Hey, uh, this is hard to explain. So I asked Brian to post more Neg Forms, and he said he will and to go on chat.

When I got there, Solo and Brian were waiting for me. For some reason they started doing this random Popcorn RP and we joked about my fake older brother and arch-enemy "Undoalien" coming on. Then, he did. Ancy came on, too. We tried to figure out who it was, but no one knew.

Brian said it was him playing a prank on us, while testing out his new account for "Redo vs. Undo" on the RP wiki. He made a mistake and now Ancy blocked him for a week. Not only that, but I did the same when I first came here. I didn't know any better, and I made "IAMCOOL" by mistake. I fessed up to Brian and some others on chat, but didn't get blocked.

Brian suffered for something that I didn't, so I guess you say goodbye to 2 admins here.

And there's more. If I hadn't posted that stupid coment, none of this would've happened! Brian wouldn't've noticed, or asked me to come to chat, causing him to do that. So it's my fault for HIS block to.

Sorry for the trouble I cause, but I will obviously blocked for a while. (And remived from Adminship) BYE FOR NOW, BTFF! :(

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