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  • Reo 54

    No More Content From Me

    April 14, 2020 by Reo 54

    Hello everyone! Been a while since I wrote one of these...

    You might have noticed that for like over a month I've been quite active on the wiki. It's nice being back, but it has come with the same problems I was dealing with on here as before. This quarantine certainly hast helped.

    I'll be honest with you all and tell you that I've been dealing with a few addictions - mainly alcohol and cigarettes (Don't worry, I'm of legal age to purchase and consume such products). I've been actively fighting it since September. While I've managed to keep my smoking addiction under control and reduced it to a couple of cigarettes once (as in like 3 cigarettes in one night and that's it) in three months, my drinking problem hasn't been doing as good. You mi…

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  • Reo 54

    Woo! Season 3 is here! Welcome to the 9th episode of Reo's Ideas, the blog series where I tell you about my ideas. This time I'll be explaining a project I call Reo's Ultimate Series (RUS).

    The Series didn't grow past its first instalment, although there were some plans for that. The first instalment focuses on  Zane Miller, a fighter in the new popular underground fighting sport. Each brawler is given a device that allows them to transform into a powerful alien creature. Then two brawlers go head to head in a battle, that can end fatally for the loser.

    Zane, real name Kai Knight, has the alien known as Reptak at his disposal. Zane actually was an orphan adopted by his now mentor, Gus Miller. Neither of them knows that Zane comes from the we…

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  • Reo 54

    My Current Situation

    July 16, 2018 by Reo 54


    I'm here to tell you of my current situation regarding BTFF. So far I have missed 2 episode of Alien of the Week and tomorrow I will have missed already 3. I have realised that I don't want to continue the series. While it was a lot of fun to do at first, now I just can't bring myself to writing it. I'm not quite sure why, but it doesn't interest me anymore and it seems it doesn't interest anyone else either and just like the series, no one will probably read this blog. I guess in a way I'm doing this to get it off my chest. Back to AOTW, Season 6 is over. with 3 episodes done and 2  "Unavailable", it is over for now.

    But with that said, that doesn't mean I'll be slacking, even if that's what I've sort of have been doing. I mean I'm w…

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  • Reo 54

    Hi! Welcome to part 2 of the Neal 12 Franchise. This time we're focusing on the final 4 instalments of the series. Let's get into it.

    So if you didn't read part 1, you really should, but at the end of Neal 12: Solo Hero, Neal stands trial and is found guilty and sentenced to 45 earth years in the Incarcecon. After spending 3 years there, He, Liam and Alice finally come up with a plan to break him out. This story is sort of like the Show Prison Break and during Season 1, Neal attempts to find a way to the outside, while Liam tries to make sure everything is in place and just perfect for Neal when he is ready.

    Season 1 involves 2 escape attempts. The first one goes south quite early on, but he and some of his new friend from the inside manage t…

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  • Reo 54

    Reo's Ideas: Project C

    June 6, 2018 by Reo 54

    Greetings! Now, taking a break from Neal 12, I want to tell you another Ben 10 related idea, one that was inspired by a show you might now -  Orphan Black. If you don't know the show, I definitely suggest you check it out.

    The series focuses mainly on Alex Dyer. He was visiting his friend who lives outside the city and well he missed his bus home. Since neither he or his friend have driver's licenses, he decided to walk home and try to catch a ride along the way. During his walk home, he notices several green flashes in the field. With no cars coming towards him, he decided to check out the source of these flashes. To his surprise, it turns out to be Ben Tennyson. As he arrives, he hides. Soon enough the battle is over with Ben stabbed in t…

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