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    So, I was looking through some old journals of mine and I found the (short) beginning of a RC? movie I was planning. I read it and I can't figure out what is going on or whether or not I should continue this.

    Two figures lurked in the shadows of an abandoned warehouse. Each held a handgun tightly. Another figure shot out from behind them with inhuman speed. It slammed one of the figure’s gun hand, fracturing its wrist and sending the gun sliding across the ground. As the third figure swiftly turned to attack the remaining individual, a gunshot sounded as a fourth party stepped out from behind a stack of crates.

    The first attacker fell to the floor. The would-be victim stooped onto one knee and placed two fingers on the attacker’s neck.

    “Nice …

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    Request away!

    1. HU Humongosaur
    2. Wildmutt
    3. HU XLR8
    4. Wildvine

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    This is a Q&A for my show Remember Celestial? Please only ask on-topic questions and no stupid questions. I may give out really big spoilers.

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    I am looking for Co-Writers for the new show, WT10. If you are interested in being a writer sign up in the comments.

    • Me (Rocketslug)
    • Newbie
    • Charbel
    • Redo
    • Fusion
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    What are you and your fanfic characters?

    Options Users
    Bards are the social, outgoing entertainers of the cosmos. The galaxy is their personal playground.
    1. User:Lumin8

    Diplomats are negotiators and problem solvers. Peace will come to the galaxy only through open communication between species.

    Ecologists are the protectors of nature. Species that attempt to exploit and corrupt the galaxy must be exterminated.

    Knights are noble warriors that fight for right, not for personal gain. Peace will come to the galaxy only when evil has been vanquished.
    1. Tool Kane
    2. Kurt Negason
    3. User:Krosskothen

    Scientists are logical and calculating. The galaxy exists to be studied and understood.
    1. Oleo Drain

    Shamans understand that all life shares a common bond. The entire galaxy …

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