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Hello everyone and welcome to Winter Fanon Con 2014! Due to Ultra's absence, I will be your replacement host for this con.

This is the 11th ever Fanon Con, so by now most of you should know how it works, but if you don't, it's very simple: users share spoilers and ideas about the content that they have been working on, usually sneak peaks of upcoming shows, schedules for the release of upcoming episodes, or even full special episodes to celebrate the con! There's something for everyone, and you're almost guaranteed to love everything that you see!

A second blog will be posted tomorrow with the writing contest, and this blog will be updated on Sunday with all of the submissions.

Good luck to all of those presenting!

--Paper, the host of Winter Fanon Con 2014!


Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con. I'm gonna give you guys spoilers for Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse and a new series, Ben 10: Secret of the Future Frontier!

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

As usual, production has been slow, but Sci has offered to work on POTO as an idea provider.

Ben 10: Secret of the Future Frontier

This series takes place in Dimension 999 of Earth-50, during the year 2010, where Ben is 14. During the first Time War, something happened that caused everything to advance around a billion years. This means Ben's aliens are evolved a billion years. Here are a few examples of how evolved the aliens are.

  • Grey Matter: He can fire laser beams from his third eye, which can make people or objects smarter. He can also predict the near future.
  • Four Arms: He can control muscular veins in his body. His body is covered in muscles, and when needed, he can fire them as tentacles, latch onto objects or envelope objects in them. Additionally, he can break down into these muscles to regenerate or slip into small spaces.
  • Ripjaws: He is now around the size of a Krakken, with Krakken-like features. Damaged, he is completely useless on land. He can also shoot water from his mouth, only after sucking it in.
  • Swampfire: His feet are permanently rooted to the ground, and can summon lava (his fire abilities have been replaced by lava) and giant plants. He looks like a giant swamp tree. Despite not being agile and not being able to move, he can regenerate.
  • Rath: He now has pyrokinesis. The angrier he is, the darker and hotter his fire gets. If he is extremely angry, his fire is black, which could burn everything. During this stage of anger, he loses control and he could cause bad damage to everything and everyone.

I won't want to spoil too much about this show, so sit tight and wait. ;)

That about wraps it up for this Con. See you next time! :D

Toon's Entry

Hey guys and welcome to my submission! Today I have a few topics to discuss starting with the newest to the oldest, and basically info as to what's to come for 2015- I hope you guys enjoy! With that said and without further ado, let it commence!

The Evolution: This is a current project that I've been working on and restarting, as it was my first series I ever made on this wiki. I always had this in the back of my mind, but I never touched it until just a few months ago after realizing all the potential it had. The short summary of the story (you can see much more on the main page of the project) involves a future of 45 years after Ben being 16. In this future, Ben 10,000 was dramatically murdered and as a result, his son Ken Tennyson, became evil and insane, growing up to use the Omnitrix as a path for control... and chaos. Bellwood becomes a warzone with corrupt criminals and people left to run, as Ken Tennyson watches over it, seeing it as a way to 'start fresh'. However, in an attempt to escape, the parents of Victor Roman try to flee to Torrent City, a city all the way over on the other side of the country as Victor Roman is sent safely with his godfather Duncan Rhodes. Unfortunately, Victor's parents to do not make it and Victor is the only left. When he grows to 15, he soon becomes captured and experimented on with a project entitled DNARMY, supposedly abandoned by his father, and that is when the Evolution begins. He soon ends up as a rising hero given the ability of alien transformation who discovers his ultimate destiny is to go back to Bellwood and become it's ultimate protector as to stopping Ken 10,000 and many others once and for all. You can read more by checking out the upcoming episodes, which are to come early winter 2015. These are the first several episodes in the season up to the mid-season finale which are confirmed:

  1. The War Against Humanity (Preface) - As an overall vote, it has been chosen to be rewritten. However, that may change so check back for future updates.
  2. The Revolution
  3. The Evolution
  4. Back in Bellwood
  5. Pawns
  6. Like Father
  7. Looking For Time
  8. Trektron
  9. Sandstorm
  10. Personal (Mid-Season Finale)

Total Drama Omniverse: Yes, this has been on hiatus forever with constant announcements of bringing it back, but now I think a year after it's release that it may be time for a reboot. I have begun devising a new pilot, and even a new writing format. Stay tuned for more updates on it.

Hean 10: As of now, no reboot is in schedule at least for now, but there is a project that I am co-writing with several other co-writers in an attempt to finish several series (along with this one) at once. Stay tuned for more info.

