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Solo's Entry
Welcome people of all different races, ages, genders, and yes, even you other species out there, I am your friendly neighborhood Solo28 here to bring you my second Noah 10 Fanon Con thingy! So, let's look what's coming your way this Winter.

So, Season 2 is underway. The main villain is Malware, who is in theis series, one of Forgenza's soliders! But Malware has a side-goal along with Forgenza's orders. And Malware's true goal might end up giving Noah and Kierra a run for their space monies.

Zero Hero is also going to be continuing soon, finishing up the final arc of the serious with a big reveal! The enemy behind that robe........will be revealed! W00T

And for you Solo 28 fans, the randomness will continue!....Eventually....really nothing to tell about this. It has no real story.

So that's really it for now. Now, time for me to go handle some *cough* unfinished business....*Grabs knife and walks offscreen*


Coke's Entry
Notice: The following is a modified version of part 3 of the ninth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe, Happily Never Happened for appearance only in the Winter Fanon Con 2012 (but the unmodified version was posted on Monday, December 24th). Take the time to read this part, then read the series from the beginning with the first episode, Infernosphere.

Part III

[We open from Ben's perspective, rapidly blinking as we get mere glimpses of what unfolds, mirroring the exact memory of the following events as Ben remembers. As he feels gravity pulling him down closer to the ground, he opens his eyes for a moment. He closes them. When next he opens them, he is Cannonbolt, laying on his back on the ground as he unrolls with Kevin on his stomach. Kevin gets up off him, and as Cannonbolt reverts to human and Ben's vision is like a human's again, he closes his eyes again. Next, he sees Kevin's car driving itself into the alley Ben's crashed down into, drifting to a stop right next to Ben's head. He closes his eyes. Next he remembers is him waking a last time to an ambush while very close to a hospital, knocking Kevin's car over into a 360. He blinks and sees Kevin dragging him out of the car, holding him over his shoulder, running through the streets towards the hospital, but Kevin trips over something. He closes his eyes once more, and wakes within a containment tube, at last fully alert and aware of his environment. The containment tube is filled with a liquid, not much like water, that keeps him suspended in mid-air. A much smaller tube connected to a respirator on his mouth pumps air into his body from a small tank leaning on the walls of the room he's in. He realizes he has been stripped down to socks and baggy green pants, his actual clothes appearing ripped, sitting outside on a bench near the door of the room. The door opens and two diminutive figures walk in. They turn on the light, which resides low to the ground, and immediately the Omnitrix's hourglass glows green indicating full charge.]

Omnitrix: Omnimatrix battery core fully charged. Running necessary unrecognized shutdown signal diagnostic program B.

Ben: W-who's there? The figures become visible to Ben through the containment tube's liquid.

Driba: It's us, Ben Tennyson.

Blukic: Your friend Kevin Leaving brought you here.

Ben: It's Levin. And, what happened? I barely remember how I got here.

Blukic: You sustained a serious injury.

Driba: Your friend didn't tell us how you got it, though.

Ben: It was some guy. He said he wasn't a Mechamorph, but he looked like he was wearing Azmuth's Aggression armor. He said his name was Meta...Meta-something.

Driba: Mhm...

Blukic: Well, if you don't know his whole name, we can't exactly track him down.

Ben: It's no problem. Kevin must be going after him now. I should probably be with him. Let me out of here.

Blukic: Not yet, Ben.

Driba: I concur.

Blukic (two holographic screens appearing before him, rapidly switching which he's primarily focusing on): According to this, your have a "severe spinal injury."

Driba: And that Polymorph Healing Agent you're floating in is fusing with the afflicted areas and reshaping your spine.

Ben: But I don't feel anything. And wouldn't that give me, like, Goop DNA or something?

Driba: Of course not. (Whispering to Blukic) Does it give him "Goop DNA"?

Blukic: I don't think so...

