Shh! No spoilers!

The following section contains some spoilers about an upcoming episode. Read at your own risk.

Once BTUC is done, I will move on to Season 4 with Rise of Ultimatron, Part 1! Here are a few more events confirmed for Season 4:

  • A "what if?" episode in which Ben and Albedo (a villain in this episode only) are shown as they would appear in the original series. Its general time setting is after Truth.
  • For the first time, a flashback will show the origin of a villain after we know who he is.
  • A new Infinite form will be introduced.
  • Ben will— too many spoilers there.

There will be more filler episodes than normal. It will also be revealed how Ben becomes more like Ben 10,000. What do you think? Does this make you even more impatient?

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