That's all for now! Thanks so much for reading, guys! Like I said before, stay tuned for more information in the future towards these projects and maybe even more!

Street's Entry
Hello BTFF! What's up?!

Head down to see what can you expect from me in the future.

Jen 10: Legacy

As many of you know, Welcome To Omnitrix aired on the wiki last Fanon Con, ending on a cliffhanger. If you don't know already, the movie is getting it's on miniseries adaption...JEN 10: LEGACY. There will be new characters, new villains, new episodes, new relationships and new stuff everywhere! Yeah, I know, I had a poll for fans to decide the name of the show, but then I got an idea myself, so sorry guys. Anyways, the miniseries will start in Early 2015, probably Feb. or March. It will have eleven episodes. I'm currently working on the sixth one. The miniseries will run for ten weeks on Fridays. TJ is currently composing the themesong.

Avatar Ahmad: Omniverse

Yeah, it's a birthday special, I'm writing for Ahmad. It will air on June 15, Ahmad's birthday. First off, expect a lot from this movie, I won't rush anything since the production will start after Jen 10 is ended. It'll have elements (pun intended) from Ben 10 AND Avatar, So the backstory for the special so far is:

A decade after the Harmonic Convergence, as the Spirit population started to grow, most of them migrated from our planet to worlds beyond earth, These are now known as aliens. While, a few of them remained in the Spirit World, now they're called The Originals. Though some Spirits, Aliens and Originals are calm and try to help humanity as much as possible. A few of them have darkness inside them. To fight the Dark aliens or Dark originals, the authority of the Plumbers was formed.

I can't give you the main plot but I can confirm some things:

  • Main Characters: Avatar Ahmad, Hassan Tanveer/Streetmaster and Magister Satakka
  • Main Villains: Dharti Vasi and The Pride
  • Locations: United Republic and the Spirit World.

Alienated: A Hero Reborn

I am looking for a new owner. If you're interested then contact me on my message wall.

Bellwood: The Animated Series

This show is now taken over by Echo (Not by force, I gave it to him). It will be turned into a miniseries and will probably start in 2015.

Other Stuff

I recently wrote a themesong in honor of a great user, Lego. Read it ASAP. Here is the link, Bob 10: The Themesong!.

Sneak Peek

Okay since, the production of the pilot of Jen 10: Legacy is completed, I've prepared a sneak peek to show you guys, what to expect from Jen 10: Legacy. This Sneak Peek is a scene from the pilot episode, Magic In The Air: the referees are taking a decision while Leo is giving a detransformed Jen the "death stare". After a few moments the prime referee approaches Jen.

Referee: We've come to a decision, if you use your Tetramand form and only that then you're allowed to continue.

Jen: YAY! (Notices that everyone is looking) I mean what's up?

Later, all the "ducks" give a barrage of attacks at Fist Mistress.

Unknown voice: Jen!

Fist Mistress notices that Ken is standing out of the ring. She Detransforms.

Jen: Time out!

Jen walks out of the ring.

Jen: Yeah?

Ken: Return, immediately to Magic Falls.

Jen: No can do.

Ken: You need to control Mystic.

Jen: What I need is modern fighting. Now, don't disturb my fight again.

She goes back in the ring.

Ken: What am I gonna do with this girl?

Are you excited for Jen 10: Legacy?

The poll was created at 09:01 on December 22, 2014, and so far 2 people voted.
Did you like my entry?

The poll was created at 09:04 on December 22, 2014, and so far 2 people voted.

Now that was one heck of a long entry, anyways, see you next Fanon Con!

Sif's Entry
Hello everyone, it's Sif here with our Fanon Con entry! I have a couple things i want to present, and i hope you enjoy! And i apologize for the long submission!

Prototype: Genesis

A lot of you out there probably remember the original with all it's former glory, and some are probably upset that it got cancelled so soon. I gave it away to ATS at one point, and recently i talked to him and now we're sharing the rights. The reboot is in production currently, and we have a lot of things to share with you.

First off: Feedback, Powerhouse, T-Y, and Ferrari will return with their exact roles, just modified. A lot of these heroes will have modified backstories, and will have more character now. Will there be more heroes? Most certainly, but not right off the bat. What i can say is that there will be no "Galactic War" this time around, and something that was glossed over from the original will have a very special return. But i wanna know what you want to see return!

What do you want to see return?

The poll was created at 21:51 on December 28, 2014, and so far 5 people voted.
Are you excited for this reboot?

The poll was created at 21:51 on December 28, 2014, and so far 6 people voted.