Driba: Well, there you go. Now, we'll need some energy from your Omnitrix to get another sample of Polymorph DNA, because according to this (a holographic screen appears before him as well, displaying alien text, a full-body skeleton of Ben in the containment tube, and arrows pointing to points on the tube and Ben's body) we'll still need you in there for another hour to fix you right up.

Ben: I guess if I need it. The Omnitrix should charge up in that time anyway.

Blukic: Great. And hurry up with it, alright?

Ben: Sure.

Blukic puts on a telepathy helmet, and with it a can much like the one Metalink generated earlier appears in front of him, and he lifts it over to the containment tube and connects it to the glass, pushing it halfway through the glass, causing half of the can to disappear. Ben puts his Omnitrix hand into the can, and minuscule glints of energy float through the Polymorph Healing Agent (PHA) over to the can.

Ben: I almost thought this would be painful.

Driba: Not at all, Ben Tennyson. Now, hurry it up, will you.

Ben: I can't. This thing's going as fast as it can. Can. As a matter of fact, this can thing looks just like the one that Meta guy threw at me earlier...

Blukic: Nonsense. We made this ourselves.

Ben: You're right. I can barely remember him anyway. It was probably just a dream.

Driba: Of course, yes, Ben.

Blukic: Hurry up...

Ben: I'm--Suddenly gasps as he stares into the distance beyond Blukic and Driba who stand right in front of the open door.

Blukic: What? Blukic and Driba turn around to find a second dumbfounded set of Blukic and Driba. Uh-oh...

Ben: What do you mean "Uh-oh"? Who are they?!

The original Blukic and Driba disappear, fading into nothing. Coming into view before Ben is Metalink, who towers over the real Blukic and Driba.

Metalink: Keep charging that thing, Ben Tennyson.

Ben: No way. Rips his hand out of the can, the energy swirling back into the Omnitrix.

Metalink: NOOO! You idiot Galvans!

Driba: We'll have you know we're a very smart sp--Metalink fires a ball made of Polymorph DNA at them, surrounding Blukic and Driba in a sound-proof Polymorph ball.

Metalink: I'll enjoy watching you two attempt to escape that with your oh-so-great higher intelligence. The two bang at the goop-based walls inside and show signs of yelling through their wide-open mouths with moving tongues. Hahaha. Turns around to Ben. I'd avoid escape that tube, Tennyson. Your spine might give out.

Ben: I'm not hurt.

Metalink: Not in that tube, no. It takes away all the feeling in the afflicted areas of your body. Used to use the PHA tube on myself until I built this suit which contains me in it at all times.

Ben: I'm not hurt. I'm getting out of here.

Metalink: Do you really want to take that chance? Why not believe me? Stay in there, hand me the Polymorph sample that I can use to heal you for the coming events.

Ben: I'm not taking a chance because I know you're lying.

Metalink: Okay, if you say so.

Ben: I do say so.

Metalink: No going back...Whatever you transform into will break through that glass, or at least disconnect you from your respirator.

Ben: Stop talking. The Omnitrix tower pops up, flashing between red and green hourglass colors as it does so. Ben looks through for the perfect transformation and selects it.

Benmummy: Benmummy! His papery skin doesn't break through the glass, but something in the PHA containment tube sucks Benmummy into a vent and out of the tube right at the feet of Metalink.

Metalink: How do you feel? Writhing in pain now, Tennyson?

Benmummy: Not one bit. Thep Khufans are great healers, so even if you're telling the truth, I don't feel a thing.

Metalink: Doesn't matter. I have you in my clutches now.

Metalink's Armor: AG-7001 battery level at critical level.

Metalink: And I'm going to need you right now.

A port opens at Metalink's robotic stomach, sucking in Benmummy. When the stomach closes, a glass barrier opens revealing Benmummy in his paper-pile form. As Metalink escapes the room, he kicks Blukic and Driba into the room and locks the door. He then rushes through a crowd of Plumbers and down several flights of stairs to one of the lower levels, where he jumps over the railing and into a room with several warning labels placed on a single control panel laying in the room. He walks up to the panel as Benmummy speaks.

