 2016 by Sci100

    It's the next entry in hiatuses! 

    This wasn't a planned hiatus, but things just worked out this way. I have a wedding to go to, summer homework, a license to try and get, among other things. But honestly, I'm burnt out. I wake up, I tell myself I'm going to write, I get sucked into YouTube trying to get motivated enough to write, and then I get distracted. When I get distracted, ten hours later, I curse at myself because I got nothing done.

    I struggle with getting anything done.  The amount to write is so daunting, and it's not even just writing a first draft anymore. I'm writing a second draft of everything, and that just seems so daunting. I feel like I've been writing for nearly the entire year, and I'm just... I'm tired. I'm burnt out. Yo…

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  • Sci100

    SDCC Sci100 Leak: Charms

    July 22, 2016 by Sci100

    So I should give some context on this. Back in 2015 , I thought I was gonna be here for a really really long time and I thought I could handle a ton of different things at once. Since NONE of those projects (except MURDER) will be released in the intented format, I'm gonna start leaking things slowly. I hope you enjoy. 


    Charms is an unreleased television series that would have spanned four seasons, or "stages". It follows the character Charmcaster, mostly known by her real name Hope and her backstory into becoming the character we know in the Original Series. The episode titles are all based off of different types of magic and/or spells.

    Stage One takes place when Hope just turns nine – three months into 9. The main antagonist of the seas…

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  • Sci100

    Title explains it all.... I just wanna get this all out there, so you guys at least know what I've been doing.

    During this time, I spent time trying to establish connections to the outside world, getting comfortable with not being on Wikia. A big portion of this was following and being followed on Twitter, getting an Instagram, and just starting to expand my horizons a bit. I started to help a friend with a short film of his by reading over his script and giving him some suggestions. I also began developing a murder-mystery play that I really want to be able to work on later.

    In mid-March, there was a lot of writing I was doing, and it wasn’t the fun find. I had to do a research project, and so as a result, I went to a college university for…

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  • Sci100

    Wow. It's been four years. Four life-changing, amazing, wildly crazy four years. My four year anniversary. 

    The moment I decided to put Ben 10: Xobot Revolution (my really really bad concept) on here, my life changed forever in a way I could never fully understand until now. I've made a lot of friends, gone through some tribulations , and told more stories in these four years than my entire life up until then.

    I wrote a story about a child who grows up to become a knight of all knights destined to face the greatest evil his world has ever known. I helped tell the story of a teenager who had lost his father and struggled to deal with a teenager of pure evil in the city of Highwood and beyond. 

    I became one of the most important characters in …

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