Ben 10: Alienated Adventure

Legend tells us of a man, a hero in a tortured land. Where men and women lived in fear, their lonely night in deep despair, he was ALIENATED! Sorry, i had to rip off that Perk-a-Cola jingle, this series is currently a concept, and it might not even happen. But if it does, all i will say is that you will really like what i've done. I introduced some new characters, new villains, spiced up the original formula, and gave it this series a darker edge. The one new character i have in mind is named Eobard O_______! I had to censor his name, but he is pretty smart, and one of the most dangerous people Ben will ever encounter. Vilgax and Myaxx will return as well, but i have spliced up what i wrote so far into a mini teaser! Hope you enjoy!

The teaser begins with a view of a very large alien city. The sky is shown to be green and wavy, with the roads being navy blue. Several silver buildings can be seen in unique shapes, such as a UFO or the gene symbol. Spaceships are suddenly shown flying in the sky at rapid speeds.


The teaser then cuts to Myaxx looking at a spaceship, and breathing hard, and is shown very afraid. The spaceship is then shown again, but this time rotating with the roof opening up. The spaceship ascends up, and the back starts to ignite as the spaceship flies off at super speeds. The screen then turns completely white from the flames.


The teaser then cuts to Ben looking at the sky, to see a bright dot. Ben stops walking to look at the bright dot, as it comes closer and closer to reveal it being metal. It then falls closer to reveal it being the armadillo-like pod, as it falls near the center of the park, with a small shockwave blowing bushes and trees away.


The teaser then cuts to Myaxx and a Squid-like alien talking in what looks to be a laboratory.

[Myaxx]: (noticably worried and looking around) Drop it off elsewhere, far away from here. Where nobody will ever find it!


The teaser then cuts to black fully, with no scenes shown. Narration from Ben can be heard in the background.

[Ben, narration]: What am i gonna do about the watch? What am i gonna do, what am i gonna tell everyone? This will cause nothing but problems! (pause) Well i mean... it's somewhat cool to have fire powers. I wonder if there are more creatures. If somehow, i could manipulate the usage. But would i? Nahhh-- Or maybe i would...


The teaser ends with the Ben 10: Alienated Adventure logo rising up from the screen.


Vague? I know. I spliced up the dialogue, shortened it a bit, shortened up scenes, and i purposely showed almost nothing. But i hope it'll give you hints at what's to come.

Are you excited for Ben 10: Alienated Adventure?

The poll was created at 21:51 on December 28, 2014, and so far 5 people voted.

Unnamed Mythbusting Show

This is pretty much unconfirmed, and is just an idea. It's more of a concept than Alienated Adventure, and it's not yet greenlit. This unnamed show is based on BBC's Sherlock and Mythbusters, about two "Mythbusters" as it were going to random planets, such as Khoros or Terradino to solve old myths or murder mysteries, stuff like that. Like maybe there's the haunted Ectonurite out there, spreading misery across the universe. Some pretty cool stuff like that, and i'm deeply interested in what i thought of. I'm gonna be pretty busy by the time it happens tho.

Do you want this series to happen?

The poll was created at 21:51 on December 28, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.

I have one more thing to announce. This is my big thing, my Power Cosmic if Tammar gets the CBC reference, and this is very special to me. I'm of course talking about--


This is my sweetest plum of them all, planned since the creation of Sif 100: Revelations, and this is the Power Cosmic of them all. Oh wait, i've just got word that none of you understand why this is the Power Cosmic, hold up, wtf? I'm gonna explain, this is a new Sif 100 reboot. I know, i know. But this one is genuinely great, this series combines all the versions that are there and were planned, plus adds a heck of a lot of new stuff. This show is called Alpha, and is referring to the Alphatrix and the Alphacarnations? Oh, what's that? You don't know what an Alphacarnation is? TOO BAD! WAIT FOR THE SERIES!

There is a lot going into Alpha, and this could be my masterpiece. But i will admit, i'm not great with dialogue, i'm more of a storyteller and planner, which is why TJlive800 is writing the dialogue! Excited now? No? Well, there is a lot of things to be excited about, since this is my number 1 focus. But i don't wanna reveal too much, so i'm gonna end it off with the poll.

Are you excited to see Alpha?

The poll was created at 21:51 on December 28, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.
Out of all these shows, what are you most excited for?

The poll was created at 21:51 on December 28, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.

That's all i got for now, i hope you enjoy my presentation! I am working on a lot, plus some stuff with Sci that i'll let him announce. Until next fanon con, bye!

