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    Hello everyone! Today marks one year since ExOS made its debut here on BTFF, when Hello Again, Ben 10: Part 1 released!

    I apologize for how little has been released in that one year, only 5 episodes and a handful of shorts, but what a year it's been for the series! Not only was it Featured Series of June 2019, but it also won the Omniverse Award for Best Still-Running Series this year!

    And to top it off, you guys have been really receptive to it, and have been really enjoying it so far, and I can't thank you enough for that. I can't believe this little dumb idea I had back in late 2017 has made it this far.

    We hope to bring more ExOS to the table in 2020, and our first reveal to commemorate that, as well as the ExOS release anniversary, and the 14th …

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    -Miguzi Announcer Voice by EBOmnitrix-

    "On the next exciting episode of Ben 10: ExOS, Cooper's creating a training simulator..."

    COOPER: If I place this on the wall of a room, say, an empty shed, the inside of it will become a holographic training room.

    "...but something's gone wrong!"

    BEN: We're inside the Omnitrix, and so is the creepy-crawly that caused the glitch.

    "Will they be able to escape? or will this glitch trap them forever?"

    COOPER: Guys, relax, I already ran a couple of test runs on this thing. You should be ready to go. Besides, what
    could possibly go wrong?

    BEN: Everything, now that you've just said that phrase.

    "Find out on the next episode of Ben 10!"

    BEN: Alright, here goes nothing!

    "Premieres Friday, October 18th, on anywhere you can re…

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    -Miguzi Announcer Voice by EBOmnitrix-

    "On the next exciting episode of Ben 10: ExOS, the Forever Knights have taken over a Plumber Base!"

    KING E: You've done well, rat. Keep this up, and I just might spare your life when I put my master plan into action.

    "Which leads to Ben, Gwen and Kevin having to get inside and stop the Knights, but they also have to deal with Ben's old friend, Kai."

    KAI: If you two are done muttering about me in the background, let's get down to business.

    "Will they be able to stop King E? or will the tension cause Ben to have a dog day afternoon?"

    KEVIN 11: ...Did she leave Ben for a dog?

    GWEN: More like Ben was the dog.


    KEVIN 11: Please don't tell me she finds Wildmutt attractive.

    "Find out on the next episode of Ben 10!"


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    -Miguzi Announcer Voice by EBOmnitrix-

    "On the next electrifying episode of Ben 10: ExOS, Cooper's been kidnapped by a mysterious figure!"

    COOPER: Look, I’m not gonna upgrade your stupid armor.

    "And it's up to Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to track him down! But Ben's not feeling all that well!"

    [Heatblast wheezes heavily.]

    GWEN: But now you’re sick.

    HEATBLAST: It’s...alright. I’ve endured worse.

    "Will Ben be able to save Cooper, or will he have to stay home in bed?"

    BEN: (Sniff) I’m gonna get you out of this, Coop. Hang on!

    "Find out on the next episode of Ben 10, followed by a brand new episode of E-10: Horizons!"

    ALICE: Let’s see if we can gather any information from these guys.

    "Premieres Friday, March 8th! on Ben10Fanfiction!"

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