Here is an example of this issue:

"The series page is 'Ben 10 (Series).' The 'Ben 10' page holds the character info, not the series info. I am a new user coming here. I go to "Ben 10," but only find into on Ben, not the Ben 10 series. I have no idea how things work here, so I don't know to go to 'Ben 10 (Series)' for the series' page itself. I am confused, and completely ignore the series due to the confusion it causes."

Do you want that to be your series? Kurt 10 and Fred 40 are two series that were like that. For example, "Kurt 10" and "Fred 40" are not the real names of Kurt Negason and Fred Blake. "Kurt 10" and "Fred 40" should be the pages for the series, which is how it is now, thanks to my interference. I had that same confusion problem about Fred 40 when I first found it. This blog is to get people to stop doing it and rename their pages to the way they're supposed to be.

Roads is watching yooooour edits. 15:00, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

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