Shades's Entry

Hello, I am ATS, also known as Shades. I am the creator of the Ben 71 Franchise. I will like to announce a new series. The new series shall be called "Squad 7: Adventures". It will focus on Arnux Slier's squad and of course, Arnux Slier. Squad 7: Adventures will start airing in Summer 2015.

You have thought about The Aftershock, you thought that it would never happen. But, it will as the official ending of BSTPW. BSTPW will end after 050, which will be the end of the Infinite War arc. The Ben 71 franchise would have a %40 chance of getting a reboot. Negiverse will be the last Ben 71 series. Goodbye!

Sci's Entry
Hello Ben 10 Fan Fiction! How ya'll doing?! While most Fanon Con entries are about new upcoming content, this entry will be about taking care of Loose Ends and Unfinished Works going all the way back to 2012. So let's get started.

2012 Projects

Ben 10: Xobot Revolution, Ben 10 Reborn, Ben 10 Fan Fiction: House of Horror, The League of Heroes, Ultimate X, the Forever Knights (Franchise), Young Plumbers, Legends of the Omnitrix, and Hean 10 are various projects I worked on in 2012. Some have been completed, many have not. I intend to complete these stories at some point.

For Ben 10: Xobot Revolution, see the 2013 Projects. Ben 10 Reborn will become a 16 episode series divided up into four Chapters, each chapter with 4 episodes. Chapter One will be titled “New Origin”, Chapter Two will be titled “New York”, Chapter Three will be titled “Dark Future”, and Chapter Four will be titled “Out of Time”. It will be co-written by Ren and Jack, and will air July 1st to July 16th.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction: House of Horror will resume at some point next year, where it will be helmed by Toon. I have no association with Ultimate X or The League of Heroes anymore, so I will be doing with those. Legends of the Omnitrix will receive a spoiler thread revealing what would have happened in the series, and any pages for future episodes will be deleted. The page will also be cleaned up a bit.

I am announcing that I will return to Hean 10 one last time for a special project that I’ll explain later. This project will exist in the original version’s timeline, and will lead into the reboot (should it ever occur). That way, I can leave Hean 10 feeling like I’ve ended the story for good, and can let Toon and Ulti continue from where I left.

The Forever Knights (Franchise) will be updated. As of now, Phase Two of the Forever Knights Franchise will be removed and considered non-canon. The current canon will include: Knight of All Evil, Knight of All Knights, and Knights of the Sword. There may be a future return to this franchise later, but for now I’m cleaning it up a bit. I’ll also be updating the KOAK Companion Book and officially posting a list of songs for the soundtrack of Knight of All Knights, as well as any KOAK DVD pages.

Young Plumbers is over, but its sequel series is not. Skip to 2013 Projects for more on YPG.

Ben 10: Enter the Net is a project that never even got off the ground. I’m selling this project to any user willing to buy it, on the sole terms that should I ever seek to return to this property in order to write or direct, I can and will. Other than that whoever gets it will own it.

2013 Projects

Young Plumbers: Generations, Ben 10: Xobot Revolution (film series), Earth-251, Professor Paradox: Temporal Galaxies, Ben 10 - Generator Rex: Destroyer of Worlds, Ben 10,000 - Generator Rex: The Final Stand, and SlenderBen: The Movie were projects during 2013 that I worked on.

Professor Paradox: Temporal Galaxies is co-owned by Me and Toon, but I will be taking elements of this and using it in a future project, so in a sense this project will be fulfilled, just not in the current form. Ben 10,000 – Generator Rex: The Final Stand will be combined with the same special project that Hean 10 will be in, and will serve as the fulfillment of the trilogy of crossovers (Heroes United, Destroyer of Worlds, and the third one).

Ben 10: Xobot Revolution (film series) will be helmed by three different screenwriters but will be produced with me. The new screenwriters will be subjected to what I wish for the project. Xobot Revolution will air October 10th, 2015 and will be written by Paper. Xobot Uprising will air November 14th, 2015 and will be written by Sif. Xobot Culmination will air on December 19th, 2015; and will be written by TJ, completing the trilogy.

Earth-251, also known as the BTFF Cinematic Universe was the main focus of my writing efforts during the first half of 2013, and on July 28th, 2013, Heroes (Movie) was released as the conclusion to “Phase 1”. It is with deep regret that I announce that the cinematic universe is now over, and thus Phase 1 will be only the only phase, and that Heroes will be the last film in the franchise. While the writers, producers, and directors of this 5-movie franchise are proud that we had the opportunity to do a collaborative project and tell a unique story in a universe without an Omnitrix wielder, and we do feel like there are stories that could be told, Heroes ends the franchise nicely with the words of my character, Drake Daniels.