Benmummy: Hey, is that the Null Void Projector?!

Metalink: It can be, but this thing's got a few functions not even the Plumbers have realized.

Benmummy: I doubt it, Metamorph.

Metalink: It's METALINK!

Benmummy: Doesn't matter. It's not like that's your real name. No way a non-Mechamorph would have a name like that.

Metalink: GAH! Shut up and let me do my thing.

Benmummy: You're in the Plumbers' HQ on Earth. Do you really think they're going to let you just come down here and mess with the Null Void Projector.

Metalink: Sure, they will. Because they don't have any other choice. The applications for this module are amazing. I find myself dumbfounded when I see that the Plumbers haven't noticed 'em, especially with a couple of Galvans manning the stations down here. He presses just three buttons, each labelled with etiher a Roman numeral or an alien character. Now for the finisher.

Benmummy: You're not the first to come down here and think he can overload the Null Void projector and reverse Bellwood into it.

Metalink: I know I'm not the first. I also know that that's not what I'm doing. He presses the last button in a sequence, the only one labelled with English letters: "CHROPEX".

Benmummy: Chropex? What's that?

Metalink: You'll see...

Plumber HQ-Wide Intercom (female automated voice): Now engaging portal to Chropex section 18-4. Teleportation sequence 8-6-7-C-X-G. Request location Base 3. Engaged. A small laser gun emerges from the control panel, pointed itself at Metalink.

Benmummy: Oh, you're in for it now.

Metalink: Or so you think. As a crowd of Plumbers dressed in thick armor and equipped with a range of weapons from pistols to rockets rushes down the steps, they standby when they realize Metalink waiting to be shot by the laser gun. The gun fires at him, and just at that point, holographic screens appear all over the walls of the HQ with Max on the screens. Grandpa Max: All Plumbers at Level 3: GET THAT THING AWAY FROM THE INTRUDER!

The Plumbers find themselves scrambling to get their guns back in position for Metalink, all rushing to get a good spot to shoot him, but the laser from the control panel fires properly, causing Metalink to appear as if he's sucked into a portal inside himself. The portal gun descends back into its holder in the control panel, and everyone, even Max on the holoscreen, appear dumbfounded, jaws dropped as they process this.


Once again, feel free to check out Infernosphere (or simply finish reading Happily Never Happened; remember this is part 3 of that) and the rest of Back in Action: Alien Universe, because things are just starting to get good.


Roads' Entry
The BTMT franchise is cancelled. :( However, the plot won't be left hanging! A brand new movie will be made starting the plot from the beginning of BTTMT and, more or less, wrapping it up in the same way it would've happened in the series.

But it won't be all over. Once the movie is completed, the author will start work on a new series, Ben 10: Revamped. It will focus primarily on the story arcs, and each season will be fairly short because of this.

All of this will happen at an indefinite time. Right now, the author is focusing on his new SpongeBob series, which won't be very long. Meanwhile, in-depth "spoilers" for the plot of the never-started Ken 10: Multi Trixes will be shown.


Jack's Entry
==Ben 10: Hero of All Ages REBOOTED==

Throughout season 1 Ben is traveling throughout the Universe and lots of people die. Everyone is not who they say they are.

Season 1 is going to have 15 episodes.

Season 2 is going to be based off of the Matrix Triology.


Paper's Entry
Hey and welcome to my third ever Fanon Con submission. I've participated in every one of these Cons and this is my second Con hosting. Unlike last time, I have sneak episode to show you because the new Season of Young Plumbers is underway and I don't have any episode to show that would be worth showing, since all the written ones will be shown in a few days anyway. I'm going to focus mainly on my other series at this Con. First I'll talk about Knighted.

Knighted has been going better than expected. I've written 8 episodes and it is currently on a brief hiatus. The 2 part season finale should premiere by the second weekend in January. I originally planned to have Season 2 done by the Ides (15th) of March, as it is an important day in Roman history, but I've decided that it would be better for me if this was instead of the Season 2 premiere. That said, I'd probably release the first 6-7 episodes that weekend and finish up the season in the next few weeks. But enough of that, let's move on to Ben 10: Ultimate Dimensions.

