Well, we've had Achievements since they came out. But they're kinda stupid, for all of the following reasons:

  1. They encourage users to spam categories and make a bunch of totally useless edits just to knock up their rank.
  2. The wiki is not a big competition to see who can get the most edits; it's a place for people to share stories and aliens while not flooding (and getting blocked on) the canon wiki.
  3. I ended up totally butchering the system when I started but never finished "Plumberizing" them with Ben 10/Plumber themes.

The middle reason is also the biggest reason it doesn't fit with the wiki at all.

So, let's have a discussion. No poll, because then we can't regulate this: users who are really really new, or are obviously abusing the feature, have NO SAY in this matter. We can't remove their votes from a poll, and we can't even tell if it's them at all.

So yeah, discuss away.

---****--- Roads 16:35,12/20/2011

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