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    A Choise

    July 19, 2014 by Party King

    Guys, i need your help. I need to chose  which series to make. As you know, Omni-Legends is my only ongoing series and i kinda want an other one. Why not start STS or KTR? I'll leave that for  September. I  have 2 series ideas and i need you to chose

    "...The series where 3 heroes unite to protect the omniverse. Albedo, Ben 10 and Ben 23. They unite with there alien shapeshifting powers...."

    That was a part from the preview. Anyways you all heard about this in my Fanon con. So it's like an univesre where Ben, Albedo and Ben 23 are all in the same dimension, and all three are heroes. Currently there are no secret plots or anything, just the 3 of them fighting evil and stuff. For more info: [1]

    Note:  If you want to vote for this series, vote fo…

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  • Party King

    Yello! Zane here! I have news for you. I have desogned a new Ben 10 card game.

    It's simple. Your opponent has played a Card, for example Brainstorm, but for you to beat it, you need a stronger one. When you have played your card, it's his turn and he can attack or use a bonus or a power up. Powerups and bonus will increse his power and or life points, or wil decrese your power or life points. If he choses to attack than the damge (his power) will be taken out of you life points. a  card is defeated when it has no life points. If you or the opponent has played a loction card, then you each gain something from it. Location cards can also be used to capture your opponents alien. you can do that when the alien has less life points then the lact…

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  • Party King

    Yello! Bakugaso here! I Have Awesome news.

    Of Course this is just my part of the news

    So as you know, i ahev many services and series, and so does Flame, so we chose to Unite and make one Awesome service together - The F&B Service. So as soon as we can we will make the page and put al our services there. We will aslo write our series together, so Zack 17 might get rebooted. Kai 10: Rebooted will finnaly start and Shun 10: Matrix might get Rebooted,  maybe. The F&B service will stay untill we will unite with S&R Corp. till then We stand as F&B and if you see our logo somewhere, you knwo, it's us!

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    A New Universe

    February 5, 2014 by Party King

    Hello! I wanted to tell you all, that i am making a new Universe! This Universe is the universe where all my films take place. Also many other events happen. The page will be created soon. Oh, and Ben Tennyson exists here, just he doest get the omnitrix. Someone else does.

    Why am i posting this? Cuz there's an empire rising in this universe and i will need more members of it. This may sound like a copy of The Powerful Lords, but this isn't. The Empire is created by a Conqueror. He Conquered his home planet and that the rest of the system. Than he formed an army. the army stands of only some alien species. The Empire is Called - The Empire of Karalis. The Conqueror's name is Karalis. He has 5 more "friends". They help him decide and stuff.. …

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    Some aliens please

    December 13, 2012 by Party King


    The end of season 1 of Shun 10 is close and i need some replacement aliens whit similar powers of thees 11 aliens

    • Ice Blade - Pinkguin
    • Wildforce - Herba
    • Humongousaur - Dinosmash
    • Buzzshock - ElectroCute
    • Goop -  Gammy man
    • AmpFibian - Electrohacker
    • Fasttrack - Razr Edge
    • Crashhopper - Exskaleton
    • Corefreeze - Cryo Flio
    • Desert sand - Sandbox
    • Alien X - Galaxy (OGVE)

    they will be one time aliens, but one or two of them will become Additional aliens for season 2. And an other one will become an Orginal alien for Season 3. If you want to add aliens add them in the comments.

    Tnx for reading. Your friend Party King. (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 09:17, December 13, 2012 (UTC)

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