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  • I live in Minnesota, U.S.A., North America
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is what I do for a living. When I get a job. Why do you need to know?
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  • Redoalien

    Here is the full list of episodes:

    1. Washington B.C.
    2. The Krakken
    3. Permanent Retirement
    4. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
    5. And Then There Were Ten
    6. Map of Infinity
    7. Pier Pressure
    8. Side Effects
    9. The Mother of All Vreedles
    10. Save the Last Dance
    11. Fool's Gold
    12. Deep
    13. The Big Tick
    14. Benwolf
    15. A Jolt From The Past
    16. Kevin's Big Score
    17. Something Zombozo This Way Comes
    18. The More Things Change: Part 1
    19. The More Things Change: Part 2
    20. OTTO Motives
    21. So Long And Thanks for All The Smoothies
    22. Where the Magic Happens
    23. The Enemy of My Frenemy
    24. Couples Retreat
    25. Rad Monster Party
    26. Destroy All Aliens
    27. Charmed, I'm Sure
    28. The Most Dangerous Game Show
    29. T.G.I.S.
    30. Store 23
    31. Monster Weather
    32. Heroes United
    33. Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?
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  • Redoalien

    Back to the Beginning

    November 15, 2014 by Redoalien

    Now that OV is over, I'm hosting my own self-marathon of Ben 10 episodes to celebrate (not celebrating because it end as if I hated it; It was a great show). I'm going back to the beginning and starting with some episodes from OS but I will not be watching everything in order. In fact, I didn't even start with And Then There Were Ten, but with Washington B.C. instead. And I watched the two episodes after that before jumping into Alien Force's What Are Little Girls Made Of? and I am just skipping around the whole franchise, starting Ultimate Alien's episode debut in the marathon at Map of Infinity.

    Here I will keep record of the episodes watched in order (the list on this page has only the first 15 and the rest are in a link below it). Further dow…

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  • Redoalien

    I just have one question for those who will answer:




    I'm not saying I hate Minecraft or that I am annoyed by its popularity here. It's just that I come on chat and Brian and someone else are talking about Minecraft. I decided to start doing it to, so Brian gave me a download link (thanks, BTW) and I am on it, too. It's been out for over a year, but no one really ever mentioned it of my knowing until now. I'm just kind of curious.

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  • Redoalien

    Well, we have some users that like to post types of "naughty jokes" or use profanity in episodes or projects here that aren't allowed here. Even if it's censored, it can still be bad. Sometimes there are certain "censors" that work in episodes that can technically mean anything, and not just something bad, like "Don't touch me there!" and others. I honestly think those are well allowed if you don't use something like fifteen in every episode. I don't want to say names or hurt anyone, but I am going to link this episode because it is a good example for what I'm talking about.

    The episode was replotted and renamed so what you see isn't what it was. I'm not going to lie, but I thought the episode was pretty decently funny and good. It really f…

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  • Redoalien

    For the past few days now, MANY users have started roleplays on their message walls. I do not hate roleplays, nor am I against them, but with the message walls up, my inbox is really getting filled up by stuff I don't even want. I don't hate the message walls, though, because they make it useful to get a good wiki update. And when I'm away or something, it really fills up. I can tell you that at least fifty percent of notifications of my inbox (average) daily are from these roleplays. But, seriously, people! There is whole wiki just for Ben 10 roleplaying! And Dan is the start of this, even though he created that wiki. And what's even worse is that other users are encouraged by this and do it themselves. It's notlike I don't roleplay here, bu…

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