After a 6 month hiatus, BTUD is finally back with new episodes. I released one episode last Thursday and plan on releasing the fourth episode some time tomorrow. For now, the show will only have 1 season, but it is about 23 episodes long, which is somewhat long for a first season of a show. I'd like to get one episode done a week, with some brief hiatuses every now and then. With 20 episodes, I'd like to get the first Season done by the end of the summer, which should be possible due to Young Plumbers ending in April.

I'll talk more about my summer plans at the next con in March, but I'll also be talking about the Young Plumbers Series Finale and the release of the first YP video game, Young Plumbers: Into the Storm. Before I go, I have a few more quick things to talk about. First I'd like to say to look out for an upcoming blog by someone advertising a wiki-wide writing collaboration. I know Sci, Sklei, and Toon have been setting this up and it looks like it's going to be really fun, but you'll have to check out the blog to learn more. Second, a reminder that submissions for the Young Plumbers fan made episode contest are due on the 31st, but now it seems that it won't be a contest anymore, just a fun challenge to see what you would do if you were the writers of my best show. Be sure to check out all the latest releases, participate in Series discussion threads for my series, and have a Happy New Year!


Sci's Entry
Hey Everyone, welcome to the third annual Fanon Con. Holy Moly that's a lot of Fanon Cons. I've almost been on the Wiki for a year! :O Anyways, don't expect any  Hean 10 or any FK Franchise stuff. But expect a tiny Young Plumbers, and something else. 

Young Plumbers - It's Back MWHAHAAHA. The Elite's got an invasion, another prophecy has been revealed, and the end of the World is near. Wait, wasn't the end of the world 12/21/12? :P JK. I've already written my new YP episode, The Guardian. I'm not one to give major spoilers (or am I?) but I can tell you that for once, I'm not really writing about myself, but about .... oops, can't tell you that one. Sorry. There's going to be Flashbacks, Hope, some secrets, and revelation or two.

And Now A Special Preview

A Blood Stain on the Carpet. A yard of bodies, bones and all spilled on a once graceful and peaceful land. The Grass burned, the buildings demolished.  The Dead counting to over ten thousand. This was the Battle of the Fallen Klingon.

There was War, Terrible War that ravaged the planet of Klingvonia.  An Uprising of the People, not for the People rose, and many fell. Brothers turned on brothers, Fathers against Sons, mothers against Daughters, Friends against friends.  The people rebelled against the government that loved, cared, even protected them.  For 15 Years, the war went on. Until, there was peace. The 5th Era of Klingvonia was born. A new age, different than any before. This time, the Lords of Lords, leader of the world declared that as of that age, the people would fear the Government, they would not threaten treason again. 

Thus the Oppression of the Klingon began. Thus, 250 Years later, the people once again began to grow restless. Thus, the darkness was casted over.   The Fifth Age, the Age of the Shadows had begun.  

The Capital of Klingvonia.
5th Age, Junius 25, Year 250 9:18 AM UTC

Camera cuts to modern day city. It's a sunny day and a ship flies past a building. Suddenly, one of the windows shatter. A man puts a rope and hook into a weapon, and shoots it. The Hook hits the building in front of it. A second man grabs a bag and wears it on his shoulder. 

Man #1: How far do you think it is?

Man #2: A Few yards. Maybe 10. 

They put a device on the rope and slide down, holding on, going across the road and landing on the other building. They run to the energy box, and open it up. 

Man #1: This should be easy. 

Meanwhile, a group of Guards surround a man wearing a big black suit.  

Guard #1: Section A secure. 

Guard #2: Section B Secure. 

Guard #3: Section C Secure. 

Guard #4: Lord Darzon, Sir. Madam Elizabeth wishes to see you.  