I think that's what Project: Heroes was truly about though, even if Shane doesn't admit it. Project: Heroes was about working with difficult people for a common goal, for a greater good. Truth be told, it paid off. I'm glad it did.

–Source: Heroes (Movie)

This phrase is in essence what this unique universe was about. A group of users who obviously have differences in personality, style in writing, and ideas, coming together and struggling with these differences to come together and create something amazing, all for a common goal, for a greater good. I feel like in the end, it paid off as I felt like we had truly achieved something and it had allowed me to tell different stories then that of Knights and Teen Boys. So feeling that the movie ends nicely (minus the Post-Credits scene, which will be removed soon), and the fact that it’s quite simply too hard at this point to continue, Heroes (film) will be the last movie in this franchise.

Young Plumbers: Generations is the sequel series to Young Plumbers, which I had a major influence on by introducing the character Rigon and helping Paper explain the mythos of the universe by creating the story of the Sages, the Sword of Rigon, the backstory of Paper and his parents, and overall making it different then Young Justice.

While I have not had a major influence in the first season of this sequel, I am officially returning to the series with the second episode of the new season: "Descendant”. While I am contractually obligated to not reveal the plot of this episode (unless Paper does in the Fanon Con entry), all I can say is: If you’ve read my Young Plumbers, I usually focus on certain characters, or I relate the episode to them in some way, shape, or form. I will be doing the same thing in this new episode. My hope is that the second season of YPG can be completed by July 2015.

How BTFF Should Have Ended and OmniSins are the two YouTube-inspired shows I’ve helped make. How BTFF Should Have Ended will return with How the Forever Knights Franchise Should Have Ended, which I’ll be writing. After that, the show will bring on new writers who will handle How Ben 23 Should Have Ended and How Cassie 12 Should Have Ended. Paperluigi ttyd will return with How The Hunter Should Have Ended, and I will return once more to write How The Black Knight Should Have Ended and How Energy Revolt Should Have Ended. Paper and I will collaborate on How Heroes Should Have Ended, ending Season 1. Season 2 will return with How The Number Game (Heroes of Evolution) Should Have Ended, followed by How Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited Should Have Ended, How Ben 10 Stupidity Force Should Have Ended, How Shun 10 Should Have Ended, How Deo 12 Should Have Ended, How Chris 10: Total Revolution Should Have Ended, How Ben 10 – Generator Rex: Destroyer of Worlds Should Have Ended, and many more.

OmniSins will be handled over to Brandon, who is now in charge and will be hiring a new writer to help. Ben 10.5’s fan episodes have all been completed, so I will no longer be working on fan episodes. The Dark Polymorph Trilogy will be sold off to someone on the grounds that they must complete it by the end of 2015, and that it must be a Goop-version of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction: Court Cases will be sold off to another user. Finally we have SlenderBen: The Movie. I did have intentions of making this, but the movie will either be released as a 2015 Halloween Project or it will not be released at all.

2014 Projects

Ben 10: Darkness Forever is one of two projects I started on here this year. Ben 10: Darkness Forever is the first movie in a series of movies that I had planned but never truly announced. I will announce that later. All I will say for Ben 10: Darkness Forever is that it will be written by Paper.

Ben 10: Greek Risen is the second project I started this year. Greek Risen had been in development earlier in the year, but struggles with my co-writer, ZeVikingSif have stopped any development or production. Sif announced it was canceled. Since then, I have fired him as writer, and am looking for another writer to either join the series or to buy it.

So that's everything guys. More big announcements will be made in the next few months, so stay tuned!

Sat's Entry
First of all I am very glad to back, meeting old friends after a long time and finding out so much has changed......

This my first Fanon Con as I was pretty much inactive for sometime (like 1 & a half year) I'll be giving updates on my upcoming show and announce some more shows and a movie Ben 10 OmnimixOmnimix is finally relaunching (after being in hiatus for almost 2 years), I have already released a Christmas Special Episode on 25th of December. Here I will give you the a Poster, a Exclusive Sneak Peak, and some Massive Spoilers on Season 1 of the Show. Omnimix features a whole new Art Style, and unique and creative story telling and lets you decide the how the show will go on.....



