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PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor 2 days ago

DCBT + AU News

Hey all, little earlier than expected with this news but I figure now's a good time to spit it out.

Let's start off with this. At the end of this post, I will be going on something of a break. My original hope for Back in Action was to have it wrap by its 10-year anniversary (August 29), but being that that is absolutely no longer in the cards and hasn't been realistic for a while, I'm taking this opportunity now that Season 2 is done to just relax!

When we come back from this break in August, expect to see the start of Back in Action Season 3 along with a series preview for DC's Ben 10. Seventeen in College will be joining us possibly the same month depending on when exactly during the month Adrift premieres.

Onto per-series news!

This one's light! I'…

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PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor 18 February

Life Update/AU 2022

hey all, production on AU has been slow as heck but it's coming. I'm still very much working on it a bunch, if the release of Malevolence Part I hasn't proven that. A big thing that's been slowing me down - with Escalation and Malevolence - is getting to these episodes and then not being sure on how to frame them. I've been working on planning farther ahead like I used to, being more willing to try out dumb ideas just to weed them out, and of course being okay with having a longer timeline for the production of each episode.

With that said, we could be seeing only one episode a month going forward. MALV is still expected to be just 2 parts (and writing is very swiftly on the way), NSIS is expected to be a 3-4 parter, and while I don't have …

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"hey where's escalation part 3"

idk man

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PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor 1 November 2021

Power Challenge

Would anyone like to try out a challenge?

Simple rules:

  • Go to the Superpower Wiki (
  • Navigate to Random Page (Explore drop down -> Random Page; or use this link)
  • Use whatever power comes up to create a character or alien themed around it :)

Just in case you get a weirdly specific one that applies to like a specific show or just something inappropriate, you can try the random power 3 times and pick your favorite of the 3, but don't go over.

Then either make a page or just leave the details in the comments :) Have fun!

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PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor 16 October 2021

Progress Reports: Alien Universe 2021

Working on some thangs and wanted to provide a general place to keep progress updates like way back when so here goes.

  • 1 October
    • 1.1 Back in Action: Alien Universe
      • 1.1.1 Season 2
  • 2 November
    • 2.1 Back in Action: Alien Universe
      • 2.1.1 Season 2
      • 2.1.2 Shorts
  • 3 December
    • 3.1 Winter Fanon Con Main Blog Entry
  • 4 January
  • 5 February
    • 5.1 Shorts
  • 6 March
    • 6.1 Back in Action: Alien Universe
      • 6.1.1 Season 3
    • 6.2 Seventeen in College

  • Maximum Slumber - 100%

  • Dusk - Part I (100%) | Part II (100%) | Part III (100%)

  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? - (100%)
  • Azmuth's Plumbing - (100%)

  • 100%

  • Escalation - Part I-IV (100%)

  • Malevolence - Part I (20%) | Part II (0%)
  • Never Set in Stone - Part I (0%) | Part II (0%) | Part III (0%)

  • Zennith, Creator of the Omnitrix - (~60%) (delayed for quality)

  • Adrift

  • Lady Luck - 1%

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