Lord Darzon: Certainly. We must prepare for the 250th Celebration of the 5th Age of Klingvonia. We have many things to talk about.   

The First Man stabs the energy box, and there's a flicker of lights.  

Guard #1: Hello? Hello? Security is dead. 

Lord Darzon: Be alert. 

The Guards pull out weapons, including an PROTO-Tool. They slowly, but surely walk down the hall. Meanwhile, 3 men enter the building the main enternce. They pull out weapons and shoot across the main hall. 


Attacker #2: I'd Listen to him if I were you, you Scum. 

The Men from the Roof tie to the ropes to the ends of the roof, and jump down. Meanwhile, the Lord meets Madam Elizabeth. 

Lord Darzon: My lady... how nice to see you. 

The Men hit the window, and crash thru it. Lord Darzon and the Lady move behind a table as the Men take out weapons and shoot at them. The Guards shoot at them, but the second man knocks their weapons out of their hands. He kicks them, and throws them to the ground. The First man attacks Darzon, but he punches the first man and throws him out the window, killing him. 

Lord Darzon: I'm sorry my lady, but we must reschedule later. 

He knocks the second one out, and with 2 guards, walks down a hall as he takes out a blade. In the Main Hall, the guard with the PROTO-Tool appears and shoots at the attackers. They hide behind Columns. 

Attacker #1: What do we do? 

Attacker #2: Hit the Elbow. Left one.  

The First Attacker shoots the guard, and the guard falls down. While the first attacker goes after the guard, and the second one watches the others, the third person to enter the building pulls out a Thumbdrive and plugs it into the main computer.  

Man Hacking Computer: I'm hacking through the firewalls. 90% Complete. Done. Accessing Main Database. Copying Files... now. 

Attacker #2: Don't try anything... or else. 

Attacker #1: Someone called the LPSK. 

Attacker #2: Not the Lord's Police Squad of Klingvonia. Are you done yet? 

Man Hacking Computer: I've only got 10% of the files... but that's better then nothing. Let's go. Call our Ride. 

They start to exit the building when all of a sudden, 3 red dots hit each of the men. 9 guards surround them. 

Armed Guard: Don't Move! 

Armed Guard #2: Give us the files. Now. 

Man: On my grave. 

Suddenly the front of the building explodes, as the chunks of wall blow and kill the guards, and the two attackers. Only the 3rd Man remains. A ship appears, and a platform opens. The 3rd Man enters it and sits down.

Man: Lets go. 

They begin to fly out as Lord Darzon arrives at the scene. He shoots at the ship, before watching it leave, and fly away from the city. A Guard walks to him, as the Lord begins to reveal his angry emotions. 

Guard: They got 10% of our database.

Lord Darzon: Any Secure files?

Guard: Only Two. 

Lord Darzon: Only Two... 

Lord Darzon takes his blade and kills the guard. 

Lord Darzon: That's the third attempt on my life this year. Gentlemen... it appears that there is an uprising in Klingvonia.  


More Infomation Coming in 1/1/13 in a special wiki-wide Collaboration Blog


Ulti's Entry
Hello, friends!I will be giving you updates on Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, Ben 10: Hero of Heroes and POTO's sequel, Ben 10: Omni-Generation.


Season 3 is currently in its second episode, and we have two more seasons to the finale, in which Evil Ben gathers quite a bunch of villains for intergalactic domination.A lot of characters will appear again, such as Albedo will appear again.


Season 1 is currently at its third episode.Sometime in season 2, there will be a plot connection between Dr. Psychobos and Elena.The ultimates will make their return really soon.


There will be no hiatus between the last episode of POTO and the first episode of BTOG.Ben and co will be one year older than the prequel.BTOG will feature a few more infinite forms.A few Omniverse villains who have not appeared in POTO such as Malware and Princess Looma will appear, along with Omniverse heroes such as Pakmar.

Hope you liked it.If you have any ideas, feel free to share them at Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Reviews and Ideas) and Ben 10: Hero of Heroes (Reviews and Ideas).


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