Sneak Peek

The First Look was released in my chat presentation,for those who missed it's here Omnimix Sneak Peek Well Ben's back and ready to set up for action packed summer vacation as Granpa picks up him and Gwen. But meanwhile somewhere far away(I don't know where) Eon is Reborn..... And about 30 years latter bad things are happening !!! Ben 10,000's headquarters blows up! Earth starts collapsing! A dog eats cheese (I don't know hows that bad, but its bad!) An old enemy has planned come back for Revenge.... 11 year old Ben and his 10 year son Ken from the future must team up to stop these from happening An adventure never seen before! That's gonna change Everything forever... Season one will premiere Sunday 4th January




Shh! No spoilers!

The following section contains some spoilers about an upcoming episode. Read at your own risk.

  • Season will take place both in present i.e, 11 year old Time Period as Well as future i.e, Ben 10,000 Time Period
  • Ken (Ben's son from future) & Delvin (Kevin's Son) will play a major role
  • Ken will be wearing omnitrix and would not become the Spanner now.
  • It will feature the best of canon Aliens and all new Alien created by me!
  • The Main Antagonist of the season is an old Rival.


I will Like to announce, 2 shows-

  1. 1fdPlumber Daries: Max Tennyson & Devin Levin - A prequel to all Ben 10 shows and tells the untold story of Grand Max and Kevin's Dad Devin in their Early days as Plumbers...
  2. Ben 10 mhBen 10: MARVEL HEROES - A crossover between the Omniverse and the Marvel Universe. Omntrix will now let Ben to transform into 10 different Marvel Heroes rather than Aliens

And Finaly the Live-Action Movie-342 Ben 10: Virus Protocol The poster might seem to be familiar, well it was the featured picture of August 2012! Release date : 25.3.2015 Well my Panel Ends Here hope you like it....I'll be back with even more stuff in next Fanon Con

Paper's Entry
Just like last time, I will only be talking about Earth-19 at this Fanon Con.

Now, I know I said last con that the season finale would be in early November, but now I can confirm that the season finale will be released on December 31. I have finished the episode, and it is quite a stellar finale to an absolutely stellar season. I also have a sneak peak prepared to share with you:

[The camera shows Lunaris on the Haven, specifically the ArcTech building. The camera then cuts inside, showing Damian Walker sitting at his desk, with Amon Set standing across from him, with a bit of space in between; otherwise, the room is empty. The Salimorian closes a feed from Midnight City News just as a story about Damian ends.]

[Amon Set]: When are you going to comment on the Haven leaving?

[Damian]: I will comment in due time, Amon. You know that we have other plans for tonight, and it's not unbelievable that the Secretary-General would be unavailable for comment at the end of the year. Everyone has to have a vacation every now and then, right?

[Amon Set]: Most Secretaries-General spend their vacations differently then you do.

[Damian]: I'll give you that, for sure...

[He looks at his watch.]

[Damian]: It's about time... Open the portal...

[Amon Set]: Finally.

[He makes another holographic screen appear in front of him. He presses a button on the screen, making a portal appear to his left, or to Damian's right.]

[Damian]: You remember our true objective?

[Amon Set]: Of course...

[Damian stands up and walks over to the portal. Before walking in, he turns to Amon Set.]

[Damian]: Accomplish that first, and then you can have as much fun as you want...

[He walks through the portal, and then Amon Set walks through it moments later. The portal closes behind them as the camera cuts to the Plumbers' Galactic-Command, specifically the open area between the inner buildings of the headquarters. Some Plumbers can be seen walking between buildings as a portal opens up. Damian Walker exits the portal, and the Plumbers simply turn at him, not recognizing him. Moments later, Amon Set walks out of the portal, and Damian looks back at him.]

[Damian]: ...destroying the Plumbers' HQ!

[The camera fades to black.]

Season 2 is going to begin immediately after Season 1 ends, with the season premiere, Life, the Universe, and Everything, scheduled for release on January 3, 2015! Last con, I confirmed the titles of the first ten episodes of the season, but now I am going to announce that some of these titles are changing. I am also deciding to provide (spoiler-free) taglines for these ten episodes as well:

G201. Life, the Universe, and Everything

About a month after the events of Serenade, the Plumbers work with the commander of the Haven to find a new location for the planet. Meanwhile, Sci discovers that some of the members of the team may be secretly investigating the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.

G202. Descendant (previously titled Descendant of Chaos)

Apep, the ancient brother of Rigon and the first Salimorian, awakens deep underground on Salimore and unleashes his wrath on the planet. Searching for his brother and their mysterious father, he instead finds himself fighting the Plumbers.

G203. Rift (previously titled The Write Way)

Bink reveals her private revelations with the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum to Will and Cassie, which eventually leads to the latter two sharing her secrets with Sci, causing a great rift to form among the team.

