Roads Roads 30 August 2013

BTR Iteration 4

Discuss the series on its forum thread.

I'm going to ditch the plot of my series, Ben 10: Revamped, and restart it due to new, better ideas for the plot that I have. Due to Iteration 3's plot being similar to that of the fourth, I won't give any of it out yet except for this: I'm ditching the John Moore arc because it seems kinda weak compared to the rest of the series.

If you're wondering what happened to Iterations 1 and 2, well, they were redone simply because I didn't have very good ideas to actually use with the plot. The original was for Ben to have an "Omni-Suit" similarly to that worn by the alternate timeline Ben in BTMT. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization wants to take over the world.

Iteration 2 saw a similar formula, this time wit…

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Roads Roads 26 April 2013

Ben 10: Revamped will be starting soon

Yes, I actually have a plan as to what I'm gonna do with it, and for the second time, I'm redoing the plan from scratch. I have up to three seasons planned, and each will have ten episodes. I'll occasionally give random small hints about things that may appear.

Follow the forum thread for updates, and give it kudos to be "officially" considered a fan. ;)

---****--- Roads 13:57,4/26/2013

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Roads Roads 11 February 2013

Official Collaboration... Series?

I decided I might change our collaboration movie over to a series instead, with a new season each year. The seasons would have 30-45 episodes, and anyone signed up "on the team" would get updates on plots, etc.

I also decided to make an off-site forum for the series if the idea picks up... again. Updates, sign-ups, etc. would be posted on there.

Now, first thing's first: What should we call it? My idea is "Ben 10: Collaboration," but I'll see what others think before I make it official. ;)

Comment away!

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Roads Roads 1 February 2013

Official Collaboration Movie?

We've had several collaboration crossovers on this site over the years, but they were, you know, crossovers. And you needed to allow your series' characters, etc. to be used in the crossover by others. However, as far as I know, there's never been an official, general collaboration movie on this site.

Now to change that...

This collaboration movie would use no pre-existing characters, only continuing the canon storyline from the end of Ultimate Alien. The villain would be original, and one or more new aliens might be introduced. However, besides the canon content, it all has to be completely original. No villains, aliens etc. from other series.

But who would write it? Everyone! Anyone on this site, registered or not, can add anything to the sto…

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Roads Roads 24 December 2012

Ben 10: Revamped is starting soon...

I will be starting Ben 10: Revamped soon. I changed up the pages, so here's a bit of explanation:

This series will primarily focus on the story arc, and thus will be fairly short. I plan to bring it to a second season, and no definite plans for a third, but anything's possible. ;)

The first season will focus on the Forever Knights, with their history restructured, and it will introduce a new villain as well. I won't spoil any of the aliens though. ;)

The first season will have six episodes. Yeah, only six. So will season 2. Why? I don't really do "filler" very well, and the story arc can't be stretched out to 13 episodes very well. But I'll try to make the episodes long to balance it out. ;)

---****--- Roads 21:06,12/24/2012

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