Update: I am going to eventually update this for an SMBX remake called Super Mario Bros: Remastered when it comes out probably next year. But I'm not even done the original version yet. Also, I decided to change Alien Cards into normal power-ups.

Well, The 10th Ring and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX: Search for Gwen and Kevin have inspired me to plan something unique: make an episode for Super Mario Bros. X (a Mario fangame with a level editor) that is Ben 10-themed, with Ben playable, all in AF/UA style. Here are the details:


It would feature Ben on a race against Vilgax to find Ben's scattered Omnitrix cards. It would feature seven big levels, and the following power-ups and their Mario versions (the cards look like the original series Omnitrix symbol when scrolling through aliens):

  • Omni-Mushroom (Super Mushroom) - Makes Ben twice as big, and gives him the Omnitrix, allowing him to use the Omnitrix cards.
  • Heatblast Card (Fire Flower) - Turns Ben into Heatblast , who can shoot fireballs at enemies!
  • Jetray Card (Super Leaf) - Turns Ben into Jetray, who can fly for a short time and spin around at enemies.
  • Ghostfreak Card (Tanooki Suit) - Same as the Jetray Card, but Ben can turn intangible (like Mario can turn into a statue) and be invulnerable to enemies for a short time.
  • Diamondhead Card (Hammer Suit) - Turns Ben into Diamondhead, who can shoot crystals (like Mario can throw hammers) at enemies.
  • Big Chill Card (Ice Flower) - Can't fly or go intangible, but Ben can shoot ice balls at enemies, freezing them in their tracks! Only Heatblast's fire can melt them.

Custom Stuff

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So, what do you think?

Roads (So Ferb, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?) 17:36, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

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