G204. Scribe (previously titled The Hunting of the Scribe)

Weary of what her teammates now think of her, Bink leaves the Plumbers to search for the mystical door that has been mentioned in the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.

G205. Wound (previously titled Crimson Bow and Arrow)


G206. Forge


G207. Elysium (previously titled Road to Elysium)


G208. Author (previously titled Master of the Universe)

Bink meets the author of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.

G209. Time Out

Sci tries to reunite the team by explaining everything he knows about the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum, including the family tree that relates the likes of Rigon, Ra'ol Set, himself, Paper, and Virton.

G210. Brothers and Sisters


Like I have said previously, Season 2 will be 26 episodes just like Season 1.

Before anyone asks, I have barely about Young Plumbers: Prime since I announced it at Fall Fanon Con. The title is still tentative, and I will hopefully have more information about the series at Spring Fanon Con 2015.


Nick's Entry
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Time... Space... Two forces that can truly be called... Omnipotent. But no matter what happens, they must be kept in balance. And if not... The End is still premature.


Welcome everyone, my long-awaited Fanon Con entry! I am NickFusi0n, as you probably already now and today, I wish to present you my all-new series, Genesis: Chronocle. Yes, I made a series, can you believe it? For those of you who've been sticking around, you'd probably find the title to sound familiar. That's because of a certain other series that I made almost two years ago and it got quite a lot of hype, but never really started and got canceled before it did. However, with my months-of-absence from the wiki, plus Omniverse's finale, I got some real inspiration going on for me, and with such, Genesis: Chronocle was born. The canceled series was originally going to focus around the Time War, which, as most of you probably already know, we barely saw any of that. The current series that I'm working on, GC, isn't exactly based around the Time War as it's not a Ben 10 sequel, however, Season 2 will have major aspects of the Time and Space concept which I'm sure will appeal to many of you.

The Series

The series, at first, may seem traditional. The main character is based on myself and wears a device similar to the Omnitrix, but not the same either. He discovers the device when he is eleven years old and meets with an alien plumber who seems to be on the run from a rogue Chronosapien, after the device, which by the way, is called the Ne-O. After the hero uses the device to save the plumber, the plumber, seemingly knowing what has happened and what will happen, allows the hero to keep the device. Four years later, he comes back and joins the hero on Earth. They face a mysterious threat against an organisation which illegally kidnaps aliens and uses them for yet-unknown purposes. That is pretty much the plot of Season 1, which is still on-going so I cannot reveal much about Season 2 until the time comes. The hero also struggles to find balance between his heroic duty and his personal life, including a best friend and a lover.

The Characters

  • The Hero: Nick Stone - There he is folks, the guy who is based on me. Now, unlike what I've seen on a lot of series here (not naming anything/anyone), I tried to be as original as I could with him. He is pretty much based on me and is not a Ben Tennyson clone, artwork-wise and personality-wise. Despite the fact that he is also an Omnitrix wearer, sort of, I think everything else about him is pretty original.
  • The Sidekick: Vulk Izor - And here is the sidekick. Now, as you may already know, Vulk is a Loboan. When I came up with him I was afraid I would get negative feedback about him being like Rook or... obviously, Scout, who is also a Loboan. However, as time passed, I realized that I didn't base him on anyone. I tried to look around in my old files and see what gave inspiration, but really nothing. Vulk is a pretty original character. In human years, he is about 20-25 and with so, is obviously more mature than Nick. He is a magister-ranked Plumber, a Loboan and a very good fighter. He develops a close friendship and partnership with Nick. He also relies on his natural abilities more than his plumber equipment.
  • The Love Interest - Aubrey Senali - There she is. As most of you probably know, I have a girlfriend in real life, and Aubrey is closely based on her. She is kind, caring, compassionate and cares deeply for her close ones, especially Nick. She does not know his secret and after a little bit, she and Nick face the struggle of trust issues, especially Nick. Very happy with her character.
  • The Leader - Magister Skorost - Another character that I am very happy and proud with. Skorost is the leader of all Plumber facilities on Earth. He is a Kineceleran (XLR8's species), but what I really wanted to do with him is make his character unique. And with that, I decided to make him an eldery Kineceleran. Unlike what you're probably thinking, he has learned to take things slow instead of how other Kinecelerans do it. He has very good leadership and strategic skills and all plumbers rely on him. Again, very happy how this character turned out.
  • The Best Friend: Cal Binger - This is Cal. Nick's best friend. He is a sport enthusiast but he and Nick share a close friendship. They help each other anyway they can and without Cal, Nick wouldn't be where he is today. They often get into arguments, but as I said, they are still best friends... in Nick's personal life, that is.

