Lately I have noticed I have been getting less messages from users here. (including you, too) Before I used to get about a message or two every day, or if not, at least week. And considering the fact that I'm an administrator here, I shoul be getting more messages. Usually there's news, something to tell, permission asks, regular asks, series Q's, newsletter issues, compliments, requests for chat, or something about something I had recently started. Now it's been reduced to 25% of what it was, and I'll probably never be able to reach my 2nd archive. Most of the messages I have been getting lately are replys to messages I've sent to other users. Sometimes people rudely don't respond to my messages and that makes me upset and a bit mad. The only people I can expect not to are Roads, because he has missed a couple of mine and he has a lot of trivialities with countless messages that look up to him, and Ancy because he has, for an unknown-to-me reason not responded to half my messages, he did at first, but seemed to stop so I have low expectations to messaging him and actually reciving a reply.

How do help this?

The answer is simple: If you want to talk about Ben 10 likes and dislikes, ask a question, crossover, borrow an alien, co-write a series, or just see what's new with me, just let me know. It makes me feel a bit akward and left-out when I don't get much. Of course there are endless posibilities to what you can message me about and you are not limited to these options.

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