The Aliens

What's an Omnitrix wielder without their own aliens? Originally, I was going to include quite a few of Ben's canon aliens as DNA samples in the Ne-O, but then I realized I wanted to go solo and original, so I created 8 (and more, but those are spoilers) aliens for the first season. Now, I know 8 might seem less, but if you don't know already, Arc 1/Season 1 is relatively short and I didn't want to go in-detail about every single concept. The aliens that I came up with are completely random, with some being based on other concepts. Something else that I really like about my aliens is that none of them have a recolored Omnitrix symbol or a specific eye color. I wanted to do something unique. So anyway, you can have a look at the aliens on the page or on the navigation templates, which will be added below.

The Villains

Before I start, I'd like to say that in-depth information about the villains, at least in Season 1, is very spoiler-y and I suggest reading the final episodes of Season 1 once they air.

  • The Organisation - The main villain(s) in Season 1. They are well... an Organisation that captures aliens that crashed on Earth over the years and uses them for their own cause, which will be revealed later. They use mechanical lizards as their pawns and standard attack unit, also another way of putting it.


So with that, thank you for reading my FC entry! I hope you enjoy this series. It wouldn't be where it is right now without the positive feedback I have gotten from a few certain users. They have really helped the show take off and for that, I thank them. I think you will enjoy the series and should definitely give it a try! More in-depth information that I missed here will be on the series page itself (click on the logo above). I also choose soundtracks because I think it's an interesting concept that, sadly, I don't see in many series here. Anyway, a lot of character pages and information is still in development.

And lastly, here are some templates for your navigation purposes!

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Brandon's Entry
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This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and its Fanon Con time! Winter, right? Almost didn't get in this time but here I am ready to release some awesome news about the future or more specifically 2015.

Brandon 10

Ultimate Hero is already up to Season 2. It was a short first season but the second season will be extended to 10 more episodes which means 20 episodes and maybe, just maybe, something a little extra. Season 2 will be more involved with world adventures which was a new element introduced in Season 1. There will be new aliens, new characters, new villains, new locations, new devices and even the return of some Original Series content.

Other Brandon 10

Comic Covers have been in development and they look good now that they are properly scanned. Coloring might become possible again so I'll wait for a result. In the meanwhile, I'll work on more comics and drawings for the legacy. As soon as all of the artwork for the new series is completed, I'll consider working on an Ultimate Hero movie.

Other Stuff

Aside from Brandon 10, its going to be the new year. Means a lot of new stuff so I might just post a blog about that in the future. I also might be working on some projects and some new ideas. Progress on the animation is still low as well as the music but who knows? I might also get into constructing which means making real life models for BTFF stuff. But I'm not going to make any promises just goals.



Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Season 2 Fanon Con Preview Footage Scene of the Earth in space.

Brandon Voice Over: Y'know... with all my travels throughout many galaxies, I have never seen anything-

Scene of the team leaning against a railing.

Brandon: -just like this.

Scene of Sarah and Coco on the Interceptor.

Sarah: Where are we going?

Coco: Somewhere we haven't been in a long while...

He presses a button.

Scene of Brandon in the desert.

Brandon: I knew I should have brought my sun tan lotion.


Scene of Sarah firing energy.

Scene of Coco, in stone armor, lands a punch into the ground.


Brandon is seen running through a tunnel made out of stone as a explosion occurs behind him.

A motercycle is seen riding through the streets.

Brandon stands with two other figures similar to his structure.


A figure is seen in a cell.

Figure: I... return...

Darkness. Fade to next scene.

Scene of Sarah in an underwater suit underwater with a glow reflected off of his helmet.

Sarah: What is that?

Scene of Brandon slapping down the Ultimatrix and a flash overcomes him.


Catch the Premiere of the new Season.


Only on Ben 10 Fan Fiction.

Are you excited for UH Season 2?

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Right well that wraps up this Fanon Con. Thanks for attending my Fanon Con entry and my last one for the year but I'll be back and I'll see ya later.

Ahmad's Entry
Hello, for this Fanon Con, I'm going to announce the new Ahmad 15 movie, the live action film, The End of the Omniverse.


Ahmad, now 14, must put aside all his struggles in order to save the whole Omniverse from the wrath of the alpowerful demon Aljabron, and his servants.

Yes, that's all. Deal with it.

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